Best Photochromic Ski Goggles in 2023: Tried & Tested

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So, you need photochromic goggles for your next skiing trip.

If you need the best photochromic goggles, then there is nothing better than Smith Skyline Goggles (come with a photochromic lens).

SPECIAL NOTE: The Smith Goggles come in different lenses. So, you have to select the photochromic lens (Red Mirror Lens) from different options. If it’s showing ‘Sold Out’, select the photochromic lens, then check.

When it comes to ski goggles, I don’t think there is any brand that is better than Smith. I have seen many photochromic goggles from other brands, but the Smith Skyline is my number one recommendation for you.

I know, finding goggles that fit perfectly is a big problem. So, I assure you that I’ll recommend photochromic goggles that will give you a precise & comfortable fit.

My personal recommendation is Smith Skyline Goggle. However, if you wear glasses, then you should buy the Smith Skyline XL because it’s an OTG goggle, so it’ll fit over the glasses.

For those, who have a lower nose bridge and/or a wide or high cheekbone shape, then you should go with Smith Skyline XL Low Bridge Fit goggles.

Women can go with Smith Moment, as it’s designed for women or people with small faces. However, the Skyline is a unisex goggle, so feel free to buy that, if you want.

The Smith Proxy is a medium-fit photochromic goggle, and also a little cheaper than Skyline. You can go with any goggles, but my personal favorite & recommended goggles is the Smith Skyline.

best value for money

Smith Skyline goggle

best for women

Julbo Skydome Snow Goggle

best runnerup

Julbo Skydome Snow Goggle

best premium

Julbo Aerospace Snow Goggles

best under $100

Bollé Maddox Ski Goggle

best premium

Zeal Optics Portal Snow Goggle

best from new brands

Electric Kleveland+ Snow Goggles

Best Photochromic Goggles for Skiing & Snowboarding

Julbo Skydome Snow Goggles

This is one of the best Photochromic Goggles out there, that uses REACTIV 2-3 glare control photochromic lens. That means be it under the bright sunlight reflecting off the white slopes or the sudden clouds hovering overhead, you are set to have a peaceful and safe ride without having to change the lens of your goggles to match the lighting. The reason being these goggles automatically adapt to the light it is in.

Additionally, these goggles are known to provide you with a large field of vision that ensures you don’t miss any peripheral beauty or hazard for that matter. Without having to turn your head frequently you get to see the most. The goggles don’t care about the air temperature change, they are going to function as they are supposed to.

The anti-fog feature coating on the lens is another perk that makes these goggles almost irreplaceable. 


  • Anti-fog feature.
  • Silicon strap.
  • Dual-layer foam for comfort.
  • Durable frame.


  • Maybe a tad bit late in adjusting to the light change.

Julbo Aerospace Snow Goggles

Okay, so this piece of gorgeousness is known for its use of spherical-shaped lenses. Spherical lenses are great for having that high-quality wide vision that is extremely important on snow trails, especially in the case of adventurers or sightseeing. With these on, you are unlikely to miss out on the rare species wandering the woods or the stray branches pointy enough to poke you off the trails!

Coming to the photochromic part, this giggles uses a REACTIV 1-3 high contrast photochromic lens. That means it adjusts between 17% to 75% to give you the maximum visibility in changing lights. Be it sunny or cloudy, great or poor quality light, with the red base ring offering high contrast, these goggles are a must in snow adventures. 

They also feature a sort of internal anti-fog coating and a certain type of venting that ensures the goggles don’t fog up due to consistent wearing or give in to the sweating vapors blurring your vision.


  • Dual layer foam that is soft against the skin.
  • Increased ventilation by keeping the lens away from the frame.
  • Integrated strap system.
  • Silicon used durable straps.


  • Maybe a bit expensive. 
  • May take time to adjust to light change.

ZEAL Optics Portal Snow Goggles 

Going out for an all-day snowboarding gig or an all-snowmobile adventure? In any case, you’ll require one of the best types of photochromic goggles that can only work under the bright sun but also on partially rainy or cloudy days. Zeal’s portal XL is known for providing an explosive range of colors, clarity, and necessary contrast.

The field of vision in these goggles is due to the spherical polycarbonate lens that curves both horizontally and vertically. It allows you one of the best peripheral visions. And not only that but the increased lens volume gives less distortion and clears out the vision.

The photochromic lens gives a 38% visual light transmission that speaks of easy adjustment between light and Grey light. It goes to an 18% VLT to provide definite clarified and detailed vision under broad daylight.  It uses anti-fog tech that offers 100% UV protection and helmet compatibility with most helmets. 


  • Rimless frame design.
  • Over-the-glass wearable.
  • Permanently infused anti-fog molecules.
  • Compatible with most helmets. 


  • Foam quality may deteriorate with time.

Electric Kleeveland Snow Goggles

While most snow goggles boast the brilliant use of spherical lenses, electric Kleveland uses mold-injected cylindrical lenses. These use thermoforming lenses that not only enhance clarity but widen the field of vision as well. Coupled with this it used the dual lens system that provides a barrier between the inner and outer lens and thus prevents fogging.

The fogging is further prevented by the hydrophobic treatment that dries the moisture before it even starts distorting your vision. It uses general photochromic technology for the goggles to adapt to changing lights and offer one of the clearest visions. The surface of the lens is coated with an anti-abrasive coating that creates a barrier between the lens and flying debris, keeping it free from scratches. 

The frame technology is also great as it focuses on ventilation, fits around the various contours of the face, a comfortable triple layer of face foam and silicone straps. All these together make it fitting snow goggles for the trail.


  • Amazing anti-fog treatments. 
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Is comfortable around the face.


  • Must take good care of it.

Bolle Maddox Ski Goggles

These brands of goggles are known for their exceptional use of advanced technology. And it is using this technology they are using the phantom lens technology that is again acknowledged and hailed for its impressive combination of clarity and photochromic features. Even under polar conditions, you’d find these beautiful pieces working at their fullest giving you the best kind of performance regardless of the light situations.

Additionally, they have an anti-fog feature that is P 80+ anti-fog treatment. This works in a way as a sort of embedded anti-fog layer coating the inner lens and dispersing the water molecules across the surface. As a result, the moisture build-up that would otherwise interfere with your clear vision is prevented.

The outside of the goggles is also not short of high-tech treatment, as they use protective Armour to keep your goggles scratch resistant. With these on you can ride down the trails amidst woods without having to worry about hazy vision, flying debris, or sudden light changes.


  • Anti-fog treatment. 
  • Scratch resistant. 
  • Durable frame.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays.


  • Good care must be taken.

Things to Consider Before Buying Photochromic Goggles

Enlisted below are certain things you must consider before purchasing your photochromic goggles for skiing, snowboarding, or any such activity so your investment has great returns.


While buying photochromic goggles, you must ensure that in no way is your vision compromised. There should be clarity throughout, regardless of the sunlight or fog as while skiing or snowboarding, it is of utmost importance.

Color Optimization

It is a well-known fact that certain colors enhance vision and make you see clearer. This is a feature that photochromic lenses provide. Therefore, you must ensure your pair has this in order to see through any light conditions in the surrounding. It should provide a clear, comfortable vision that lasts all day long!

Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue can cause stress to the vision and can even be the advent of a headache. Hence, a photochromic goggle pair that makes you squint less, and reduces your eye strain and fatigue will go a long way for the health of your eyes. 

Depth Perception

You must pick lenses that are color-optimized to boost depth perception as during skiing or snowboarding, height can be mistaken, and due to this, mishaps and accidents can occur. To prevent this, it is necessary to have goggles that are designed to give nearly accurate depth perception.

Self-Adjusting Tint

Normal goggles have only one tint, which is why they are only suitable for a certain purpose- protection against UV rays. Since fog and snow are a usual occurrence for snowboarding and skiing, adaptive self-adjusting tint lenses are the way to go!

Protection against UV rays

There are times when although it has snowed heavily, there is a bright sun present. During this period, you need to protect yourself and specifically your eyes from the harmful UV rays. The photochromic lenses help with this and respond to changes in the outer environments while giving maximum protection. 

Scratch Resistance and Hard Coating

Oftentimes, goggles get scratched and the quality of vision is compromised. This can occur due to mishandling or an accident. Hence, in order to prevent this, grab a pair of scratch-resistant or a hard coating so your goggles stay in prime condition throughout. 

Investing in a pair of antifog photochromic goggles will ensure you have clear vision but also that moisture, oil, and other such elements will not affect your line of sight.

Overall Comfort

The most important aspect before buying anything at all is comfort level. The goggles should fit your face and feel comfortable. They should not cause pain or irritation and you should be freely able to wear them all day without a threat. Therefore, ensure that you choose a pair that you find has the most comfort. 

Final Words 

Photochromic goggles are extremely important during skiing and snowboarding. They help with enhancing your vision and also are a source of protection for your eyes against hazards and the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

A transition from another pair of goggles to these photochromic ones might feel a little different and take some time to adapt to, but it is so much more worth it when it comes to safety during skiing and snowboarding. 

We hope that this article gave you plenty of information on photochromic goggles and its benefit while helping you choose the best-suited pair!

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