Best Ski Boot Insoles & Footbeds for Arch Support in 2023

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I know it’s difficult to find good insoles for ski boots.

There are a lot of insoles available online, but not all of them work best with ski boots.

So, I did some research, and now I’m sharing my thoughts on the best ski boot insoles that you can buy. Don’t worry, they’re fully compatible with your ski boots.

best for ski boots

Masterfit Ski Boot Insoles

most comfortable

Superfeet GREEN insoles

Best value for money

Dr. Scholl’s Pain Relief Orthotics

best for women

Superfeet Hot Pink Premium Insoles

best for Arch Supports

Walk Hero Arch Supports Orthotics

Best Insoles for Ski Boots

Masterfit Ski And Snowboard Insoles

For winter sports enthusiasts like me, the insoles of boots are equally important as the boots themselves. Keeping that in mind and all features I would probably want in my desired insole, I’ll talk about one of the best insoles out there, namely the Masterfit insoles. They are renowned in the winter sports community as the painless inserts that work magic on the feet of men and women alike.

What I love about it is its auto-adaptive technology. This allows the insoles once inserted to mold and take the shape of your feet with heel and arch. So the next time you wear your snow boots, with the master fit insoles it is going to be a lot more comfortable!

Many times we land on hard surfaces and this can be hard on our unprotected feet. These insoles use Poros cushion that even if hard lands absorb most of the shock leaving you to enjoy the recreation only. There are 3 do it yourself fit-in sections that ate trim, trace, and then ultimately drop.

It also uses high-end technology like an Ergonomic Support shell. This improves balance and stability on tricky slopes on snowboards or skis. Added to this is the comfort cradle technology. 

It is this technology that keeps your feet dry and warm throughout the day even in chilled weather. It allows you to dit in low volume as well as regular volume bots with it. That means be it winter work boots or boots meant solely for winter sports, these insoles are a blessing both ways!

Dr. Scholl’s Boot Insoles

Dr. Scholls’ heavy-duty Boot insoles are like a package deal that is not even that expensive and yet sport the best of features. Specially designed for offering comfort to the feet of men over 200 pounds, these insoles are also Customisable on some levels. For instance, you can trim along the outline so that it matches your Boot size.

For the best effectiveness from the insoles, you should insert it with the fabric side up. This gives your feet a soft yet firm surface to rest on. Now coming to the impeccable features of the boots.

The insoles have full-length cushioning. This kind of reduces the impact of each step. Now, this is utterly significant if you are planning to use it in Ski or snowboard boots. 

With these insoles, you won’t even feel your feet sinking much in the snow as their impact is lessened. It uses Archgard technology to give the wearer’s feet reinforced arch support. This is the feature, especially for men over 200 pounds.

With this, their weight is distributed over a larger area. This addresses the health issue, as distributed weight reduces leg and foot fatigue and may also reduce lower back pain. It also uses shock guard technology. 

And this is my favorite part because with this technology I can land anywhere anytime with reduced fear. The reason being the shock guard absorbs most of the shock on the heel and thus keeps it protected.

So, based on my research, if you’re looking for the best ski boots footbeds at a budget-friendly price, then this is a good option.

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

Okay, so living up in the cold mountains and not ready to ski? That’s not done. But sometimes due to this very cold, it is our feet that suffer the worst. To combat that we need boots or rather insoles that can provide you with the required warmth!

One of the best Heated insoles is the Thermrup electric heated pair. These insoles come in various compact layers that include nylon, a 2mm EVA sponge, a rubber heating pad, a flannelette, and a power cable. But what I like about these insoles is their innovative use of infrared heating.

This is a rubber heating element that is waterproof and sturdy enough to hold against harsh outer elements. The heating component is such that the heat reaches deep and distributes evenly over the entire feet surface. Thus it keeps the entire feet warm and dry.

The insole is a free-size US cut that warms the foot from heel to toe. It works on a lithium-ion battery. It also provides the option of powering 4-level heat regulators.

This is great because with these you needn’t be stuck with only one set of heat. You adjust it with the changing weather outside. 

Cruv Heal Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Although meant as orthopedic aid in many cases, it is because of those comforting elements that they can be used as options with Ski boots and snowboarding boots. These boots address foot health issues and are designed in a way that you get the most relief.

My personal favorite in these insoles is the innovative design that sports a gel between that relieves the pressure on the pad of the feet. So if you are using it with Ski boots, you’ll automatically feel a difference as you take the first step into the snow. There will be less sinking and more holding up.

These boots are specially designed to hold up and equally distributed weight of up to 220 lbs. It also has high shock absorption and a memory foam base. So if you are skiing with these insoles you will neither be sinking your feet nor will you feel much shock on the hard ground.

Unlike many other insoles, these are quite breathable and allow ample air passage. This prevents any kinds of odors. Even the material is soft and firm under your feet.

Also contrary to many other insoles, this one has great TPU protection. This is capable of withstanding a weight of 220 lbs and provides support for the arch. Within a few days, you won’t feel the insole as it will get easily molded to the shape of your Boot and feet!

Dr. Warm Heated Insoles

Well, this is probably one of my favorite insoles for skiing and snowboarding boots. Why? Because of its remote heating and other Great features. Although designed to withstand cold, these insoles also protect your feet from harsher elements.

Till last year I was wearing insoles that required getting them off if I wanted to regulate the heating. But when I was introduced to Dr. Warms Heated heating pair of insoles I was floored by its claim of remote control operation.

Yes, indeed. Unlike other insoles this particular pair allows you to remotely regulate the heat so that you don’t even need to open your shoes. You just have to touch and button and you can have the what at whatever you want. Such wireless pieces of amazement will be an awesome addition to your skiing gear!

The insoles come with built-in batteries that can be recharged as and when required. With the well-placed heating property, this is one of the best options for you on the snow fields. This is the ultimate solution for your cold feet while skiing and snowboarding. 

It is quite easy to use with its intuitive user interface. Also, you can cut the insoles and trim them according to your sizes. This kind of convenience is also felt with the 4 levels of remote heat regulation offered in insoles whose main aim is to keep our feet warm and dry.

Superfeet Shoe Inserts

Okay, so this is the coolest sort of insole I have ever seen. I mean, even if we leave out the color (which is one of the brightest of oranges) even then the other features are equally stylish. Beginning with the material, the outer material is leather and that has probably added to the style factor.

But otherwise, these boots are designed to fill out the length and width of the foot. They also allow you to trim off the arch supports to give the best fit inside the boot for your feet. A unique thing about this is the stabilizer cap that is there to support the rearfoot and it also provides structure and stability to the foam layer.

With this, you don’t have to worry about twisting your foot in an attempt to maneuver on snowy grounds. These insoles will provide the required stability on unstable grounds. Another unique thing about them is the deep-heel cups.

These cups help heel pains at bay. Engaging in high-intensity activities that are quite impactful on your feet, it is these cups that provide support to your stressed feet.

Additionally, the soft foam cushion is also responsible for shock absorption in many high-impact activities!

Keen Utility Insole

Well, this is designed basically for men. Compared to many others this is not that awesome of a thing and I am not that much into it. But still being an insole it does have some redeeming qualities!

Okay, so firstly the good thing about this is its cushioning. Made from 100% textile and synthetic this insole has a premium, thick, full-length, shock-absorbing Cushing running evenly under the feet surface. The high rebound foam helps give additional comfort.

The heel is a vulnerable area and keen Utility takes care of this part with the insertion of heel cups. These cups are designed to provide much-needed stability in these areas. It also centers the body and feet’s alignments.

With its laser-like focus on heel safety, these insoles might be a great choice for skiing and snowboarding. These insoles also have anti-odor technology. Thus it will not only keep your feet warm and dry but also sports some microbes-producing enzymes that break down the odor of sweat and thereby keep away stinky feet!

Buying Guide For Ski Boot Insoles


Now, this is the most basic thing one needs to look for while buying sling or snowboard insoles. You see, there will be many insoles that have brilliant features except the heating ones.

While I am not saying that heatless insoles are useless, the fact is if you are looking for insoles for your Ski and Snowboard boots, then getting one without insulation seems pointless.

So I would suggest that you always go for insoles that provide heat to the feet. So that when you are skiing out in the cold, you don’t come back home with cold numb feet. 

Even while selecting a heated insole, try to look for insoles that offer you options for heat regulation. You see, you cannot have only one hat setting, that is not practical. You need to have multiple settings so that you can operate them according to the outside surroundings.

Shock Absorption 

After taking care of the heat provider and heat regulation, you need to turn your attention to the shock-absorbing features of the insole.  You see while skiing or Snowboarding it is very common that your feet might be prone to sudden shocks and impacts. Under the snow, you won’t be sure if it’s simple ground or some hard Rock to land on.

And if it is a hard surface then you are bound to hurt your feet badly. So to mitigate that and lessen the shock on your feet and prevent future injuries you should always opt for insoles with shock absorption properties.

Lessening Impact

If you are looking for insoles for ski boots, you might also want to look at stuff that can lessen the impact.

You see when you are skiing or Snowboarding and suddenly you have to step down on the snow to stabilize yourself or to maintain balance. These are critical times and you cannot afford to make mistakes.

But if that sudden step down is too impactful, then your feet will be prone to sink into the snow and that is going to hinder your balance. But if you are using an insole that will help to reduce the impact then you might land well and expertly be able to maneuver the situation.


Now, this is another important thing you need to ensure while buying your insoles. Okay, so one thing that many people tend to ignore or merely overlook is the comfort that the insoles are needed to provide. Now, this may sound a bit far-fetched but it is true.

Along With all the heating properties, shock absorption, etc, the insole also needs to provide ample and proper type of cushioning. For this, you need a thick foam layer. These foam layers over multiple uses usually tend to mold to the boot and your feet. 

It is also important because they are usually soft and yes, your feet need some soft surface to rest on as opposed to the rough or constricted enclosures.

Customizable Size

Again, this is one of the most understated but quite significant pieces of requirement in kind of insole. Though, these days most insoles come with timing or cutting for customization options still it’s better if you actively look for one.

The reason is if the insole is indeed customizable then you know exactly where to trim to get the best fit. There are usually grooves or lines on the strafe that indicate that yes from here you can use your scissors. 

And you must be careful with it to not damage them completely. Especially in cases of heated insoles, they have separate types of customization and you need to follow them.


Skiing is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of skill level. To maximize your comfort and performance while skiing in 2023, invest in the best ski boot insoles available on the market today.

With new technology revolutionizing how you ski, these high-quality products will keep your feet warm and dry all day long so you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable experience out on the slopes.

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