6 Best Ski Helmets with Visors for 2023 Winter Season

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Are you looking for the best ski helmet with visors to keep you safe and stylish on the slopes?

If so, then I’ll recommend Smith Survey MIPS Helmet.

I have used this helmet before, and it’s the best helmet for skiing & snowboarding that have an integrated photochromic visor. It means, when the weather condition changes, the color of the visor also changes giving you clear vision just like photochromic goggles.

The visor is over-the-glasses compatible, so if you wear eyeglasses, you’ll be amazed at how comfortable it is.

The Smith Survey MIPS Helmet gives you great value for money which you can’t find in other helmets. Below, I have shared a few other visor helmets for skiing, they’re good, but none of them is as good as the Smith Survey.

best visor helmet for skiing

Personal recommendation

Smith Survey MIPS Helmet

best overall

Bollé Might Visor Helmet

best budget-friendly

Odoland Ski Helmet

Best value for money

Atomic Savor Visor Helmet

best visor helmet for kids

Giro Buzz MIPS Kids Helmet

most comfortable

Oakley MOD7 Ski Helmet

Best premium

Giro Aria Spherical Helmet

cheapest helmet with visor

MOON Snow Ski Helmet

Best Ski Helmets With Visors

Bollè Might Visor Snow Helmet

Okay, so for those unfamiliar with this, let me tell you that the brand Bolle is known for its impeccable collection of helmets and goggles.

In most cases, they are durable, practical, and even stylish in a very excellent way. So when I heard that they were launching their new and improved Might Visor snow helmet, I knew I had to have it!

So, for all ski enthusiasts, this ski helmet with a visor will serve almost all your purposes from the get-go.

First and foremost, Bolle always takes care of the safety of wearers. And as we know that skiing as an activity can get very dangerous, and you don’t want to hit your head hard on exposed or snowed stones.

So these helmets use advanced MIPS protection system technology. This tech allows the helmet to slide relatively on the head, thus adding more protection in case of rotational motion to your head caused by angled impacts. Indeed, safety is their priority!

In addition, this visor ski helmet has an airflow extractor that keeps the temperature inside the helmet neutral.

These extractors let cold air and hot air equally reign inside the helmet to give you a fog-free experience. 

The rubberized adjustments allow it to be loosened or tightened even with your gloves on. So with this helmet, you don’t need to constantly stop and remove your ski gloves to fix your helmet.

Also, with the click-to-fit technology, this ski helmet allows easy and quick fine-tuning of the helmet to your head!

Odoland Ski Helmet

Okay, so this is one of the cheapest ski helmets you may find in the market. And yet, it is not without its charms.

This visor ski helmet, even if it does not make a massive hole in your pocket, can still be a huge help and an addition to your gear, like a ski mask or balaclava, etc.

The best part about this is its excellent ventilation system that allows easy air passage within the helmet.

It has around ten air vents that allow appropriate warm and cold air circulation. This ensures reduced fogging on your visor screens while skiing with high intensity!

Being less costly has not made the Visor helmet slack off on quality. It still uses premium quality material for those unisex ski helmets to provide ultra comfort.

And comfort, although underrated, is essential for skiing because while gliding down the slopes, you cannot keep thinking about the digging of your helmets.

You need to focus on the activity and control your body accordingly. So when you are comfortable in one part, namely the head, you can shift and share your concentration on other vital areas!

The soft chin band serves a similar purpose.

Not only does it add comfort by reducing the chances of cold chins, but it also stacks up the safety level.

So, if you fall face down, there is at least some sort of protection for your chin. It is lightweight and provides less pressure around your head, and it is also awesome enough to allow almost all types of snow goggles!

Giro Orbit Ski Helmet 

Okay, so this is undoubtedly my favorite visor ski helmet. Why? Well, the reasons will seem never-ending.

Firstly let’s talk about the advanced use of a shield over helmets specifically for ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

The shield over the helmet is one of the best features because it keeps away the flying dust and debris as you glide down the slope.

Now when you don’t want the shield, you can quickly flip it up without much fuss. Also, the ski helmet visor shield is a fantastic choice for people with specs.

The reason is the shield is not constrictive, and it will not be stuck in your face. So there will be enough space for your eyewear.

And by that logic, to the makeup geeks, this gorgeous piece of visor helmet can also be an addition to your winter ski gear since it will not ruin your makeup!

This Visor helmet uses the VIVID lens that is integrated into its construction. Because of these lenses, ample air circulation and a relatively fog-free helmet skiing experience in case of aggressive glides!

Also, with the thermostat control, you can keep the temperature in check to eliminate all fog risks!

It uses a multi-directional impact protection system. That means it uses innovative technology that protects your head from angled and other impacts.

Also, the form 2 fit system ensures that the visor helmet fits you perfectly!

Salomon GROM Ski Helmet

Helmets and goggles are essential winter gear for skiing, snowmobiling, or snowboarding.

But have you ever absentmindedly carried one and forgotten the other? Well, it happens to me a lot. I take my helmet but tend to forget the goggles.

Now, this issue is solved by one of the best Ski Helmets With visors, namely, the Salomon Grom Ski helmet that comes with a lens visor.

The company, as they have been in the winter accessories Market for decades now, knows precisely what the customer needs.

And thus, we are introduced to this fantastic piece of integrated Visor helmet.

The most notable feature sorted by it is the usage of integrated Salomon exclusive lens technology. This is a flash tonic orange s2 with VLT 22%, which is relatively high.

Skiing can be tricky when you glide the slopes since the lighting might frequently change with the weather.

For you to have equal control under sun glares and hazy weather, this Visor helmet with integrated lens technology is one of the finest choices!

Now even if you lose or forget your goggles, you are good to go with your Salomon GROM Ski Helmet!

The Salomon grom has also designed a custom dial system. This ensures that the fittings are quick and easy without much fuss!

Atomic Savor Helmet Visor

Okay, this is again one of those pieces that shout out to all the forgetful people out there. People who cannot remember getting all their winter gear or frequently lose their goggles.

Don’t worry; this is a helmet visor with an integrated lens system that can function as ski goggles!

It has nine layers of a mirror coating system. This innovative system protects your eyes under the glare of sunlight and from fatigue.

Skiing gives you a picture all around, and this is done justice to by this visor that has got all the color coordination and styles at its fingertips!

So this visor is probably one of the most brilliant constructions. I say this because it only uses lenses for better-protected vision and allows ample room if you are wearing spectacles.

All you need to do is pivot the visor away from your face, and lo and behold, you have opened up an extra 8mm area underneath, which you can quickly wear glasses!

I like this so much because, despite the pivoting, it does not hinder the field of vision, allowing scenic beauty all around!

The helmet has a hollow core that is supplied by many air channels. These channels pass away the hot air.

Even the air vents in the helmet help escape the heat, thus cooling down the temperature within!

Another great thing about this is its size which is done so that it will try and absorb the impact to prevent injury to your head!

How to Choose Snow Visor Helmet


Skiing, snowboarding, or any winter sport is replete with risks. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you consider safety as an essential requirement in any helmet.

Look at the material used by the helmet and see if it is sturdy or hardy enough to take huge impacts.

Many ski helmets with visors use a multidimensional impact protection system. This is useful in protecting your head from much impact!

Anti-Fog Helmets 

Well, this is probably the essential thing you must consider while buying ski health with a visor.

Ensure that your helmet has proper venting so there can be enough warm air and cold air circulation. This will keep the air within the helmet from overheating due to exertion.

Otherwise, the sudden contact of warm and cold air will fog the visor. But if your helmet is with ventilation, that can be primarily avoided!

Eyewear Compatible 

This is an absolute necessity if you wear spectacles. Now although you may decide to wear lenses for your time skiing, it is still best to purchase a ski helmet that is free unduly to your spectacle-clad face.

Ensure that the helmets provide ample space to wear your specs underneath them.

Also, ensure the specs do not come in direct contact with the visor of the helmet size, which can lead to discomfort and scratches on both panes!

Visor cum Lens

This is perhaps the most significant reason many people would opt for ski helmets With visors.

They are designed in a way with integrated systems where the visor can act as a lens. And this is made possible without having to ruin the field of vision in the actual visor.

The lens is basically an addition that gives you beautiful color contrast on snow-covered slopes. It is these that protect your eyes from glares as well as fatigue.

So, try and go for these integrated helmets with visors!

Lightweight And Fittings

When you are buying ski helmets with visors, always remember to get your perfect size and let the helmet be as light as possible.

It should be lightweight since you may have to carry it. And it has to be your proper fit because skiing can often get rough, and you cannot have your helmet sliding off at crucial points.

That said, you should also opt for a helmet with adjustable fittings to comfortably adjust the helmet and loosen or tighten it as and when required. Comfort is one thing that is very important in such dangerous sports!


When choosing the best ski helmet with visors, there are a few things to consider. Visor helmets can provide extra protection from wind and snow while also giving you UV protection if they have an integrated sun shade. You’ll want to make sure that your chosen helmet meets safety standards such as ASTM F2040, EN 1077, or CE1078 for skiing.

Additionally, it is important to find one that fits comfortably on your head so you don’t end up with neck fatigue after a long day of skiing. With the right ski visor helmet, you’ll be able to hit the slopes in style without sacrificing comfort or safety!

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