Best Ice Fishing Bibs in 2021: Super Warm & Waterproof

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Ice fishing is a great way to enjoy nature and test your might against the icy waters. However, it can be dangerous out there if you are not prepared to battle out with the cold.

Whether you are an experienced ice angler or just starting out, one way to keep yourself warm without adding too much bulk to your winter outfit is to wear an ice fishing bib.

Take a look at our list of the best ice fishing bibs available this 2021 and choose the right one for you.

My Personal Recommendation for Men

After researching a lot, I found that there are 2 bibs that are best on the market. 

One is StrikerICE Climate Bib, and the second is StrikerICE Predator Bib

Let me tell you one thing, both bibs come with Sureflote Technology. This means these bibs can keep an average person afloat for up to 2 hours.

Along with that, both are waterproof, comes with a good venting system, are warm, and have all the small features you need for ice fishing. 

So, what’s the difference between them?

The first key difference is that the StrikerICE Climate Bib is warmer than the Predator Bib. 

The second difference is that Climate Bib comes with a Removable Liner feature. It means you can adjust the insulation by just removing the liner.

So, if you’re ice fishing on a sunny day, you may want to reduce the insulation by removing the liner. 

So, if you want to buy the best men’s bib for ice fishing, you should go with StrikerICE Climate Bib. 

If you want a good ice fishing bib that’s affordable, then you should try StrikerICE Predator Bib.

Note: The StrikerICE Climate Bib is better than Predator Bib. But, if you decide to choose Predator Bib, don’t worry, it’s also a good choice. 

My Personal Recommendation for Women

For women, in my personal opinion, there is no ice fishing bib better than StrikerICE Women’s Prism Bib

It’s specially designed for women who love ice fishing. 

It comes with SUREFLOTE Technology that can keep an average person afloat for up to 2 hours. 

With 150g of Thermadex Insulation, it provides heavy-duty coverage, protection, and warmth. 

It’s not only comfortable and durable, but it also comes with an adjustable inseam, drop-seat design, 1680D snakeskin knees, fast-drain hems, etc. With all these features, this is the best ice fishing bib for women. 

I’m quite certain that, you can’t find a better women’s bib than this.

Comparison of Best Ice Fishing Bibs

 StrikerICE Predator BibStrikerICE Women's Prism BibClam Men's Ice Armor Edge Bib
Material320D Tussor Shell MaterialLight Weight 320D Tussor ShellLight Weight 300 Tussor Shell
Insulation100 grams of Thermadex insulation150 grams of Thermadex insulationFleece lined insulation
Colors2 color choices1 color choice1 color choice
SizesS to 5XLXS to 3XLM to 3XL
Warmth Rating7108
PerksSureflote TechnologySureflote TechnologyRapid drainage system
Best ForYouthWomenMen
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Best Ice Fishing Bibs in 2021

Best ice fishing bibs

Striker Ice Predator Bibs

Marketed as a product that is extremely lightweight and comfortable, however with enough insulation to keep you warm as well.

Striker has equipped its Predator bibs with lesser insulation than their counter-part Hardwater and Climate bibs, but only to extend more flexibility and breathability.

That being said, even a 100g Thermadex is going to keep you warm without a shadow of a doubt.

Now, you club that with a 320 Denier Tussor shell material, hands down, these should be one of the go-to ice fishing pants. Oh, by the way, let us just add, a 200 denier is considered as a good fabric thickness, so you can imagine!

The bibs also come with Striker’s patented Surefloat Flotation Assistance Technology, which can help you be afloat for more than an hour.

  • Reflective elements for better visibility
  • Tussor shell material thickness
  • Hydrapore waterproof and breathable
  • Snakeskin knee padding
  • 100g insulation by Thermadex
  • Lower warmth rating
  • 50g lesser insulation
  • Only 320D Tussor shell

Frabill I-3 BIB

Insulated with 150 g of 3M Thinsulate, Frabill I-3 BIB is one of the warmest ice fishing insulated bibs. And of course, 3M is known for providing quality outdoor adventure equipment time and again in the market.

The bib comes with a 500 denier nylon reinforced knee support for extra comfort during long hours of sitting. Along with this, zipper vents assist with proper temperature control and increases breathability.

Frabill doesn’t take a gamble by critically seaming the bib as they provide a 100% fully seam-sealed option in their I-3 Bib.

The bib also comes with Frabill’s self-rescue kit, and if you ever find yourself stuck in a situation requiring assistance, rest assured, you can rely on these.

An ergonomic design and full elastic shoulder straps ensure that it is flexible enough for you. And a 300 denier nylon Taslan shell caters to keeping you warm and the cold snow outside.

  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Tricot lining pockets
  • Scotchlite reflective material
  • Zipper vents for breathability
  • Denier nylon taslan shell
  • Frabill’s self-rescue kit
  • Only 300D Nylon Taslan
  • Non-adjustable bib height

Striker Ice Hardwater Bib

As we mentioned earlier, Striker has a range of ice-fishing bibs in its catalog. By far the warmest and most insulated one is the Hardwater bib.

One of the features of Striker Ice’s Hardwater Bib which sets it apart from other bibs in the market is the 150g of Thermadex insulation and a 600D Endura outer shell. With the help of which you can stay warm, confident, and away from the cold for as long as you like.

A fast-draining hem allows an easy flow of water and ice and doesn’t let it pile up. Even Hardwater is manufactured with the same 150g of patented Surefloat Floatation Assistance Technology of Striker Ice.

Hardwater is also considered the best bib for ice fishing in 2021, especially considering the price point.

  • 600D Endura outer shell
  • 150g Thermadex Insulation
  • Hydrapore waterproof and breathable
  • Surefloat Flotation Technology
  • Fast-draining hem
  • Reflective elements for better visibility
  • 1680D Snakeskin padding
  • Magnetic storm flap closure
  • Could be available in more color

Clam Men’s Ice Armor Edge Bib

We believe only a few brands can compete with Striker Ice. Frabill and Calm are two of them.

Armor Edge is one of the bibs which is made for heavy-duty purposes. It is long-lasting, and most importantly furnishes extreme comfort.

A 300D outer shell makes it waterproof, windproof, and breathable and allows you to wear the bib even under extreme weather conditions. Whereas a 1000D ballistic nylon support for your knees can aid you to stay kneeling for long hours if required.

  • 300 denier outer shell
  • 1000D Ballistic Nylon knee paddings
  • Stretchable shoulder straps
  • Huge leg pockets
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective material
  • Magnetic storm leg flaps
  • Velcro hems
  • Only 300D outer shell

Arctix Men’s Tundra Bib

More or less just like Arctix Men’s Essential bibs with a few extra features added for a few extra bucks.

Tundra bib is made for a heavy-duty purpose and to last long. It stocks a multi-layer construction with a wind and water-resistant outer shell for keeping you warm and cozy.

The inner material is breathable and simultaneously wicks away moisture and keeps you dry throughout your fishing expedition.

The 85 grams of lightweight ThermaTech is an advanced insulation technology that traps your body heat and assists you in maintaining a normal body core temperature.

  • High bibs to keep snow out
  • Advanced ThermaTech insulation
  • Water and wind resistance
  • Breathable inner material
  • Zipped handwarmer pockets
  • Reflective webbing for better visibility
  • Non-elastic straps
  • Non-adjustable bib height

Eskimo Men’s Keeper Bib

Boy oh boy didn’t we love this bib from Eskimo! Ideal wear for your snowboarding activity, at the same time perfectly suitable for ice fishing as well!

Breathable and waterproof up to 5000g and 5000mm respectively, it is issued with Eskimo’s patented Breathable Flotation Assistance, Uplyft.

A tally of 140g of 3M Thinsulate insulation strategically placed for your comfort, 80 grams 3M insulation in body, and 60 grams in crotch gusset. It is perhaps, the warmest winter fishing bib in the market.

Since the product was originally made as a snowboarding bib, it’s one of the most flexible ones with a partial elastic waistband.

Reinforced fully HD paddings for knee, magnetic storm closure keeps the dust, snow, and wind out even during extreme weather conditions.

DuraDry 600D fabric is clubbed with a fully taped seam for 100% wind and waterproofing the bib. All these come with a height-adjustable system as well, which works for a 28 to 36-inch inseam.

  • 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • DuraDry 600D fabric
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Fully taped seam
  • Magnetic storm closure
  • Elastic side panels and waistbands
  • Fully HD padded knees
  • Non-bunching adjustable height system
  • Could be available in more color

How to Choose Ice Fishing Bibs

You can’t do ice fishing in jeans. So, let’s find out how to choose a good bib for ice fishing.

Bibs for cold weather ice fishing

Minimal 80 Grams of Quality Insulation

If you are going ice fishing, then chances are there that the temperature in the region is going to be bitterly cold.

In such instances, you do not want to take a chance, and a safer option would be to go for a bib that delivers a minimum of 80 grams of insulation from a recommended and well-known brand.

Your standard bib in the hardware store might say that they have more than 80g of insulation for you. But comes d-day, you will soon realize it is not so!

The quality of the insulation matters as much as the quantity does, and we make a point of recommending only the best ones, which comes with the bibs mentioned in this list.

Amount of Breathability, Wind, and Waterproofing

Generally speaking, breathability and waterproof bibs ratings are provided in the descriptions, and anything rated above 2000 grams/mm is a good bet.

Yet, many lower-priced bibs won’t have these ratings for you to judge them. For such cases, we have researched multiple bibs and found Arctix to do really well in that price range.

Padded Knees for Comfort

While ice fishing, you are going to get down on your knees invariably and without a shadow of a doubt. This makes having a well-padded knee region important.  For such occasions, you need a well-padded knee for support and comfort to catch your prey.

Zipper Vents for Temperature Control

Contrary to ice fishing jackets, once you wear your bibs you are not going to take them off while fishing.

In such a situation, you need something that can lend a hand to regulate the temperature inside your bibs. Having zipper vents in your legs or waist region is as good as it gets.

Moisture Absorbing Inner Material

The inner material of the bib should be something that can absorb the moisture of your body and help you stay dry. Otherwise, it is only going to lead you into getting cold, and eventually hypothermia.

Fast-Draining and Fully or Critically Taped Seam

A fully or critically taped/sealed seam will keep the water and ice outside and maintain dryness inside.

At the same time, a fast-draining system will prevent the build-up of water/ice on the outside seam, working alongside the fully/critically taped seam.

To have both of these in the jacket is a blessing but also costs that much more. Even one of them would suffice for beginners and occasional fishers.

Flotation Assistance System or Rescue Kit

If you happen to fall into the water and need assistance to float or if you want to self-rescue yourself, these two will come in handy. But not every brand provides these features with their bibs.

Striker Ice has its Surefloat Flotation Assistance technology in its bibs, and Frabill comes with its self-rescue kit.

Other Features

Features such as magnetic storm closure, handwarmer pockets, extra pockets for carrying tools and things, adjustable height of the bib, or be it a removable strap. These are extra features that bibs come along with.

These peculiarities also depend a lot from person to person, wherein you may not feel the need for something that I deem to be a compulsion in my bibs.

But having a magnetic storm closure and handwarmer pockets with zips is recommended if you are planning on venturing into extreme weather conditions.

Final Words

What separates one bib from another for us may not be the same factors which do it for you. Nevertheless, we have tried to test as many bibs as we can using our small and close-knitted team.

The 7 bibs that are listed are amongst the best wind and waterproof fishing bibs in the market and you can rely on each one of them. Get yours according to your budget.

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