Best Ski Boot Dryers in 2021: Portable & Durable

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If you’re looking for ways on how you can preserve your ski boots, then you should get a boot dryer!

You’ll be surrounded by snow which causes moisture. That being said, our common enemy in maintaining our footwear is molds and germs. Yikes, right?

Let the ski boot dryer do the job of drying and disinfecting your footwear every after use. Don’t worry, this dryer won’t cause any harm to your ski boots!

Check out the list of the best ski boots dryer in 2021 and look for the one that will best work for you!

Best Ski And Snowboard Boot Dryer in 2021

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

The DryGuy Force Dry dryer is a garment as well as boot or shoe dryer used extensively by backcountry ski or snowboarding enthusiasts who explore the snow-covered terrains. The enunciating and rotating ports designed in the machine lay flat to hold the heavy gears like ski boots firmly and carefully.

The Force dry dryer is designed especially for ski or snowboard boot drying but it also works competently and carefully for the drying of other items like shoes, ski gloves, and boots in almost one to two hours. This boot dryer used air with gentle force at a temperature of 105 degrees to quickly remove the moisture out of the ski boots. This technique of drying prevents the growth of fungus or bacteria inside the ski boots.

The is the best boot dryer for ski boots as it removes the odor that builds up due to extensive and aggressive use of the boots on the snow-covered terrains. The Dryguy force dry boot dryer can effortlessly dry your skin boots in almost one to two hours and also features a three-hour auto shut-off timer to prevent the boots from getting overheated.

The DryGuy Force dry boot dryer has proved its efficiency many times since its launch and always offers the best quality treatment to your ski boots. You will never have to worry about your shoes getting shrink or warped while drying off. The telescopic dry ports installed in the machine can reach heights even the tallest of boots.

The rotating and articulating drying ports can dry ski boots by lying flat after rotating the ports up to 180 degrees and reach the ski boots with a length as long as 10 inches. The Force dry also provides the customer with a six-foot power cord and comes with a one-year guarantee.

JobSite Original Shoe Boot dryer

The Original Shoe Boot Dryer is extensively used to dry ski or snowboard boots but also they can efficiently dry all types of shoes, gloves, hats, and accessories. This boot dryer rises the temperature of the air inside the ski boots and eventually dries up the damp, cold, and fusty boots ready for next use.

This shoe boot dryer is best for work, hunting, snowboarding, sports, fishing, gardening, hiking, etc. anything that requires your boots to land in cold, muddy, and wet areas. The original shoe boot dryer can reach places where one cannot even detect the wetness. The machine works silently without producing annoying sounds and is safe to use.

The warm air produced by the machine into the ski or snowboard boot dryer reaches the toes and foot of the boots. This original shoe boot dryer ensures to completely suck the moisture and dampness out of the shoes and prevent the build-up of fungus or bacteria in the shoes that produces a ridiculous odor damaging the entire shoe.

The Original Shoe boot dryer does overdry or shrink the items and is a trusted brand in the market of 2021. You can effortlessly use the machine as you do not need to move or rotate parts to dry the boots and as dry time for about three to four hours for damp shoes and more than ten hours for wet shoes.

The maximum rise in the temperature of the air in the boots is around 110 degrees whereas the minimum temperature can go as low as 98 degrees. It is quite cost-effective and offers desirable as well as reliable results to the customer.

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer

The portable and compact design of the travel dry DX boot dryer labels it to be the most popular ski boot dryer in the market. The DryGuy has got you covered if you are in a search of portable and handy boot dryers to carry on the road. It is extensively used by hard-core adventure lovers who are always on the road to a new expedition or adventure.

The Travel DX boot dryer comes with a lot of wires and cords that may look uncomfortable and messy but once you get used to them they would prove the best portable ski boot dryers in the market. However, these cords become handy for places where the outlets are high up on the wall that allow the dryers to stay down in the boots effortlessly.

This Travel DX portable dryer can also be carried with you as well as used in your cars as they offer the customer a 12V cigarette lighter already attached to it. When you need to use it on a wall you can simply insert the 14V cigarette lighter into the AC adapter using a 120V power supply to turn on the dryer.

These portable dryers are relatively quiet and can be used even if you are fast asleep in the same room. It is advised to check the fan is running to ensure that the machine is working. The integration of the traditional convection drying with forced air builds a hybrid system to dry the boots in less time than the other ski boot dryers.

The fan at the front end of the dryer pushes the air through the heating elements and spreading the warm air throughout the boot without even leaving the nicks and corners of the boot. This warm air removes the moisture and dampness of the boot by warming it up to prevent the growth of fungus or bacteria in the skiing or snowboarding boots.

The Travel DX ski boot dryer weighs around 1.25 pounds and can easily fit into your luggage without creating an unnecessary burden.

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

The DryGuy DX forced air boot dryer has a dry time of one to two hours for two pairs of shoes at a time and four garments at a time. The Force Dry DX has four individual ports that use gentle forced air to dry your boots, shoes, gloves, or garments.

The machine is relatively quiet and you can effortlessly use the machine without being irritated by the annoying sounds. The boot dryer has an 80K R-rated blower and also features an automatic heating timer for up to three hours with heat or no heat options. You can choose the heat or no heat option just by the flip of a switch while drying the boots or any other garments.

When choosing the heat option, the forced air will heat up to approximately up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit that is not quite too hot to destroy the liners in your shoes, boots, or garments. This dryer can be powered by a standard 120V AC household supply and comes with a six-foot cord.

The dryer stands 12 inches tall and comes along with two removable extensive tubes to dry boots up to 16 inches. The whisper-quiet feature of this dryer adds to the benefits of the user as they can use them even when asleep in the same room. The four ports available allows you to dry more number of garment, shoes, boots, socks, and gloves than in any other dryer.

The only disadvantage of this dryer is that it takes a longer amount of time and effort to dry gloves than the boots otherwise it is a smart buy.

MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove dryer

The MaxxDry Heavy-Duty boot dryer features four vents, 3-hour timed heating cycle, and an on/off heat switch. If you need to run fresh air through the boots without drying them up, you just need to turn off the heat. This boot and glove dryer has four ports or vents that allow you to dry more garments than the other dryers with two vents.

The four vents save a lot of your time by drying up more gears at a time. The Heavy-Duty boot dryer provides the user with removable extension tubes that can dry boots as long as 16 inches. The dry time for these boot dryers is around one to two hours depending on the amount of wetness or dampness of the gear.

The dryer features a central rotatory fan that quickly and efficiently circulates uniform airflow through all the parts of the gears assembled around it. The forced air will heat up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit that is not too much to damage the liners of your boot or garment or cause shrinkage of the boots.

The only disadvantage to this MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Dryer is the noise it produces while being used that can annoy you a bit and can be a turn-off point for many customers otherwise it offers the customers the finest features and dries up.

How to choose Ski Boot Dryer

best ski boot dryers

The ski boot dryer is a quite confusing item to buy since the customers do not have a lot of prior knowledge about the product and its efficacies. We have prepared a buying guide for you to look into while considering buying a ski boot dryer.

Type of heat

The boot dryer manufacturers design the equipment using three types of heating methods and they are convection method, forced air method, and integration of the convection and forced air method. The convection dryers are slow to circulate air throughout the boot in comparison to the forced air method that is quick in their action in drying ski boots.

The convection method of heating is relatively quiet than the forced air method while running. The dry time is also less in the forced air method than the convection ones however the integration of both these methods produces the finest output.


If you are an adventure enthusiast and travel around a lot then you must consider this point while buying a ski boot dryer. The compact, portable and travel-friendly ski boot dryers would be the best option as they do not take much space to store as well as run. However, there are small ski boot dryers also available in the market if the portable ones do not work well with you.


The number of boots, socks, gloves, and garments a dryer can dry at a time defines the capacity of the dryer. This capacity is determined by you whether two vents would be enough for you or four vents would help you work faster. However, it would be wise enough to invest in a dryer with multiple vents to dry multiple pairs of boots at a time.

Ease of use

The ease of use is an evident point while purchasing a whole new thing as you won’t want to buy something that takes forever to learn, understand, and assemble. There are some boot dryers available in the market that are relatively simple and you only need to switch them on. You can effortlessly use them without the hard work of assembling them.


The drying up of boots alone is incapable to sanitize your boots and can irritate your feet. Many boot dryer manufacturers use different sanitization techniques to completely sanitize the boots using minute amounts of chemical or UV lights. Therefore, it is suggested to always ask for the sanitation practices used by the manufacturer and ensure the details.

Final Words

We hope that this article helps you find the best dryer for ski boots or snowmobile boots to help keep your essential gears undamaged and durable for years after years of aggressive use. To find the perfect dryer always look out what is best for you and your requirement at the moment.

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