Best Snowmobile GPS in 2019 With Reviews

There is no better way to enjoy a snowy landscape than going snowmobiling. If you are being a thrill seeker than you can try riding the woods, but if you just want to enjoy the snowy ride, then you can simply drive the wide snowy plains.

Either way, you will need a snowmobile GPS to be in control of where you are. In this article, we will discuss the best snowmobile GPS for the year 2019, so that you can use your favourite in your next snowmobile expedition.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Snowmobile GPS

Best Snowmobile GPS in 2019

A snowmobile GPS is a very handy tool. Many people use the GPS service on their smartphone, but it is always recommended to use a snowmobile GPS instead. In any case, there are plenty of things you need to consider before finally deciding which GPS unit to buy.

Given below are all the things that you need to consider before buying your GPS for snowmobiling.

Battery Life

The battery life of the GPS is one of the most important things you need to check. The GPS should offer a long battery life and should not cause any battery drainage problems. If the battery life is not considered before you start the ride, then the GPS might shut off in between, making it difficult for you to reach your destination.

User Friendly

The GPS system you are willing to buy should offer easy access to all its features. Choosing a GPS that has complicated features will only make it difficult for you to figure out the correct route. Therefore, look for a GPS which has user friendly options, simple to use and can show you the way easily.

Durability and stability

Snowmobiling terrains are usually not so smooth. You are bound to go through rough and bumpy areas. In those times, your GPS for snowmobile should be durable enough to sustain the reflex shocks and should be working properly in those conditions as well. A good working GPS will never lose its functionality on any given terrain.

Screen and Font Size

The screen size of the GPS you wish to buy should be big enough for you to comfortably see the contents on the screen, but not too big that it becomes difficult to carry. Also, the font should not be too small so that it becomes too difficult to read and not too big that it occupies the entire screen.


One of the most important things that most people forget to consider is whether the GPS they had bought fits on your snowmobile or not. If it is not compatible with it, then there is hardly a way in which you can use it. Therefore, make sure to consider the snowmobile model you own so that you buy a GPS system that is compatible with it.

Cold Sustainability

Snowmobiling is obviously a snow sport, which means that the temperature will be extremely low. Your GPS unit should be able to sustain extreme cold temperatures and should be able to work in those conditions as well. So make sure to check the highest negative temperature the device can handle before buying it.

Detailed Trip Logs

You obviously want to record every statistic of the trips you go to. So, your GPS device should have a feature that measures all the necessary details of the trip and records it for later viewing. The details that your GPS should be able to record include total time taken, total distance covered, maximum speed, and so on.

Accurate Map

Your GPS device should obviously have an up-to date and a very accurate map of the terrain. If the map is not accurate, then there is a high possibility for you to lose your way. However, if your GPS has an accurate map, then it will allow you to freely explore even the deepest parts of the terrain without any fear or sense of getting lost.


The brand that makes the GPS device is a very important factor. This is mainly because cheap unbranded GPS devices are just not worth the risk. You can buy a cheap GPS system, but that will not give you any proper guarantee of any of the device’s features. Hence, always make sure to buy a GPS device from a trusted and highly reputed brand.

How to Set your GPS for Snowmobiling?

Before beginning your snowmobiling campaign, you need to get your GPS ready for the journey. If you have a new GPS device, it would probably be updated with the latest set of maps. However, if you are using an old device, then you may have to download the updated set of trail maps.

You can easily download your trail maps from Red Pine Mapping or any other genuine online source you have. All you have to do is download the map, save it to a memory card and then plug it into your GPS device. Once done, switch the device on and select the new map set and you are good to go.

When it comes to mounting your snowmobile GPS to your ride, you can use simple suction-cup mounts. However, if you want your GPS mount to be stronger, then you can use “sticky mount post”, which strongly sticks to the dash board and does not come off even in heavy wind conditions.

Apart from this, if your GPS works on battery, then you can make do without anything else. However, if you have a plug and play type of GPS, then you may have to attach a 12V DC power source on your motor to power the GPS at all times.

Why should you use a GPS Unit instead of a Smartphone?

We all know that even Smartphones have GPS built in them. Many people do prefer using the smartphone GPS instead of buying a separate GPS device for snowmobiling. This happens mainly because the smartphone GPS is usually very accurate, and so using it can save a good amount of money that would otherwise be spent on buying a separate GPS.

However, there are plenty of reasons for you to not use your smartphone GPS and instead use a separate GPS unit for snowmobiling. The most common reasons to avoid using smartphone GPS for snowmobiling are mentioned below.

  • Smartphones have accurate GPS, but they usually have a low battery life, which means that using the GPS continuously can drain your phone’s battery life causing you even more problems.
  • Smartphones are generally built to use in normal temperatures, but can handle cold and hot temperatures to a certain extent, therefore, there is a good chance that your smartphone’s functionality can be affected in extremely cold areas.
  • Most of the GPS devices in 2019 offer device usage even through gloves, while this feature is not yet that common in smartphones, if your smartphone device does not offers this feature, then you may have to remove your gloves every time you want to use your phone.
  • One of the most important things is that smartphone’s GPS works on the internet connection through phone, but in most snowy areas there are high connectivity issues making it difficult for you to operate GPS in those areas.

Apart from these, there can be plenty of other reasons for you to avoid using a smartphone as a GPS for snowmobiling. The most recommended option is to buy a separate GPS device and mount it on your snowmobile. This way, you will not have to go through any of the above problems.

Best Snowmobile GPS in 2019

GPS for snowmobiling

There are plenty of good snowmobile GPS devices available in the market today. However, only a handful of those can be considered as the best snowmobile GPSs. Given below are the best snowmobile GPSs to buy in the year 2019.

Garmin Montana 619

GPS devices from Garmin have been extremely popular since a last few years. So, even this wonderful GPS device model by Garmin works amazingly to provide the best GPS experience ever. It comes with almost every necessary feature there is and has a quick location detecting mechanism that never lets you get lost.

With this beautiful GPS device you can see everything around you clearly. The GPS device has a cool navigation system that can even detect waypoints, tracks, routes and store detailed logs. Garmin Montana 619 offers everything you need to comfortably go on a snowmobiling campaign without having a fear of getting lost ever. The pros and cons of Garmin Montana 619 are discussed below.


  • Comes with 250000 pre-loaded geocaches for accurate map
  • 1 year bird’s eye satellite imagery subscription is included with the purchase for a clear view of your surroundings
  • It has a dual-orientation touchscreen and is readable in sunlight as well
  • It can locate your position very quickly thanks to its high sensitivity, WAAS enabled GPS receiver, Hotfix satellite prediction and GLONASS support
  • This GPS unit is also capable of organizing and navigating through deep canyons and heavy covers as well
  • Very easy to mount and use on almost all types of snowmobiles
  • The 4 inches dual orientation touch screen also works after wearing gloves


  • Relatively pricier than other GPS device models
  • A little complicated to use, adjust settings and load new maps
  • Doing simple tasks may require going through many number of steps
  • The SD card memory cannot be used for loading geocaches

Garmin eTrex 30x

This is another GPS device by Garmin that is one of the best GPS options in the year 2019. It is fully loaded with interesting and useful features, which will make you feel comfortable even while exploring the deepest canyons and heavy covers.

Garmin eTrex 30x is not just a simple GPS device, but a unique one which is compatible with various types of maps such as TOPO 24K, HuntView, and BlueChart g2. Additional to this, the eTrex 30x is also loaded with BirdsEye satellite imagery for a clear view of your surroundings.

This amazing GPS unit can also do plenty of other things such as tracking the temperature changes and using it to pinpointing the exact altitude of your position. The readings provided are so accurate that you can even use it to plot barometric pressure over time.

In any case, the most intriguing feature of this GPS system is that you can use the device to wirelessly share the geocaches, waypoints, tracks and routes with other compatible devices. All things considered, this wonderful tech piece is one of the best GPS devices of 2019.


  • Comes with an upgraded display that features a 2.2” 65K colour screen which is clearly readable even in sunlight
  • The device offers a 3.7 GB internal storage memory along with the SD card slot that allows you to load a large variety of maps which includes TOPO 24K, HuntView, BlueChart g2, City Navigator NT and even BirdsEye Satellite imagery
  • It also includes a worldwide basemap with shaded relief
  • It comes with built-in sensors which includes 3-axis tilt compensated electronic compass and a barometric altimeter that locates your altitude precisely and even tracks pressure changes
  • You can even wirelessly share geocaches, waypoints, tracks and routes with other compatible devices easily
  • Is available at a reasonably affordable price


  • Has a slightly smaller screen
  • Cannot use the GPS unit without gloves, making it difficult for snowmobilers to use it on the way

Magellan TR7 Street and GPS Navigator

No matter what type of snowmobile you are using, Magellan TR7 Street and GPS Navigator is just the thing you need to easily manoeuvre through the deep canyons and heavy covers. Fully loaded with features and functions, this GPS unit is perfectly suitable for both beginners and experienced sportsmen.

With a 7” high resolution touch screen, Magellan TR7 offers a turn by turn navigation system that will comfortably show you the way in healthy woods or in populated cities. It is already pre-loaded with a US base map and around 6000 points of interests.

Apart from this, one can easily use this GPS device mark important waypoints and save your recent tracks and snowmobile adventures. The device also has a very user friendly interface that allows you to easily set the navigation settings according to your own suit.

Moreover, Magellan TR7 brings out of the box feature such as getting off track notifications, earning achievements and even sharing them on social media with a simple touch. You don’t even need a data connection for this device to work, all you need to do is switch on the GPS unit and you are set to go.


  • Fully loaded with features and functions, suitable for both beginners and experts
  • 7” high resolution touch screen for easy and comfortable viewing
  • Turn by turn navigation system for the most comfortable navigation
  • Preloaded with 115,000 trail maps across 50 US states along with detailed topo and street maps for US and Canada 
  • Free maps and software updates for lifetime over Wi-Fi
  • No data connection required, just switch the device on and you are good to go


  • Relatively pricey when compared to other GPS units
  • Minor details still need working on, for instance, no confirmation is given even after the SD Card is inserted
  • Out of all the pre-loaded trail maps, you will have to enter the exact words to find successful search returns, also expect a few spelling mistakes on trail names making it even more difficult to locate

Magellan TR5 Street and GPS Navigator

Much like its successor TR7, Magellan TR5 is also an excellent GPS unit. With plenty of features and functions to keep you on track, Magellan TR5 never disappoints you on your adventure. With just a single touch, this GPS device starts tracking while you are driving on the base map. Moreover, it automatically starts recording your trail for future references.

While recording your own trail track, TR5 gives you plenty of options to customize your route, add waypoints and points of interests, mark hotels and other important pit stops, and even highlight the most adventurous observations of the trail.

You can even add photos and more on your waypoints, all of which will appear once you log and save your trail track. You can even publish your customized trail map, which can be used by other free roaders who are there to explore the region.


  • 5” high resolution touch screen for clear visibility
  • Offers turn by turn clear navigation for easy and comfortable run
  • Pre-loaded with 115000 authorized trails across 50 US states and is also loaded with topo and street maps of US and Canada
  • You can freely download maps and update the software for lifetime over Wi-Fi
  • Has plenty of useful features for both beginners and experts
  • Backtrack feature allows to trail back to the starting point of the ride
  • Allows easy customization of trails, such as adding waypoints, point of interests, observations, obstacles and places to avoid, and much more
  • You can even add photos and more to your trails and can save and publish for other adventurers to use it
  • Can be comfortably mounted on most of the snowmobiles and ATVs
  • Free software updates and downloadable maps for lifetime


  • Relatively smaller screen, making it difficult to adjust waypoints and save points of interests
  • Can be used while driving as well, but customization works best only if you stop driving
  • No gloves touch screen feature enabled
  • Not water or dust resistant, making it vulnerable in heavy rains and stormy situations

Trail Tech 922-122 Route Tracker

If you are waiting for a super cool GPS device to buy, then your wait is over. Trail Tech 922-122 offers everything you need to go on a wonderful off road adventure, either solo or even with an entire group of 20 members. You can easily track your ride group members and connect to them on intercom as well.

This GPS unit comes with all the important features and functions you need to identify a waypoint and secure it. The coloured maps, which includes topography, shaded hills, track support and much allows you to comfortably enjoy the ride without getting lost.

The device also offers Bluetooth connection using which you can comfortably connect your smartphone and access important features such as phone and media controls. You can fully control your music through your GPS by changing tracks and even the source you are playing from.

However, the screen size is relatively small, but still offers glove support which makes it easy to use while driving and without removing your gloves. Apart from this, the screen is clearly visible in all conditions, even in direct sunlight. All things considered, this GPS device is one of the best GPS options you have in the year 2019.


  • Comes with downloaded North American maps, but also allows downloading of all the maps of other regions for free
  • Bluetooth option enables you to connect your smartphone and manage your calls and media services through the device itself
  • Fully control your music by changing the songs and even the source of music on your smartphone
  • Easily join the ride with up to 20 members and track them through your GPS in real time
  • GPS device also displays speed, temperature, altitude, distance and even voltage
  • The 4” glove friendly screen allows you to use the device without removing gloves, even while driving
  • Rated IP67 for water and dust resistant
  • An extremely user friendly interface, making it easy for you to access all kinds of features


  • Small screen size, can sometimes prove difficult to use and view
  • Not mountable on all types of snowmobiles or ATVs
  • Falls in the costly category

Trail Tech 912-300 Voyager

Trail Tech 912-300 is one of the best GPS units for off-roading anywhere in the world. It comes with all the features and functions necessary for a comfortable adventure. Even in the toughest of the terrains, Trail Tech 912-300 is your GPS unit to go for.

You can easily view, edit, organize and share trail maps using the Track Manager feature, while the waterproof SD card allows downloading and sharing maps online in 3D. Another important feature is that the device automatically stops logging when the engine stops working, which eliminates random points in your trail while the vehicle is not moving.

Apart from this, the back lit screen provides all the important information all the time such as GPS speed, compass, distance, altitude, engine temperature, customizable user screens and much more. Trail Tech 912-300 Voyager is simply an excellent choice for any type of off road campaigns.


  • Extremely accurate maps that allow you to go on off road adventures anytime of the day
  • Backlit screen displays useful information like GPS speed, distance, compass, altitude, ambient and engine temperature and much more
  • Comes with Track Manager that allows you to view, organize, edit and share trail maps in 3D
  • Also has a waterproof microSD for downloading and sharing trail maps online
  • Features smart logging, which stops recording trails when the engine is stopped to avoid unnecessary data mapping when the vehicle is not moving
  • Accurate mapping in the most difficult terrains as well


  • The screen size could be bigger
  • Relatively pricey when compared to other brands
  • Requires AC or DC connection from the vehicle to run


A GPS unit needs to be well equipped with accurate maps and trailing features that can provide confidence to those looking for adventure. Every GPS unit in this list is well suitable for a good off road campaign. All of these options are unique and packed with great features and functions that allow you to comfortably travel to unknown places, deep canyons and even heavy covers.

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