Burton Avalon Bib Review: Snowboard Pants for Women

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Time flies too fast and we’re nearing the beginning of the winter season. From sandy beaches, were now planning skiing and snowboarding trips!

Ladies! Let’s slay this winter season wearing stylish yet comfortable winter clothes during our snowboarding and skiing getaways. 

Don’t have any idea where to get them? Burton Avalon Bib is coming your way! It is feminine and stylish. If you love slim-fit design pants, then you’ll definitely love this one!

Let’s read the Burton Avalon Bibs review to know more about what to love with these women’s pants.

Burton Avalon Bibs
MaterialDRYRIDE 2L Stretch Polyester Fabric
InsulationDRYRIDE™ 10,000mm / 10,000g
Shell2L Shell
ZippersYKK® waterproof zippers
DesignLined with Stretch Woven and Taffeta Living Lining®
VentsMesh-Lined No-Snag Thigh Vents
Color4 color choices
SizeXXS to XXL

Burton Avalon Bib Pant Review

Features of Burton Avalon Bib

The Burton Avalon Bib is one of the greatest deals you could get for Women’s Snow Boots. Its slim-fit, durable, and convenient design is going to make your ski trip a breeze. You can find all the features of Burton Avalon Bib down below.


For ventilation, the Burton Avalon Bib has Mesh-Lined No Snag Thigh Vents for better mobility, and Living Lining reacts to your body heat; it accelerates moisture wicking when you’re hot and retains warmth when you are cold for balanced comfort throughout the whole day. If you feel the need to release some air, then the thigh vents offer ample venting to prevent you from experiencing overheating. Not only does it have zippers for inner thigh vents, but it also has a zipped pleat at the bottom, zipper drop construction.


The Burton Avalon Bib has a living lining which is a three-layer technology built into its outerwear that allows your body to stay comfortable for constantly changing temperatures. Its polyester material makes it very flexible to move around in. Unlike other Snow Pants, the Burton Avalon Bib is not baggy meaning you do not have to worry about your pants getting dragged in the snow.

Another feature for your comfort and convenience is the snap strap beneath the top layer of your pants; this makes sure that your pants do not get caught in your boots. There are several other ways to make this apparel a lot more comfortable than it already is; you can tighten or loosen its straps and attach its overall clasps.

There are also two snaps and zippers on the side to pull down the whole flap on your backside which you could also snap back on with the slightest of ease, this gives you the convenience of going to the bathroom without having to remove the whole bib.


Having a Slim Fit design that shows your figure, but still allows enough space for a base layer to be worn underneath without the overall looking baggy and off-putting. Make sure to know your own size for a more suitable look.


The Burton Avalon Bib has a whole panel font that is fleecy and warm, it also has a nice hand warmer pocket on the backside where you could rest your hands if your gloves are just not cutting it.


The Burton Avalon Bib is made out of a DRYRIDE 2-Layer Stretch Polyester Plain Weave Fabric that makes it waterproof and has breathable properties kept in a bomber package. Burton’s Living Lining offers automatic climate control without added bulk or weight, so the one thing you can count on is consistent comfort.

When you are warm, breathable pores on the Living Lining expand to release excess warmth and prevent overheating. When you are cold, breathable pores on the Living Lining shrink to trap body heat and keep you warmer for a more extended period.

Other Features

Other features of the Burton Avalon Bib would include a media hole for headphones, a phone pocket, belt loops, back pockets that have a velcro, snap-down and flap to keep stuff in the key holder, a stash pocket, a snap fastener found under the top layer of the pants that lets you pull it up to avoid getting your pants stuck around your ski or snowboard boots and getting dragged into the ice.


The Burton Avalon Bib is a must for handy girls; it has multiple compartments to put whatever you need during your ski trip. These include back pockets, front pockets, and even a zip chest pocket with a media port. A place to put your phone, keys, and possible female needs. If you do plan on using the media hole while also having your phone inside the chest pocket, do make sure that your phone model leaves enough space for the wires to fit with it.


The Burton Avalon Bib is a feminine and cute bib for snowboarding and skiing; it is casual yet still considered stylish for winter apparel. For the Burton Avalon Bib to fit your style, even more, you could also get it in various colors. Available colors are Cheetah Floral, Creme Brulee, Deep Teal, Dress Blue, Martini Olive, True Black New, True Penny, Barren Camo, Nevermind Floral, Peach Melba, Rose Brown, and Hickory.

Final Words

You can quit worrying about your pants falling down from skiing or snowboarding because the Burton Avalon Bib Pants’ slim-fit mountain style makes you do these activities with the utmost comfort, it is an upgrade from your regular snow pants that serves more cons despite their heavy prices.

Compared to traditional snow pants, the Burton Avalon Bib provides more warmth, comfort, convenience, and protection with its additional features.

For females that are looking for these features in their next winter apparel haul, it would be best to give the Burton Avalon Bib ago, it is guaranteed to give results that will be worth every single penny.

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