Best Canada Goose Parkas for 2022: For Men & Women

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Are you one of those who prefer old-fashioned parkas over crop-cut jackets and are tired of the low-graded parkas sold locally?

Are you desperate to get your hands on that perfect Parka that is soft, warm, and durable simultaneously?

Well, you are at the right place. In this article, I have picked one of the most talked about brands of parkas, namely the Canada Goose Parkas.

Best Canada Goose Parka For Women

Mystique Parka

Being a jacket girl, I have never really paid much attention to parkas. Nor did I ever bother to try it once.

But last year, due to some umm…unpleasant mishap with my jacket, I forcibly had to get myself a parka.

After asking many parka users, I settled on the Mystique Parka. And my, it is one of the best Canadian goose coats I have ever seen. It is made in Canada with materials both imported and local.

It is one of the best Canada Goose jackets to combat the harsh chilly weather. My favorite in this is its elaborate quilt through design. This design allows even distribution of heat all over the body.

And this design does not add extra bulk to your attire, giving you a light and comfortable fit. Its convenience doesn’t end here, as it can be carried over your back with the interior backpack straps.

So if you are traveling to places where the weather suddenly warms, you can open your Parka and carry it easily!

This Parka has fleece-lined pockets, uses zippers with storm flaps, and keeps out the harsh winter elements.

It also has internal pockets that are protected with velcro snaps! For enhanced venting, you can keep the bottom portion unzipped.

Aurora Parka

This Canada Goose Parka is one of the best choices if you are going out in the winter chills.

It doesn’t matter if you are out hiking, mountaineering, or plain strolling along the valleys; the Aurora parka is there to protect you from all kinds of harsh elements.

Personally, I like this fabric because it is known for its luxurious, smooth, and soft-to-touch finish.

Also, as opposed to many other Canada Goose parkas, this gem has minimalistic quilting. But it has clean, contoured lines and an interior drawcord.

These drawcords are there to provide the required effortless silhouette! Being one of the warmest Canada goose jackets, it is soft yet durable and might last for quite some time.

It protects it from chilly winds, cold, and other harsh elements.

This long-length coat will reach up to your thighs or knees and is furless. Its furlessness makes it a good choice for all the nature and environment freaks!

While the length of the coat helps protect you from the waist down.

What I also like about it is its enhanced sleeve fit. This helps add a range of motion to the Parka, thus giving you better maneuverability.

The drawcords are near the waist, making it easier for women wearers to get an appropriate fit.

warm parkas for women

Shelburne Parka

Well, personally, I believe this is one of the most stylish Canada Goose Parka I have come across. And no, it does not compromise on quality. In fact, it may be warmer compared to many other Parkas as well.

This Canada Goose long parka is designed to give you warmth and comfort with every part. Firstly it has a quilt-through design that gives you a soft and warm covering.

And then, it has an adjustable hood that adds to the convenience of usage. 

The hood provides warmth and protects you from harsh elements when required. It also features shaping wire stand-ups that provide additional protection against chilled winds.

Plus, this Canada Goose Parka also has a chin guard that is lined with tricot fabric.

This fabric is soft and comfortable, allowing space to tuck in your chin in case of frigid environments. Rib-knit cuffs and back vents provide the necessary range of motion as and when required. 

With the mentioned comfort and warmth, this Parka is also replete with pockets with enough snaps and closures.

The zippers are also protected with storm flaps. And if you open the bottom portion, you can easily add to the venting!

It uses Arctic Tech. So in extreme conditions, it will stay dry. But over time, it might change color and build a new character of itself!

Marlow Parka

Okay, this is one of the unique parka designs I have come across. It uses Ventura fabric that is soft, luxurious, and warm. It has a full-length fit characterized by a wrap hood and removable belt.

This Canada goose winter coat has the stylish design of a chevron quilting pattern.

This pattern highlights the natural shape of the Parka, which gives you a pleasant and sleek look when worn. It also has a streamlined and elevated trim package.

Its uniqueness lies in the wrap hood. It is a down-filled adjustable shawl wrap hood. The cuffs provide streamlined edges that can be rolled up to give better fits. This hood gives you a snug and warm fit around the head. 

Added to this is the classic-looking belt with a metal clamp at the waist. Trust me; this gives you a better fit; it is beautiful too! Even the sleeves are articulated to enhance the fit and help in venting.

Apart from the metal clamp, the waist part is fitted by the inset elastic molding to your body to give you the best fit!

Trillium Parka

Personally, I always had an issue with jackets and parkas that fit me otherwise but made me look like a scarecrow near the waist.

Either it was too loose or too tight to the point of being uncomfortable. This was solved by the Trillium parka that comes with a waist especially designed to give comfort and fit.

Constructed and made to give the best kind of protection against harsh elements, this Canada Goose Parka is also an excellent stylish choice.

It has a classic look that makes it ideal for outdoor jaunts, casual events, or any situation that requires smart casuals. It is also great for any recent outdoor adventure you have planned!

My favorite thing about this Parka is its customizable waist with interior drawcords. Not only that, but for a top-notch fit, the back of the waist is also elasticized, giving added fit with molding to your figure. The down-filled hood is removable and adjustable in 2 ways.

The wire stands to mitigate the harsh winds in fur ruff. This gives the required level of warmth and protection against harsh elements.

Also, the recessed rib-knit cuffs enhance comfort and lock in the heat, adding to the warmth.

Elmvale Parka

Contrary to most parkas that give you a perfect fit, almost molding to your figures, this Canada Goose Parka is a loose fit. But that doesn’t mean it compromises on warmth.

Instead, it is one of the best choices to wear as outdoor attire in freezing temperatures!

This fabric is known for its perseverance in the harshest of weather conditions. It is also an appropriate choice if you plan to use a single parka for many years!

It is designed using Canada Goose’s rugged and durable Arctic Tech ™ fabric.

Talking about the fit, it comes in a regular oversized fit. Again different from many other parks, it has a longer back hem to give additional coverage, protection, and warmth in low temperatures.

Additionally, this Canada Goose long parka has easy layering to provide ample warmth and comfort.

It has a down-filled adjustable hood that is given fit with cord locks. In addition, webbed reflective in the hood adjusters offer better visibility in low lighting.

The Reflective is also present in the interior of recessed rib cuffs, so there is enhanced visibility when folded up.

warm canada goose jackets

Best Canada Goose Parkas For Men

Langford Parka

Hitting the mid-thigh, this CaParka is known to give you proper protection against cold.

This is your fit for men who’d prefer parkas over jackets and think parkas offer warmth and comfort unmatched by any jacket. You can wear it to work or all kinds of formal, casual events- it goes well with all.

Made in Canada with domestic and imported materials, this Parka has a down-filled adjustable hood.

This hood can be adjusted in two ways to provide warmth and protection against harsh weather elements. The hood also comes with a removable fur ruff.

A tricot-lined chin guard is soft and comfortable to tuck in your chin. Say you are out for a long in the freezing temperatures. While most of your body parts are covered, your chin remains exposed.

To prevent you from getting cold chins, you can easily tuck your chin in the warm and soft chin guard. The waist is also customizable with an interior drawcord.

If you do not get the perfect fit, you can easily loosen or tighten it accordingly.

Like many other Canada Goose winter coats, this also has recessed knit cuffs that provide additional comfort and locks on the heat!

Storm flaps protect the zippers for enhanced parts protection, and snaps and closures secure the pockets.

Expedition Parka

Although it is worn by people all around the world, essentially, this piece of beauty was designed for scientists in Antarctica.

So imagine the level of cold this Parka can tolerate. And because it is resistant to such extreme conditions, being one of the warmest Canada goose jackets, this is your best choice if you are working 24/7 on frigid mountainsides!

Like most Canada Goose parkas, it has a 2-way adjustable down-filled hood. This also comes with a removable fur ruff. Added to this is the shaping wire to struggle against the harsh, frigid winds.

The fleece-lined chin guard is another one of the soft and comfortable parts of the Parka that will make you love it!

It has a customizable waist that can be loosened or tightened using the interior drawcord. What I love about it is its hide-away snow skirt.

This is one unique feature of the expedition Parka. The snow skirt is nylon and elasticized. It is there to offer additional protection against the snow and keep you free from it.

Another convenient characteristic of the Parka is its number of pockets. They are of different sizes, strategically located, and protected with velcro snaps and closures. 

Carson Parka

This is another one of the masterpieces by Canada Goose. Designed to keep you warm and dry, it not only features as a great aid in extreme weather, but it is also a lovely attire for the fall.

Although its coverage is not that much in a mid-thigh length, it provides exceptional warmth when worn.

As is the hook position of the company, this Parka comes with a 2-way adjustable hood. This hood has removable coyote fur ruff. And it also comes with several hood trim accessories. 

The exterior of the Parka is quilted. This ensures that you get a warm and fitting covering around your head. This means additional warmth and appropriate ventilation when you work in these parkas in the snow.

You don’t have to constantly worry about damaging the Parka! It uses Arctic Tech ™, which is known to be water-resistant and durable.

This ensures you can wear this Canada goose winter coat and work stress-free in the snow.

Along With these, the zippers and pockets are strategically located with snaps, velcro, and storm flap to give you a packed yet breathable coverall against the cold!

Emory Parka

I personally love this winter parka for its high performance as well as its style aesthetics.

With a length of the mid-thigh, it brilliantly sports a slum that gives the look of the parka molding to your figure.

So for men looking for parkas that are non-bulky and would stay close to their bodies, this is a perfect choice.

This is one of the best Canada goose jackets customizable with a drawcord at the hem.

To enhance itself in the style department, this Parka has a sleek quilted design that provides textural warmth and comfort. The hood, even though non-removable, can be adjusted in 2 different ways.

The fur ruff is removable and has internal wire shaping that protects from harsh winter winds. It also has a snow skirt that further adds to the protection against chilly winter drafts.

The snow skirt is elasticized, and that helps it stick to your figure without appearing bulky or constrictive.

The suede tricot-lined chin guard also acts as additional protection against the cold. This convenience is unmatchable as it provides you with maximum storage.

It has nine pockets adding both internal and external ones.

Wearing this, you don’t have to worry about carrying knick knacks because that has already been taken care of!

best canada goose parkas for men

Westmount Parka

Okay, so I think this is hands down one of the best Canada Goose jackets for men.

It is an epitome of warmth and functionality designed to tolerate the most extreme cold conditions. And yes, I am talking as low as -30 degrees and below.

Like many of the best Canada Goose Coats, it has a removable 2-way adjustable hood, yes. But added to this is the interior down-filed collar that is there to stack upon the warmth offered by this particular piece.

Not only warm, but with this, you also get comfort and protection against the cold-blowing drafts that hit you from almost everywhere, making it one of the warmest Canada goose jackets.

Another great thing about it is the reflective webbing at the back of the hood. This provides necessary visibility in low-lighted areas.

They are pretty hassle-free as the Reflective in the outer cuffs can be folded in when not used.

There are interior drawcords at the waist. A proper pull and toe-up are meant to give you that adequate type for a customizable fit. For the best fit, even the sleeves are articulated.

Now don’t think that because this Parka is warm, it might be constrictive. No. Instead, there are arm gussets, and you can also keep the bottom portion of zippers open for ample ventilation as and when required.

And yes, the best part of this Parka is its storage. It has ten pockets of variable sizes, and internal and external closures give you the maximum storage level.

Why Are Canada Goose Parkas So Famous?

High-Quality Materials

One of the biggest reasons for the Canada Goose Parkas being so famous is that they use imported and local materials.

Among mother brands like Eddie Bauer and Nobis etc. Canada Goose definitely deserves mention for its fantastic construction.

These provide the wearer with ample warmth and comfort. They are also quite durable and have a lasting lifetime.

One of the most used is the Arctic Tech fabric. It is a super durable textile that has cotton content. This fabric is known to stay dry under almost all conditions.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this will change color and kind of build up a character of its own over time! Almost all Canada Goose Parkas use it.


The comfort provided by the Parkas should also be mentioned. Many of them have quilted designs that add to the softness and comfort provided to the wearer.

best canada goose jackets


The Parkas come in Variable sizes. But even then, they have customizable fits with drawcords at strategic locations.

It is manufactured keeping in mind the best form of fittings as required by the wearer.

Final Words

Indeed Canada Goose Parkas are famous, but they are also kind of infamous for their cost. Yes, they are a bit highly priced. But these prices make sense if you look at their service.

If you are looking for more Canada Goose Parka options, then do check out these detailed reviews on Rossclair Parka, Victoria Parka, and Expedition Parka for more choices.

Canada Goose Parkas have excellent quality, durability, and functionality. That said, we hope this article helped give you some idea about what to expect from the materials if you plan to buy them!

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