About Us

The Snow Guide is your one-stop destination for all the information about the best products you will need to enjoy and appreciate your winter season.

Our objective here is to provide you with honest reviews and answers to common questions regarding your wintertime requirements and activities. The Snow Guide is just like a good friend of yours that you go to when you need advice regarding anything related to winter sports. 

Whether you are someone who loves skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, or ice hockey, or someone who just wants to enjoy the season of hot cocoa and snow in the comfort of your home wearing winter garments, we have something for all of you. There is a diversity in the type of content that we write and bring forth, for you to enjoy.  

With continually updated and fresh content for all types of audiences, we also provide an in-depth guide for various winter sports along with solutions to your frequent wintertime questions. If you want tips regarding choosing the right snow boot for yourself, we can help you with that. If you want to know if Canada Goose Parka is better than Askov Finlayson’s Parka, we can help you with that. If you are unsure about buying a product and wanna see an honest review about it, we can help you with that as well!      

Thus when we said that The Snow Guide is gonna be your one-stop destination for everything related to snow, we were not kidding. 

Our Motive

There is only one motive that we seek to provide to the readers, and that is honest content. 

All the products that we review are tested by the skillful writing team of our page who also excel in the snow. They are just like you, a handful of snow enthusiasts who want to help the other snow enthusiasts. Before we write a review of any product, we try to test them through your eyes, the readers. And because we too have skiers and snowboarders and hikers in our testing team, this task becomes much easier! 

Thus The Snow Guide tries its best to ensure that the readers do not just like the reviews and the content but also trust it. This is a relationship of trust that we are trying to build and we are grateful to those who have trusted us. 

How Do We Work? 

So, as we already told you, we have a team of writers-cum-snow enthusiasts who work hard behind their laptop screens as well as on the snow field to bring awesome product reviews for you. All of our writers hail from different parts of the country thus the reviews also come from a point of view that is inclusive of all.     

Starting from the base, we first select the product that needs to be reviewed and then assign it to a particular category. Now, based on what type of product it is and what category it belongs to, it is given to one of our writers for them to start working on it. For example if it is a review of a women’s parka from a very famous brand then it is given to our skiing and snowboarding expert, Tessa Reynolds. 

If the said product is related to ice fishing, or men’s jackets to wear in winter then it is reviewed by our ice hockey and ice fishing enthusiast from Minnesota, Charles Adams. And if it is an article where we are reviewing snowmobile gears or snowmobile gloves and boots, then it is reviewed by Thomas Miller who has made snowmobiling his ultimate passion.

All the products that are assigned to these writers are either bought or rented by them. Many time they are already the owners of the products they need to review so we rest assured that you do not have to worry about the credibility of the reviews. 

The product testing is done in an extensive manner, simultaneously comparing the features of the product with products of different brands having similar features. And, just so you know, all the products that we mention in our reviews are tested as well. 

Now we come to the final and most important step. We bring our results to you in the form of articles that you read on The Snow Guide website. After the thorough testing of the products, the writers write a review of those products, noting and arranging all their recorded results in the form of an interesting and interactive review article. 

That is how The Snow Guide works! 

Our Writing Team

To bring you all the amazing content, we have our writing team who combine all the test results and write reviews. 

Tessa Reynolds

She is the writer and editor of the Snow Guide. She loves traveling to different places. And when she is not writing or traveling, she goes skiing or snowboarding. She uses her experience in skiing to test and review the products. 

Tessa lives in Denver, Colorado where she can go skiing in the mountains of Colorado. 

Charles Adam

Charles is a writer and editor who lives in Bloomington, which is a small city in Hennepin County, Minnesota. He loves hockey and ice fishing. Since Minnesota is one of the coldest states in the USA, it gives him opportunities to test the products in the extreme conditions as well. 

Thomas Miller 

Thomas is the hot-blooded guy in our team who loves adventure. He has a degree in accounting but he likes to spend his time more in writing. He owns a 2018 Polaris Snowmobile that he loves to ride in his free time on the snow plains of Colorado. He hails from Jefferson County, Colorado and thus gets to snowmobile a lot. 

Apart from snow sports he likes to watch boxing & MMA.       

How We Choose Products To Review?

The products that we choose to review are mostly the products that are in trend and the people are queuing up to buy them. It depends from season to season because trends keep changing. We also review best-seller products relevant to the winter season. Sometimes we fish out a few “bests” from various different brands and then compile them into a single review article, for eg; Best Electric Foot Warmer, Best Avalanche Airbags, etc. 

There are seasons when a particular brand is trending and not the product. And thus we need to review the brand and rank their products selecting one single category, for example Best Canada Goose Jackets.           

The products we choose are not endorsed, neither are we biased or affiliated to one single brand. Our reviews are honest and to the point and that is why we assure you to not have second thoughts while reading our review articles. 

We hope that The Snow Guide has helped you in some way or the other at some point in time and we are glad that we could assist you in your winter preparations.