Thirty Two Lashed Double Boa Review: Pros & Cons

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Snowboard boots play an important role in creating a firm hold between the snowboard and your feet. They help in passing on your body weight to the extreme points on the board that gives you absolute control over the board.

Thirtytwo lashed is a company that has been in the market for a very long time and seen the thick and thin of snowboarding sport. They manufacture some of the best snowboarding equipment using their experience, this includes their boots.

Hence, in this article, we will provide a review of Thirtytwo lashed double boa, one of their best selling snowboarding boots.

Thirty Two Lashed Double Boa
SoleSTI Evolution Foam
LinerHeat moldable dual density Intuition foam
FitArticulated Cuff to eliminate shell distortion
FootbedMolded footbed with heel cradle and arch support
Size5 to 14
Color9 color choices
Lacing SystemDual Boa Closure System
Flex RatingMedium
PriceSee Current Price

Thirtytwo Lashed Double Boa Review

A perfect combination of not too flexible nor too soft for your feet. These Thirty Two Lashed Double Boa Boots are wildly regarded as the most comfortable, casual purpose snowboarding boots.

To make your life even more effortless, these are equipped with a 3D molded tongue for quick lancing them on.

Now, where does all this comfort of the shoes come from? It’s quite evident and easy to figure out once you put them on. The enhanced spine support for the region between your ankle and mid-calf, along with a heel hold kit forms a combination that not many other snowboarding boots can.

We don’t mean to sugarcoat everything, rather give an honest opinion. Hence, if you are looking for a boot that holds up for the long term, then you should look elsewhere. These have an STI evolution form, which is reliable but not built for long term purposes, nor do they provide supreme traction on the trails.

What Thirtytwo lashed snowboard boots are built for is extreme comfort and having a pleasurable leisure ride in the neighborhood. With a heat-moldable dual-density foam, you will never experience numb feet due to cold weather.

The soft inner lining saves the feet from any kind of injury, and the boots come in a range of exciting colors. These are a versatile pair, which is perfect for casual snowboarding enthusiasts.

They also come without the hassle of laces, which makes them easily wearable, and the boots provide a perfect fit and improved response. For more increased response, the boots have an articulated cuff which will help them flex without any kind of distortion between the upper as well as lower section joins.

Final Words

With all the specifications and advantages mentioned, it can be safe to say that investing in boots is a good idea.

As we mentioned, these are definitely not the bad boys for riding in the mountains. But most certainly will provide comfort, warmth, and support for having a good day out in the neighborhood.

The improved design and enhanced comfort provided by the boots make it an immediate favorite among the buyers. 

Pick your partner wisely, in the same way, remember to pick your snowboarding boots as well. Thirtytwo lashed double boa should be your “go-to” boots in 2020 for a pleasant casual stroll.

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