Best Photochromic Ski Goggles that Change with Light

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Probably, you’re going on skiing or snowboarding, and you want some good photochromic goggles.

Yes, photochromic goggles are great because you don’t have to change them when the weather changes.

So, let’s find some of the best photochromic goggles for your ski trip.

Our Top Picks for Photochromic Goggles

Best Overall – Julbo Skydome Snow Goggles

Budget-Friendly with Quality – Bolle Nova Goggles

Photochromic Goggle by Smith – Smith I/O MAG Snow Goggle

Asian Fit Goggle – Smith Skyline (Asian Fit) Goggles

What are Photochromic Goggles?

Photochromic Goggles are adaptive goggle lenses that are designed with a light base tint for an outdoor setting that is dim. They also automatically darken and change their colors when in warm and bright sunlight. 

These goggles are made with the intention to enhance and enrich the visual performance during skiing, snowboarding, and partaking in other such activities. The goggles are also color optimized so they are able to boost depth perception. As soon as the light outside changes, these goggle lenses adapt to it and ensure you have a clear view, regardless of the light outside.

What is the Use of Photochromic Goggles?

Photochromic Goggles are used while skiing, snowboarding, and other such activities to have enhanced vision and depth perception. They are also helpful against the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun as well as improving the clarity depending on the climate and surrounding outside. These goggles are adaptive and change the visual setting depending on the weather conditions. The photochromic lenses of the brand “Transition” are the best known all over. 

Best Photochromic Ski & Snowboard Goggles

Here are a few of the best pairs of photochromic goggles supplied through Rei outlets. It is a cooperative firm that provides all equipment and gear for outdoor sports activities. 

They have been in business since 1938, bringing forth top-notch gear and apparel, rental equipment, and also friendly advice to share. 

There are no shareholders, therefore, your purchase will be a support to sustainable business and help fight for the outdoor sports life.  

Smith Skyline ChromaPop Photochromic Snow Goggles

This pair of low-bridge fit goggles are made in the USA. It helps in enhancing the visuals so when you’re skiing or snowboarding on the hill, you are open to a wide field of view. The ChromaPop “spherical Carbonic-X lens with TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) filters light wavelengths that cause color confusion, delivering natural color, definition, and clarity.” 

Moreover, the durable hydrophobic lens coating helps in keeping the goggles dry and moisture-free. It also comes with an ultra-wide silicone backed strap with a “QuickFit” adjustment system. The pair also includes a microfiber goggles bag with replacement sleeves. Overall, it is a great investment for skiing and snowboarding!

Smith Virtue ChromaPop Photochromic Snow Goggles

This photochromic snowboard goggle can handle flat light, bright light, and even low light with the adjustable color lens. Specifically made for women, it has a technology that has a perfect fit allowing you to enjoy your time on the hills. 

The Fog-X antifog coating helps in keeping your goggles’ vision clear and dry. Moreover, it is made of “Spherical Carbonic-X lens with TLT optics has a Porex™ filter” to prevent any sort of an optical distortion during the changes in the level of elevation. It also includes a microfiber goggles bag and a lifetime warranty. 

Native Treeline Photochromic Snow Goggles 

A treeline is that point which separates the terrain of dense trees and open snow. The Native Treeline Photochromic goggles are designed in a way to excel in the tight lines of dense trees and big turns of the open snow. The “SNOWTUNED REACT ™” lens automatically adjusts according to the UV ray conditions outside. 

Treeline goggles fit over prescription glasses as well which helps in lasting comfort and diffusion of the fog in both the lenses of goggles and glasses. There is also a hypoallergenic triple-layer face foam which helps in a proper fit and enhances comfort. 

A nasal nest is attached to this pair which helps in spacious breathing all day long. These goggles are scratch-resistant and come with antifog coatings. They also repel water and grease while enhancing the color optics to extend the utility and endurance. 

Zeal Hatchet RLS Snow Goggles

Zeal Snow Goggles have a rimless frame design which aids in having a brilliant peripheral vision. It also has an upper and lower venting along with an RLS or a Rail Lock System which slides magnetically and locks your lenses in place. 

The design is compatible with a variety of helmets and the automatic+ gray base lens helps in polarizing the photochromic technology. This adjusts the tint from a light grey to a deep rose with changing light conditions in the surrounding. The polarized colored lenses reduce eye strain and heighten colors while also cutting glare.  

It also has a “permashield hardcoat” which prevents scratches and scuffs, repels moisture, oil, grease, and other elements that can compromise your vision. The 100% UVA/B/C defense helps in protection against the harmful rays of the sun. The best part is that all of these features come in an affordable deal, making this a go-to choice of photochromic goggles for skiing and snowboarding!

Smith Vice ChromaPop Photochromic Snow Goggles

This goggle merges the look and feel of a traditional goggle into a semi-rimless design. It is designed to have a low bridged medium fit. The “Porex™” filter helps in preventing optical distortions that occur due to the changes in elevation levels. 

Made in the USA, this pair has a “QuickFit” adjustment system which is wide and has a silicone-backed strap. Moreover, the “Oversized spherical Carbonic-X lens with TLT Optics” aid in preserving the peripheral vision while the photochromic lens adjusts the tint according to the lighting conditions. 

The “Fog-X” antifog coating present in these goggles prevents them from fogging up and always gives a clear and full view. It comes with a microfiber goggles bag as well as a lifetime Smith warranty. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Photochromic Goggles

Enlisted below are certain things you must consider before purchasing your photochromic goggles for skiing, snowboarding, or any such activity so your investment has great returns.


While buying photochromic goggles, you must ensure that in no way is your vision compromised. There should be clarity throughout, regardless of the sunlight or fog as while skiing or snowboarding, it is of utmost importance.

Color Optimization

It is a well-known fact that certain colors enhance vision and make you see clearer. This is a feature that photochromic lenses provide. Therefore, you must ensure your pair has this in order to see through any light condition in the surrounding. It should provide a clear, comfortable vision that lasts all day long!

Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue can cause stress to the vision and can even be the advent of a headache. Hence, a photochromic goggle pair which makes you squint less, and reduces your eye strain and fatigue will go a long way for the health of your eyes. 

Depth Perception

You must pick lenses that are color-optimized to boost the depth perception as during skiing or snowboarding, height can be mistaken, and due to this, mishaps and accidents can occur. To prevent this, it is necessary to have goggles that are designed to give nearly accurate depth perception.

Self-Adjusting Tint

Normal goggles have only one tint, that is why they are only suitable for a certain purpose- protection against UV rays. Since fog and snow are a usual occurrence for snowboarding and skiing, adaptive self-adjusting tint lenses are the way to go!

Protection against UV rays

There are times when although it has snowed heavily, there is a bright sun present. During this period, you need to protect yourself and specifically your eyes from the harmful UV rays. The photochromic lenses help with this and respond to changes in the outer environments while giving maximum protection. 

Scratch Resistance and Hard Coating

Often times, goggles get scratched and the quality of vision is compromised. This can occur due to mishandling or an accident. Hence, in order to prevent this, grab a pair of scratch-resistant or a hard coating so your goggles stay in prime condition throughout. 

Investing in a pair of antifog photochromic goggles will ensure you have a clear vision but also that moisture, oil and other such elements will not affect your line of sight.

Overall Comfort

The most important aspect before buying anything at all is the comfort level. The goggles should fit your face and feel comfortable. They should not cause pain or irritation and you should be freely able to wear them all day without a threat. Therefore, ensure that you choose a pair that you find has the most comfort. 

Final Words 

Photochromic goggles are extremely important during skiing and snowboarding. They help with enhancing your vision and also are a source of protection for your eyes against hazards and the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

A transition from another pair of goggles to these photochromic ones might feel a little different and take some time to adapt to, but it is so much more worth it when it comes to safety during skiing and snowboarding. 

We hope that this article gave you plenty of information on photochromic goggles and its benefit while helping you choose the best-suited pair!

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