Best Electric Ice Auger for 2020-21: Tried & Tested

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An ice auger is an important ice fishing tool used to make an opening in the ice. The quality of the hole and effort needed to make it depends entirely on the ice auger you are using. There are mainly four types of Ice Augers available, and out of those electric ice augers give the cleanest cut, without worrying about exhaust fumes and gas leakage.

Therefore, to help you find a perfect electric ice auger for your next ice fishing trip, we are reviewing some of the best electric ice augers that you can use in 2020-21.

My Personal Recommendation

If I have to recommend an electric auger for ice fishing, I’d surely go for the ION High-Performance Ice Auger.

It has a mess-free operation that eliminates the need for mixing gas and oil you usually do with traditional augers. It is also exhaust-free to get rid of fumes when drilling. With this auger, you just have to simply flip the switch and you’re good to go.

The ION ice auger is primarily made out of steel however it is incredibly lightweight weighing just about 21 lbs. giving you more relief when using or carrying it.

You can create smooth and precise cuts with this auger thanks to its strategically positioned blades and centering ring. The two LED lights under the powerhead are also so convenient and efficient in illuminating the ice surface if you’re ice fishing at night or during cloudy days.

Many ice anglers love the Slush-Flushing Reverse function of the ION ice auger. It eliminates the need to scoop slush and ice out of your freshly-cut hole and helps in flushing all of the slushes down and away from the hole for clean, and problem-free ice fishing.

Best Electric Ice Fishing Augers in 2020-21

When it comes to options, the market is full of electric ice fishing augers, each of them with its specialized features and benefits. However, we have narrowed down that list and identified some of the best electric augers you can find in 2020-21. You can also find a detailed review of these electric augers along with their pros and cons below.

Ion 33405 Electric Ice Augers

Ion 33405 is a compact battery-powered ice auger that is not just lightweight and easy to use but is also powerful and highly reliable. One can easily make a hole as large as needed and can then simply put the machine away. Ion 33405 greatly simplifies your digging process so that you can focus more on ice fishing and not on holes.

This electric auger comes with a high power 40V Max Lithium-Ion battery that can cut through 1000 inches of ice on a single charge, and Ion reverse feature that flushes the excess slush down the hole, removing the need for a skimmer. All you need to do is simply charge the auger and start using it, without worrying about gas, fuel, or any fumes.

The Ion 33405 is a quite machine and works with minimal sound. Thanks to this, you no longer have to worry about the fish getting away because of the loud noise. The cut on the ice is also very smooth and is possible thanks to the centring ring bottom that allows you to re-open frozen holes with seamless cutting down to the point of breakthrough.

All things considered, the Ion 33405 electric ice auger is an excellent choice for all your ice fishing trips. You can find the pros and cons of this electric auger below.

  • High Power Lithium Battery
  • Ion Reverse Technology
  • Simply charge and use
  • Planetary Gear Transmission
  • Cuts smooth till the point of breakdown
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Durable steel auger construction
  • many holes in very thick ice
  • Inadequate charge for extremely cold times

Trophy Strike 107309 Ice Auger

Trophy Strike’s 107309 ice auger is one of the best augers for ice fishing out there. It has plenty of features and comes with a battery large enough to keep them running. Trophy Strike claims that this little power machine can drill up to 96 holes in 20-inch thick ice on a single battery life, which is way more than what you need on a single ice fishing trip.

The 2017 version of this electric drill comes with a mechanical impact feature that makes drilling through the thick ice easier and faster, making the machine more efficient and reliable. However, the feature was removed from the models that were released from 2018. In any case, the 120V lithium-ion battery is still intact and keeps up the fishing confidence.

Apart from this, the 107309 ice auger also features a brushless motor and a 5 gear planetary transmission that provides top of the line performance even during the coldest temperatures. It also has a reversible drive that flushes away all slush and ice chips, and a centring ring at the bottom that makes it simple to reopen frozen holes.

Trophy Strike 107309 battery operated ice auger can be a lightweight and easy to carry companion for all your ice fishing journeys. Given below are the pros and cons that you may find while using this electric auger.

  • Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Mechanical impact feature
  • Brushless motor
  • 5 gear planetary transmission
  • Features reversible drive that flushes away slush
  • Bottom mounted centering ring
  • Simple charge & technology use
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Limited use per charge
  • Difficult to identify when charge may run out
  • Unsuitable for extreme cold and thick ice

Landworks Earth-Ice Auger Power Head

Landwork’s electric auger powerhead is an exceptional machine that is powerful and strong. Buying this powerhead allows the users to choose a custom auger bit according to their needs, making it a flexible choice to be used on both land and ice. Moreover, the powerhead offers plenty of features that make drilling anywhere effortless. 

This ice auger features a 3 gear planetary transmission that increases performance and efficiency. There is a brushless motor included which makes drilling into ice smooth and even. Apart from this, the handles are made wide-spaced to improve balancing while use, and there is also an overload protector equipped to prevent the auger from overheating.

The powerhead comes with a 2 amp-hour lithium-ion battery by default, but you can also run it with a 4 amp-hour lithium-ion battery. It also features universal connectivity, which allows you to securely lock any auger bit that is attached. A high intensity LED surface light is also attached to work in the dark, and a battery life indicator easily tells you when to charge.

Landwork’s Earth-Ice electric auger powerhead is a feature-rich machine that provides everything you need for a safe, secure, and exciting ice fishing trip. You can find the pros and cons of this auger powerhead below.

  • Ergonomic Silicone Grip
  • Reverse Torque Control
  • Battery life indicator
  • 3 gear planetary transmission
  • Easy to reach safety release
  • High intensity LED surface light
  • Max Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Universal Connectivity
  • Wide-spaced handles
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Lacks an auger bit
  • The 4 amp-hour battery is optional

Hiltex 10525 Electric Earth Auger

The Hiltex 10525 Earth electric auger is a strong competitor to every ice fishing electric auger in this list. It offers all the features an ice fisher needs to make perfect holes in the ice easily and comes with a powerful battery and high-performance motor, making it one of the most efficient and reliable electric augers out there.

With high power comes high risk, and this electric auger tackles the safety issue smartly. It comes with an integrated safety lock feature that prevents the machine from triggering on by mistake and the handles are ergonomically designed with anti-vibration grip to improve stability and balance while operating.

The Hiltex 10525 electric auger comes with a single 4 x 30-inch long auger bit and also allows you to attach custom augers according to your use and need. You can find the pros and cons of this electric auger below. 

  • Powerful machine configuration
  • Perfect and clean hole maker
  • Safety lock for accidental triggering
  • Ergonomically designed handles
  • Anti-vibration grip
  • Versatile auger bit
  • No reversible rotation
  • Can be damaged easily

Eskimo Quantum Auger Series

The Eskimo Quantum auger series is the only option in this list that is non-electric, but very close to being one. This quantum auger series runs on gas, but you can hardly see the fumes when operating. Moreover, the machines are all cold-weather tested that guarantee top-notch performance even in the thickest sheet of ice.

Eskimo has been manufacturing reliable augers for 50 years now and has thus gained a lot of confidence from seasoned anglers. Each Quantum auger is designed with detail and is made sure that it delivers peak performance on the ice. This auger series includes engine options ranging from 33cc to 71cc, giving you all the power you need to cut smoothly.

All the augers in this series come with over-sized mitten grip handles that make it very simple to start the machine. The handle is large enough for you to operate without removing your gloves, allowing you to drill with your gloves on, keeping your hands warm throughout.

Apart from this, all Eskimo Quantum augers are backed by their incredible customer service and 5-year warranty, making them one of the most preferred auger choices. You can find all the pros and cons of the Eskimo Quantum auger series below.


  • Powerful engine options
  • Unique centering ring
  • Strong and durable
  • Distinct stainless blades
  • Metal transmissions for best gearing
  • Fingertip throttle trigger
  • Wide-wing tubular steel handles
  • Foam covered handles
  • Over-sized mitten grip handles
  • Excellent customer support
  • 5-year warranty
  • Gas-powered augers
  • Fuel needs to be refilled
  • Needs quality maintenance

How to Choose Ice Augers

Over the last two-three decades, anglers have seen a massive upgrade in design, durability, and technology of ice augers. The market is filled with a range of options, making it difficult for the new anglers to choose what’s best for their ice fishing trips. If you are one of them, then ask yourself the following questions.

What Type of Ice Auger do You Want?

There are mainly three types of Ice Augers you can choose from. These are Manual or Hand Auger, Gas-powered Auger, and Electric Auger. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages, so understanding your limits can help you decide which type will best suit you.

Is Manual Auger Right for You?

As the name suggests, are ice augers which require manual effort to drill holes. These augers are lightweight and can be easily carried around from one fishing spot to the next. The main things to consider while buying manual augers are its design, durability of the blades, and comfort of using them.

Manual augers are best recommended during the early season of ice fishing when the ice is not too deep because manually drilling fishing holes in deep ice can tire you out and you may have to eventually give up on that fish you have been chasing for so long.

However, manual augers are best in terms of portability and they are an excellent go-to option when it comes to going on sudden and unplanned ice fishing trips. Most manual augers can also be broken down into halves, making them much easier to carry.

Another important factor is the budget. Manual augers are pretty cost-effective and are very cheap when compared to Gas augers and electric augers. Carefully take into your use, budget, and place where you are going to fish, then decide whether a manual auger is what you need.

Is Gas-Powered Auger a Better Option?

Well, a gas-powered auger is a better option in terms of performance and speed when compared to a manual auger. With a power auger, you will be drilling holes in a jiffy and better models even come with a reverse drive that flushes away slush and other attractive features.

But, there is a catch. Gas-powered augers need quality maintenance to be at their best performance. Plus this type of augers leave a lot of fumes and create great noise. Better models come with noise reduction features and low exhaust to reduce these grey points to a certain margin.

A Gas-powered auger is a good option when you are drilling in very thick ice. They are also great if you want to drill more than average holes. However, you need to be prepared with extra fuel as needed per your requirement. But keep in mind that power augers can be heavy and bulky, which may reduce your movement and stocks considerably.

What about an Electric Auger?

Electric augers are the bridge between a manual auger and power auger, which is mainly because electric augers are lightweight, easy to carry and run on battery, eliminating the need to carry extra fuel. If you want more charge, all you need to do is carry an extra battery, which might not take as much space as extra fuel.

Another advantage of electric augers is that there are no exhaust fumes and make considerably low noise. Thanks to their low weight, anglers can easily carry it around, easily drilling holes at multiple locations. Electric augers also come with many features, including reverse drive and planetary gear transmissions.

Electric augers are no-doubt very handy, but they may not always be the best option. The performance of an electric auger mainly depends on the charge and battery power. In extreme cold, holes close up fast and re-opening holes become a task. In these situations, an electric auger can lose charge quickly and may not deliver the performance needed.

Therefore, electric augers are best recommended during the beginning and end of the season, when holes don’t close quickly and drilling the average number of holes is enough for a good day. If these are your requirements then an electric auger maybe your best option.

Thickness and Quality of Blades

The quality of the blades of your ice auger is an important factor to consider while buying your ice auger. Most ice augers have replaceable blades and are pretty easy to replace. However, that is no reason for you to compromise on the quality of the blades. In any case, it is always advised that you carry an extra stack of blades on your every ice fishing trip.

The thickness of the blade directly related to how big or wide do you want your hole to be. If you are behind big fish, then a 10” blade is recommended, but if you are looking for small to medium fish, then a 6” or 8” blade will be the best choice.

How many Holes do You Want?

Ice fishing can be an active sport if you move a lot, but if you do not move as much as others then you won’t be drilling many holes. Most anglers drill up to 20 holes per day averagely. If your requirement is less than this number, then even a manual auger would be good enough.

However, if you are just around that average mark or more, then you may have to consider an electric auger or a gas-powered auger. In any case, the quality of the equipment and the performance it delivers will set a limit to the number of holes it can drill, and you need to figure out how many holes you averagely need to make the right investment.

Final Words

Ice fishing is an activity that sometimes requires an array of dependable gear like portable heaters, underwater cameras or a flotation suit, etc.

Extending this, electric augers are a revolutionary product that has greatly reduced the difficulty level for ice fishing. With these augers, anglers can make holes smoothly and their lightweight design makes it possible to carry them around effortlessly.

All the electric augers mentioned in this article are top electric ice fishing augers that you can find in 2020-21.

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