Apex Ski Boots Review: Should You Buy Them in 2020?

Ski boots are the most important gear for mountain skiers. In this article, we review the Apex Ski Boots so that you can decide before buying the Apex Ski Boot.

Apex Ski Boots have been around for almost over a decade and Apex is a well-known ski boots manufacturer. It has a two-part ski boot system, one part is the walkable boot and the other is the stiff chassis. The boots utilize a BOA lacing system for comforting the foot and locking the foot into the boot without causing any discomfort.

Apex Ski Boots Review

Comfort of Apex Ski Boots

Apex Ski Boots lacks any overlapping plastics meaning it has fewer hotspots and in general is a lot warmer and more comfortable. The new 2020 model is lighter than the previous models by 20% and the boot sole length is shorter.

The new models use fiberglass and carbon fiber so the chassis is lighter and stiffer. The chassis comes with the ability to change flexes, the little elastomers present allows every boot about 30 flex units of change. The boots with four forward lean adjustments where you can get 10 degrees upright 12, 14, and 16 degrees for leaning. It also comes with cuff alignment to do some minor customization.

Two-Part Ski Boot System

Apex Ski Boots have a two-part ski boot system with a walking boot that looks like a snowboard boot. The walking boot is coupled with the chassis.

The chassis is stiff and rigid. The chassis has got a spine and a large heel cup and a bridge that is present in a traditional ski boot but the front is left open to make sure however the walking boot conforms it is retained when we step into the chassis.

The walking boot is held in place by three straps that connect the interface. It is a lot leaner on the instep a lot narrower through the forefoot and many more points of contact. The walking boot conforms to the foot on a macro level easily between 14 and 20 points of contact utilizing a BOA lacing system. It is very easy to get into and out of.

Different Models of Apex Ski Boots


It was named after the highest peak in Colorado. This particular model is top of the line flagship model uses a double stack BOA with serpentine lacing. The walkable boot comes with 20 points of form-fitting closure with a reinforced external tongue.

The boot comes with an open chassis that provides an adjustable flex arm with four forward lean positions and a tunable A-flex suspension. The weight of the boot is reduced with the help of new nano lite carbon chassis. The chassis is equipped with a 3-point instep strap.

The boot liner is provided with a multi-density design with new plush high resiliency foam. The boot stays warm due to the Thinsulate insulation. The option of speed lace closure is also provided.


It is named after the Colorado 14’er, Crestone peak, the highest summit of Crestone’s. The walkable boots consist of 14 points of closure and two BOA closure points. The outsole is provided with Apex high traction. The external tongue is designed to secure closure and effective water shedding.

The open chassis comes with adjustable flex arm with four forward lean positions and tunable A-flex suspension which provides three flex settings. The boot liner has a multi-density heat-moldable liner with dual density ergonomic insole.


It is named after the Colorado 14’er, Blanca peak, the highest summit of Sierra Blanca Massif. It is based on the XP architecture.

The walkable boots with 14 points of closure with two BOA closure zones. The outsole is provided with Apex high traction. The external tongue is designed for securing closure and water-shedding. The open chassis comes with adjustable flex-arm with four forward lean positions. A tunable A-flex setting providing three flex. Medial and lateral cuff alignments are present for superior closure and comfort.

The boot liner is equipped with multi-density heat moldable liner with dual density ergonomic insole.

FAQ about Apex Ski Boots

Can Apex Boot liners be heat molded?

Yes, boot liners can be heat molded. It has a fully heat moldable liner on the inside so the micro contours of the foot also get adjusted.

Can I use the Apex walkable boot as a snowboard boot?

Yes, you can use the Apex walkable boot as a snowboard boot. The boots have more lateral stiffness than your regular snowboard boots. Stiffer boots deliver more power and this makes them high performing.

Are the Apex Ski Boots compatible with all the Alpine bindings?

Yes, it is compatible with all the Alpine bindings of any brand.

What is BOA closure system in Apex Ski Boots?

The Apex Ski Boots uses BOA reel and stainless steel cable lacing system. The fitting of the boot is achieved through the boa system.  Apex Ski Boots have a two-zone BOA system, the side dial closes the lower half of the boot and the front dial closes the upper half of the boot. The BOA closure system holds the foot in place, the buckles hold the chassis onto the walking boot.

Final words

Choosing the best ski boots can be a complicated task. But this can be done by keeping a few things in mind like the boots flex and the right size. Boots flex is the power that is transferred to the edges of the skis for movement. If your boots are comfortable then you are definitely going to perform well on the ice.

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