Best Snowmobile Backpacks in 2021: Non-Confusing Guide

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Riding a snowmobile is adventurous and fun, but having a backpack to carry needed equipment is essential. This makes sure the easy resolution of problems that may arise during your ride.

Carrying a reliable snowmobile backpack containing all the necessary items ensures safety during unforeseen circumstances like when your snowmobile is stuck under an avalanche.

So, taking precautionary items for safety should be the first priority, and buying the right snowmobile backpack is the first step.

My Personal Recommendation

If you are looking for a snowmobile backpack, I will recommend the Klim Krew Pak. But, for some reason, if you don’t like this backpack, then you can also go with Klim Nac Pak.

The Klim Krew Pak is an eye-catcher. It two strap connectors for the waist and chest and the hip compartments are going to be able to hold your phone and other small electronic devices with ease and get it without any problems when stopping somewhere. There is also plenty of space for the things you need and it comes with a tool bag.

If you have the budget for this and need a bag that has plenty of room, go for the Klim Krew Pak. Overall, the design and quality of this backpack are superb for its price.

The other backpack I’m going to recommend is the Klim Nac Pak. It also has a lot of space for storage. Lots of handy pockets and the detachable tool roll is a tidy concept. It completely suits everything you need. Probes, extra goggles and gloves, a container of water, and even more space for a day of biking. It is also very comfortable.

This is a great backpack recommendation if you’re just starting or have experience in snowmobiling so, make sure to check these products.

Comparison of Snowmobile Backpacks

 Klim Krew PakKlim Nac PakSki-Doo New OEM Backpack
UsefulnessCustom glove-friendly zippersPerfect for overnight tripsErgonomic design
StrapTwo side pockets and strap on hip beltCompression straps2-point shoulder strap
Security, AccessoryEmergency whistle3M Scotchlite reflective materialAccessory holder for snow shovel
PocketCompartmental main pocketGoggle chamois in molded goggle pocket8-liter main storage compartment
LaptopsPadded laptop sleeveLaptop sleevePocket for extra goggles or electronics
Our Score95/10095/10093/100
PriceCheck on AmazonCheck on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Best Snowmobile Backpacks

Best Snowmobile Backpack

Klim Krew Pak Backpack

This backpack comes with a high-capacity main compartment. It is important for snowmobile backpacks to have a slot to store the shovel blade. This storage in the Krew Pak backpack can be accessed very easily. It also has an avalanche probe storage facility included in it.

The broader the shoulder strap, the more comfortable it is to wear, this has a very soft and comfortable shoulder strap. All the tools can be very easily accessed with this bag. It also has 2 lower side pockets. It comes in 2 colors, black, and lime.

  • These have good storage that you can carry things that are required even for a night stay or more
  • The shovel and the probe are held perfectly and will not fall off but is very easily accessible
  • It is made of good raw materials and is hence very steady and is very durable
  • The tool pouch in this bag is removable and hence you can take it off when you do not need it
  • It is a multi-purpose backpack
  • It is made with excellent craftsmanship
  • The straps on the shoulders are heavily padded
  • It also has a hydration compartment
  • It is not waterproof. This is a big disadvantage while snowmobiling
  • The self-weight of the bag is a little high
  • The side pockets are a little too small

Klim Nac Pak Backpack

This is one of the brands which is well known among people for their high-quality manufacturing and designing. It can be worn in rain and in summer and keep the contents very safe. It is of high quality and hence people find it very reliable. The Nac Pak backpack has an external shovel blade storage.

There is also a side probe storage. It has an airflow back panel. The shoulder straps are also provided with proper airflow. Users seem to love these backpacks and it is widely used.

  • The look is a very big advantage on the Nac Pak Backpack. It looks sleek and stylish
  • It is versatile and can be used for any purpose
  • It has separate pockets where the user can put his/her accessories
  • This bag has a waist strap which gives you better support while you are running or snowboarding
  • Another advantage is that the backpack is waterproof
  • It is also possible to carry the first aid kit and also access it with ease while using the Nic Pak bag
  • It is made with tough material and is durable
  • It also has a slot in the bag which can be used to put goggles
  • It is small compared to other snowmobile backpacks
  • The water inside the drink tube might freeze as it does not tuck in
  • It easily bounces up and down in spite of the waist strap
  • The compartments are a little small

Dakine Mission Pro 18L Backpack

The best part about this model is that it has a protective laptop sleeve. It is very hard to damage any items put inside the sleeve due to the heavy padding. The bag has a good capacity and can store many tools. Dakine bags have extra pockets on the sides and these pockets are zippered.

The bad is made of durable material and can be washed. It is recommended that you wash it with cold water and mild soap. If it is not possible to remove some dirt from the material, use a soft brush. It can be put in the machine for washing in case of difficulties. Putting the bag inside a pillowcase or mesh bag before putting it in the machine is necessary.

  • It does not stop with a sleeve for a laptop, there is also a padded slot for placing an iPad or tablet
  • The laptop of about 15” can be put inside the laptop sleeve
  • This bag has straps for shoulders and waist and these are very comfortable
  • There are extra pockets on the sides that make it worth buying
  • It is not very expensive
  • It also has a limited lifetime warranty
  • This backpack is available in 10 different colors
  • The seams are a little fragile

Nelson Rigg Backpack

This is another backpack that is considered by a lot of people who ride snowmobiles. This has a water bottle slot which also has extra buckle support. The material that is used to make the bag is UV treated. The seams on this bag are electronically heat welded. It weighs around 1.5 pounds.

This can very easily fit a laptop of 15” or a 17” and also pack a lot of things in it. The inner sleeve can hold anything like a notebook, tablet, iPad, and so on. It is properly padded and hence the contents inside are protected against shock and pressure to a good extent.

  • The water bottle mesh is on both sides of the bag
  • It is available in black and grey color and is available in both 20 liters and 40 liters variants
  • It is 100% waterproof and can be worn in any type of climate
  • The shoulder part is padded and is broad enough so that it will not put much pressure on the shoulder
  • The extra buckle makes it more comfortable and safe
  • This also has excellent customer reviews
  • The map holder is plastic and is not strong enough

HMK Backcountry Backpack

HMK bags are made with very good quality raw materials. The most important part of a backpack is the shoulder straps this model has heavy-duty straps. This backpack has a padded shoulder blade and a lumbar area which provides a comfortable riding experience. It also has an adjustable sternum on the strap. For extra comfort, it also includes a waist belt.

This bag also has a music pocket with a cord pocket. The volume of the bag is nearly 12,000 cubic inches. This model is one of the best quality bags that can be used for snowmobiling.

  • It is made of ballistic nylon and is hence long-lasting and very durable. It is highly resistant to wear and tear
  • It is not a problem if water splashes or pours on it as it is water-resistant
  • There are also color choices available
  • The straps can be very easily adjusted for it to fit you perfectly
  • It has very good customer reviews
  • The bag has good washability and thus can be kept clean without much spending
  • It has gear storage which is optional and can be used to store various tools and equipment
  • The zipper is not properly fixed and comes out within the first few uses

Things to consider before buying a snowmobile backpack

There are many things to look for while trying to buy a good snowmobile backpack and the important factors to consider are mentioned below.

buying a snowmobile backpack


Size is a very important factor that decides the volume of contents that can be stored in the backpack. As the bags come in various sizes, it depends on the person using them. For a light rider, having a small bag with the necessary equipment to help unstuck the snowmobile in case it gets stuck in the snow is enough. So, a 20-25-liter bag would suffice.

For people taking a long ride along the slopes or on backcountry tracts in the wild, it is necessary to carry a lot of extra equipment and tools in addition to food and other resources that might be useful in case of an emergency. So, buy a bag with enough space to accommodate all the necessary items and with a minimum capacity of 40 liters.


Having a durable bag that can withstand the weight of the contents while also being comfortable to wear is very important. Bags with wider straps last longer and provide more comfort by splitting the load on a larger area allowing the rider to drive comfortably.


While looking for a snowmobile bag, being waterproof is very essential. It is important to keep the contents of the bag dry as it may contain food and other electrical equipment like an SAT phone or a snowmobile GPS. Waterproof bags are also important because, during an avalanche or heavy snow, it helps protect the contents of it from getting wet which can be the key to survival if stuck alone.


Different brands of backpacks are available in the market and one can buy them online or in ski stores. There is a difference in the material used, the arrangement of slots, durability, and pricing of bags for each brand and almost all of them offer various sizes.

So, choose a brand you are comfortable with and look for the other factors to decide on a product.


The price of the bag is decided by various factors like the brand, capacity, durability, etc. So have a maximum budget in mind before looking for a bag. Thinking about the requirements for the bag can help find the required budget.

There are a lot of low-end bags with minimum requirements like waterproofing and storage space for light use that will suffice for light riding. For people with more sophisticated needs, buying a high-end bag with lots of storage space and added features like a slot for a shovel, GPS, or extra snowmobile goggles will be better.

Added Features

Backpack Kits

Backpack kits that contain a small medical kit and other necessary items required in case of an accident in the snow can be very useful. The minimum items provided in the kit will include a compass or a GPS, strong ropes, plastic bandages in addition to a medkit, portable flashlights, easy fire starter, shovel, small winch, etc. Some brands offer discounts when buying the required kit together with the bag.

Avalanche Bag

Buying a regular snowmobile backpack is good, but with an airbag, the chances of escaping an avalanche unscathed improve manyfold. Some manufacturers also allow the swapping of the airbag and its working mechanisms which enable more versatility in its use rather than buying a whole new airbag with different mechanisms. An added airbag will reduce the storage space available for other items, so buy a bigger bag when needed to carry more load.

Final Words

It is very important to buy a good backpack that is waterproof for snowmobiling. To choose the best bag, it is important to have a good idea of the requirements for the bag.

It is also required for the bag to have a minimum size that can hold all the required equipment to use as a gear bag or store a lot of items other than just tools to use for an extended backcountry trip.

So before choosing a bag, make sure to check on the factors mentioned above to get the best deals.

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