Best Canada Goose Parkas in 2020: With Reviews

The Canada Goose Parka has been known for the manufacturing of functional wear specially designed for the rangers and officers but in recent years it transitioned from a traditional brand to an international brand producing the most stylish, classic, and elegant parka jackets in the market.

The Canada Goose is the most popular luxury brand in the market and has been worn by many high-end celebrities in popular magazine covers. Canada Goose is a brand that genuinely focuses on producing quality and domestic Canadian products.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best Canada Goose Parka jackets available in the market along with their various features.

Why Should You Buy Canada Goose Parka?

Earlier, the brand majorly focussed on functionality but recently it shifted its focus to introducing advanced innovative features like the slim cut design, light-weight material, removable genuine coyote fur trim, multiple exterior, and interior pockets and adjustable hoods. The brand also introduced interior back straps to carry the jacket over shoulders hands-free when not in use.

Canada Goose claims that the coyote fur trim used as a functional property as it creates turbulent air around the face to prevent frostbite in the extremely harsh climatic conditions. The colors of the jackets are less flashy than the other counterfeit brands delivering a less dramatic and more classic look to the Parka.

The material used by the Canada Goose has superior quality and is a lot thicker as well as stiffer than the counterfeit brands in the market. The material is made up of 85% polyester and 15% cotton offering the customers water-resistant, wind-resistant, and is extremely durable. The Canada Goose Parka jackets are worth an investment also it has become a status symbol.

Best Canada Goose Parka in 2020

Macmillan Parka

The Macmillan Parka is an integration of style and warmth with ample protection to survive the harsh weather conditions during winter. The curved hemline and slim fit design of this Canada Goose coat deliver a snug fit to the customers enhancing the body curvature. The Macmillan Parka is the best Canada Goose jacket made in Canada using the native and imported materials.

The length of these Parka jackets extends up to the hips with hem slightly longer at the back than the front for additional shield and coverage. The chin guard featured in the jacket is lined with tricot fabric for superior quality smoothness and coziness.

This jacket has A6 25 down filament that offers the customers with ultimate warmth and protection in the urban cold environments as well as prevents overheating once you are indoors. The Parka jacket is resistant to both wind and water therefore can be worn in the rainy as well as snowy conditions.

The 2-way adjustable down-filled tunnel hood offers superior warmth and shield from the cold air outdoors as well as rain and snow off of your face. The cuffs provided on the arms of the jacket are sunken rib-knit that fit comfortably on the wrists and keeps away the cold air from entering into the body through the hands.

The Parka jacket is extremely durable and can be used in milder cold conditions only as it won’t help to keep you warm in the sub-zero atmospheric conditions.  The jacket features a 2-way zipper along with snap closure for proper fit. The jacket has a quite minimalistic appearance but it would last longer than you expected.

The jacket is down-filled to keep them light-weight and comfortable without getting burdensome while providing superior warmth and protection. The jacket has two exterior pockets lined with fleece to keep the hands warm and cozy along with an inner pocket for security reasons with zipper closure.

The only drawback with this jacket is the improper fit of the waistband that allows a lot of cool air to enter through the gap and compromising with the level of warmth and protection offered by the company.

Shelburne Parka Black Label

The Shelburne Parka jacket features a 625 white goose down fill along with an index of 3 in thermal experience. The thermal experience index determines the range of temperature for the use of the specific parka jacket. The Shelburne Parka Black Label can be used in the temperature range between negative 10 to negative 20 degrees.

The Parka jacket offers a superior level of protection and warmth during the harsh winter conditions mostly in the Urban regions. This Women jacket has a two-way zipper allowing zipping it from both the bottom as well as the top according to your preference and convenience. The zipper comes along with a storm flap snap closure for a snug and sound fit.

The jacket features two exterior pockets lined with fleece for keeping the hands warm and cozy. It also has a zipped internal pocket for security purposes along with a drop in media pocket to keep your phone secured and protected from rain or snow. The arms of the jacket have adjustable knit cuffs to keep away the cold air from entering through your arms.

The women jacket features a hood that is attached to the back of the jacket along with removable fur trim on the front for additional warmth and fortification from the cold air. The chin-guard featured in the jacket is lined with tricot fabric for extra smoothness and warmth.

The best feature of this jacket for women is the adjustable back vent snap closure to extend the range of motion when opened up. This is the warmest Canada Goose parka available in the market.

The most innovative feature of this parka jacket is the internal shoulder straps that can be used for the hands-free carrying of the jacket over the shoulders while not in use. The Shelburne Parka jacket features black tonal Canada Goose Disc on the left sleeve.

Carson Parka Fusion Fit

The Carson Parka Fusion Fit is extremely comfortable and offers you an optimum amount of warmth and protection specially designed for the people with smaller body frames. The jacket has a thermal index number four and can be worn in the temperature range from negative 15 to negative 25 degrees.

The jacket delivers an adequate amount of warmth outdoors and prevents from overheating while indoors. This Parka Jacket has a down-filled tonal hood to keep you warm and cozy as well as preventing your face from cold winds, rain, and snow. The hood comes along with a removal coyote fur trim for additional shielding and warmth.

The jacket features two heavy-duty KK zippers on the front along with a storm flap snap closure for a snug and proper fit. There two diagonal cut pockets on the exterior lined with fleece to keep your hands warm and cozy. The exterior pockets are enclosed with zippers to keep the contents safe and secure.

The Parka Jacket also features a Napoleon pocket on the left upper side of the jacket with a zipper enclosure also lined with fleece. The exterior of the jacket has a quilted design and features recessed heavy-duty ribbed cuffs. The interior of the jacket also offers a Napoleon zipper pocket to place your phone or wallet protected from the snow or rain.

The Carson Parka Jacket has a minimalistic look although it offers all the basic and essential features of a parka.

Victoria Parka

The Victoria Parka is the classic and elegant silhouette from Canada Goose that has the most popular parka jacket in the market ever since its launch. This Women’s jacket is extremely chic and stylish that comes with superior quality along with a ton of technical features.

The Victoria Parka features the 625 fill white duck down insulation with a DWR coating for water resistance and an Arctic tech fabric for weather protection. The hood of the jacket comes with a removable fur trim that keeps away the snow from your face and eyes.

The fur trim features an integrated wire that allows you to hold the fur down and extend the zipper up for additional weather protection. The jacket has two exterior pockets on the sides of the jacket that are fleece lined to keep your hands warm all day. The arms of the jacket feature ribbed knit cuffs that prevent the snow or wind to travel through the arms.

The Victoria Parka has a slim cut design and fits therefore it is advised to choose a size up than your usual Canada Goose Parka size. The waist of the jacket features an interior drawcord for a customizable fit and keeps you warm. The jacket has a bonus innovative feature of interior backpack straps for hands-free carrying of the jacket when not in use.

The Victoria Parka Canada Goose Coat is the warmest Canada Goose parka and is also the Most popular Canada Goose.

Chateau Parka Black Label

The Chateau Parka Black Label features the 625 duck down fill with a thermal index of four with a temperature ranging from negative 15 to negative 25 degrees. The jacket comes with a 2-way zipper on the front for easy access and to increase the range of motion as well as venting. The zipper comes along with a storm flap snap closure with military buttons for a snug fit.

 The jacket has an attached hood with a removal fur ruff with adjustable straps at the back for added comfort and protection from snow and rain. It has heavy-duty rib-knit cuffs that keep the writs comfortable and firm preventing the entry of snow or rain through the arms.

The jacket has one Napoleon style chest zipper pocket on the upper side to keep your contents safe and protected. It also features two additional diagonal pockets on the exterior lined with fleece to keep your hands warm for a longer period. The jacket has three interior pockets with one zipped security pocket on the upper side of the jacket and two drop-in pockets on the lower sides.

The Chateau Parka Black Label features a center-back grab to hold the jacket on the back of your shoulders with ease when not in use. This Parka Jacket is simple but yet has a classic unique style that is worthy of an investment.

Merritt Parka

The unparalleled protection and the streamlined A-line fit of the Merritt Parka permit it to stand out in the market. The classic and elegant look as well as the feel of the chevron quilt design of the jacket provides the Parka with graceful female characteristics. The jacket has a 2-way zipper snap closure that allows for added range of motion.

The 2-way hood attached to the jacket is adjustable and is designed with additional down-fill to enhance the smoothness and warmness around the head and the neck area. The hood also features snaps to keep the exterior ridge secured in the back firmly to prevent the blockage of visibility.  The collars of the jacket are overly stuffed to increase the warmth and offer proper insulation.

The chin guard in the jacket is lined with tricot fabric to add softness and comfort to the chin area. The arms of the jacket feature recessed rib-knit cuffs with thumbhole construction that keeps the jacket firmly secured in place preventing the entry of cold air and snow through the hands of the jacket.

The reflective detailing on the outer cuffs can be hidden using the adjustable single button. The backside of the hood features reflective webbing to enhance the visibility even in low light. The inserts of the underarms and the enunciated sleeves offer additional comfort and increase the motion range.

The most unique feature of this model is the Stowable D-ring located on the left side of the jacket that can be used to hold the gloves or other necessities. The jacket contains two pockets on the exterior lined with fleece to keep the hands warm and cozy. The jacket also contains three drop-in pockets with two crafted using mesh in the interior of the jacket.

The Merritt Parka also features backpack straps inside the jacket for hands-free carrying of the jacket over the shoulders when not in use.

Final Words

We hope that this article is helpful for you to find your perfect fit Parka jacket that enhances your style statement as well as offer you with the ultimate comfort and protection.

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