Best Ice Fishing Bibs For Men & Women in 2023

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Ice fishing is a great way to enjoy the cold winter months, and having the right gear can make all the difference.

One of the most important pieces of equipment for ice fishermen is a good pair of bibs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ice fishing bibs available on the market in 2023 so you can stay warm and dry while out on your next adventure!

best overall – men’s

StrikerICE Predator Bib

best overall (drop-seat) – women’s

StrikerICE Prism Bib

Warmest bib – Men’s

StrikerICE Apex Bib

Warmest Bib – Women’s (Drop-seat)

DSG Outerwear Avid Bib

best budget-friendly – men’s

Arctix Essential Insulated Bib

best budget-friendly – women’s

Arctix women’s Insulated Bib

Best Ice Fishing Bibs in 2023

StrikerICE Predator Bib

While some of us will never understand the charms of ice-fishing, I know there are some out there who engage in it like crazy. So for them, I think this is perhaps the best ice-fishing bib you can find.

Why? Well, for starters just look at its insulation. I am telling you guys, it is one of the warmest and safest. It uses Thermadex insulation. This is built into the inner lining of the bib.

This way the insulation itself will be kept away from easy damage. At the same time, it will warm you up from the inside. Even in the chilly weather, you will hardly feel the cold because you are so comfy from the inside!

Last year because I did not own a proper bib, I wore wader pants to go Ice fishing for the first time. And boy, it was such a misadventure! From the first second when I waded into the frozen water, I couldn’t wait to get home and get those soggy clothes off me. I did, eventually but still landed with a fierce cold for the next week.

So, to prevent something like this from happening to you, I would suggest using StrikeICE Predator. It uses 320D Tussor Shell material. This protects the bib from all damages like daily wear and tear and scratches in places.

To increase the durability of the material you also have padded seat AND knee areas. So if you are in the habit of landing yourself in sledding troubles, especially ones associated with falls, StrikerICE is your friend!

And the waterproofing is done by the patented technology of Hydrapore 5000mm/5000g. This material is highly breathable yet keeps water out. So be tense-free and roam around in light and heavy cold showers!

What I like about this is its Superfloat floatation assist technology. It is this technology that will help you keep safe from accidental drownings. And it is also one of the best-insulated fishing bibs.

It is also available on Bass Pro Shops and Scheels.

StrikerICE Standard Prism

Well, while the Predator is meant for boys, this prismatic beauty is reserved for girls! Built with an almost-similar design this particular suit is built to fit around the female physique with comfort and snugness!

Okay, so are you aware of the teeny-tiny problem? Where do you have to wear some warm pants and only then do you get to cover them with bibs? This is partly because most of the time the bibs are not enough to keep away the excess chill. It is also because the inner lining is too uncomfortable. 

My friends, the StrikerICE Prism eliminates this issue. With its impeccable 150gm Thermadex Insulation it promises to keep out the cold. It also sports 210T interior lining. 

Thus, with these, you can easily and stressless pair some fleece leggings or your fishing pants underneath. The suit also uses Hydrapore 5000 W/B which allows ample breathability in the material. This prevents any sort of construction or skin suffocation while traveling!

The Prism doesn’t care what, it just does its job. Now, don’t you go thinking that because it is so comfortable and warm, it’s all soft? No. It uses a 320D Tusser shell. It is not only waterproof but it even protects the suit from scratches and other external damages!

And, now let’s talk about my favorite part. The Superflote Flotation assist. If you ask me, there have been 2 times I slipped and almost sunk to the bottom of the lake. This is exceptionally perilous when I am out there alone.

But with the super float technology, the risks are far reduced. The reason is this technology can allow you to remain floating for 2 hours. Help would have reached out by then!

Another thing that I love about these amazing pieces is their crossed suspenders. Yes, people, these have adjustable suspenders that cross at the back. So you can adjust your right fit and also be ensured that the straps won’t slide off that randomly!

So, clearly, this is one of the best women’s bibs out there and you should definitely consider it.

ice fishing bibs for women

It is also available on Bass Pro Shops and Scheels.

StrikerICE Climate Bib

Have you ever got stuck under sudden bouts of snowfall? Or in a random mountain downpour? I have and let me tell you, IT IS TERRIBLE. Especially if your snowsuits are betrayers like mine were. Huh.

After that day, I decided I needed a good, trustworthy snowsuit for my outings in the snow. And since I also go ice-fishing occasionally, the suit should exhibit that function also. Lo and behold! I came across StrikerICE Climate Bib.

It uses Hydrapore technology with 5000mm waterproofing. This 100% polyester fabric is made breathable with a 5000g rating. With this, I could get stuck in harsh weather conditions and not be worried about catching a cold from the wet clothes. 

Along with waterproofing, it also uses Thermadex technology for insulation. It protects you from excess cold and keeps your body heat from escaping. Additionally, it has an adjustable Thermadex of 100g and 175 g.

That means it is completely up to you and how you feel about the Climate that you can keep your insulation at a specific level. The conveniences offered by this gem seem limitless. Why? Because of its customizable fitting, of course!

You see, most bibs vow that perfect fit, but rarely do any of them match up. The problem most of the time lies in the length of the suits. It is either too short or in most cases too long.

The StrikerICE Climate provides you with an adjustable seam. It features hook-and-loop bottom cuffs that allow you to adjust the length of the bib up to 6 inches. So you just need to figure out that perfect body size, the lengths are already taken care of!

The flag-posting characteristic of this beauty is its floatation technology. It is pretty high-tech. And it uses the Sureflote tech, known to keep an average human afloat for 2 hours. Although it is not for infinity, still the two hours window seems enough to prevent large damage!

Definitely, one of the best floating bibs you should try.

It is also available on Bass Pro Shops and Scheels.

best insulated fishing bibs

Frabill Ice Hunter Bib

Well, when buying ice fishing bibs there is always the problem of cost. Not restricted to only bibs, things that use high-tech material are usually taken to be quite expensive. And this is the reason many people despite their dire needs wouldn’t go for better stuff neither could they afford it!

But, our very own Frabill Ice Hunter Bib is not one to create a dent in your pockets. Frabill provides you with bibs that are pocket-friendly, yet don’t compromise on their high-end quality.  Trusted by anglers for years (since 1938), they go pretty humble on their marked prices!

Initially, I even thought that these almost-cheap pieces of scraps of clothes would be useless. Later on, my neighbor’s who are a couple of dedicated ice anglers proved how wrong my generalized assumption was!

You see, these friends of your budget are designed to serve ice anglers at all temperatures. It uses a 3M Thinsulate lining. This type of insulation is so innovative that it will keep the heat away from you and even retain your body heat. 

But all this is done without resulting in additional bulk on the material of the bib. When you wear the bib you will be able to tackle the chilly weather. But at the same time, its lightweight and flexible surface allows easy mobility as well. So you can easily move however you want while ice fishing or angling!

What I specifically like about it is its reinforced stitching system. As I’ve said that it’s double-stitched with the presence of rivets. And these are concentrated in risky areas that can easily succumb to wear and result in premature tears.

Even the comfort provided by this bib is overwhelming. How so? Because it’s so different from others. It has a pre-curved knee that can protect your knees in case you fall and scratches them. With Frabil Hunter you can fish with reduced worry about slipping and hitting your knees on hard ice!

It even has a padded seat. This is additional protection against the chill. It will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the day. So even cold grounds cannot take away the warmth your bibs retain!

Sporting a construction of heavy-duty 1200D, it uses 100% fabric polyester. Along with the use of such hard fabrics, it is also double-stitched in critical areas. This ensures ample durability and thus you don’t have to worry about having to replace your bib every 2-3 years because they are designed to be wear-resistant for long periods!

Mishaps on ice trails are common due to poor visibility. The Frabill Hinter effectively combats this problem with the 3M Reflective material that lines the entirety of the bib. This additional level of safety measure is an impressive point of attraction for ice anglers and snowmobilers.

Being one of the warmest ice fishing bibs it’s worth your consideration.

It is also available on Bass Pro Shops.

DSG Outerwear Ice Fishing Bib 

This is one of the best ice fishing bibs meant for women. And I must admit, I have my personal favorites. The reason I like this bib so much is because of his multidimensional approach when providing services.

Firstly, the waterproofing of the material is taken care of by 100% polyester constructions. This is coupled with 840 Denier knee panels. These are not only durable but are pretty useful by being breathable and waterproof. 

In the DSG bib, you can easily wade into the frozen lake to wait and catch that elusive fish you were looking for. This is only possible because of the DWR coating on the material that keeps the water from soaking into your skin and thus keep you dry for longer periods! Additionally, the bib has 100% sealed taped seams. 

This allows you to move however you please without being extra careful about damaging and stretching your bib at crucial areas. Further resistance to snow and water is provided by the snap wind closures and the inner boot gaiters. So as I said you can stand deep in the ice lakes and not feel a thing!

It uses the high-quality floatation functionality with Flotex. This super technology provides a layered foam that is combined with 170gm of Primaloft insulation. So in case of accidental drowning, you could not only stay floating in the water, but you would also be quite warm during this time.

It reduces the chances of accidental death from colds with its innovative heat retention. One thing I like about it is its drop-seat. With this, you can easily do your business without having to remove all the top layers of cloth materials. 

This is way more convenient and also works against the cold as you don’t have to get rid of your bib every time! Also, the inseam is quite adjustable from 32.5 inches to 28.5 inches. Thus you can easily fit the bib according to your size.

comfortable ice fishing bibs

The bib is further adjustable with side waist tabs, suspenders, and removable knee pads. All this allows you to use the DSG Outerwear and whatever way you wish to wear it. It is also awesome for its use of reflection that keeps it visible in low and hazy light!

It is also available on Bass Pro Shops and Scheels.

Eskimo Keeper Bibs

Featuring all the general requirements, these bibs are different because of the High-value material used in them. These bibs are generally designed for men. But because they come in a big range of sizes, I guess women could try it out too!

Now, talking about its redeeming features is its top-notch insulation. It uses 80gm of 3M insulation in the body and 30gm in the sleeves. This difference in the body and sleeve areas makes it more comfortable because it is usually your body that needs to keep warm in the chilled weather. And too much heat and get uncomfortable in the sleeves.

One impressive thing about this humble beauty is its level of protection. It is made of Duradry 600 Denier polyester fabric. This is tough and provides long-lasting durability. It saves you the tension every year if you try to replace your bibs!

The materials used in the suit are 5k/5k waterproof/breathable rated. That means that despite such heavy-duty things, the suits will not be constructed. Rather with ample breathability, it will be comfortable and easy to handle!

You have been ice fishing for a while. And numb on your tired legs, you slip and end up in the freezing water. But with Eskimos Keep the risk is reduced in case of accidental submerging. It uses the Uplift breathable floatation assistance and thus you wouldn’t sink immediately!

The bib is also windproof. So venture out in the chilly mountain winds in Eskimo keeper. Yes, it is going to protect you regardless. It is also coated by DWR with further adds to its waterproofing properties!

The sealed seams are features that can give additional resistance to water, snow, and even ice. And the hood is removable thus leaving you the option of wearing it up or out of your way, as you wish. It eliminates the problem of you having to tuck in the unused hood, creating a bulge and probably hindering the appearance of the entire get-up!

It is also available on Bass Pro Shops.

Nordic Legend Aurora Ice Fishing Suit

The thing that made me click on this suit was its name. I mean, Nordic Legend Aurora, wow! It piqued my curiosity about what was so legendary and Nordic about an ice fishing suit. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. 

You see, this suit is legendary in its construction. It provides you with a fully waterproof, yet breathable shell that also features storm flaps to keep the water off you. The material used is 100% Nylon Oxford Fabric with PU coated. 

Trust me, this keeps away water, snow, and ice like a pro. But you won’t feel bulk in this suit because of the 100% Polyester Tricot Lining. The sole purpose of this lining is to provide you comfort as well as under the worst attacks from the elements!

This apparent Legend takes the wearer’s comfort seriously. Why do I say this? Because of the several adjustments, it allows. Firstly all the cuffs (arms and legs) are adjustable. And secondly, even the interior of the arms has cuffs. Go figure!

The reason is partly comfort and mostly because it is these cuffs that provide the much-necessary nice tight seal that prevents entry of unwanted guests (water and snow). The inner cuffs give an additional barrier against the trickling of water down your hand to the arms! Thus keeping you dry as much as possible!

This comfort is taken a stand higher because of the YKK Aquaguard double zippers. They are waterproof. Plus they also allow a bit of breathing room in case you feel warm. Your bathroom breaks are also taken care of as you don’t have to take your suit off and just use the zippers!

It has around 11 pockets that allow you to store as much as humanly possible. And it even takes care of safety features with reflection over the logo that keeps you visible in the dark!

Despite these amazing features, the bib doesn’t have insulation or floatation assistance. So for safety purposes, I’d recommend it for people who are working in less cold and shallow waters!

warmest ice fishing bibs

WindRider Ice Fishing Bibs

If I were a fish then names would be my bait. I get hooked that easily on creative names like WindRider, huh? While on many occasions I have been fooled by them, WindRider Ice Fishing Bibs were the real deal.

You see, the bibs provide you with all the latest features any ice fishing bib should have. And it also provides you with some extra stuff. Like what?

Well, talking about general features wearing this will keep you warm and dry. It uses 3M Thermal insulation. What made this better, is that they used the insulation in the removable hood also. So, you don’t have to feel the unnecessary chill around your head when cold winds blow all around you!

But the WindRider has one of the greatest flotation technologies. I say great because it not only gives you floatation assistance it provides some sort of insulation too. That means if you go through, you will stay afloat plus the chances of you freezing to death in the cold water are reduced.

The WindRider thinks of it all. Your comfort is taken care of by the zippers that are located strategically. This ensures you just have to open the zippers and not the entire suit to relieve yourself. Convenient, huh?

It also takes care of your comfort by giving you a padded knee with reinforcements. This ensures your knees are protected if you slip and hit the ground or even when you are leaning over the holes. You stay dry and comfortable!

There are a pair of huge pockets in the bib which allow you to carry as much as possible. There are also flaps on the bibs that permit you access to your pant pockets while wearing the bib. Convenience epitomized, I’m telling you!

How To Choose Ice Fishing Bibs?


Well, if you are out ice fishing, one of the most important things you need to ensure is that your bibs are waterproof. The reason is that the outdoors in winter is subject to random bursts of rain and snow. Even the best weather predictors cannot give you a guarantee of correct forecasting.

Now you of course wouldn’t want to go around in soggy wet clothes. For one it will land you with a cold in no time, second, it is plain uncomfortable.

You also wouldn’t have the time to change into other clothes. Nor is it always possible to find immediate shelter. So to combat all these problems you definitely will require a completely waterproof Ice fishing bib!

Flotation Ability

Honestly, I don’t think there is any point in wearing a bib that has no floatation assistance. I mean just think about it, why would you even bother to wear a bib that wouldn’t protect me if I slip and fall inside the water? Let alone save, it will lessen my chances of surviving because without floatation assistance the suit itself will get heavy with water. Huh.

So yes, while buying ice fishing bibs ensure that they are floatation assisted!

Are There Pockets?

Yes, pockets. I believe that wearing ice fishing bibs, one is in need of several pockets. And you know what would be better? Better would be if the bib has several pockets of various sizes. Why?

Well, generally in bibs we find only a couple or more pockets that are huge. While that is a nice place to store some essential things, it isn’t that convenient. The reason is with more space the things you put inside are gonna jostle and bump around a lot! That gets annoying very fast.

So try and look for bibs with several variously sized pockets and storage spaces!

Do I Require Padding?

Of course, yes. Padding on critical areas on ice fishing bibs is a must. It is not only comfortable and it has protective features as well.

You see the pads are usually found on the knee areas. And your knees are quite vulnerable. How?

Well, firstly while fishing you might often have to maneuver yourself to catch a particularly elusive crappie. It’s possible in the process you lose your balance and hit the ground on your knees. Ouch!

The Padding will protect your knees from sudden shock. Also trying to catch one stubborn fish you lean over the hole, on of your knees. Here the Padding g is useful in keeping your dry and chill-free knees. 

Is It Warm Enough?

Now, this is another must-need for ice fishing bibs. You can’t go out in the winter to snow-covered surroundings in general attire. You require a bib that is meant to keep you warm from the extremities of the elements.

This can be found best in insulated bibs. So look for that and especially go for bibs that are variably Insulated throughout. For instance where the body is more Insulated than the sleeves.

This ensures you remain warm yet comfortable in all weather!


Another must-have for all ice fishing bibs. It is the durability of the bibs that will ensure you make good investments and keep you tension free for th3 rest of at least 5-6 years!

Better durability is best provided by high-end waterproof materials. Durability can also be expected from bibs that have sealed seams in critical areas. This decreases the risk of wearing and tearing in daily activities! 

Thus keeping it undamaged for longer!


Now, this is a concern you must pay a lot of attention to. And the sad part is you always might not even get that perfect fit!

Some things to make your task easier would be to go for adjustable elastic straps and bibs with better adjustable cuff settings. So even if you have something moderately fitting, it can be taken care of.

Though the best way to ensure fit is to go gender-wise. The reason is the bibs are sometimes specially designed to fit women. And male figures wouldn’t probably be able to fit.

Similarly, men’s bibs may often turn out to be too baggy for women.

Final Words

Finding the right ice fishing bibs for your next adventure can be a daunting task, but with this article, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

We’ve rounded up some of the best bibs on the market in 2023 so that you can stay warm and dry while doing ice fishing.

Be sure to consider factors like insulation, waterproofing, breathability, and fit when making your selection – then get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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