Best Snowmobile Pants in 2020: Tried & Tested

Are your snowmobile pants or bibs waterproof? Do you know whether they are windproof and breathable, or do you feel sweaty inside after wearing them?

If you answered a “yes” to any of these questions, you probably have got yourself a wrong pair, and it’s time to change that.

Below we have mentioned five best snowmobile bibs, which according to us goes beyond addressing the most commonly found issues. And these five are the best there is in the market right now in 2020.

Best Snowmobile Pants & Bibs in 2020

509 Range Insulated Bib

You are riding at high speeds, making quick turns in trails with snow splashing on your pants. In these instances, you need a trustworthy brand to put your feet inside to keep them safe and warm. Not only that, but the pants also need to be lightweight so that you can create adequate traction between you and your snowmobile for maintaining balance.

There are very few brands that can provide a bib for high-speed riders, and 509 is one of them. And just like their name suggests, these are insulated up to 200 grams.

We even recommend this for wearing in sub-zero temperatures, usually found in places like Minnesota, Michigan, and North and South Dakota.

The fabric is constructed with 509’s proprietory 5TECH technology, which has taken weatherproofing one step ahead in the industry.

With a durable water repellent (DWS) system, waterproof zippers placed in the front and side for two-way access, the rider’s comfort and ease is at the forefront in manufacturing.

The pants have a mid-size bib height, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about a proper fit. These are extremely flexible and even if you put on some extra weights during the festive season, you can still wear them and feel just as comfortable as before.

A few of the other features are chest and leg stash pockets, adjustable cuff circumference. Double layering of fabric at the bottom equipped with velcro and zip for easily getting in and out of the pants.

These get sold out pretty quickly every season on 509’s website, but you can still find yourself a pair on Amazon at $180 to $200.

Castle X Platform Men’s Snowmobile Bibs

Quite cheaper than the 509’s Range, these can be found on Amazon at $124. And especially if you are price sensitive, these should be in your top priority.

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of these pants that sets them apart from any is their pre-curved seat and knee panels. If you have a history of knee pain or problem with sitting on small seat size, these bibs will work wonders for you.

The inner snow gaiters and 360-degree adjustable length feature of Castle are to look out for. These extended immense water resistance at the same time helps you be in comfort.

The bibs are coated with 600D high tenacity nylon shell consisting of 150 grams of insulation, perfect to wear in mild to medium cold temperatures but not extreme sub zeros like 509’s Range.

The insulation is provided by the Castle’s proprietary technology, “Castle ColdShield quilted” so that you can place your trust in them.

The castle might have missed a trick here by not going for a fully taped seam option, but unlike many brands, they at least provide a bare minimum of a critically taped seam.

To know more about the difference between a fully taped and critically taped seam, check out our “How to Choose Snowmobile Bibs” part of this article below.

Finally, the pants are furnished with a requisite number of pockets for rider’s ease and storage of essentials.

KLIM Klimate Bib

Why KLIM Klimate’s bibs are charged at $339 on Amazon, well, there’s a very resounding justification for it, and let us explain it to you.

For starters, it is quite clear from the design itself, which says it is built for heavy-duty and hard-hitting.

Unlike any other in this list, these provide 300 grams of insulation, which is backed by the 3M company with their Thinsulate system.

Gore-Tex is one of the leading companies manufacturing weatherproof and extremely breathable fabrics for sports apparel. Klim picks off from here and applies 3 layers of Gore-Tex Performance Shell for keeping you warm and dry.

To reduce the chances of water seeping inside your bibs, Klim has provided only one chest pocket for storage. But looking at all the other advantages, we think it’s a reasonable let off.

A full-length, side leg zip allows a rider to easily get in and out of the bib and improves ventilation. And to take care of this long zip area, the seams of the bib are fully taped so there’s no chance of water leaking inside.

At times it happens that our goggles become foggy, and it becomes difficult to sight. In those instances, the only thing keeping one rider bumping into another is visibility. KLIM Klimate’s Bib is equipped with 3M Scotchlite reflective material so that accidents such as these don’t take place.

FXR Racing F19 Vertical Pro Insulated Short Womens Snowmobile Pants

Understanding the requirement of women in this sport, FXR has designed this snowmobile pants with accurate precision.

A 175 grams thermal insulation for keeping you warm with the seams critically sealed in the most water leaking prone areas. There are very few bibs designed for women that match the same caliber.

The lining and ventilation are provided by two patented technology of FXR, ACMT, and HydrX Pro respectively.

Along with this, FXR’s Dry Vent system snowproofs the bibs and resists moisture from building up in the inner thigh.

Often the case with snowmobile pants, the hem at the back leg hangs loose if the size is one big. In this regard, the hems are adjustable so that this doesn’t happen.

The cuffs are equipped with hook & loop or commonly known as velcro for added insulation. And the ankle end of the pants is furnished with snaps closure for easy removal of boots.

A few other notable features of these pants are; a thermal seat for maintaining dryness, padded knees for extra support and comfort, adjustable or removable suspender for customization, and reflective inserts for better visibility during foggy days.

KLIM Powerhawk Pant

Quite similar to the KLIM’s Klimate Bib, the Powerhawk pants are made for men who like to be in the outdoors for a longer duration of time. These are made to be worn in trails and built to provide flexibility while riding fast and hard.

The Gore-Tex 3 layers help you stay warm while riding in the backcountry and provides wash durability. The 3M Scotchlite reflective material is great for visibility as it reflects the light even while making turns at odd angles.

Unlike other pants in this list, these do not come up till your sternum, hence they are not your full bib style. But with a wide variety of features that they do come along with, this should not bother you much.

Powerhawk has an un-insulated bottom, which means greater flexibility and lighter in weight than any other bib in this directory. This might not necessarily keep you extremely warm, but they can provide ease of movement for fast turning and spinning your snowmobile.

The bibs come with the option of clipping and unclipping the strap depending on your preference. The pants also come with boot gator, inbuilt knee pads for comfort, and water sealed hand pockets.

The two-way seal at the side of the pants allows proper venting, and the Gore-Tex material used in the fabric makes these pants completely water and windproof.

How to Choose Snowmobile Bibs

Snowmobile bibs cover your legs and in most cases extend up to your chest. And most important functionality of them is providing warmth, weatherproofing, and flexibility.

What type of rider you are

Serious riders who like to be in the outdoors and extreme weather conditions need to spend a few extra bucks for the additional features and comfort. But if you are looking to casually stroll the neighborhood, bibs such as Castle X’s Platform will suffix your needs.

The kind of weather you will be riding in

As a thumb rule, harsher the weather condition, you will have to put in more effort while riding. This in turn will increase your body temperature and make you sweat. In this case, you should look for bibs without any insulation, such as KLIM’s Powerhawk Pant mentioned above in this article.

On the other hand, in places such as New York, Idaho, Wyoming, etc, you will be expecting a smooth and easy ride. In such instances, you should look to buy bibs that are insulated, and can extend adequate warmth and comfort.

Sufficient ventilation

Needless to say, you need a few extra zips in your pants, so that you can unzip them for ventilation whenever you feel heated.

Moisture-wicking clothing

Along with this, you need a fabric that can transfer your sweat into the outer layer of the clothing quickly. If this does not happen, you will start feeling cold, which might eventually lead to a feeling of numbness.

The best kind of fabric, which provides ventilation as well as moisture-wicking is Gator-Tex, found in Klim’s Klimate, and powerhouse pants.


Gator-Tex is also known to extend 100% weatherproof against water as well as wind.

A great substitute for the Gator-Tex is the FXR’s Dry Vent system found in FXR’s Racing F19 pants for women. Then comes 509’s 5TECH proprietary technology for waterproofing.

We hope by now you see why we have chosen these 5 snow pants for snowmobiling out of the ocean of available bibs.

Critically taped vs fully taped waterproof seam

The difference between these two? In a fully taped seam, A waterproof tape is glued to each seam of the bib. The process is quite similar to that of welding metals. This makes a fully seamed pant 100% waterproof.

In a critically taped seam, the manufacturer identifies the joints which are most susceptible to the leaking of water. And accordingly, they tape these joints with a waterproof tape.

A fully taped bib is costlier than a pant that comes with critically taped seam. You can choose either one of those depending on your budget.

Final Words

If we had to select the warmest among these five, it will have to be KLIM’s Klimate Bib. But then for the price-conscious people out there, even 509’s Range Insulated Bib will work just fine!

At the end of the day, it all depends on the type of rider you are, the place you will be riding at, the amount of insulation you want, and your budget.

We have tried covering bibs from a wide range of budgets, starting from near $100 going up to $300 plus. Now, we leave it up to you, and in case you need any help, you know where to find us.

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