Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet in 2020: Tried & Tested

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As the winter solstice approaches us, it brings in shifts in temperature and ice-cold weather. Often, in some areas, it snows immensely during this period. This makes it a perfect ground for skiing and other such activities. 

Skiing is a sport enjoyed by loads of people. It is said to be good for one’s health but the best part is how fun and enjoyable it is. One of the major things a person must have while skiing is boots. Hence, this article talks about the best ski boots for wide feet and helps you pick the perfect pair!

Best Ski Boots for Wide Feet in 2020

This 2020, if buying a perfect pair of ski boots is on your to-do list, you have come to the right place! Here are a few options to pick from while looking for wide ski boots. 

Salomon X Access 80 Wide Ski Boots 

These lightweight boots have a customizable fit and rate moderately low on stiffness, making them a great pair for learners and usual skiers. This pair has a “twin frame design” that delivers a rebound. Furthermore, it also has the flex and improved control with enhanced responsiveness. Coming in various sizes for all, it is a great pair of wide ski boots. 

The boots already come equipped with a flex boot liner that is specifically designed for optimal comfort around the calf and ankles area. Another lovely add on feature is the calf adjuster that allows all leg shapes to fit easily and comfortably. Coming with Polyolefin Shells and Polyolefin Cuffs, these boots offer supreme quality. 

Furthermore, the 360 Degree 35mm Strap gives a sturdy and comfortable fit on the boot. This helps enhance your overall ski performance and provide an easy grip on your foot. The boots also come with pre-mounted Alpine ISO 5355 Pads that seal the deal. 

K2 BFC 90 Ski Boots 2020 

K2 Boots are one of the most versatile and comfortable pair of boots. If your feet fall into the wider end of the foot spectrum, these are the ones that would be finest for you. Having a hands-free entry with the help of dual material overlap and a soft/ medium feel overall, they make a superior pair of boots that are in an affordable price range. 

Adding on, this pair has a “rear co-injected” Y shaped support that helps in providing strength and power to the energy interlock feature that this boot provides. The energy interlock aids in maximizing the flex effectively which ensures that the boot is stiff and responsive on every type of terrain. 

This pair also assists with cuff adjustment by providing single lateral sided cuff alignment for a degree. It also comes with interchangeable and removable ISO 9523 Alpine soles that give a hand in having a better grip and add comfort and warmth while skiing. These are one of the widest ski boots that are available on the market, so grab your pair now!

Rossignol Evo 70 Ski Boots 

The Rossignol Evo Ski Boots are the epitome of a great fit and comfort. This model comes in with a pre-shaped custom liner that helps in balance. Moreover, the back part of the liner makes walking easier and more comfortable. The tongue here is the key element that helps in flex quality and overall power transmission. 

These boots have a unique grid positioning which allows effective shell wrapping and helps in reducing the weight of the boot. It also assists with precision and high-performance rigidity. Additionally, the GRIP WALK soles that are a think rubber tread that offers increased traction and a natural foot roll are compatible with these boots. 

With a relaxed fit and generous all-day comfort around the ankles especially, these are the best for daily and frequent use. Moreover, it has an easy and smooth entry and exit without much effort. A complete package for a beginner or a daily skier!

Tecnica Ten.2 70 HVL Ski Boots 

With an UltraFit HVL Liner, these boots boost your ski performance and are designed to match your foot’s mould. They are extremely easy to put on and take off and at the same time, their look and feel are sure to leave you impressed. 

Made for a comparatively wide foot, these boots measure 106mm across the ball of the foot, giving an appropriate fit.

With adjustable buckles and straps, these boots enrich your ski experience by providing strong support and grip. Moreover, these boots are great if you are a beginner or an intermediate skier. Keep your feet warm and comfortable by investing in this pair!

Rossignol Kelia 50 Ski Boots (Female)

Specifically designed for a woman’s foot, this boot eliminates pressure around the shin and calf muscle. This helps one for increased comfort and performance. With a relaxed fit and wide foot approach, this pair is comfortable for recreational skiers. 

It has an engineered sensor matrix shell design that reduces the weight of the boot and aids in a direct ski energy transfer. Additionally, this pair assists in easy entry and exit from the opening boot overlap. The custom liners offer enhanced comfort and support while skiing. Therefore, these boots prove to be the best ski boots for women. 

How to Choose Ski Boots?

While choosing ski boots for yourself, here are a few things to look out for and keep in mind!


The first and foremost thing you need to check the size and fit. Buying half or one size bigger than your original boot size will help immensely as due to the thick layers of socks, your foot size tends to increase. A tip is to take your pair of socks along so you truly get the fit that is appropriate for you. 


Next, you must look for comfort. Your pair of wide ski boots should be comfortable for you. You must be able to move with ease and agility. Moreover, boots take a while to get accommodated to your feet, therefore, while buying your pair.


Soon after comes the protection element. The boots should be of good quality material that protects your feet from the frigid cold and keep them warm. This is one of the major elements to have as frostbites are a real threat while doing any snow-related activities.


Buying a pair of ski boots is a long-term investment. One must lookout for a pair that provides quality as well as durability without getting damaged. The material of the boot also comes into play here, hence do not compromise on the same. 


You should check the weight of your boots before the purchase as some boots are too light and others are too heavy. Finding the right size for your feet and the appropriate weight for them is essential to have a strong and grip over the snow.


Control here refers to the amount of pressure required to bend or move the boots and the grip they have on the snow ground. If the flex rating (pressure) is high, the stiffness will be high as well. This is determined by the material the boot is made out of, the design, and the straps it possesses. The more advanced you get, the stiffer your boots need to be. Hence, keep this point in mind while getting a pair of ski boots to ensure you find apt ones for yourself!

Skill Level

Choosing a pair of boots that match your skill level will surely have a positive impact on your overall experience of using them while skiing. This is due to the fact that the level directly correlates to the flex and bend of each pair focusing on comfort and performance. 

Boot Liners

Boot liners are basically pieces of foam lining that are placed inside your ski boots. They boost the comfort and overall performance of the boots. Mouldable and foam injection liners are your best bet of liners that would help in making our time on slopes more pleasant. Boot liners also add to the warmth in the boots, so they turn out to be a great investment when it comes to skiing and other such snow-related activities. 


Each element on a boot has a well-defined function. The placement of buckles and straps on your boots can either enhance its performance or hinder it. Therefore, while picking a pair, ensure that the buckles and straps are sturdy and fit comfortably on your boot.

Final Words 

It is imperative to have a well-suited gear while doing any sort of activity. Therefore, the fit, comfort level, and protection are the major things that one needs to check for, before buying any gear or apparel. 

The boots described above in the article, satisfy all the mentioned criteria, and showcase the best features. We hope this article helped you choose the best ski boots for wide feet that suit you perfectly. 

Ensure that you get the best price and features for your boots so you can make the most out of your ski experience without compromising on safety! 

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