Best Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands: Tried & Tested Gloves

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How many times have you tried to change your ski gloves to get rid of the sweaty palm smell? Isn’t it embarrassing as well as inconvenient to have sweaty palms while wearing ski gloves?

Skiing is a winter recreational activity as well as a competitive sport. It is really important to have that perfect grip while skiing to maintain the balance and also to distribute the weight. If your hand slips due to any reason, it may cause imbalance and an accident could happen.

Sweaty palms, while skiing can be a major inconvenience and all your fun, will be ruined but without a ski glove your hands may freeze due to the cold weather. Thus, the ultimate solution to sweaty hands is to buy a ski glove specially designed for sweaty hands.

As you go through the article, you will get to know the different types of ski gloves available in the market for sweaty hands.

My Personal Recommendation

If you are struggling with sweaty hands, the Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove will be your best companion on your next skiing adventure.

It has a DriClime lining that wicks away any sweat and moisture to keep your hands dry even when sweating in the cold weather to prevent any sticky feeling allowing you to have a tighter grip.

It keeps the snow out with its waterproof Gore-Tex construction and drawcord cuff to protect you against any external moisture like the snow and rain.

Sweaty hands while skiing increases the coldness you feel, but the Primaloft Gold insulation ensures to keep you warm and comfortable. It is also extremely breathable to prevent overheating and sweating.

The Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove has the perfect balance of dryness, warmth, and breathability which is essential in solving all your sweating problems.

Comparison of Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands

 Marmot Ultimate Ski GloveMarmot Granlibakken GlovesVELAZZIO Breathable Ski Gloves
MaterialMarmot MemBrain Waterproof/Breathable FabricNylonFan-Tex membrane technology
InsulationPrimaloft Gold InsulationLightweight Thermal R Insulation3M Thinsulate insulation
PerksWrist Strap and Gauntlet DrawcordGORE-TEX glove insert insulationExtremely durable PU palms are equipped with rubber dots
SizeM to LS to XLS to XL
DesignCarabiner Loop to Hang GlovesGauntlet quickdraw cordsWater-resistant zipper pocket
Color3 color choices2 color choices2 color choices
Our Score94/10091/10086/100
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Best Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Best Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Marmot Men’s Granlibakken Gloves

Skiing and snowboarding are vigorous activities that can easily make you sweat even in freezing weather. If you struggle with sweaty hands, then the Marmot Granlibakken gloves are perfect for you.

Sweating in cold weather can increase the coldness you feel. These ski gloves feature a lightweight Thermal R insulation to keep your hands warm. At the same time, the DriClime lining is in your aid to wick away any sweat in your hands thus preventing clammy feel giving you a firmer grip and a more comfortable feel.

It has a waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX glove insert to keep your hands dry and free of sweat or any moisture. It also has a nose wipe for more convenience.

The Marmot Granlibakken is a gauntlet-style glove with quickdraw cords for easy removal with one hand while snowmobiling.

These gloves feature PU reinforced palm for durability, and falcon grip articulated fingers for an easy, fatigue-free grip for maximum protection and comfort.

The thickness of these gloves really keeps you warm and protected however it can also restrict you from doing things that require more control since it is a little bulky. The gauntlet-style, while it is very useful for providing more grip, it can be a detriment for keeping the fingers warm.

Marmot Ultimate Ski Glove

Marmot designed the Ultimate gloves to withstand all-day aggressive skiing and snowboarding with its exceptional dexterity.

The Marmot Ultimate Ski gloves feature Primaloft Gold insulation to keep your hands warm even if you manage to get snow past the drawcord cuff. This layer also allows you to have a closer feel and tighter grip on your snowmobiles.

It features DriClime lining to wick away sweat and moisture in your hands keeping you dry and warm while preventing stickiness to form in your hands.

It has a waterproof, breathable Gore-Tex insert to keep away any sweat from your hands for a dry and comfortable feel.

The face fabric is reinforced with cowhide leather in the most vulnerable areas constructed to stand up to professional-level use and provide maximum durability to endure constant use and all-day rides.

However, these gloves have a more breathable construction so it might not provide ample warmth when using in extremely cold weather or sub-zero temperatures.

Velazzio Ski Gloves

The Velazzio Ski Gloves offers you with 3M Thinsulate insulation which can trap the body heat and provides twice the warmth from other material. It is highly breathable and can lock moisture easily it is highly suitable during the mid-winter conditions.

It is made up of fan-tex technology which keeps the sweat in and ensures your hands are dry and warm. These can be a bonus during the snowing and rainy conditions. It ensures dry comfort by keeping the water out and sweat in. 

This technology also ensures to prevent sweaty hands and keeps your hand dry as it has moisture wicking features. Thus, it absorbs the sweat and keeps it locked in the glove’s fabric.

It also features zipped pockets that are water-resistant and you can easily keep car keys, ID cases and other belonging while skiing.

They have an additional feature in which the durable PU palms are equipped with rubber dots to increase the grip. They have an adjustable buckle wrist strap and drawstring closer which prevents the penetration of powdered snow or cold air.

It comes in three different sizes from which you can choose according to your fit.  Due to the adjustable wrist loops and cuff, it makes the process of removing or wearing the gloves easy.

They are naturally curved so are quite easy to put on. The lining inside the glove is movable and thus creates discomfort while moving the hands. The manufacturers have forfeited some dexterity to maintain the warmth inside the glove.

It is a perfect buy if you are in a budget purchase as it provides all the necessary features in a reasonable price range.

Tough Outdoors Winter ski and snowboard gloves

These tough outdoors winter ski gloves are a must by for the coming winter season to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. These gloves are made up of nylon shells which are 100% durable and waterproof in nature. Due to this feature the wet snow and cold air cannot enter into the gloves thus keeping the gloves warm and dry.

The waterproof technology of the gloves’ fabric also have the moisture absorption features which helps you in preventing sweaty hands and gives you the ultimate comfort while skiing.

It has a reinforced synthetic leather palm that provides the gloves with a maximum grip so that you can easily ski through the snowy terrain. These gloves are long and wide enough to go over your jacket sleeves. They come in different sizes so you have to check the sizing chart to ensure the perfect fit.

They have adjustable straps to tighten in two different specific areas so that they do not come out skiing. The gloves are provided with hooks to keep them together when unused. They have a thick material to maintain the warmth but not too bulky and is really soft inside.

The synthetic leather provides the flexibility to the gloves.  It generally comes in black color and can be used by both men women and children.

MCTi Ski Gloves

These MTCi ski gloves are made up of wind prove polyester which prevents the cold air from entering inside the glove. It has insulation made up of 3M Thinsulate which maintains the warmth inside the glove. The insulation is of type G which helps to keep the glove warm durable and versatile. It is very lightweight in nature.

The insulation inside the gloves traps and holds the body heat to maintain the warmth but allows the moisture to skip. It is made up of fan-tex waterproof TPU membrane which absorbs all the moisture and helps your hands to stay warm and dry all day long. It offers you with enough breathability and resistance to sweat.

The reinforced and 3D curved fingers offer you with maximum handgrip and resistance towards abrasion. It also comes with 3mm foam palm cushion which prevents shock impact and relieves you from the fatigues of the hands due to skiing.

These ski gloves are made up of high-density fabrics that provide you with windproof and waterproof features. The MCT ski glove comes with logo embroidery and has comfortable linings inside the gloves which are made up of high-quality fabrics. They also come adjustable wrist buckle and drawstring for a better fit.

It has a reinforced triangle stitching which enhances the resistance to tear and can last up to a lifetime. It comes with a lot of different sizes for both men and women just you have to ensure the size from the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

Why hands get sweaty in ski gloves?

ski gloves for sweaty hands

Sweaty palms are very common for snowmobile riders while wearing ski gloves. It is due to the warmth of the ski gloves that the rider suffers from sweaty palms. The ski gloves are designed to maintain the temperature in the gloves to prevent freezing of hands while skiing.

Thus to maintain the warmness of the hands, the temperature inside the gloves is slightly more than the temperature of the outside environment which causes the sweating of the palms. The sweaty palms are also due to anxiety, nervousness, and stressful situations while skiing.

Sweaty hands sometimes become awkward as your hands may start slipping while riding your snowmobile. This also can have a negative impact on your personality and style.

With the technology getting advanced day by day, the cloth designers have come with various different ideas to provide comfort as well as coziness to the skier. Nowadays, there are many ski gloves available in the market which is specially designed to reduce the sweat in the palms while wearing ski gloves.

How to choose Ski gloves?   

There are mainly two styles for gloves and mittens: Short cuff and Long cuff.

The short cuff can perfectly fit under the cuff or under your jacket sleeves. Long cuff fit over the cuff of your jacket sleeves which has a gauntlet style with a forearm closure.

There a lot of options available for ski gloves available in the market. With so many options, it can be quite confusing to purchase a ski glove. To avoid such confusion, here is a buying guide which will help you to choose the best ski gloves for you.

As you further read through the article, it contains all the comprehensive information about all the styles and designs of the ski gloves and the things to look out for before you of a ski glove.

Style and Design

This feature totally depends on your comfort and choice. If you prefer to wear the ski gloves under your sleeves then you should definitely go for the short-cuff sleeves whereas if you prefer to wear the ski gloves over your sleeves then you should look out for long-cuff sleeves.

The long-cuff sleeves are very comfortable to wear as well as remove than the short-cuff sleeves which use Velcro attachments for wearing and removing it. The short-cuff sleeves are universal gloves that can be worn in any type of climatic condition.

The Long-cuff sleeves are best suited for the winters, especially in deep snow weather as it protects your full hand and forearm as well.

Liners in the Ski Gloves

The liners in the ski gloves are of two types removable as well as sewed-in fixed liners. They can be used as a second option of light mittens/gloves. The removable liners are quite a descent. The only problem with them is that they are difficult to re-seat on the same correct position inside the gloves. It can also cause trouble if your hands are sweaty.

Thus, it is advisable to try on the gloves in the store and ensure that they do come apart and re-fix themselves to the correct position easily. The problem faced mostly by the skiers wearing removable liners is that the fit is quite loose and often the dexterousness of the gloves is compromised.

 The sewed-in fixed liners are preferred over the removable liners as they fit perfectly and do not move towards the shell while skiing. They are comfortable and are also suitable for sweaty hands.


The ski gloves come with different types of insulation materials. The insulating material can be of wool, Thinsulate, thermolite, qualofill, PrimaLoft, beathefil, cotton, fiber pile and natural goose down feathers.

However, it is not advisable to use cotton insulators as they can easily get wet and cold. They even take a lot of time to dry out. The wool and synthetic are the best insulators to be used as they maintain warmth. Even if they get wet and cold, they can dry off easily. The wool has heavier material than the synthetic thus the breathability is reduced in the wools than the synthetics.

The natural goose down feathers and PrimaLoft synthetic are preferred more than natural synthetics and wool as they are warmer than them but the breathability is still less than the synthetics and wool. They have lofty insulation which can be a bonus during harsh cold weather conditions when you need to have less nimbleness.

Battery-powered ski-gloves

Nowadays, with the advancement in the technology, the ski-gloves have now come with battery-powered heaters attached to the gloves. It helps to maintain the warmness inside the gloves and prevents freezing of the hands while skiing.

It seems kind of impossible and dangerous in theory as it can result in the toasting of the hands but when practically used, they help you to escape a lot of problems. These types of gloves have waterproof membranes that prevent the penetration of water from the exterior to the interior.

They come with thick and lofty insulation but are less breathable in nature. The only problem with them is that they are irrationally expensive.


The gloves meant to possess the feature of dexterity as hands are the most important part of skiing but you have to give away other features like warmth. They use non-rigid materials that stretch over time and can easily take your hand’s shape and size. They are highly breathable in nature as they are devoid of insulating membranes.

Thus they are not advisable to wear in harsh cold climatic conditions. The glove with maximum dexterity gives an optimum amount of grip.

The grip of the Ski gloves

This is the most important feature to look out for while purchasing a ski-glove as skiing is all about grip and balance. The best grip is provided by soft leather as they have high dexterity and are made up through the tanning process of the leather.

The leathers are also water-proof which keeps your hand dry and warm as they do not allow water to pass through them. They are soft to touch with the best grip.


Skiing is mostly done in the snowy areas as it is a winter recreational activity, thus this feature is an essential addition to the ski gloves manufacturing. Mostly, the weather is wet in snowy areas so the focus should be mainly on wetness protection from the outside environment.

The wetness protection membranes prevent the water to penetrate inside the gloves and keep it dry and warm and the low activity levels help you to lock the moisture of the sweat to keep the wetness out.

The waterproof membranes are generally made up of plastic bag liners to keep the water out and the sweat in.

These are some of the factors to consider before buying a ski glove for the best purchase.

Still, there are a lot of things you need to look out for before the purchase like your personal needs and desires.

Final Words

The above article provides you with all the basic and generalized information you need to have for purchasing a ski glove. We hope that this article helps you to find your perfect fit ski glove and you have a memorable experience of skiing.

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