Strikemaster Lite-Flite Review: Lazer Drill Electric Ice Auger

Winter is almost upon us, and hence, the colder regions will start snowing. The ice fisherman will have a hard time fishing, if not for certain important gear like floatation suits, ice-fishing heaters, and of course, the ice drillers. Ice drillers are a necessity during the heavy snow days. Here, your fishing radius is minimal, and you have little to work with. 

One of the critical steps for your fishing trip is deciding how and where you will drill your hole in the ice. There are plenty of electric ice augers present in the market, and here’s a review of one of the best, the Strikemaster Lite-Flite Ice Drill.  

Strikemaster Lite Flite Review

Features of Strikemaster Lite Flite Lazer Ice Drill 

The Strikemaster Lite Flite Lazer Ice Drill is one of the most favorite ice drillers in the market. This new lightweight Lite-Flite Lazer Drill Unit is designed to be used with any professional quality 18v (or higher) brushless handheld cordless electric 1/2″ chuck drill or StrikeMaster ice auger powerhead. To fulfill connection to carriage for strength, a heavy-duty steel hex shaft and reinforced “T” connection is present. This particular carriage is formed out of exclusively engineered compounds that provide you with extreme durability, even in harsh conditions, and boost your confidence while drilling. 

Further, it includes the NDA-3 two-stage drill adapter, and a full length segmented proprietary synthetic resin molded flighting. It is popularly known for the “ultimate advancement for run & gun ice trolling!” This ice drill is exceptionally lightweight, which will help you make your ice fishing experience more chanting, this 2020. The auger for ice fishing is high powered, so with almost minimal effort and the shortest duration of time, you will have drilled through your ice and reached the water in no time. 

The powerpoint present in the ice drill keeps the drill unit in place while you are drilling through. Designed with twin chrome-alloy stainless steel, the Lazer blades help in making your effort easier and the cuts smoother every time you use the ice driller. The Strikemaster Lite Flite Lazer Ice Drill lets you quickly drill into an extremely mobile and high-powered ice auger. The fact that this drill is lightweight adds on to the benefit of allowing you to drill your fishing holes in short periods successively. The best feature of this is that you do not lose any power, even with it being lightweight. It has the same power, if not more, than its alternatives and competition. 

If you do purchase this at the store, you get everything you need to use it on a cordless drill to any powerhead that Strikemaster has ever released. This unique feature makes the drill more versatile, flexible, and very adjustable to your preferences. It also comes with an adapter and safety flange, so later in the winter, if the ice layer is too thick and you do not want to use an ice handheld drill, you can remove the adapter and safety flange and mount it to any power auger that Strikemaster has ever made. It is one of the products that will give you value for money without sacrificing anything you genuinely need, so find one for yourself!

  • Excellent battery life
  • Fast & easy fishing holes
  • Includes adapter & safety flange
  • Lightweight
  • Issue with stock adapter

Final Words  

As compared to its alternatives, this ice drill performs comparatively better and is the most beneficial choice. This drill will help you fish better, but there should also be some safety measures taken to help you fish efficiently and again stay safe. 

While using the drill, you want to make sure you have your feet planted firmly in an area where you will not slip. You must also see that you clean the blades, so they make an excellent clean cut through the ice. A warm suited gear like an ice-fishing bib or a jacket will enhance your fishing experience!

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