Best Flip-Over Ice Shelter for 2022: 1, 2, & 3 Man shanty

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As an avid ice anger, I go ice fishing every year. Last year, I made the mistake of taking my son along.

I use the word mistake because the discomfort we faced inside that one-person flip over ice shelter was unpleasant.

Personally, I like flip over shelters, so I spent many hours researching, and finally came up with these options.

best flip over – 1 man

Eskimo Wide 1™ XR Thermal

best affordable – 1 man

Eskimo Wide 1™ Thermal

Best value for money – 2 man

Eskimo Sierra Fishing Shelter

most comfortable – 2 man

clam nanook xL

best large flip over – 2 man

Eskimo Eskape 2600

best value for money – 3-man

Eskimo Eskape 2800

best premium flip over – 3-man

Otter Xt Pro Cabin X

Best 1-Person Flip-Over Ice Shelter

Clam Kenai Thermal Pro Flip-Over 

Be it out for some adventurous camping in the snow, trekking in light snow, or going for some ice-fishing in lakes further up the mountain.

All these require some kind of portable shelter you can carry around without much effort.

So, if you are a one-person army set on enjoying every second of your time in the cold, the Clam Kenai thermal pro flip-over ice fishing shelter is something you need immediately!

Staying out in the cold can often result in the chills seeping into your skin and making you unwell.

But this ice shelter, with its full thermal skin, which is additionally insulated and 900-denier, and is actually known for retaining heat.

After a few hours of ice fishing, returning to this Shelter is nothing short of the warmest paradise on earth!

It also has features that reduce condensation to a great extent. The strategic placements of vents and three windows keep the interior warm yet fresh.

Additionally, it also features corner consoles that allow easy tack and gear.

With this, you can have an adjustable, folding, and sliding seat. It also has deep tubes where you can store your collection from ice fishing!

Clam Jason Mitchell X Series

This is one of the best flip-over ice fishing shelter for all the ice anglers who prefer to catch their fish and enjoy the catch themselves!

This ice shelter of around 65lbs with a center height of 67 inches is known for its easy portability through cold ice fields when you hunt for that ideal place for ice fishing.

It uses super strong 900 Denier fabric that keeps it intact and stable in the face of harsh weather elements.

Thus its durability is also increased, and you don’t have to wrack your head for another ice shelter the next year! It is also made by using full thermal trap technology. 

It retains heat and prevents almost all condensation. And by this keep the interior free of annoying water droplets! And it’s because of this technology the anglers inside this will be warm and comfortable as long as they want.

Inside the Clam Jason, you don’t have to spend ice fishing days in relative darkness. One of my favorite features of this is its convenient storage section.

Hammocks under the seat and mesh overhead provide ample space to store your necessary gear.

It is solved by the accessories like a dimmable light stick with a flip-over ice fishing shelter.

Other strategic features include a battery bracket and travel covers. This makes the packing of the shelter relatively compact and easily handled.

It uses the Rapid pole slide extreme system tech. Now with this, you don’t have to spend hours or minutes trying to set up your shacks properly. You can quickly just… flip over the ice fishing tent and enjoy its warmth.

Best 2-Person Flip-Over Ice Shelters 

Eskimo Sierra Flip-Over Ice Cover

Going solo on ice-angling expeditions is excellent and all. But nothing can beat the fun you have when you decide to go out into the snow with a friend.

Two people trying to ice fish together is one of the better combinations than you getting bored or your ice shack becoming too crowded.

Eskimo Sierra is one of the most portable 2 Person flip overs with collapsed dimensions of 60 inches × 36 inches × 19m5 inches.

That means you can easily store it somewhere when not in use, keeping it out of the way.

With a fishing area of 22.5 sq feet, this is one of the most spacious Shelters ever.

Once set up, it has the dimensions of 60 inches × 84 inches × 67 inches which are comfortable enough for two people. So you and your buddy don’t need to jostle each other out of the way to fish effectively.

This shack is made of a fully insulated shell to combat the extreme chills in ice fields. This helps in keeping you warm and cozy. With this, you have ensured a peaceful and fun ice fishing experience. 

It comes with side doors and four windows with removable window panels.

This means you can enjoy the outside white beauty even while staying inside the relative warmth of your ice shack! It has enhanced the mesh pockets.

This ensures your gear is not lying on the snow when not used. It has an aluminum framework that makes it lightweight but durable. It is this that allows such an easy setup.

The two-seat arrangement is also great. And that, coupled with the gray interior, gives you an excellent ice fishing experience.

How? Because it permits you to fish however you want and helps you find your gear easily.

Clam Fish Trap Series Nanook XL

My neighbor, an avid ice angler, who spends most of his time out on snowfields ice fishing, swears by this flip-over ice fishing shelter.

The reason was that after looking into many ice shacks, he eventually came across this gem. And it is this gem that has allowed him to safely take his daughter out on frequent ice-fishing excursions.

So, this is one of the best two people flip-over ice shelter. It allows comfortable side-by-side fishing by two people.

If, like my neighbor, you too want to teach your kid the ins and outs and tricks of ice-angling, taking out this shelter might be your best bet!

In addition to the large area it provides for fishing, it also offers ample storage space. The mesh-like storage area towards the top serves as safe and convenient storage for your gear.

Also, the clam exclusive symmetry door system permits easy entry and exit.

With its height of 67 inches and weighing 85lbs, it is pretty light and portable.

And it is because of this lightweight design it can easily cut through deep snow and set you up on the perfect ice fishing spot! But the lightness does not hinder its toughness as it uses 600 Denier. 

flip over ice fishing shelter

Frabill Aegis Ice Fishing Shelter

Many times ice fishing is not a comfortable business. I mean, it is really not possible to engage in proper ice angling without getting into all kinds of weird positions on the snow floor.

This maneuvering becomes difficult if you do not have a spacious ice shelter.

The Frabill Aegis has sufficiently addressed this minor issue with its strategic design. While in most ice shanties, the chairs are movable, in Frabis, the ice fishing chairs can actually be folded down entirely when not in use.

This ensures that nothing is there to hinder your movements when you are trying to get that perfect angle.

The material of this particular ice shelter is quite durable with its efficient usage of sturdy fabric like 300D.

The top layer is insulated, so you remain warm and cozy throughout your ice expeditions. And the best part is that this comes with a pouch on the wall where you can put away the folded seat. 

All in all, this ice fishing shelter is one of the best tents out there to fit two people.

It also sports some conveniently placed windows that give you a perfect view of the outside beauty. It also has a sturdy thermo-formed base.

Best 3-Person Flip-Over Shelter

Otter XT Pro X Flip-Over Ice Shelter 

This piece of beauty is primarily known for its impeccable insulating feature. It uses a triple-layer fabric with an Otter Thermal Tac™ Insulated shell.

With this comes cold solid winds, or let the temperatures drop as much as it wants, but regardless you will keep warm and dry inside this shelter.

It also is designed in a way that it is free of condensation. So the interior of the tent stays moisture-free as long as you want. It effortlessly traps heat and reduces the entry of winter chills.

The fabric used for the shelter is 1200 Denier, and the exterior insulation is coupled with soft and durable quilted inner layers. 

Another unique thing about it is its easy and quick side entry. It ensures convenient and bump-free access into the shelter from the front and sides.

For enhanced convenience, the deluxe seats can be moved in all directions.

These movable seats are fantastic enough to provide ample storage too. With the capability of supporting three anglers at times, this ice shelter provides you with an area for four holes.

The tent setup is made easy with the EZ lock system, which features a robust aluminized design with an ultra glide system.

Otter XT X-Over Cabin Flip-Over Ice Shelter 

This ice shelter uses a High-end thermal tech shell. and it’s known for trapping and retaining that heat for long periods.

Unlike flip-over ice fishing shelters with seats, this shelter sports a padded bench for relaxing and easy ice fishing activities.

It offers you the Quick Switch system. This not only gives you easy and quick access to the shanty but also allows you to convert the front entry into a side one as and when required.

So suppose you are in the middle of ice angling, and your position blocks the front entry. Your buddy who was out doesn’t have to wait in the cold. They can quickly enter through the sideway.

The entry doors have dual coil zippers that make them more durable and give better protection than simple zippers. The bench has a flip-up feature to complete the setup more conveniently spacious. 

The shelter uses Otter Thermal tec 600 Denier fabric resistant to harsh natural elements. Weighing around 95lbs, this shanty allows comfortable fishing by three anglers and provides a fishable area of 22 square feet.

Best 4-Person Flip-Over Ice Shelter

Clam Fish Trap X Series

Are you tired of going out solo or in pairs for your ice-angling trips? Do you really want more people with you to make the activity more fun?

Are you planning to someone cram your entire family in a non-sufficient ice shelter just for the perfect ice fishing company?

Well, just hold on and look at this Clam Fish Trap Series. This ice shelter is known for its most prominent space, with 68 square feet of fishable area.

This is one of the most rugged ice fishing shelters that use thermal skin all over the tent and insulation of 90gn per square foot.

The shelter’s seating arrangement is comfortable for at least four people. The seats are made comfortable enough so that you may sit and enjoy as long as you want. It also sports thick poles for a durable building system.

The seats are suitable and thus make it easier for you to move with them as you please and even remove them if you want. It uses ultra-tough 900 Denier fabric. This keeps the durability of the shelter intact. 

The poles and two sticks of dimmable lights are additional features that increase your convenience in using this ice shelter.

Hub vs. Flip-Over Style Ice Shelters

There are mainly two types of ice shelters on a broader spectrum: the Hub style and the flip-over style. Now, what to choose? How to choose? And who should go for which?

Well, you see, both these ice shelters will serve varying needs. While Hub ice Shelters are usually meant for more than four people, flip-over ice fishing shelter are best for solo or duet ice anglers.

The sole reason for this is that the Hub style’s interior space is far greater than that of the Flip over.

Also, Hub-style ice shelters are better options when planning an overnight stay for your night ice fishing expedition.

On the other hand, flip overs are your best friends if you plan to move from place to place. The reason being they are pretty light and easily portable.

Being a large area covered, Hub-style ice Shelters require more propane for heating. It also tends to catch more wind and is susceptible to being blown away in case of harsh winds and storms. 

On the other hand, many Flip-over ice shelters are insulated; even if they aren’t, they will require less effort to be heated.

Unlike Hub-style ice Shelters, flip-overs can be set up extremely quickly and hold varying setup positions! Plus, it features better in heavy storms.

Buying Guide For Flip over Ice Fishing Shelters

How Much Space Do You Want?

While Buying snowboards, you must consider how big you want your ice Shelter. Do you require it only for yourself?

Do you want to take a friend or your kid with you? Or do you intend to make 2-3 friends along with you?

You cannot think you can fit three people inside your solo ice fishing shelter. It is practically impossible, and even if you manage that feat, you will be unable to ice fish effectively.

The lack of space or the overcrowdedness inside the tent will definitely hinder your precious ice fishing process.

So before buying, weigh all the pros and cons of getting your required Flip over ice shelter.


Now, if you are going ice fishing, this is one of the essential features you need to consider in your ice fishing shelter.

Your shelter needs to be easily portable. While ice fishing, you cannot and will not sit in one place and hope to catch your favorite carp.

You need to be in constant motion. So far, you require an ice fishing hut that can easily transport from one area to another.

It should either be draggable through the snow. Or it could also be easily tied to the snowmobile and carried from one area to another.


This is an essential feature on which a few other features are also dependent. For instance, the ice shelter’s mobility and portability depend on weight.

So if you need to take the shanty from place to place, it’d be great if you could go for a lightweight shelter.

Also, the light ice Shelters are helpful when setting up your Flip over ice shelters. Because if your ice shanty is heavier and you have a one-person

Flip over-ice shelter; it will be difficult for you to set up alone. The situation could get worse if you suddenly require shelter.

how to choose best flip over ice fishing shelter

Easy Setup

Going ice fishing, you don’t want to get stuck in snow storms or something harsher.

To prevent something like this from happening, you require ice shanties that can easily be set up anywhere you want.

This can be made possible with shanties that have aluminum rods with accessible lock technology. 

This accessible lock technology ensures a 75% faster setup of flip-over shelters. This kind of accessible lock technology is essential to escape the sudden harshness of weather.

Some flip-over shelters can be easily set up by flipping them off. You can look for those also!

The Seats!

Yes, that’s important in your ice Shelters. Whatever kind of ice shanty you purchase ensures you have comfortable and spacious seats.

This is significant because seats in ice Shelters are meant for relaxation after hours of leaning over holes in hopes of fish.

Sometimes you might also use your seats or benches to aid in ice angling. In those cases, you would require swivel seats whose positions can be easily adjusted.

You should also look for ice Shelters with padded seats and those that can be removed to get enough space for maneuvering.

Is It Warm Enough?

Essential, critical, and pretty obvious too. It’s like if you are going ice fishing in such chilly weather, it is imperative you would want to stay in warm areas.

Such is only possible if you have flip-over ices helters that are insulated.

So while buying your new Flip over ice shelter, ensure that its heating properties are intact and adequate for the temperature.

They could also have an insulated ceiling that will provide additional warmth.

Also, the insulation should not be too conforming; it should be breathable, prevent condensation and keep you warm and dry.

This could add to your ice fishing heaters and keep you extra warm throughout your expedition!

warm flip over shelters

Durability & Ventilation

Again, this is an essential aspect to consider when buying flip-over shelters. You see, the months of Ice fishing are very few. So you are expected to go out during those periods only.

Now you cannot replace your Flip over ice shelter every year. That is impractical. So all you need to do is purchase a durable and sturdy ice shelter that will work for years.

And not only that, you need to ensure your ice shelters have enough windows and adjustable doors with zippers. 

Ensure that zippers are resistant to snow and water, so they are not damaged easily.

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