7 Best Electric Augers for Ice Fishing in 2023

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Ice fishing is a popular sport among anglers of all skill levels. But to make the most of your ice fishing experience, you need the right gear. A quality electric auger can be an invaluable tool for making holes in thick ice quickly and easily.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best electric augers available in 2023. We’ll review their features, benefits, and drawbacks so that you can find the perfect auger for your needs.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, having an efficient and reliable way to create holes will help ensure that every trip out on the ice is successful!

best value for money – 8”

Landworks 8” Electric Auger

best value for money – 10”

ION 10″ R1 Ice Auger

best premium 8” auger

ION® Alpha Plus – 8 Inch

best premium 10” auger

ION® Alpha Plus – 10 Inch

most easy to use

StrikerMaster Lithium 40V 8”

personal favorite – 8 Inch

RAZR 40V Lithium – 8 Inch

personal favorite – 10 Inch

StrikeMaster Lithium Lazer

Best Electric Ice Augers of 2023

ION R1 Electric Ice Auger

This year, I learned about the new and improved ION R1 Electric Ice Auger, and trust me, such a piece of beauty with..umm, usefulness is a bit hard to come by.

The best things about this battery-powered ice auger are its high-strength composite polymer cutting head and faster cutting speeds.

The sharp head and aggressive design ensure that the drilling is smooth and can penetrate most surfaces. This advanced version is so powerful that its cutting speed is almost 30% more than its predecessor. 

Another unique thing about it is the auger centering point feature. This allows you to position the blade precisely when opening or reopening holes.

Often ice fishing during the night or in a dark area becomes difficult. But the ION R1 ice auger effectively solves this problem by providing you with an auger that has two led lights positioned right under the powerhead.

Compared to gas-powered drills, this is relatively light, and thus the drilling activity becomes less effortless! With all the great features, this is one of my favorite battery-powered augers for ice fishing.

It is also available on Scheels.

Landworks Ice Auger

My neighbors wanted to gift their son a low-budget ice auger. Something not very advanced but efficient enough to meet his beginner-ly wants.

It is from them I came to know about this impeccable gem; namely, the land works ice auger.

When I saw it, I realized how appropriate it was for a novice ice angler. Why? Because of the wide-spaced ergonomic silicone grip handles.

This is meant to provide the user with the balance that is required while drilling or angling in the ice.

It has an overload protector and a Quick Safety Release for rapid electronic stops during operation. These features make it one of the best choices that can be acquired at low prices, but it is something not totally useless!

Because of its excellent design, it is highly transmission efficient. It also features wide-spaced handles.

These handles, coupled with their lightweight, give an adequately balanced grip that helps a lot while drilling. Like other advanced ice augers, this has led lights that make nighttime drilling easier.

Another thing I like about this battery-operated ice auger is its brushless motor. This makes the augering much smoother and enhances efficiency.

Drilling with it is free of smog and other pollution, thus making it entirely eco-friendly.

ION 8” Electric Auger Gen 1

Known for using high powered 4AMP hour GEN 1 battery, it is one of the most efficient ice fishing augers.

It uses a 40V lithium battery that powers 8 inches of auger through 1200 inches of ice on one charge. So if you are looking for an auger that need not be charged at almost every interval, this is for you!

What I like about this is its centering ring bottom. This feature allows the auger to reopen frozen holes quickly.

Thus with this, you can make great use of the ice fishing hot spots with easy finds and convenient catches!

This rechargeable ice auger also allows you to cut smoothly and evenly to reach down as much as possible.

It has incredible durability with a design that helps clean ice from the hole quite quickly. This, in turn, makes ice angling more effortless.

Regarding its ease of use, its lightweight and portability should be mentioned. Weighing at around 22 pounds, it is straightforward to carry from place to place.

And since it is battery-powered while using this, you do not have to continue worrying about going out of fuel or stressing about if there would be any fuelling stop near your ice fishing grounds!

Strikemaster Electric Ice Auger

For us avid ice anglers, it becomes tricky if our ice augers give up midway into drilling a new hole.

It is equally tiring if we need to keep restarting them for every hard surface they hit and stop working.

So, a shoutout to all the frustrated ice anglers out there, this gorgeous piece of electric ice auger can definitely solve your problems!

The best thing I love about this battery-powered auger is its effective use of Strikemaster Lazer ™ blades.

These twin-serrated stainless steel lasers are known for their almost unmatchable power of cutting through hard surfaces rapidly. There are designed to have fast-cutting edges that reduce effort on your part.

The efficient planetary gear system maintains the overall weight, which makes the performance consistent and powerful!

What also reduces your effort is the strategic placement of the handles. The handles are opposite the power switch, reducing your impact.

For your peace of mind, it also comes with a battery charger. Additionally, the built-in led light and its convenient portability make this a helpful addition to your ice fishing gear.

It is also available on Bass Pro Shops and Scheels.

RAZR 40V Ultra – 8”

The RAZR 40V Ultra electric auger is one of the most powerful and efficient augers on the market. It is designed to make ice fishing easier and more enjoyable.

With its lightweight design and portability, it’s easy to carry from place to place, weighing just 22 pounds. And because it uses a battery-powered motor, you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel or looking for a place to refuel.

With a single charge, it can drill over 1,785 inches of ice. I think this is great because in one day, probably you won’t need to cut over that much ice. The Pro Curved Blades are designed to cut through hard surfaces quickly, reducing your effort.

The RAZR 40V Ultra electric auger also comes with a three-year power head warranty and a two-year battery warranty, so you can be sure it will last for years of ice fishing adventures. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, the RAZR 40V Ultra electric auger is sure to make your next ice-fishing trip a success.

THUNDERBAY Cyclone 120V Lithium Ice Auger

The THUNDERBAY Cyclone 120V Lithium Ice Auger is a powerful and efficient auger that makes ice fishing easier and more enjoyable.

With its lightweight design, cordless operation, and portability it is a great choice for anglers looking for a reliable auger with long battery life.

This auger is equipped with 120V of power and a reverse switch to help flush out your holes. It also includes a snap cap cover and comes with a 3-year warranty that covers not only the auger but also the battery. This is good because generally, companies don’t give that much warranty on their batteries.

The Thunderbay Cyclone 120V Lithium Ice Auger is a powerful and convenient tool for any serious ice fisherman. Inside the box, you will find the 120V MAX Lithium Ion Battery, Charger, 8” Auger, 18” Extension, and an easy-to-use installation guide.

It is much better than the usual gas auger, and it’s eco-friendly and safe with no fumes or loud noises coming from the auger.

ION G2 10″ Electric Power Ice Fishing Auger

The ION G2 10″ Electric Power Ice Fishing Auger is the perfect choice for a reliable, efficient auger to tackle any fishing job. With a powerful battery, this auger will drill through your desired ice with ease.

On a single charge, one battery can cut up to 600 inches of ice, and with the help of 2 batteries, you can expect up to 1200 inches of ice drilling power. This is not a lot when you compare it with other electric augers, but clearly, this is the most advanced auger in 2023.

It weighs just 18 pounds which makes it the lightest 10-inch electric auger available on the market in 2023.

The lightweight design and durable construction make it easy to use and transport. It is also designed for extremely cold temperatures so you can fish any time of year with confidence.

It is also available at Bass Pro Shops.

How To Choose a Battery-Powered Ice Auger

Blade Size

Several factors come into play while determining the blade size. Typically, blades have a diameter of 6, 8, or 10 inches. Larger blades are typically more expensive than smaller blades, which generally cost less.

If you’re using the electric auger for ice fishing, the size of your blade depends on the type of fish you are after.

You should seek 8-inch or even 10-inch blades if you’re after large fish or if you want to use an ice-fishing camera for your adventure. 

A 6-inch blade is also available if perch and other tiny fish species are what you’re after.

If you want to use a manual auger, you shouldn’t get one with a 10-inch blade because it will be challenging to manually drill a 10 inch hole. 

But you can cut big holes rather quickly using a battery-operated electric blade, allowing you to get one with a big diameter.


To drill somewhat quietly, you must ensure that the ice augers don’t generate a lot of noise.

Fish are often startled by the slightest sounds. You wouldn’t want your capture to become frightened and flee, would you?  

Test your ice auger periodically by inserting the blade into a block of ice and ensuring it penetrates quickly.

You should also ensure that your ice auger is working appropriately; it will make a lot of noise and scare off your fish.


When you go fishing, it is advised that you take a lightweight, portable ice auger, something which can easily fit in your flip-over tent or even your storage box.

You must remember, though, that performance shouldn’t be sacrificed.

You can compromise on weight and even choose a heavier model if you don’t move around much when fishing or if you don’t have to travel far.

To get the most out of your fishing expedition, strike the ideal balance between the weight and the ice auger’s effectiveness.

Blade Type

There are many different electric ice augers and two different kinds of blades for ice augers. There are slight variations between the two, but since the blades cannot be changed, you must be aware of them.

Shaving Blades

Shaving blades have a smooth cutting edge. Even though they only remove a thin layer of ice with each stroke, due to the razor-sharp edge, the ice auger may pierce through the ice incredibly quickly.

They are ideal for cutting through new ice holes. If you use them for reopening the old holes, it will cause the blade to become dull, and the auger will be of no use to you.

Chipping Blades

Chipper blades typically have wide-set teeth and are extremely sharp. This makes it incredibly simple and easy for them to break through the ice. 

In contrast, they are slower and less accurate than shaving blades.

They can resist a lot of abuse and can be used to cut ice that contains sand and debris. 

Most ice augers come with two shaver blades, while some also include chipper blades. When selecting one for yourself, keep your needs in mind.

Charging time

The battery needs two to three hours to charge completely, although it can stay on the charger all night if necessary. I advise against charging the battery for longer than 24 hours.

The auger’s body could remain outside in the extreme cold for days while still functioning flawlessly. The battery should, however, be kept somewhat warm. 

This may be accomplished using the accessories bag and hand warmers, but you could also store it in your car or, if necessary, in your jacket. 

The battery won’t be damaged too much if the temperature is over 20 degrees for a short while, but temperatures below that could cause a problem.

FAQ About Electric Augers

Do Electric Ice Augers Really Work?

Yes, electric augers work well and can serve the purpose. Check out the above reviews for some of the best ice augers in the market that really get the work done.

Which is Better, an Electric or Gas Powered Auger?

They both have their merits and demerits. There is no strict answer to which is better.

However, gas is a far more efficient power source than our current electric options. Therefore, if you’re drilling many holes through thick ice, electric batteries might not be as effective as your gas auger was in the past.

On the other hand, electric augers require less maintenance than gas augers.

Can I Replace the Battery of my Electric Auger?

Yes, you can replace the battery of your electric auger at your expense. Your battery is supposed to last for about 600-800 recharge cycles.

After that, you may notice performance deteriorate. There are many different batteries available in the market; please check the user manual before purchasing one to find the right one for your auger.

What is the best battery-powered auger for ice fishing?

The ION Alpha Plus Auger is the best electric auger for ice fishing because it offers unmatched power and performance. Its efficient motor quickly digs through thick layers of ice, while its lithium-ion battery can cut through up to 2000 inches of ice on a single charge.

What is the best electric ice auger for reopening holes?

The ION R1 Electric Ice Auger is the best electric ice auger for reopening holes. It has a powerful battery and efficient motor to quickly break up the ice. Its design allows it to cut cleanly through thick layers of snow-covered ice, making it an ideal choice for winter fishing trips.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best ice auger. We know many people are looking for a new ice auger, so this is a great place to start. 

It will help if you are looking for a battery-powered auger that is noiseless and with blades that are the right size and type to break through the ice.

We have highlighted the best electric ice drills so you can easily make a well-informed decision. 

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment below.

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