Best Ice Fishing Tackle Box in 2020: Tried & Tested

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Ice-fishing is not merely about your rod and bait; it’s more about patience, practice, and an efficient approach.

Even if you are an amateur indulging in some recreation fishing, you need to have your things in order before you go out.

And this is where a tackle box comes in handy; a storage-box for better organization and quicker access- this is a valuable addition for your fishing trips.

And while there are numerous tackle boxes for ice-fishing available in the market, we’ve listed down the best and the choicest options for you.

Keep reading to know more.

Best Ice Fishing Tackle Boxes in 2020

Plano Angled 787 Guide Series Stowaway Tackle System

Perfect for almost all your ice fishing expedition- the Plano Angled 787 Tackle System is a spacious tackle box which is well compartmentalized for all your gears.

Available in 23 x 12.25 x 12.25 inches, the box is very roomy and provides plenty of range to stash your fishing equipment without any hassle.

The main compartment includes one waterproof guide case and six waterproof StowAway utility boxes as listed below:

  • Three utility boxes of 3700 series
  • Two utility boxes of 3600 series
  • One utility box of 3400 series

All these individual compartments with different sections make it easier for you to store your fishing gear like hooks, sinkers, swivels, etc. without any issue.

Moving on to the box’s construction, the cover and doors are made of the robust DuraView material. They are complemented by a well-integrated and expandable rear pocket that provides additional storage space.

The box is further installed with non-skid rubber feet; this prevents the box from sliding and slipping around on your boat as you fish in the cold water.

Another prominent feature- the main compartment, which includes the different utility boxes, comes at a 15-degree angle so that you can clearly view and access the items inside the box.

Other handy storage areas include two top compartments and a storage section underneath the lid for your soft baits and lures.

All this is accompanied by a carry handle and locking latches, which are noticeably sturdy and dependable.

However, many users have complained that the front door of the box is a little fragile, and the construction is comparatively inferior.

Also, the quality of the plastic for the tackle box could be improved.

Nonetheless, Plano Angled 787 tackle box is widely used by fishermen in the winter because of its vast storage space and brilliant design position.

  • DuraView material construction
  • Expandable rear pocket
  • 15-degree angle design
  • Non-skid rubber feet
  • 7 StowAway utility boxes
  • Flimsy door
  • Poor construction
  • Inferior quality of plastic

Plano Angled Tackle System with Three 3560 Stowaway Boxes

This particular Plano Angled tackle box comes with a storage system that makes organizing your tools easy and uncomplicated.

First, it comes with three big waterproof 3600 series utility boxes that provide plenty of space to store and carry your baits, swivels, and other essentials.

Furthermore, the main compartments are perfectly angled at 15-degree so that you can easily locate the items inside without any difficulty.

This friendly design, along with the DuraView material construction, provides good sturdiness to the box while allowing you to see the objects arranged inside the utility case.

The entire box is made with a robust and superior quality plastic that is long-lasting and a perfect addition to your ice-fishing expedition.

To add to this, there is extra space provided in the form of an additional top compartment to store your quick-access items, and two compact slots on either side of the box for smaller items.

The boxes’ latches are also exceptionally dependable; you’ll find all your items intact without any significant damage even if the box goes through some unforeseeable rough maneuvering.

There is one notable drawback in this particular Plano model, and that is the absence of the rubber feet for additional stability; although they have provided the space for it below the box, the rubber stands itself doesn’t come with it.

Also, some users have complained about the durability of the plastic front door of the box; according to them, the plastic is flimsy and breaks off easily.

Nevertheless, it is a fantastic option because of its ruggedness and storage capacity.

Irrespective of whether you are on the move or whether you are sitting on a boat in cold weather angling for your favorite fish, this tackle box will safely store all your essentials with utmost convenience. 

  • DuraView material construction
  • 15-degree angle design
  • Additional top compartment
  • Extremely rugged and sturdy
  • 3-3600 model utility boxes
  • Flimsy door
  • No rubber-feet for added stability

Plano Tackle Box

Moving on to the third Plano model in our list, if you are looking for a classic ice-fishing tackle box that is simple, compact, and provides plenty of bulk storage, then this is for you.

These tackle boxes are available in multiple tray sizes (one-tray, two-trays, and three-trays) to cater to various customers’ different needs.

However, in this particular review, we are explicitly talking about the four-level organizational tackle box system, which comes with three cantilever trays and 20+ adjustable compartments.

This box provides excellent versatility with optional dividers that allow you to adjust the space on your tray as per your requirement.

The top 3 trays are convenient and easy to organize smaller fishing gear like hooks, lures, baits, etc. while the bottom tray can store larger items.

With a brass-bailed latch and collapsible handle, this is a perfect portable case whether you want to carry it around in rough and freezing conditions or just merely store your essential for your next expedition.

It’s a simple, fuss-free design with sturdy plastic construction and affordable pricing.

Furthermore, it is available in five different eye-catching colors, making it a perfect item for even gifting purposes.

However, one issue has been commonly reported by some of the users, and it’s regarding the tray and the hinges supporting them.

People have complained that the trays do not fold and move smoothly due to the plastic hinges.

They have also complained that the hinges are of subpar quality and tend to break off quite quickly.

So the hinges here could definitely be improved or replaced with a sturdier material instead of plastic.

But in a nutshell, if you are looking for an uncomplicated design to store your items while you go ice-fishing or undertake other activities, then you should give this one a look.

  • Uncomplicated design
  • Compact and portable
  • Three cantilever trays
  • 20+ adjustable compartments
  • Available in different colors
  • Subpar hinges quality
  • Rough tray movement

Flambeau Outdoors 3 Tray

Flambeau is a name that’s well-known in the fishing world for their reliable storage equipment, and while they provide different tray configurations (one-tray, two-trays, and three-tray), we are specifically going to discuss the three-tray tackle box.

Made with their Flambeau hard shell material, this box comes with three cantilever trays and 32 adjustable compartments with 13 removable dividers so that you can store all your gear and fishing items without any difficulty.

Although compact in size (16 x 9 x 8 inches) for better portability, it is adequately roomy and can be used for all different types of activities.

There is also a storage compartment on the top of the box lid; this provides you with extra space and easier access to frequently used items.

Furthermore, it comes with a ‘Drawtite’ latch, which keeps the box secure and tightly shut. The box is also accompanied by a ‘tip-guard’ tray support system; this ensures that all your fishing accessories and items stay in place.

This is particularly useful when you are on a moving boat, and you want to keep your tools and equipment from spilling out of the box.

These tackle boxes are also available in different colors giving you multiple options to choose from.

There have been some concerns, though, regarding the quality of the plastic and the durability of the box.

Many consumers have reported that the quality is inferior, and the construction could be sturdier.

However, if you want a standard ice-fishing tackle box that is lightweight, compact, and well within your budget, then the Flambeau Outdoors tackle box is a fantastic option for you.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • ‘Drawtite’ latch system
  • ‘Tip-guard’ tray support
  • 32 adjustable compartments
  • Available in different colors
  • Subpar quality
  • Relatively weak construction

Flambeau Outdoors T4 Multiloader 

Coming to the final one on our list, this one by Flambeau is meant for people who have plenty to store and carry. If you are one of those, then this box is perfect for you for many reasons.

To begin with, this tackle box comes installed with a smart organizational design that offers both front-loading and top-loading system.

This will help you to efficiently access your tools without creating any mess.

They also come equipped with their popular Tuff’ Tainers. This includes five boxes as listed below:

  • Two top-loading 4006 boxes,
  • One front-loading 1002 box, and
  • Two front-loading 3003 boxes.

These Tuff’ Tainer cases provide you with ultimate storage solution while keeping your lures, baits, and other tools safe and secured.

Furthermore, with an additional six compartments and four-line dispensing ports, you get plenty of space to store even larger equipment like compact underwater cameras, etc.

The box further comes with a translucent and impact-resistant top lid; this enables you to get a convenient view and quick access to your more- frequent tools stored at the top.

Also, the durable and rigid construction, along with specific features like an over-molded handle for easier grasp and carrying, is what makes this box a unique addition to our list.

And while this box is a great fit for various activities, certain improvements would make it more multifunctional.

First, the top lid compartment is relatively narrow, and unless your items are small in size, you can’t store much in there.

Also, the lid hatch is a little weak and might break quickly if one is not careful; therefore, the hatch’s construction could be sturdier.

But apart from this, if you are searching for a box that can hold your many fishing accessories while keeping them adequately organized and well within reach, then this is for you.

  • Six compartments
  • Four line dispensing ports
  • 5 Tuff ‘Tainers boxes
  • Top and front-loading system
  • Over-molded carry handle
  • Narrow top lid storage
  • Weak top lid hatch

Final Words

Choosing an appropriate tackle box for ice-fishing doesn’t have to be a tedious job.

No doubt, there are numerous options available out there, but all you have to look for is a box that provides you adequate important features and meets your storage requirements.

A big or more spacious box might necessarily not be the right choice for you; maybe you need something that is more compact and portable to carry.

Ultimately, it should be durable and sturdy with enough space for all your essentials.

We hope this article helps you in choosing the best option for yourself.

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