Best Snowmobile Helmet Communication Systems: Walkie Talkies

Snowmobiling is an experience to be relished with friends and family rather than riding solitarily. The helmet communication system allows you to stay connected with your friends and family, sharing playlists while exploring through the woods.

It is especially useful when you face any imminent dangers or problems while riding like your snowmobile getting stuck in snow or getting lost in the icy terrains etc. However, it can be an exhausting task to find the finest pair of intercom connections for your purpose as the market has an enormous number of options.

In this article, we have tried to ensemble some of the most popular snowmobile helmet communication systems available in the market along with the features included in the unit.

Best Snowmobile Helmet Communication System

LEXIN B4FM Intercom headset

The LEXIN LX-B4 FM intercom communicator is the most prevalent and widespread stereo headset that is designed specifically for the motorcycle riders. The Bluetooth connection in the headset allows four riders to communicate with each other at a time within a distance range of 1600 meters. The LX-B4FM offers a hands-free mode of communication along with the finest hi-Fi stereo music as well as FM radio to enjoy the music with the ride.

The communicator features a voice-enabled GPS navigation system for a wireless and comfortable experience. The LX-B4FM can also connect to different Bluetooth sets that support the HSP/HFP and A2DP available in almost all the typical mobile phones. These Bluetooth headsets are entirely waterproof for all-weather use with an unconventional DSP wind noise-canceling capability.

The outstanding battery volume of the headset allows the rider to have a 15 hours long talk time. They are pretty easy to install in the helmets and the whole guide is mentioned in the package itself for convenient handling. The Apple Siri and Samsung S voice controls installed in this headset are supremely advanced in the market. 

The LX-B4FM is impressively light-weight and portable enough to be safely carried in your snowmobile backpack as they weigh around only 50 grams. The volume of the walkie talkie is marvelously loud allowing rider with a crystal clear conversation even at a speed above 120KPH.

  • Light-weight & portable
  • Waterproof with DPS noise cancellation
  • Louder volume
  • 4-way group intercom
  • Universal Bluetooth pairing
  • Could be more durable

Cardo motorcycle DMC/Bluetooth communication

The Packtalk bold motorcycle headset connection is the latest generation Bluetooth communication with an upgraded technology installed in this model. The DMC (Dynamic Mass Communicator) is the unique and advanced feature in this version of Cardo Packtalk that allows you to travel in the largest groups with a vibrant range of communication. 

The DMC connection allows at most 15 riders to stay connected at a time along with 6 riders in the least having a simultaneous communication over the communicator. The Natural voice commander in the model offers hands-free operation and also connects directly to Ok Google as well as Siri.

The rider only needs to offer a voice command “hey Cardo” and the rest is ensured by the PackTalk Bold. The Cardo PackTalk Bold features the 40mm wide, high-definition speakers from JBL along with a specifically -tuned audio processor to deliver the riders with an astounding sound experience. The Bluetooth 4.1 installed offers 13 hours of talk time and around a mile range for a rider to rider communication.

The self-adjusting volume feature and the substitutable boom and corded microphone selection augment the level of performance of the PackTalk Bold. The built-in FM radio with RDS provides an automatic choice of the strongest signal strength and allows you to share your favorite playlist with other riders.

The Bluetooth communicator can be charged while riding on your motorbike as one needs to just plug the unit into a battery pack or 12V charger. The complicated algorithms of the program installed in the Cardo PackTalk headset allow all the features to function together in parallel.

The full control capability of the headset using a remote provides a customizable setting feature with the Cardo Connect App for IOS android phones. The Cardo packTalk Bold is waterproof as well dustproof allows using them in all winter conditions in different terrains.

  • Natural Voice Commander
  • JBL Sound
  • DMC Connection
  • Universal Connection
  • Waterproof and Dustproof
  • Unstable ‘Natural Voice’ commander
  • Worst technical support
  • ‘Cardo Connect App’ fails sometimes

Sena Profile Motorcycle helmet communication

The 5S new Bluetooth communication headset from the Sena series of motorcycle helmet headsets quite lies in the middle range level. The headset features an LCD screen that might not be quite beneficial once you put on your helmet. However, the LCD screen helps you to walk through all the commands and options while setting up the headset.

The LCD screen shows the battery life, the volume settings, and the pairing modes with specific graphics for each feature. The Bluetooth column device installed allows you to connect with other devices as well as provides GPS directions and plays music from your phone. The Bluetooth 3.0 is the latest version of Bluetooth and offers rider to rider communication within 900 meters range.

The Sena offers two different types of vocal technology that are the VOX technology and hand-operated technology. The VOX technology allows the rider to turn up and down the volume or turn off the music using the vocal controls that detect the voice automatically.

The Sena does not offer a voice recognition technology of hey google or hey Siri instead they have provided a red button at the back of the headset. The red button in the back needs to be pushed to activate the VOX technology. The Talktime provided by the Sena Low profile is around 10 hours along with a 7 days standby mode.

The speakers used in this model are pretty upgraded from the other headsets in the Sena headset series. The high-definition speaker with an audio processor elevates the level of this model, and it comes along with a wired as well as a boom microphone. The built-in FM radio automatically selects the strongest signal strength.

The Sena low profile walkie talkie also comes with a Bluetooth controller and provides a Sena app for the smooth functioning of all the features and commands.

  • ‘Advanced Audio Distribution’ profile
  • Audio Video Remote Control’ profile
  • 900 meters working distance
  • Advanced voice control
  • Astounding sound quality
  • No notification for low battery
  • Wired mic fails to communicate
  • Relatively weaker range

Fodsports M1s Pro

The Fodsports m1s pro is the best in its class due to its stability as well as compatibility. It offers more features than its rival models. The standard pack comes with two Bluetooth headsets for you and your passenger or other riders on their bike.

Fodsports m1s pro lets you communicate with 7 other riders at the same time via intercom feature. The Fodsports m1s pro is reasonably priced so that you and your friends can go any cross country adventure with the utmost ease.

Fodsports m1s pro uses a full range membrane monomer for high-quality sound and also features a CSR chip for noise cancellation such as bike’s sound, wind, and traffic. It is Voice control enabled that lets you answer calls, access your contacts, reject a call, turn on the intercom system, or stream music.

Fodsports m1s pro features the latest Bluetooth 4.1 version that gives you a range of about 1.2 miles. You can either stream music to your friends via intercom or you can listen to music privately by shutting down the intercom.

  • Supports HSP/HFP
  • Waterproof
  • Universal connection
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Noise cancellation
  • No microphones included
  • Substantial mount connection
  • Difficult to operate

Sena SHM10D-10

The Sena SHM10D-10 can be paired with four other riders via Bluetooth Intercom. The standard pack comes with two Bluetooth headsets with mounting accessories. The Sena SHM10D-10 features Bluetooth 3.1 and EDR class 1 stereo headset and also comes along with a helmet clamp kit and a Boom microphone.

It provides you with a range of about 900 meters. You can also enjoy the hands-free experience by pairing it with your phone via Bluetooth to answer or reject calls, listen to music. You can also operate GPS navigation using voice command.

It comes with a jog dial interface that is easy to use while riding. The default feature on the jog dial is volume control, you can use other features by just pushing the integrated button and cycle through them and select the desired feature.

The stereo Bluetooth headset automatically boosts up in noisy surroundings while the advanced noise control technology cuts down on background noise for incoming and outgoing audio.

The Sena SHM10D-10 takes 2.5 hours for a full charge and gives you a standby time of 10 days.

  • Wireless v3.0 Bluetooth device
  • Adjustable volume profiles
  • Easy installation
  • 900 meters working range
  • Limited key functions
  • No parallel functioning of multiple features
  • Needs a helmet fit disclaimer

How to Choose Helmet Communication Systems

The helmet communication systems are quite handy when you plan a long ride with friends but it can be a head-scratching task to find the best one with a gigantic number of options. Below, we have enlisted a few points to ponder upon while purchasing a communication system for your motorcycle helmet.

Ease of Use

The beginners should probably consider buying the simplest and easy-to-handle communication device that does not necessitate halting or distraction on road. The complexities of the intercom can lead to failure of the understanding of the product eventually the destruction of the product.

Thus, it would be prudent to choose an easy and simple intercom device that enables you to interact with your fellow riders along with offering other essential features like GPS interaction, built-in radio, etc.

A GPS for snowmobile is an important feature so make sure that your communication device offers a reliable GPS interaction for your future endeavors.

Numerous Connections

The more the number of connections, the better as you never know when you might hurdle up with more than the expected number of friends. It would be wise enough to contemplate a Bluetooth connection with over 4 connections at a time; however, there are motorcycle connections that may offer more than 15 connections at a time.

Although, as the number of connections rises the price of the connection also increases proportionally therefore determine the budget for your purchase and then look for varied options in the market.

Noise Cancellation

This is an imperative feature for a motorcycle communication system as the riders will always be ripping through winds and traffic. The noise cancellation technology helps to tune out the outer noises and communicate in a superior and improved way. Therefore, it is evident to check the noise cancellation feature before purchasing the unit.


The range is quite an essential factor to look for while buying a motorcycle communication system. It is advised to check the range and magnitude of every headset in the market and compares it with your required needs and usage as the price steeps higher on increasing the range. Therefore, it would be better to thoroughly research before placing an order or drawing a conclusion.

Final Words

We hope that this article helps you find your perfect pair of snowmobile helmet communication system to ride through snow and rain to let you enjoy the winters in the utmost audacious way.

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