Best Ski Boot Insoles: For Flat Feet, & Arch Support

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Apart from being an adventurous and popular sport, skiing can be quite hard on your foot. The long hours of working on your foot while skiing can lead to muscle fatigue and improper posture or body alignment. These adverse effects of skiing can be treated by using ski boot insoles that offer support and stability to enhance your skiing performance.

In this article, we have picked five of the best insoles for ski boots in 2020 in the market along with the features offered by the brand.

My Personal Recommendation

Many skiers’ ride or die ski boot insoles are the Superfeet REDhot Insoles and it is for a reason.

A common problem for skiers is the uneven weight distribution that causes arch collapse. The Superfeet REDhot Insoles is expertly sculpted to bring comfort and pain relief during skiing.

The deep heel cut absorbs shock and position the foot in the boot for a smoother, more comfortable ride. It also maximizes your performance by providing structure and stability.

The shape is cleverly designed to help redistribute weight evenly across the foot to reduce stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. It also retains the shape to deliver reliable support and comfort.

The Superfeet REDhot Insoles make a world of difference in both fit and performance to your ski boots. Browse the customer reviews on the Superfeet REDhot Insoles and see how well skiers enjoy this product.

Best Ski Boots Insoles

Superfeet RedHot Insoles for Ski Snowboard

The Superfeet Redhot insoles are an incredible choice for snow explorers as they offer superfluous insulation. The insole is quite heavier in the front, and the foam included is incredibly thick to protect your feet from snow and ice. The Superfeet insoles’ construction is tremendously durable and exceptionally dependable for comfort and support for as long as 12 months or 500 miles.

The extraordinary impact layer of foam crafted in the insole offers closed cell sustenance and cushion to run lengths without tiring or hurting your feet. The shape of the RedHot insole offers a stabilized and steady movement on the snowy and icy terrains. It also helps minimize the strain on the feet, ankle, and knees while skiing for long hours.

The deep heel cup of these ski insoles effortlessly absorbs the shock and bargains a relaxed and charming placing of the foot in the boots. The Outlast adaptive comfort utilized in the manufacturing of the insoles offers to absorb, store, and release warmth in the feet’ surroundings. The thermal layer of the insole is made from all-natural coatings for a bacteria-free atmosphere.

The foil layer on the forefoot is impressively light-weight and resilient responsible to refract the cold away. The stabilizer cap in the base of the insole offers structure as well as solidity to the foam layer along with sustenance to the rearfoot.

  • A great variation of size
  • Durable nylex constuction
  • Good synthetic sole
  • High impact sole cushioning
  • Arch support can be improved
  • Insulation may feel cheap

Sidas 3 Feet Mid-Arch Insoles

The Sidas 3 feet mid arch insoles are specially designed for ski riders with a middle arch foot for comfortable and smooth positioning. These insoles from Sidas are made from incredibly fine material with a bamboo top cover. The sole of the 3 feet mid arch insoles are designed using a gel heel pad to absorb the shock and reduce the strain on heels and ankles.

The insoles are extremely light-weight as well as durable to resist the most extreme winter conditions. They are breathable and have anti-bacterial properties offering an odorless environment. The aluminum film featured in these insoles provides additional insulation to provide warmth and dryness throughout the day in the snow.

The extra support and warmth offered due to the perfect fit of the insoles replaced the tired feet with happy feet. The Sidas 3 feet mid-arch insoles for skiing are an incredible choice at a reasonable price that offers balance and warmth in parallel.

  • Cool build
  • Gel foam insole
  • Great cushioning
  • Aluminum film insulation
  • Can be hard to pull out when inserted

Superfeet Green insoles

The Superfeet Green insole is designed specifically for the skiers suffering from plantar fasciitis as they offer utmost comfort and support to the heels and ankles. These insoles are manufactured for higher profile arches that fit into the feet of middle to high arch skiers. The insole’s biochemical shape helps to provide stability and support to the foot to ski for longer durations in the snow.

The insole’s shape also minimizes the strain to the ankles and heels, allowing relishing skiing without hurting your feet. The stabilization prevents slipping on the icy and snowy terrain by keeping your foot in position in the ski boots. The deep heel cup of the insole also helps in the positioning of the feet in the shoes.

The deep heel cup is also responsible for absorbing the shock and protecting your feet from severe injuries. The insole has a foam layer, and the footbed features a stabilizer cup to provide structure to the foam layer. The professional-grade orthotic backing makes it the unsurpassed choice for plantar fasciitis patients.

The Superfeet green insoles are incredibly light-weight and resilient offering incredible sustenance and luxury for 12 months or 500 miles.

  • US and EU size availability
  • Arch support insole
  • High-density foam layer
  • Made of high-quality synthetic material
  • Quality is not consistent through multiple purchases
  • Many fake imitations

Easy feet Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support Insoles

The Easyfeet insoles are designed specifically to support your arches and are recommended by podiatrists for both men and women. They help reduce stress on the ankles and heels by providing an incredible amount of comfort and support. The additional cushioning in the insoles provided extra comfort and minimized the foot’s impact during high impact activities.

The Easyfeet insoles are responsible for improving the endurance of the skiers and allowing skiing for long hours without causing stress to feet, ankles, knees, and back. The insole’s soft cushioning pads have an incredible shock absorbing feature and also ensures appropriate realignment of the body.

They help improve the body’s posture by distributing the weight evenly, in turn reducing the pressure on the foot. The improved posture and the realignment of the body allow the skier to ski for long hours at a stretch. The Easyfeet insole’s sole is designed to reduce the friction and provides an anti-bacterial and odorless environment.

The u-cup heel along with hard arch support is the new advanced technology used in the crafting of the Easyfeet insoles to offer a pain relief and relaxed ski ride in winters.

  • Multiple size choices
  • High arch support
  • Offers great mobility
  • Premium cushioning
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Support can be improved
  • May be hard to put and take off

Superfeet Blue Insoles

The Superfeet Blue footbed insoles are designed basically to help reduce the stress on your feet and diminish muscle fatigue due to prolonged hours of skiing in extreme winter conditions. It also helps correct your posture and realign your body to support your arches while skiing in the snow.

 Many patents and technology have been used in the manufacturing of Superfeet blue insoles, making them the most preferred and comfortable insoles for skiing in 2020. The plastic cap on these insoles offers an arch that is incapable of breakdown underneath your foot. They are extremely flexible and light-weight to reduce the pressure on ankles and heels.

The snug shape around the heel pocket helps keep your feet positioned in one place rather than slipping around the ski boot. This shape traps your feet’ natural padding underneath your feet to provide additional support and comfort to your arch. These Superfeet footbeds are designed to offer stability as well as control while skiing in snow and ice.

These insoles offer more room for their toes after inserted in the ski boots allowing the toes and feet to breathe. The Superfeet Blue insoles have a lower profile with a thinner footbed and offer more space in your footwear.

  • Wide range of size
  • High-density foam cushion
  • Stabilizer caps
  • Super-sleek shape
  • Very thin
  • Looks a bit cheap

How to Choose Insoles for Ski Boots

The insoles for the ski boots are essential additional equipment to make the boot fit better by providing a comfortable as well as steady fit throughout the skiing. These are the few points to consider while choosing an insole for a ski boot.


The most imperative point while choosing an insole is its compatibility with your ski boots. The inserts for everyday shoes are exceptionally different from the footbeds used in ski boots as provide more than usual space for the foot to breathe. The insoles for a ski boot need to be thick and voluminous to offer comfort and warmth.


The insoles in your ski boots are responsible for providing support to your feet and improve your posture; thus, it is important to buy insole according to your requirement. If you have flat feet, then you should prefer an insole that offers arch support. A deep heel cup or stabilizer cup is suitable for a skier with overpronation or supination issues.


The skiing requires to be exposed to the extreme cold temperatures resulting in cold feet and hands that eventually lose sensation and deftness. The insoles made up of wool or synthetics such as polyester might help in providing additional insulation.


The insulated insoles can cause sweating in your feet and the moisture can lead to bacterial diseases and release of unbearable odor. The moisture-wicking property wicks away the moisture keeping your feet warm, dry, and odorless.


The sizing is an important point in the choosing of ski insoles therefore you should understand your arch and research the brand to have the perfect and comfortable fit.

Final Words

A perfect fit ski insole for your favorite pair of ski boots ensures the reduction of the risk of accidents while skiing in snow in extreme weather conditions. 

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