Best Snowmobile Intercom Systems: Helmet Communicators

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Snowmobiling is an experience to be relished with friends and family rather than riding solitarily. The helmet communication system allows you to stay connected with your friends and family, sharing playlists while exploring through the woods.

It is especially useful when you face any imminent dangers or problems while riding like your snowmobile getting stuck in snow or getting lost in the icy terrains etc. However, it can be an exhausting task to find the finest pair of intercom connections for your purpose as the market has an enormous number of options.

In this article, we have tried to ensemble some of the most popular snowmobile helmet communication systems available in the market along with the features included in the unit.

Comparison of Snowmobile Communication Systems

AudioSound by JBLHi-Fi Stereo Sound
ConnectivityUp to 15 ridersUp to 4
RangeUp to 1600 metersUp to 1600 meters
BatteryUp to 13 hoursUp to 8 hours
PerksPrivate chatAdvanced noise cancellation technology
Our Score98/10093/100
AwardsTop PickRunner Up
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Best Snowmobile Helmet Communication System

LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Universal Communication Systems for Snowmobile Bike

Want to use the best communicator the next time you go snowmobiling? Well, LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Universal Communication Systems might be THE ONE for you! It is a 5.0 Bluetooth HiFi Stereo Headset with an intercom range of 2000 meters. Its unique music sharing aspect lets one person share their favorite music with their fellow rider.

The IP67 waterproof technology makes this communication system work well even when the temperature drops to -15°C when snowmobiling. Its extraordinary battery life supports 15 hours of music and intercom. If your friend has a different intercom, it can even pair with it because of its universal pairing feature.

It also has access to FM Radio even when you don’t have your phone with you. What’s more, you can also play your favorite radio station with its unique attribute of saving your favorites. It has a TYPE-C charging port and 36mm headphone speaker.

BT-S2 Snowmobile Helmet Bluetooth Headset

If you are planning for some adventure in the snow with your friend, you would need a Bluetooth headset for the two of you. Yaconob’s BT-S2 Snowmobile Helmet Bluetooth Headset is a great choice for the same. It supports intercom talking within a distance of 39,370 inches.

It has a radio system that helps you to tune in to the best radio program frequency. BT-S2 is waterproof because of the panel-sealing design and can be used in extreme cold. Its DSP noise reduction helps to cancel out the noise of the winds and provides clear audio.

When connected to the phone, it automatically rejects or accepts the call. The handset and the intercom can be connected via the audio cable. It also has features like GPS and MP3 support to make your ride an enjoyable one.

EJEAS V6 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom

The EJEAS V6 boasts a 2-way intercom connection. It can connect with 6 riders with a maximum distance range of 1200m. The range differs from 800m to 1200m depending on the environmental conditions.

There is a single touch large and integrated button that can not only play or pause music but also answer and reject calls. It has DSP noise control and echo cancellation to filter out unwanted noise. The 850mAh battery takes only 2.5 hours to recharge and works for 12 hours.

It has a 3.0 Bluetooth version and works amazingly well with mobiles, voice control features, and most Bluetooth intercoms of other brands. Its IP65 waterproof rating is perfect for snowy weather.

FOTUS 2pcs T9S-V3 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

You cannot say no to a Bluetooth headset that assures your safety, can you? The T9S-V3 has large buttons that are easily operable even with gloves on. Its IP67 waterproof technology proves to be a benefit in heavy snow. 

This headset works fine with not just full and half helmets, but also with semi-open and off-road ones. Its 800 mAh Lithium-ion battery provides 20 hours of music streaming, 15 hours of intercom talking with just 3 hours to recharge. T9S-V3 is a great choice for those who love snowboarding.

The Bluetooth intercom supports pairing with 3 riders within a distance of 1400 meters. FM radio, music streaming, and GPS are some of its other great features.

FreedConn T9S-V3 Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

FreedConn has made the T9S-V3 Bluetooth headset for you and your friends. What? You don’t believe me? It is a communication system that allows pairing with 3 riders and intercom of 2 riders at the same time within the range of 800 meters. It not only has echo cancellation technology but also has noise suppression technology so the winds won’t interfere with your talks!

Its superior technology enables it to answer a call simultaneously while listening to music or GPS instructions. It supports FM radio, so you can listen to your favorite stations on the go. It is very easy to use and definitely worth the try.

It can be used in full-face, flip-up, ¾, and retro helmets. The 400 mAh battery supports 10 hours of call, 7 hours intercom, and needs 4 hours to recharge.

How to Choose Helmet Communication Systems

The helmet communication systems are quite handy when you plan a long ride with friends but it can be a head-scratching task to find the best one with a gigantic number of options. Below, we have enlisted a few points to ponder upon while purchasing a communication system for your motorcycle helmet.

Ease of Use

The beginners should probably consider buying the simplest and easy-to-handle communication device that does not necessitate halting or distraction on road. The complexities of the intercom can lead to failure of the understanding of the product eventually the destruction of the product.

Thus, it would be prudent to choose an easy and simple intercom device that enables you to interact with your fellow riders along with offering other essential features like GPS interaction, built-in radio, etc.

A GPS for snowmobile is an important feature so make sure that your communication device offers a reliable GPS interaction for your future endeavors.

Numerous Connections

The more the number of connections, the better as you never know when you might hurdle up with more than the expected number of friends. It would be wise enough to contemplate a Bluetooth connection with over 4 connections at a time; however, there are motorcycle connections that may offer more than 15 connections at a time.

Although, as the number of connections rises the price of the connection also increases proportionally therefore determine the budget for your purchase and then look for varied options in the market.

Noise Cancellation

This is an imperative feature for a motorcycle communication system as the riders will always be ripping through winds and traffic. The noise cancellation technology helps to tune out the outer noises and communicate in a superior and improved way. Therefore, it is evident to check the noise cancellation feature before purchasing the unit.


The range is quite an essential factor to look for while buying a motorcycle communication system. It is advised to check the range and magnitude of every headset in the market and compares it with your required needs and usage as the price steeps higher on increasing the range. Therefore, it would be better to thoroughly research before placing an order or drawing a conclusion.

Final Words

We hope that this article helps you find your perfect pair of snowmobile helmet communication system to ride through snow and rain to let you enjoy the winters in the utmost audacious way.

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