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The Snow Guide is an online resource for those who are in love with winter. On this website, we talk about everything related to Winter Lifestyle. Whether you’re someone who loves winter sports or you love exploring different ideas that you can implement in the winter season, this website should be on your reading list.

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Tessa Reynolds

Tessa Reynolds - Writer at The Snow Guide

Tessa is the Writer and Editor of The Snow Guide. She loves traveling to different places where she can learn new things each and every day. In her free time, when she is not writing, she likes to go skiing, and sometimes she also does snowboarding.

After receiving her undergraduate degree in History in 2013, she worked in different organizations where she got to learn so many things which helped her to become a content writer. After that, Tessa joined The Snow Guide in 2021.

Now, Tessa lives in Denver, Colorado, where she can go skiing and snowboarding on the mountains of Colorado. Because of her interest, in The Snow Guide, she writes about Skiing and snowboarding.

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Charles Adam

Charles Adam - Writer at The Snow Guide

Charles is a Writer and editor who lives in Bloomington, which is a small city in Hennepin County, Minnesota.
He likes to test different products and do different adventure activities that push him to become a better version of himself.
Charles loves Hockey and Ice Fishing. As Minnesota is one of the coldest states in the United States, it gives him a lot of opportunities to do these activities.
As he has a lot of experience and interest in these two activities, therefore, he writes about Hockey and Ice Fishing in The Snow Guide.

Thomas Miller

Thomas Miller - Editor at The Snow Guide

Thomas Miller joined The Snow Guide in 2020. He is a man who loves adventure. He got a degree in Accounting, but he likes to write more than accounting.
In his free time, he likes to ride his 2018 Polaris Snowmobile on the snow plains of Colorado. He lives in Jefferson County, Colorado, so he has a lot of opportunities for snowmobiling with his friends.
He loves adventure sports, therefore, he is also involved in combat sports like boxing, MMA, etc.

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