Best Ski Boots for Wide Calves in 2020: Perfect For You

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When it comes to the sexes, physiologically women are different from men. This is quite evident from the lower leg where women usually have a larger lower gastrocnemius muscle.

Men, on the other hand, tend to have a longer soleus muscle as a result of which their calves generally sit higher.

Considering the above points, each Ski boot manufacturer has a different boot design for dissimilar foot types. For women, they are more generous towards the lower leg by providing a flare around the calf to accommodate a bigger lower gastrocnemius muscle.

However, discomfort with ski boots for those with wide calves is something which is termed as a common problem. Therefore, listed below are some of the best Ski boots for wide calves.

Salomon QST Access 70 Ski Boots women

These wide calf ski boots are extremely convenient. They come with a customizable fit and are high on stiffness. Their strong grip helps in having a better hold on the ground and reduces the chances of slipping. They are extremely lightweight and comfortable to walk around for longer duration in heavy snow.

A 35mm strap helps in holding the foot securely, optimizing a smooth power transmission especially for people with big calves.

Women’s liner with an anatomic tongue, made of highly mouldable foams provides a better shin and instep comfort in all the sensitive parts of one’s feet.

Salomon’s own patented technology of hike and ride combines two things, the backbone release, and a specific V-cut shape usually found on the back of the lower shell. By combining both, Salomon has achieved to bring a product to the market which stands out from the rest.

Salomon spends a lot of its resources in R&D, clearly seen from the number of new technologies that they equip their ski boots with. Most of these are patented ones, such as the custom-fit comfort plus woolmetal.

Woolmetal is a layer inserted inside the shoes along with the liner, it assures you warm feet all-day, blocking the snow or cold water from seeping inside.

This progressive gear enables the wearer to freely enjoy and challenge themselves in the extensive and wild outdoors. 

Nordica Sports machine 80 Ski Boots

The Nordica Ski boots are designed for absolute comfort. The boots have an extremely easy entry.

The instep is made up of a very soft injection across the top of the foot. This allows even wide calves to slip in and out of the shell with heightened ease.

Packed with padding to keep your feet warm, it does not fail to provide much-needed comfort even if you plan on spending all day amidst the slow clad mountains.

Equipped with high traction soles that make walking on unstable and slippery surfaces easier for you. The boots contain tri-force constructions, which reinforce the sole and the rear spine of the shoes. This improves your control on the shoes and increases the responsiveness during the ski. It helps people with fat calves build confidence in the sport and push their individual limits.

The boot is perfect for someone with large calves and is an intermediate skier. It possesses micro aluminium buckles that prevent the boots from easy wear and tear.

The boots have a medium calf volume and are best suited for alpine skiing and snow skiing. It also provides the buyers with a range of colours to choose from – Black/Anthracite/Red.

Atomic HAWX Magna 100 Ski Boots

These boots provide an immaculate combination of comfort and wonderful performance. A medium-range of stiffness frees big calves for better movement and lesser friction.

With a width of 108mm, these are absolutely best suited for wide calves. They have an easy step-in zone accompanied by a wide tongue. The boots also provide a wider foot space that makes the entire experience of wearing it pain-free.  

It can be termed as the best ski boots for large calves and should be the first choice for intermediate level and novice skiers. Equipped with adequate stiffness to steer the skis without throwing you constantly in the back seat, reducing your speed. At the same time, it does not make it too overwhelming for you to manage the tight turns.

Also, best suited for skiers who are medium build with wide calves, who want to maximize their enjoyable experiences of every moment they spend on the snow.

The boot provides a legendary Hawx feel. It also has 3M Thinsulate Insulation which helps in keeping the feet warm even after spending an entire day in the snow.

Dalbello DS MX 90 Boots

Prudent product for the skiers between intermediate to advance level. There is a width of 104mm which is extremely comfortable and accommodating for wide feet. These boots are extremely convenient for those who have wide calves as well.

Dalbello’s boots consist of a Super comfort liner that is soft and loaded with plush padding. It helps in keeping the feet insulated and at the same time, it provides great support to the feet while one is walking along the unstable roads of the wild.

A DB hyperlight shell makes the boots completely lightweight, also providing adequate energy transfer which can give one enough control while skiing.

The MX 90 boots even have a 40 mm velcro strap attached to the boots. These provide a snug wrap across the shin and wide calves. It adds a rebound in addition to a forward flex resistance on each turn, a factor that is highly beneficial for individuals with fat calves.

The boots also have a medium instep height which is enough to retain the needed comfort and support to all the sensitive areas of the feet. Well suited to be worn while hiking on all kinds of mountain ranges.

K2 BFC 90 Ski Boots 2020

The K2 BFC 90 ski boots provide one of the best out of the box fits. The boots contain a rear co-injected Y shaped support that extends enough stiffness so that your ankles are not bent at tight turns. At the same time, it is not too rigid to cause flexibility issues, which might otherwise lead to injuries.

This makes them perfect for people with wide calves, who can now venture out into any type of terrain.

A rivet-free technology helps in integrating the cuff along with the shell and as a result, puts less stress on the boot’s material, providing a much more smooth and progressive flex.

The BFC 90 boot’s dual material overlaps in order to provide an intuitive and ease-filled hands-free exit and entry. Yes! Even for that part of the population who have large calves. These boots are well insulated and keep the feet warm even after spending an entire day out in the snow.

Perhaps, these are the only boots in this list that provides a cuff adjustment, by extending a single lateral sided cuff alignment of +/- 1 degrees. This ensures a tight lock for your big calves.

In addition to all these features, there are removable and interchangeable ISO 9523 alpine rockered soles which are collaboratively designed to work alongside the Markers Grip Walk binding system. A mechanism that furnishes you with an efficient grip, providing added comfort when you are walking or standing.

Things to consider before buying ski boots with wide calves 

Gender – When shopping for ski boots, a lot of women find a certain overlap in the sizing chart between the genders.

Depending on the kind of ski boots you want, you may come across one specially made for men or kids in the same size. Thus, while buying Ski boots, it is very important to specify the particular gender or range (age) of the person for whom the boot is being purchased for.

Difference between men’s and women’s ski boots

As we said at the beginning of this article, men and women are anatomically different. Thus, their respective boots will have differences as well.

The boots made for women will have a design that will be specifically suited for women’s feet only. A common misconception that women with large calves will have a more comfortable fit in a men’s boot. This thought is something that must be avoided all together!

All women, unless they are involved in any kind of race should make sure that they are purchasing specifically a women’s ski boot. Not only will they be more comfortable, but also it would enhance their ability and performance by offering a better fit.


The skis boots are sized using a system called the Mondo point. Mondo point is measured in centimetres.

There are several manufacturers who produce shells and liners which are stamped with a range from the whole to half the size. For instance, 24.0-24.5. from within the liner is a stock footbed or insole.

The stock may be available in a thick and thin version to create the illusion of a whole size. The stock insoles do not offer much arch support and are recommended by manufacturers to be replaced with an aftermarket pre-formed or custom insole to give your wide calves better support.

Ability level

It is important to refine the selection of the boots by the user’s ability level. It helps in greatly simplifying the buying process.

For most parts, the ability level of a boot is determined by the fit and flex along with the features that are most suited for a skier of that ability. If you are someone who has fat calves, this might be the most important aspect you need to look into while buying the product.

Final Words

After a little research, we have tried our best to pen down the top 5 Ski boots with wide calves in 2020 that we feel would best suit your needs. Along with the list, there are also some of the important things that you must consider before investing in the boots.

We hope that this article has provided you with enough insight and that this information will prove to be useful.

If you feel that we have missed out at any point or you require additional information about any of the points mentioned above, please feel free to reach out to us.   

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