Burton Covert Jacket Review: Pros & Cons in 2021

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Everybody loves snowboarding. It’s undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and one of the most popular winter sports.

It’s a winter sport that can get you hugging the snow a bit too often. That means that to enjoy it safely, you need a good, warm snow jacket to protect you from the cold weather of the upcoming 2021 winter.

Burton Snowboards was founded in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter, a famous American snowboarder and one of the inventors of the modern-day snowboard.

It’s the largest and most trusted brand in the world when it comes to snowboarders. Its equipment is designed by their team of pro snowboarders who are all top champions and innovators.

They offer a wide range of equipment and particularly jackets, but there is a piece that stands out- The Burton Covert Jacket. This is a jacket mainly targeted for the average snowboarder and skateboarder, and we’re going to convince you why it’s the one you should choose by providing you with a detailed review of the Burton Covert Jacket.

My Personal Opinion

If you are going to ask me for a good jacket for snowboarding, the Burton Covert Jacket is one of the best you can avail in the market.

The DRYRIDE 2-Layer Heathered Polyester Plain Weave Fabric alongside with the 40% recycled THERMOLITE® Insulation gives you the protection you need in the harsh environment you’re getting yourself in. The insulation is excellent for use in near-zero temperatures and the jacket itself gives you the warmth that isn’t bulky. In short, it was the ideal snowboarding jacket.

The wide variation of sizes and colors offers the best possible fit and style that you want when choosing your own. Plenty of zippered and velcro pockets are all placed in convenient locations so that you can easily move while putting or taking your valuable things.

These are lots of excellent functional features, cool outlook and warmth combined so make sure to check the reviews of the Burton Covert Jacket to see yourself how good it is.

 Burton Covert Jacket
MaterialBlocked Embossed Taffeta Fabric
InsulationTHERMOLITE® Insulation
WaterproofingErgonomic Water-Repellent
DesignPremium feel and performance
Color14 color choices
PerksJacket-to-Pant Interface
Weight2.15 pounds
Buy FromPrice
AmazonCurrent Price
The HouseCurrent Price
MoosejawCurrent Price

Burton Covert Jacket Review


One of the first things you should note about this particular jacket is that its fabric is made with DryRide technology. Burton owns this fabrication tech, and it is essentially a warranty seal that whatever you just bought is going to keep you warm and dry throughout your snowboarding session. Simultaneously, all of its significant seams are taped using special, insulating tape meant for fabrics to keep you safe from the cold and windy weather.


The fabrics that are chosen for the Burton covert jacket are either Nylon or Polyester. Some of you may find this appalling because “cotton is better,” but think about it twice. Cotton absorbs moisture, which will lead to you freezing. It doesn’t matter if it is from the snow or your sweat; if you are out in the cold and your clothing gets wet, you have put yourself in an unsafe situation.


The Burton covert jacket has a rather slim fit, making it best for the taller, thinner snowboarders. It’s neither too tight nor too baggy which means that you can throw a few extra isothermal pieces of clothing underneath your jacket to keep yourself warm.

It is also one of the lightest snowboarding jackets. That means you can perform at your maximum level, without heavy equipment holding you back. However, it is essential to note that it is lightweight without depriving you of any much-needed warmth.

This jacket also comes with an ergonomic, water-repellent waist gaiter that seals out the elements. To maximize performance according to your own needs, the company has also decided to make it removable. Don’t forget that you can also attach this covert jacket to your pants, allowing you to focus on the task at hand while snowboarding.


This covert jacket comes with all the little things to make your life much easier and much more comfortable. First of all, its hood is specially design to be worn while you’re skateboarding. Its shape allows you to throw it over your snowboard helmet (yes, it fits!) while allowing you to be fully aware of your surroundings. And of course, the most important thing of all is that it still keeps you warm, giving you the chance to perform at your absolute best.

But, one of the best things about this covert jacket is its pocket. It’s a reasonably large pocket, allowing you to store your snowboarding goggles, your phone or camera, and any other items that you might need to bring with you on the hill. The best part is that you can use this interior pocket without unzipping your jacket and exposing yourself to the freezing weather.

Environmental Friendly

It’s 2021, and we have all been made aware of what is happening to our environment. Overuse of plastics and overconsumption, in general, have harmed our planet beyond repair. So most of us demand our products to be recyclable and as environmentally friendly as possible. And that’s precisely what this covert jacket is. As a bluesign product, it is made only using safe chemicals and is manufactured to conserves as many resources as possible while discharging only clean air and water during the process. So wear this covert jacket with pride, snowboarding at the snowy mountains that you have done your part to protect and preserve for the future snowboarding generations.

  • Environmental friendly
  • Made with nylon/polyester
  • Exterior access pocket
  • Helmet-compatible hood
  • Fit allows for extra pieces
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Relatively cheap
  • Jacket to pants clipper
  • Lightweight & durable
  • ideal for snowboarding
  • Comparably less warm
  • Suitable for taller, thinner riders

Final words

Burton Covert Jacket Review

This covert jacket is ideal for the average snowboarder. It’s not too expensive while still providing the average rider with exactly what they need, making it a good choice as a first jacket. The fact that it is a bluesign product makes it by far the best choice for this price range, as it is made by high-quality materials that are non-toxic and have been chosen with our planet’s best interests in mind. So grab that jacket and enjoy the snowy mountains for years to come.

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