6 Best Walkie Talkies for Skiing & Snowboarding in 2023

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Are you an avid skier or snowboarder looking for the best walkie-talkies to keep in touch with your friends and family while on the slopes?

Look no further! Here, we’ve rounded up a selection of the best walkie-talkies specifically designed for skiing and snowboarding. From long-range models to waterproof options, these devices are perfect for staying connected while enjoying winter sports. Read on to discover our picks of the best ski walkie-talkies available today.

best overall – value for money

Midland GXT

best for long range

Cobra RX680

best premium

Backcountry Access Link 2.0

best runnerup

MOTOROLA Talkabout T402

best cheapest

Motorola Talkabout T100

Best Overall Ski Walkie Talkie 

Midland Two-way Radio

Best ski walkie talkie

Skiing or snowboarding on hazy, or snowy snow paths is not always safe and it is important you carry a sort of communication device with you. This device should be able to provide all necessary information about the weather as an initial warning system. It should also be long-range, battery-backed, and open to two-way communication. 

Sporting almost all the necessary features, you can opt for the Midlands two-way radio. According to me the best part about these walkie-talkies is their 50 Gmrs channels option that allows you to check them for activity as well. Additionally, there are around 142 privacy codes.

These privacy codes give you 3000+ channel options and all the while you can block out other conversations. Without any notable obstruction in the path, these radios can offer up to 36mile communication. This range decreases with increased obstruction in the path.

While traveling with these walkie-talkies you needn’t have to remove your hands from the handles or sticks to operate them. Because it permits easy voice and sound activation with 9 sensitivity levels for hands-free observation. This piece of convenience features the NOAA Scan and alert

Thus you will be getting upcoming weather reports off your radios only. It gives you access to around 10 weather band channels. It automatically locks on to the strongest channel that can give you the warnings. 

Also, the alert system will sound an alarm to indicate that there is a serious weather situation in your area! Additionally, the surface of this is made of Jis4 water protection that prevents it from being harmed by splashes of water or rain or snow in it.

Best Budget Ski Radio

Midland- LXT500VP3 Walkie-talkie 

How many times on the trails have you wondered how far the next charging station is?

How many times you couldn’t fully enjoy the skiing and snowboarding experience because you were constantly anxious about the batteries of your radio? How many times have you begged the universe to conserve the charge for that last mile?

If you ask me, I’d say quite a lot. So when I came across this new and advanced model by Midland and found out about its convenient battery usage, I was blown away. You see, this radio allows you to conserve battery when away from charging stations. How?

Because it has dual power options. Firstly like other radios, it works on rechargeable battery packs. And secondly, it also operates on 4 AAA alkaline batteries. Additionally, it also includes a battery life extender!

With these, you can finally let go of the niggling fear of being cut off and enjoy the rides to the fullest! Although compared to many other radios, this two-way radio features only 22 family radio service channels. Still, it is effective and It also sports scanning features that help keep track of activities. 

Of about 24-mile range communication without obstruction. This distance might be reduced in an obstructed path. A great thing about this radio is that it has excellent keypad control. 

That means there are keypad locks that prevent accidents, key pressing, or activation modes. The keys feature audible tones to provide response or confirmation

So, overall, in my opinion, this is the best ski walkie talkie for budget users who don’t want to spend a lot on radios.

Best Walkie Talkie For Backcountry Skiing

COBRA ACXT1035R Walkie-talkie 

Last year while snowboarding, I damaged my walkie-talkie by dropping it on a rock. It wasn’t clipped properly and the slope was extra bumpy. But no, those are not valid excuses, the accidents were all thanks to my clumsiness.

Taking into account my, erm..malady, my sister who is an avid snowboarder and camper herself introduced me to one of the most rugged and hardy walkie-talkies out there. Namely, the COBRA ACXT1035R is praised for its floating and waterproofing designs!

It is the orange core that makes it simpler to retrieve a fallen radio from the water!

Keeping you a safer and protected side, these beauties can provide a range of up to 37 miles. Now, of course, this is the longest and it might vary with the weather and environment you are in. But regardless, it is one of the longest ranges!

That said, I should also mention its 24/7 access to the NOAA Weather channels. This keeps you ready and aware of the upcoming weather challenges. It is because of this that you learn to be ready for whatever mother nature decides to throw at you!

Increasing the convenience of this particular piece of amazement works the feature of rewind-say-again. This feature allows you to play the last 20 seconds of incoming audio. So let go of the anxiety of missing out, guys you have another chance!

Its memory locations are impeccable. By this I mean, that the radio allows you to store and scan up to 10 channels or privacy code combinations. It also features Vox voice-activated transmissions

These require you to just speak and it’ll automatically work without needing any buttons pressed. So you have your hands free. Even the incoming calls are notified by the micro Talk radio’s audible tone.

Thus with all its long ranges, ruggedness and floating designs, weather alerts, memory locations, and call functions, COBRA is indeed a great choice for backcountry Skiing purposes.

Other Good 2-Way Radios for Skiing

best 2 way radios for skiing

Motorola T605 Talkabout Walkie-talkie 

This is one of my favorite 2-way radios for skiing that come with a stylish and rugged appearance coupled with waterproofing and float designs. Say you are riding by the size of the river and happen to drop your radio in the water. Now it is not possible to go fumbling in the cold water for the radios, that too in the dark.

The Motorola Walkie-talkie is designed to float up on the surface of the water so that you can easily retrieve it. Additionally, it is waterproof so no need to panic so much if you drop your precious communicator in the nearby waterbody (just ensure the water is not flowing fast). Interestingly, this radio also features a water-activated flashlight.

This makes looking for the dropped radio easier! The flashlight is both white and red LEDs. The red hue ensures that night vision is preserved without much hindrance.

Taking the safety of the users seriously, it permits users access to 11 weather channels. It also features alerts that warn travelers of potential weather changes and their effects. In case the NOAA doesn’t work sometimes, it is these and the 121 privacy code combinations that will give you a way out!

While traveling, if members of your group are wearing different radios, you can also communicate with them even if their things are of different brands. You just have to remain in the same privacy codes.

Ranges vary from place to place. For instance in mountains and valleys, it is 35 miles, in open water, it is up to 6 miles, and in extremely obstructive neighborhoods it is only 2 miles or so. It operates on 4AA batteries and is portable.

Retervis RY1 Radio Walkie-talkie 

Okay, so this is one of the few walkie-talkies that are exceptionally well-featured. My favorite part is its style. It has an ear hook and an air tube earpiece. This eliminates the hassle of trying to find the right kind of mounting or clipping place for your walkie.

Another thing that I love about this is its high-power design. While most walkies have long ranges but fail at communicating in front of obstructions like buildings in neighborhoods, this is one of the coolest pieces out there that has ultra-high penetrating power. That means be it buildings, mountains, woods, or whatever these will deliver almost uninterrupted audio output!

It has a squelch feature that you need to adjust between 1-9 and you’ll get the best kind of sound quality. Even the holding time for the 3000mAh battery of this radio seems more compared to others. While in use this allows almost 12 hours of use time; on standby, it gives 260 hours.

It allows non-standard CTCSS. That means you can have safe calls and even prevent unfamiliar signals from entering your channel. This is indeed an addition to the safety aid on skiing slopes or snowboarding tracks!

To keep the hands free to minimize the chances of accidents, the radio is operated by Vox voice transmissions. All you have to do is to alter the settings of the Vox in the computer first to make it automatic! And of course, with the loud emergency alarm, you can also hint your group toward your locations!

Because of its military-grade design, it has rules and can withstand falls and harsh elements. With these, you don’t have to keep thinking about damaging your radio under natural exposures. It can absorb shocks like a pro in case of up to 2-meter drops.

Dual antenna design leads you to the option of raising the antennas as per your requirements. Two custom setting buttons allow you to choose if transmission. For emergencies, you can press the side emergency button.

This will issue an alarm that will serve as your distress call! So, if you’re just like me, who wants to try new equipment every now and then, you can consider this as one of the best options for ski radio systems.

Motorola Talkabout T402 Radios 

Although resembling other 2 way radios in most of their features, the thing that drew me to this little piece of communication is its eco-friendliness. How so? This is because it is designed in an eco-smart way so that it consumes less energy when in idle mode.

That said, talking about the more conventional features. The radio provides access to 22 channels with 121 privacy codes for each. Thus with so many available combinations, it is pretty easy to find and lock onto the channel that will serve you best!

It operates on dual power. That means it works for 8.5 hours max on a NiMH battery. It also works well on 3 AA alkaline batteries for about 21 hours.

It had a 35-mile range. But that is dependent on the terrain and surrounding. So it might be reduced if the obstructions are greater. 

It keeps you updated with real-time weather updates. Providing you with 11 weather channels (including 7 NOAA channels) that give you alerts as and when required. This will keep you better prepared to face harsh weather conditions ahead!

It not only gives weather alerts but other small but effective alerts as well. It has 20 call tones, keypad locks, and a low battery alert. This alert is extremely useful because it helps you get ready to search for an alternative!

Finally, it has a weatherproof design of IP54 that comes with a built-in flashlight. This ensures you don’t end up in the dark in cases of power outages and unexpected emergencies. 

How to Choose Walkie-Talkies for Skiing

Walkie-talkie For Skiing And Snowboarding 

Decent Range

So why do we get walkie-talkies during snow adventures? To keep in touch with the group, right? Now, what if teammates lose track of each other?

It is not always possible to be within only a short distance of each other. Sometimes we can and we do fall back or digress from paths or just plain get lost. Thus it is always recommended to get walkie-talkies that have decent ranges of uninterrupted communication with or without obstruction.

This is a safety trick important for all riders alike!


This is the second most important thing you need to ensure in your walkies. Why? Because you see you are going to take these radios out in the snow, rain and who knows what. I mean you really cannot predict the winter weather in the mountains, can you?

You don’t know what you will face. So it’s always best that you carry a radio that is water-resistant, snow-resistant, and all set to fight against the harsh elements by mother nature.

Weather Alerts

Though you might be prepared with your weatherproof radios, still the weather uphill or downhill can change anytime. You, being on your skis or snowboards or snowmobiles, wouldn’t even have the time to find a proper shelter to hide your head before it worsens!

To avoid something so disastrous as being caught in a nasty mountain storm, you require a radio that can provide you with appropriate and ample live-time weather reports.

This is a must-safety precaution you should ensure you have bagged.

Rugged And Float Design

Now, who can guarantee that your rides and skiing will be smooth from start to finish? With the snow and rocks all around they can easily get bumpy and slippery in no time.

And this might result in you taking the fall. Though there is hardly anything to be embarrassed about it if your radio ends up damaged or in a puddle that is problematic. 

So always opt for a rugged and hardy radio to carry on the snow paths. And if they have a float design that permits them to stay afloat that is a bonus you just cannot ignore!

Great Batteries With Proper Alerts

Now, this is something that many riders tend to forget about amidst the other requirements. But you see it is not only convenient to have a good back storage of batteries powering your radios, but the question is of your safety too.

I mean if your radio dies midway without any warnings that is one of the worst things that can happen to you on snow tracks.

So it is better to always go for dual-powered radios that use alkaline batteries as well. And also ensure that your walkie gives you a low battery warning in time so that you atheist have the time to look for alternatives.

Should Have Enough Channels

While buying walkie-talkies for skiing and snowboarding you should keep in mind that you require options. So you would do best if you opt for radios that have multiple channels with numerous privacy codes for each of them.

This gives you the option of choosing from a large number of combinations. With so many available channels your radio is free to lock on the best, least uninterrupted channel for communication. 

Along with it, you should also ensure that your radio can prevent the entry of unwanted strange frequencies on your channels.

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