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Best Baffin Boots for Ice Fishing in this Winter Season

The ice finishing is the most coldest and popular winter sports that require to be subjected to sub-zero temperatures for a longer time. Many people even carry portable ice fishing heaters in order to withstand the cold outside. The long exposure to this chilly weather can be exceptionally uncomfortable and may affect your expedition.

To fully enjoy your ice fishing you not only need layers of clothes but also the best ice fishing boots that keep you warm and comfortable throughout the day.

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Snowboarding vs Sandboarding, What’s The Difference?

When you think of gliding down the slopes on a board or skis, snowboarding automatically springs to mind. But more and more people are taking to the sand dunes every year to take part in the sports of sandboarding and sand skiing.

So which is the better substance to board upon? Is it the sand or the snow?

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