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Blenders Snow Goggles Review: Pros & Cons in 2022

Are you planning a skiing trip? Or just someone curious to find out all about the latest piece of snow gear painting the town? Either way, you must have made a list of all the essentials to pack your kit. Snow goggles are an essential part of your gear if you are planning to head to the snow. Be it skiing or snowboarding, a pair of goggles act as protection against the harsh wind and cold. 

Choosing the right pair of goggles is a task in itself. Various factors need to be taken into consideration. The lens type, tint, and overall fit are some of the few factors here. So, how to pick? Well, we may be able to give you some insight into it. 

While scrolling through your Instagram feed, you may have come across the line of funky and vibrant eyewear offered by Blenders. Over the past few years, this San Diego-based company has ensconced an emphatic social media presence, especially among the millennials. The chic and affordable glasses are catching everybody’s attention and all for the right reasons.

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Camelbak Powderhound 12 review in 2022

No matter where you are, what you are doing, whether backpacking across a country or climbing a mountain, one of the most important things you must carry is ‘water’. Staying always hydrated means staying always refreshed. 

Camelbak Powderhound snow hydration pack’s amazing feature the Crux reservoir makes sure your water does not freeze when you are out there on your snowy adventures. But of course, besides water, there are some things we must carry, whether it’s sunscreen or food. Camelbak has enough space to carry all your essentials in style. So be always be more than ready for your amazing adventurous life.

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