Best Ski Gloves and Mittens in 2023 for Warm & Comfort

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Skiing is a great way to get out and enjoy the winter season, but it can be hard on your hands if you don’t have the right gear.

That’s why having good ski gloves is essential for any skier—they provide protection, keeping your hands warm and dry no matter how cold or wet it gets.

With so many options available on the market today, however, finding the best ski gloves for 2023 can feel like an overwhelming task.

Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ve done all of the research and testing so that you don’t have to; in this article, we’ll review our top picks for best ski gloves & mittens in 2023. So read on to find out which ones are right for you!

Best Overall Ski Glove

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Winters are particularly hard on our hands. Be it while snowmobiling, skiing, or whatever you do, the issue of cold palms is a thing that can hardly be ignored. I have spent years cursing at the weather that makes it so uncomfortable for my hands!

But last year all my complaints were addressed and sorted by the new and advanced black diamond guide gloves. These pairs of amazement are just the right kind of warm. It is designed with an optimal balance that offers great dexterity, insulation, and durability!

This is one of the most lasting pieces because of the high-end materials it uses. For instance, it uses 92% nylon in the shell and the lining is done with 100% polyester. Nylon and polyester are pretty hardy materials that will protect your gloves and in turn your hands from harsh elements while skiing.

What I like about it is its use of GORE Tex inserts technology. It makes the gloves almost 100% waterproof, yet breathable. This ensures that my hands stay dry while holding onto the ski sticks, and also keeps them from sweating profusely!

The professional-grade warmth that it provides is due to the use of plus Warm Technology that is there with the removable liner. With warmth, comfort is also added as the liner features 170g PrimaLoft Gold and boiled wool 100g fleece lining. The 8% usage of spandex keeps the stretchability intact!

To make your skiing hassle-free, where you don’t have to keep worrying about falls and all, these gloves are made abrasion-resistant and the nylon used is a 4-way stretch. Allowing such maneuverability makes it one of my favorites!

For added protection, there is foam padding on the knuckles to keep you safe during falls. And the palm of these convenient pieces uses 100% goat leather on the palm and palm patch. When you hold those cold handles, trust me your palms will not even feel it!

You can go through our review to know more!

Best Budget-Friendly Ski Glove

ski Gloves and Mittens

SummitLoft Advanced Ski Gloves

I have always believed that one should spend as much as required on one’s needs. Needs, mind you, not wants! But eventually, I realized that almost all my savings were going behind the winter gears I bought for safety and protection.

Though, what could I do? There was no way I could afford to invest less and end up having to replace it again. Well, research on that dilemma introduced me to the SummitLoft advanced Ski Gloves. These are known for their budget-friendliness.

Costing just below 20$, the gloves are waterproof, winterized, windproof, and breathable. It is lightweight, and yet uses high-duty materials. The outer shell is made of nylon reinforcements. 

Adding to that, the palm is made of synthetic leather along with dual seams for effective durability and providing extra strength! I remember the first time I went skiing wearing this. Firstly, I didn’t even feel the chilled surface of the stick I was holding.

Secondly, even with continuous exposure to the elements, contrary to usual my hands were never even for a second numb from cold or freezing. Plus because of the breathable TPU membrane, my hands never overheated as the sweat was able to escape!

What I love about it is that it is designed to give an enhanced grip on objects you work with. These are what can be called the epitome of reinforcements as they are reinforced at every critical turn increasing their durability. This adds another point to your budget column because with these gloves, you can stop worrying about needing to replace them every winter!

Made to protect you at low temperatures, these gorgeous aids are made to tolerate the worst of the elements. Because of all the double seams, double-faced knuckles, fingers, and palms, they are great things to have around! 

And the best part is, they come in a large variety of sizes. You just have to figure out the right one for yourself!

Best Mitten For Skiing

Hestra Heli Ski Glove (Mitten)

I’ll prefer gloves over mittens any day. I feel that gloves offer far better options for dexterity and easier grip as compared to mittens. Despite that, I cannot ignore the impeccable features sported by the Hestra Heli Ski Mitten.

This is made of Army Goat leather is used in the palm and fingers, whereas the Hestra Triton fabric is used in the backhand areas. These materials are extremely durable.

So if you are skiing almost daily up in the chilly mountains or if your job requires working in the snow, this is your best choice. This excellent pair is windproof, water-resistant, and yet breathable. Therefore, if you are working long hours, with these beauties you don’t have to worry about sweat and sogginess.

They have great moisture-wicking properties. Along with that they also have heat retention features. How? Well, you see they are made from high-quality polyester fabric and it is these fabrics whose insulation capacity is top-notch.

Thus, even if you are working in wet conditions and you feel your mittens are drenched, your hands on the inside remain warm. By default, they come with a warm and cozy lining on the inside that gives the wearer a soft and comfortable sensation (as opposed to the coarseness felt while wearing many other mittens). But they are awesome enough to give you an option of removing or replacing them as per your wishes.

Now, coming to the parts that have made me like it so much. They have velcro straps on the wrists for better accessibility. Plus, they also have a snow lock system that keeps out the snow and keeps in your body heat. 

It uses the Easy Grip Design that molds to the curve of your hand to give the best fit. With the Hestra Heli, you get better fits, easy comfort, well-placed warmth, and even durability. 

best Ski Gloves and Mittens

Best Heated Ski Glove

SAVIOR Heated Gloves

Doing justice to its name these are the pieces that are indeed heated to provide you warmth. Most gloves and mittens In the market are sometimes insulated and sometimes claim that their materials are enough to have warmth. On the contrary, the SAVIOR heated pairs operate on rechargeable batteries that are ultimately responsible for supplying heat to your hands.

These battery-heated beauties are known to heat your hands rapidly and effectively. They are also lined by far-infrared fibers heating elements that cover the back of the hand extending up to the fingers. All you have to do is switch the heating feature ON/OFF and then you are also free to adjust the supply of heat through 3 stages.

Say you work at cold storage or a guide up on the snow mountains or a ski instructor. These require you to stay in the cold with chills fighting to penetrate your skin. To combat this consistent cold, the savior with its battery heating and adjustable thermal control is your best friend!

Made from 60% lambskin and 40% polyester on the external surface, these gloves are durable and windproof. Thus wearing them you can work under harsh conditions and be tension free about damaging them.

What I like about them is the constitution of the internal layer. This layer includes light and super soft peal cotton, other high-end heating elements, and HIPORA waterproof layer. These materials together with the external layers as well, make your gloves comfortable and breathable.

Stacking on the safety features, these gloves have a carbon shell around them. These come with additional and maximum joint protections! So be assured that even in the roughest and most aggressive rides, your hands are protected against the cold, wind, and snow and in case of accidental falls and scratches!

Best 3-Finger Ski Glove

Gloves and Mittens for skiing

Hestra Heli Ski Glove

With the upcoming winters, time spent on the mountaintops will freeze your hands. While there are some out there who either prefer gloves or mittens, some seem to have a problem with both. That category takes mittens to be a bit restrictive and gloves a little old school.

Are you one of them? Well, don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me, and this block of the article is exclusively for you. Why? Because it talks about the 3-Finger Ski Glove.

The Hestra Heli Ski Glove uses 70% leather and 30 % synthetic fiber. On the palm areas, these gloves are goat leather to give additional warmth and sturdiness to the materials. With this, your snowmobile rides are made easier because the goat leather is super flexible and provides great quality grip on the handles or anything you are gripping for that matter!

The synthetic fabric used is Hestra Triton 3-layer polyamide fabric.

This high-end fabric paired with proofed army leather gives you a windproof and water-resistant finish. The greatness of this fabric seems never-ending because it is this only that also provides a kind of breathability to the gloves. So if you plan on shoveling snow most of the time, or spend all your day on the ice-fishing banks clutching on objects, or if you are a ski guide required to hold those Ski sticks with utter control, Hestra Heli can indeed be quite helpful!

The warmth is not only provided by the leather but also because of the underlying lining of polyester or fiberfill insulation. Riding on snowmobiles in a chilly environment doesn’t have to be a punishment for your exposed hands anymore. Cover them with these gems of fabric!

The inner lining is made further comfortable with the Bemberg or Polyester lining. This high-quality lining keeps the hand comfortable without being too rough on them! The usage of an eagle grip also gives the most perfect kind of fit necessary for any winter wearable.

Without the proper fit, there is always a chance of snow ending up inside. To prevent this the Hestra Heli features a snow lock that when paired with strategically placed handcuffs together prevents the heat from escaping. Thanks to these guards, even a flake of snow wouldn’t be able to bother your skin!

Other Great Ski Gloves And Mittens 

comfortable Gloves and Mittens for skiing

SKYDEER Ski Gloves 

You have been skiing for a while. You are fully geared up to get protection against the chilled weather on the top. But after some time you realize that you cannot seem to feel your hands.

The reason is, that your precious gloves have not lived up to their promises. In contrast to that, the much-revered SKYDEER Ski Gloves are known to keep promises as well the wearer warm and dry.

You see, these faithful pieces of fabrics use 150gm 3M Thinsulate insulation. This is known for its lightweight and thin appearance. But they are also praised for their powerful work against extreme cold conditions!

The best thing is these gloves tend to trap the heat on your hands. Simultaneously it also allows unnecessary moisture to escape thus keeping you warm and dry. This drying away is achieved by the ultra-soft insulation paired with the moisture-wicking fast dry lining technology!

The palm areas are covered by 3M Scotchgard waterproof Deerskin suede leather. This is naturally soft, yet it is abrasion resistant. So wearing DEERSKIN Ski Gloves You won’t have to worry about hurting yourself or snagging your gloves accidentally. 

This is one of your best options for winter sports. Why? Because of the waterproof and windproof bladder design. This permits you to play as well as work in the snow as much as you please! 

Additionally, the lining is also made of skin-friendly thermal jersey. So wearing these for long stretches will not get that uncomfortable and the risk of skin problems is reduced too.

The gloves stay dry also because of the water-repellent nylon material on the back surface. It is this part that gives the gloves super flexibility, almost okay fits and it is not even that bulky. This part is mostly responsible for keeping the exposed part of your hands warm enough while snowmobiling, ice fishing, skiing, etc.

Burton Gore-Tex Mittens

Being a lover of gloves, I wasn’t ever updated on new types of mittens in the market. It was my brother who drew my attention to these gorgeous pieces of winter gear that are best worn on mountaintops and in chilly weather. Relatively simple in design the mittens are warm, waterproof, and amazingly effective in the face of the harshest weather conditions!

To keep you and your hands warm, the mittens use Thermacore insulation with brushed microfiber fixed lining. This design not only protects your hands against the blowing winds but also provides additional warmth and comfort from within. You’ll be doubting if you’re wearing mittens or have just stuck your hands under the comfort of comforters!

For additional warmth, they use a removable four-way stretch DRYRIDE Thermax liner. It regulates the heat in such a way that you won’t feel too hot but just warm enough. The gloves are made waterproof with a DRYRIDE two-layer fabric shell.

This shell is quite hardy and durable enough. This is coupled with the Gore warm insert. Together they provide a sturdy yet breathable membrane of protection against the chill.

With this, there is also a heater or vent pocket that can hold hand warmers. It can also provide additional ventilation. Use as much energy as you want, no worries about sweaty and slippery palms!

What I love about these is that they are touch screen compatible with its clever use of Screen Grab synthetic leather palm. Riding on a hazy snowmobile path, you can have easy access to the GPS screen. You don’t have to drop out the mittens every time.

best Gloves and Mittens

AKASO Heated Gloves

Compared to other heated gloves, the AKASO pairs are much more comfortable to wear. The primary reason for this is that they use 3M Thinsulate cotton. This cotton is relatively lightweight and provides you with ample warmth. 

The material has impeccable heat retention capacity that can keep your hands warm even in humid environments. It also uses carbon fiber heating technologies. The carbon fiber heating panels covering the back of the hands, fingers, and thumbs are already built-in.

They are featured to provide far-infrared heating that might stimulate blood circulation and warm your hands within 30 seconds. Say you were riding in moderately cold weather and randomly due to a bout of sudden rain, the temperature drops dramatically. To combat this sudden change you needn’t change the gloves, rather all you have to do is select a heat level and you are good to go.

The back of the gloves is also covered by a splashproof fabric. This gives you a surface that is waterproof but at the same time breathable enough. Additionally, the palm and the fingers are made from wear-resistant soft PU leather materials that give a durable finish to the thermal gloves!

It is also provided with a brilliant grip that keeps it in place and prevents any accidental slip-offs. You see, many gloves are not touchscreen compatible. And those that are, I adore them.

The AKASO Heated pair permits usage of LCD screens if mobiles, GPS, tablets, etc while wearing them. And finally, my favorite part of these gloves is their 3200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. At a high heat setting fully charged, they will last for up to 2-3 hours. For medium and low heat it’ll last longer!

Gordini 3 Finger Mittens

A shout out to all the mittens haters and the ones who are tired of the old-fashioned gloves: introducing to you one of the coolest 3-finger mittens with stunning features!

Made from 94% Nylon and 6% elastane, it is exceptionally waterproof and windproof. It uses the GORE Tex technology that not only offers protection against harsh natural elements but also provides breathability with a durable stretch woven fabric insert.

If you are looking for a glove or a mitten that can provide you with excellent grip in addition to warmth protection, then look no further. Because it is these gloves that use goatskin reinforcements in all the critical areas to prevent any kind of easy accidental tears. Your grip is enhanced by the textured palms of the gloves that are grooved and patterned enough to let you hold on to sled handles, skis, and shovels even under adverse conditions!

It comes with hand warmers that add to the keeping-you-warm features of the gloves. For the best kind of fit, it has a gauntlet cuff with drawcord closure and a wrist cinch. These additional features help prevent snow and rain on the skin of your hands by aiming for the most perfect fit.

But what I don’t like about these is that they cannot be machine washed nor can they be dry cleaned. Only hand wash allowed us to recommend spot treatment. So you must be careful about them and remember you cannot dirty them too much!

Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove

Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove is a great choice for any skier or snowboarder who wants superior warmth and comfort in the harshest conditions. This glove features Gore-Tex fabric, which is waterproof and breathable, helping to keep your hands warm and dry regardless of how wet and cold it gets outside.

It also has a zipper top-of-hand heat pocket that provides warmth in areas where your hands need it the most. The removable liner and storm liner also provides additional insulation and protection. In addition, Dakine’s feature-rich design ensures a superior fit for maximum comfort.

With its superior hand warmth through proper fit and construction, high-quality fabrics and insulation, and ultimate flexibility, durability, and comfort, the Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Snow Glove is sure to be one of your favorite ski & snowboard glove.

Spyder Overweb Gore-TEX Ski Glove

Spyder Overweb Gore-Tex Ski Glove is an excellent choice for any skier or snowboarder looking for a glove that offers superior insulation and waterproof protection. This glove features a GORE-TEX Standard Insulated Glove Insert, which is lightweight and breathable while also providing optimal warmth in cold conditions.

It also has conductive material for touch screen devices, adjustable wrist straps, a single-handed drawcord, and stretch recycled Repreve polyester plain weave laminate and DWR. It also has articulated fingers for maximum dexterity and a waterproof over-the-cuff gauntlet that keeps snow out.

In all of these, my personal favorite feature is the touch screen responsiveness because many times I have to check my smartphone, and this could be a lifesaver for anyone like me. The Spyder Overweb Gore-Tex Ski Glove is sure to keep your hands warm and dry, no matter how cold or wet it gets outside.

How to Choose Skiing Gloves & Mittens


This is the most important feature that you need to ensure your gloves and mittens are capable of delivering. The insulation provided by the gloves should be enough. And how do you understand that?

The easiest way to figure out the warmth of gloves is to look at the area of insulation. Now if it claims to only warm one part or some parts of your hand, it is obvious that the warmth provided will not be enough for lower temperatures. 

In that case, look for gloves and mittens that offer you warmth overall. Especially at the back of your hands. Because it is these areas that are mostly exposed to the cold winds and harsh elements of the mountain weather.


Now if you are planning to wear gloves and mittens on your snow adventures you need to ensure that they are waterproof. Because up on the snow tracks and slopes and mountains you wouldn’t be warned about sudden bouts of rain and snow. They are random but pretty common.

So how would you tackle them without something to keep your hands warm? You see, wet gloves can make your fingers go numb in seconds. So always look for gloves and mittens that will provide you warmth even in rain and snow.

Also, ensure that they have moisture-wicking properties so that your hands stay dry in case of sweating also.


Now, as I have said before I think that gloves provide better dexterity when compared to mittens. But that too depends and varies from person to person. You might not find mittens as restrictive as I do and that is completely okay.

But I suggest that while buying you should always wear it and check out if you can move your fingers freely. Another thing to check is the grip.

After placing the glove or mittens observe and feel if the grip you are getting is all tight or if is it slipping. To ensure this try and go for grooved or textured gloves that provide you with ample holding stances.

Cuff Length 

Ahh, so this is something many buyers tend to ignore. But you cannot. It is the cuff length that decides the level of warmth your gloved-covered hands can retain.

You see if you had shorter cuffs, they would not cover the jacket sleeves and might leave gaps between the sleeves and cuffs while stretching. This can lead to snow and cold slithering through that gap and penetrating your skin.

But longer cuffs ensure that cold doesn’t enter and touch your skin. It also helps your body to retain the heat. So people go for longer cuffs.

Touchscreen Responsiveness 

While traveling and journeying or even working in the snow, you cannot be expected to open your gloves every time you need to operate your GPS, tablets, or mobile phones. It is impractical and will make your hands go numb from the constant exposure to the snowy chills.

So to prevent that, you should always go for gloves and mittens that have touchscreen responses. And ensure that the touch screen effectiveness is concentrated at particular points to prevent any accidental presses!

This will save you time as well as keep your hands warm and dry. Thus keeping you comfortable all over!

Leather And Synthetic Material 

Most winter gloves to combat snowy chills use leather and synthetic material. But not all of them are effective enough. This happens because some of them do not use proper insulation. 

So while buying it is your responsibility to look for gloves and mittens that have the appropriate type of leather and synthetic in proper proportion with insulation and comfortable lining. 

You should also ensure that they are breathable enough so that your hands don’t end up being all sweaty and sticky.

Fit And Sizing

This is another important feature you need to keep in mind while buying gloves and Mittens. Because if you don’t have the proper size and the gloves don’t fit you appropriately then there is no point in them because if they are too lose you are anyway going to feel cold and extra tight materials are not going to fare you well in the long run.

Always look for the right size by the size charts and measurements. But even in the case, you don’t get a perfect size there are alternatives to opt for adjustable gloves and mittens.

So while buying try and go for gloves that have adjustable drawstrings velcro straps and wrist buckles that can keep the things on your wrist and ensure that they don’t slip off!

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