Ice Fishing Camera Vs. Flasher

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Ice fishing can be really exciting if you can freeze that moment! For anglers out there, if you are confused between choosing an ice fishing camera and a flasher, then you’re on the right page!

Ever wondered what the differences are between them? Read this to find out!

Ice Fishing Flasher: What’s It?

Flashers are devices that indicate the depth of the water and the presence of any fish underwater. 

They work by sending out a sound wave that hits the bottom of the lake or pond. The sound wave then bounces back to the transducer, which is then turned into an image on the display.

Modern ice fishing flashers show clearer images and also have the feature of even showing the size of the fish. Using a flasher also gives you a real-time view of what is going on under the ice. This can be very helpful when you want to know where the fish are and what they are doing.

One great advantage of using a flasher is that you don’t need to drill holes into the ice to put your flasher inside. All you need to do is to lower it into the ice. These days flashers come with GPS capabilities and Bluetooth connectivity so that you can save and share your data. 

Ice Fishing Camera: What’s It?

Ice Fishing Camera

They are designed to give you an underwater view of what is happening beneath the ice. Fishing cameras come with a cable so that you can lower them down through a hole into the ice. These can also capture what’s happening down there in real-time.

They are built specially to sustain water pressure and temperature. They can also record videos. 

Ice fishing cameras come in different types based on factors like resolution, screen size and cable length. Screen sizes run from options of 2 inches to 7 inches. 

One great advantage of ice fishing cameras is that you can see exactly what bait the fish are biting and also if there are any fish swimming near your line. This saves a lot of time and also helps you to avoid fishing in empty places. 

You can also look and find what species of fish you are reaching toward. Even greater, some fishing cameras have night vision capabilities, which allow you to continue fishing even when the sun has gone down. 

You can store your images and videos digitally to cherish those memories forever.

Ice Fishing Camera Vs. Flasher: Key Differences


Flashers give more information about the fish than cameras which only give a picture of what’s happening underwater. Flashers accurately measure the depth of the water and the position of the fish. 

Setting Up:

Cameras are a little troublesome to set up as they require cabled and drilling holes. On the other hand, flashers need not be put into holes as they can just be lowered into the ice.  But using an ice fishing camera requires in-depth knowledge of how to use it. 

Which is Better in Terms of Ice Fishing?

Ice fishing flashers are comparatively better options than cameras. They are more affordable and give you more information about what is happening under the water. 

The image details that you get from a flasher are much better than those from a fishing camera. Night vision-enabled models of flashers are also more affordable than their fishing camera counterparts. 

Final Words 

So If you want to extend your fishing trips and catch even more fish, then an ice fishing flasher is the way to go. Have fun capturing moments but make more profit by catching more!!

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