Is Snowmobiling Safe for Pregnant Women?

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Watching someone snowmobiling would urge your desire to try it, too!

Everyone could try snowmobiling. Initially, like most other sports it was popular among men but now women are starting to mark their presence in this sport. 

However, is snowmobiling safe for pregnant women? You might be worried about the trail, bumps, and even the trees around! Complete gear and accessories, a quality snowmobile, and knowing the precautions could make this possible!

Let’s learn more if snowmobiling is safe for pregnant women in this article.

Is It Safe for Pregnant Women To Go for Snowmobiling?

Snowmobiling while pregnant

It is not unlikely to see pregnant women working hard through their pregnancy, and with proper care taken, a pregnant woman can do many things in a safe environment, and snowmobiling is one such thing.

Many women who have all their lives rode a snowmobile and have it as a burning passion in them, it is quite difficult to stay away from the sled.

This has been a debatable topic of whether a pregnant woman can ride a snowmobile or not. You may often find a doctor having a stand against it, which is only understandable, but there are many examples of women who have ridden carefully during their pregnancy.

Nevertheless, it is always wise to consult your obstetrician before you decide to go for a quick jaunt on your sled and only step out with proper precautions if you manage to get a green signal from your obstetrician.

Precautions for Pregnant Women While Snowmobiling

There are a basic set of precautions that every woman should take before considering snowmobiling.

  • Consulting your obstetrician before you decide to hit the snow is a must. A pregnancy-related condition such as preeclampsia or if the woman is carrying multiple babies or if there is a history of complications, in such situations, it is best to have a word with your doctor before continuing with your journey!
  • It is best to avoid routes that can cause jarring rides as that could compromise with the pregnancy. Bumps and jolts may pose a threat to the mother, and the amniotic sac protects the baby as the fetus; however, a hard blow to the mother’s abdomen can abrupt the placenta in the early trimesters and eventually lead to a miscarriage at a more mature stage of pregnancy.
  • A pregnant woman should keep eating in short intervals and keep themselves hydrated. Always remember to carry small snacks and enough water or any fluid of preference with you to keep snacking and hydrating throughout the day with electrolyte-rich drinks to sufficiently maintain the blood sugar level and replenish the lost fluids.
  • Keep a watch for signs of nausea, shortness of breath, leakage of amniotic fluid, bleeding and headaches, or any other discomfort. At the slightest sign of any of such symptoms, make your way back home to your safe space or seek medical assistance.
  • Go for the trip with your close circle who is well aware of your condition and are forever ready to jump in if there requires any safety intervention.
  • The material of your clothing should be comfortable, breathable, and waterproof that ricks away any moisture or sweat to keep the would-be mother dry and also prevents her from overheating. The clothing should also be wind-cheater so that the expecting mother does not catch a bad cold, and it should keep herself just warm enough to be more confident while riding.
  • To keep in mind to not drift away to the unfamiliar region and lose track of your trail. Make use of a sound snowmobile GPS. Keeping your rides easy is the only safe way to go about it. To be moving about on snow on a vehicle is already adventurous enough on pregnancy, you do not need tougher challenges that could put your baby’s life at risk.
  • Lastly, if you have second thoughts about it, drop the plan and go with your intuition because you know your body better than anyone else.

How Can Pregnant Women Enjoy Snowmobiling?

pregnant women snowmobiling

Consult Your Doc

Let your doctor know and get a pre-ride checkup done and get your doctor’s take on the condition so that when you are in the snow, you can enjoy snowmobiling with confidence and no worries.

A Good Quality Snowmobile

Always ride a good quality snowmobile, make sure it’s running fine so that it does not break down mid-ride, putting you in a high-risk predicament. One should have the snowmobile serviced before the season arrives. A right snowmobile will make it much easier for the rider and will be safer for a pregnant woman to ride it.

Proper Gear

If a passionate woman rider is expecting, the only best way to go snowmobiling is by getting proper gear for the ride. If you are planning, be prepared with larger-sized snow-thermals, different layers of clothes as the old gear would not fit anymore. Invest in good gloves to keep your hands warm. The fabric of the clothing should be such that it aids flexibility while riding and keeps moisture at bay, keeping the mother warm.

Riding Accessories

It is important to ride with reliable helmets and boots on. A good pair of snowmobiling sunglasses play a vital role in adding to the comfort of riding by providing the right field of vision without making your glasses foggy as well as by preventing harmful UV rays from affecting your eyes.

Well Packed Gear Bag

A snowmobile backpack with all necessary gear must be carried by the expecting mother, this bag should ideally include snacks, fluids, vitamins, medicines(if any), proper extra pairs of clothing, bathroom supplies, and everything else a pregnant woman might need. With such preparation, pregnant women can enjoy snowmobiling with hardly any worry.

Final Words

While one might take all the necessary precautions and still meet with an unfortunate accident during a ride because getting hit by fellow snowmobilers is not under her control, someone else might not want to risk it, to each their own. This article does not endorse snowmobiling while pregnant; however, it only provides the essential information that one should be aware of before hitting snow during a pregnancy.

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