Fly Racing Snowmobile Boots

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If you are a regular snowmobile rider you must have definitely heard of Fly Racing boots. This brand has provided excellent snowmobile and sports accessories since 1998.

Are you looking for details on features such as insulation, lace system, sole, stitch etc., of Fly Racing Boots?

This article will give details about four popular boot models from Fly Racing. Read further to know more! 

Fly Racing Boots for Snowmobiling

Fly racing snowmobile boots

1. Boulder Boots 

These boots have a Sympatex waterproof membrane that provides a dry ride and is thermally regulated. The membrane is also breathable. 

The panel is double stitched to enable durability in any kind of rough ride. This means you need not worry about rough terrain.

The boulder boots have 600 gms insulation to tolerate very low temperatures. The rubber soles are molded and they have a rubber toe and heel cap to prevent your feet from bruises. 

They also have a removable gel-based insole to give maximum comfort. The outer sole is slip-resistant, preventing any slips or tripping over. These boots care for your safety too! Isn’t that great? 

2. Aurora Boots

The Aurora boots have 200 grams of Thinsulate thermal insulation and a removable moisture-wicking liner. Also, they are made of genuine leather to maximize durability and strength.

The rubber sole gives extraordinary traction and support. The insole is padded to provide excellent comfort. The whole boot is triple stitched to endure any wear and tear. This helps in riding over rough terrains of snow as well.

The Aurora boots have smooth-finished lace loops for extra seat protection.

3. Marker BOA Boots

The Marker BOA boots are designed especially with a fabulous grip to go through the toughest obstacles. They come with a dial that can be used to adjust both in and out for an easy customized fit. 

They have 600 g of insulation and Hydroguard® breathable waterproof membrane to give warmth and avoid soggy rides. This mid-range insulation can tolerate both above and below zero degrees 

They also have oversized boot laces for easy tightening. The slip-resistant rubber soles provide good traction. 

4. Marker Boots

This boot has two versions – The Lace system and the BOA model. The lace model has oversized padded laces for easy tightening and grip. 

It has 600 g thermal insulation, a breathable waterproof membrane, and a durable rubber sole. The reinforcements near the toe and heel enhance the impact that the boots can tolerate. 

The rubber sole is also slip-resistant so you need not be afraid of slippery snow paths. The boots are double stitched for super durability. 

Are Fly Racing Boots Good? 

Fly Racing boots are really good for a high grip during snowmobiling. The different versions with BOA and Lace systems offer a wide range of options to choose from. 

All the major things you look for in snowmobile boots,  such as the fitting, warmth, grip, and most importantly waterproofing, are all available in Fly Racing boots.

You can enjoy a comfortable warm ride without being afraid of slipping down or bruising your feet. 


Fly and race your snowmobile with that adrenaline rush and fun! Fly Racing boots have great features that can add to your snowmobiling accessories and apparel. 

Pick your favorite model and color from a range of options out there. Hope this article has given you information about the popular models of Fly Racing boots. 

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