Best Ski Helmets with Visor: Best Options in 2020

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The increasing popularity of winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding has risen the risk of accidents at the slopes. Although a lot of people wear helmets for protection, it still fails to safeguard you. Why?

The major reason for this is the goggle’s inability to prevent sunlight, dust, water, and any other factors from disturbing your sight, but this is where the visor rolls in. They protect your eyes from bright rays and other factors so that you can see clearly.

In this article, you will read about the best ski helmets with visors in 2020.

Who Should Buy a Ski Helmet with Visors?

Since these types of helmets come with attached goggles, they are best suited for people who wear prescription glasses. 

That being said, even if you are someone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of wearing and maintaining two different things separately, a helmet and a goggle, you can go with helmets with built-in ski visor.

Helmets with visors cover a wider area as compared to wearing a normal goggle below a helmet. And if these visors are not required, they can be twirled up or down, adjusted as per one’s comfort.

Packed with multiple features, one of them being size adjustment that ensures comfort, leaving no extra gaps. With visor for ski helmets, you don’t have to get frustrated while trying to achieve the perfect positioning of normal goggles.

These helmets are not just designed for free-riders, but for all, regardless of their age or skill set.

Best Ski & Snowboard Helmets with Visors in 2020

Bolle Backline Ski Helmet

With the classy design and matte finish by Bolle on their Backline Skiing helmet, you look like Robert Downey Jr from Iron Man. Well, not exactly, but you do look like a superhero!

We did not come across many negatives while inspecting the helmet, perhaps the only one. It weighs at 650 grams, which is quite heavier than its counterparts, but it does come with features difficult to be found in other snowboarding helmets.

Yes, these are ski helmets with built-in goggles, but that is just one feature from a list of many. The helmet is crafted for the professionals to fulfill dual-purpose, safety, and for having a better vision while they speed downhill. This makes them a perfect fit even for beginners as well.

Surprisingly, the surplus weight of the helmet didn’t create any issues when it came to ventilation. Equipped with six vents towards the front and 2 in the back, with the front six adjustable. It has continuous air flowing in and out making the experience a comfortable one.

Easily removable earpads, rare dial adjustment clubbed with a hypoallergenic inner lining adds to the comfort provided by the ventilation system. Easily removable earpads accommodate frequent cleaning as well as make it a painless experience to replace earpads if need be in the future.

The inner lining is made with hypoallergenic properties which means lesser irritation to your skin as compared to other lining materials. This keeps the sensation of itching at arm’s length and your concentration from diverting while you are snowboarding downhill.

If you are new to snowboarding and not habitual to wearing a helmet. In that instance, you may take multiple breaks whereby you stop to remove your helmet. Bolle’s click to fit system makes it easier for you to take them off, then put them right back on.

Now coming to possibly the most important part, the built-in goggles. Bolle’s provide you with an option to effortlessly change the visors by just unscrewing the two dials they are attached to towards the side of the helmet.

Each box contains two visors of different types that you can use interchangeably. Both cover a panoramic view, blocking excessive bright light and other distracting factors.

The visors come with an anti-fog coating and corrosion resistance which extends a longer life. It also comes with two-layer foam padding and vents on the sides for a secure and cozy fit.

Priced at 164 $ on Amazon, these goggles cost a bit higher than the rest, but considering the features that they extend, it is surely worth buying! Also, they come with a manufacturing warranty, meaning, you can return the product if not satisfied.                                                                                  

Maserfaliw Ski Helmet (Goggles Visor Black L)

The biggest differentiating factor between these and the other is the price point. Available at just 47.59 $ on Amazon, you can get a range of features packed in these snowboard helmets with visors.

Low external temperature can easily get to your head, making it numb as you snowboard downhill at high speeds. This can lead to bad decision making at the tricky turns. Maserfaliw Ski Helmet is windproof, which protects your head by keeping them warm.

This does not mean they have a poor ventilation system, far from it! The helmet comes with one ventilation hole towards the back, and two in the front. You have the option of switching them on and off according to your air-conditioning needs. The cool air flows in from the front and leaves from behind, maintaining smooth air circulation.

Just like Bolle’s helmets, even with this one, you can easily remove inner lining, visor, and the earpads for cleaning or replacing them with a better one. That does not mean we did not like the standard-issue it comes along with, on the contrary!

This helmet is super light and shock resistant, which makes them a favorite among the beginner’s category. The extremely breathable mesh of EPS + PC, helps a snowboarder be warm and secure inside the helmet.

EnzoDate 2-in-1 Visor Ski Snowboard Helmet

If you are an avid motorcyclist, you are going to love the design of these! They look like something a touring motorcyclist would wear.

They come in 5 different colors on Amazon. The black and white one is made for those who are classy. The blue and orange one for those who are looking to be a bit funky. Whereas the red one extends an aesthetic look. EnzoDate’s red color helmet looks the most eye-catching out of all the three brand’s helmet listed in this article.

Priced at 54.90 $ plus 5.40 $ shipping, these are bang for your buck as well. The features in this snowboarding helmet more or less remain the same as with the previous two brands.

Equipped with S2 VLT level, which means only the necessary amount of bright light will enter your vision. In short, helping you focus better while navigating your snowboard at tight turns.

The visors are coated with a double layer of anti-fog and anti-UV lens. Due to this, you need not worry about their effects wearing off anytime soon.

Even in EnzoDate’s helmet, the goggle, earpads, and inner lining can be detached. Their visors come with a 3 layered sponge for added comfort, and protection against dust, which might irritate your eyes.

The one thing that differentiates these from the other two is the velvet liner. This piece of fabric makes them the most comfortable to be worn. But it also comes with an option to detach if you face any allergic reaction.

Finally, the round structure of these helmet prevents the cold air from hitting your face thus reducing numbness and increasing concentration.

How to Choose Ski Helmets with Visor

Right Size

The size of helmets often ranges from one brand to another; therefore, it is suggested to check the helmet’s size before getting one.

To find your helmet’s size, you can measure the circumference of your head by using a string and a scale. Compare this measure to the measurement provided by the manufacturer, and find what fits for you.

Proper Fit

Ensure that there are no two or three fingers of space between your forehead and the helmet. But it should not be too tight either. The ideal circumstance would be your forehead just about brushing the sponge in the helmet.

A few other things such as the number of sponge layers on chin straps with which you will be comfortable and the adjustments of liners should also be considered.


Different helmets come with features that suit a range of purposes. Certain kinds of visor for ski helmets are even made for snowboarding during the night. Whereas these may not be the best choice to go with if you are planning on doing most of your skiing under sunlight.

Visors also come with anti-fog, anti-UV, and few other coatings for safeguarding your eyes and vision. Remember to select your helmet after considering the features you want in your visors.

Good Ventilation

Focus on how well the helmet maintains air circulation. Some even come with adjustable ventilation, which allows you to decide whether or not you want your helmet to draw in air.

Removable earpads and lining

As you use the helmet and it grows old, these may be the very first things that start wearing off. If they are removable, you can effortlessly remove and replace them by yourself. Apart from that, yes, this feature makes it easier for you to clean and maintain them as well.

Final words

Skiing and snowboarding only get faster, and with speed come an equal amount of risk. Year after year, the manufacturers use advanced technology for improving safety and provide better protection for riders.

Visor for ski helmets are not a new concept, nevertheless, the features in these goggles along with the helmets they come with keep on improving.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, wearing a helmet never cost any lives, but failing to do so could cost you one. After all, prevention is better than cure!

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