The Best Snowmobile Goggles On The Market in 2022

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Let’s take a look at some of the best snowmobile goggles that you can wear with your snowmobile helmet.

best overall goggle

509 Sinister X6 Goggle

best premium goggle

KLIM Edge Snow Goggle

best heated goggle

509 Aviator 2.0 Ignite Goggle

best premium heated goggles

509 Aviator 2.0 Ignite S1

best budget-friendly goggle

OutdoorMaster snow Goggle

most comfortable

KLIM Viper Pro Snow Goggle

best for low light conditions

509 Sinister X6 (Nightvision)

best for people with glasses (OTG)

509 Aviator 2.0 XL Goggle

My Personal Recommendations

There are many brands that manufacture goggles for snowmobiling like Klim, 509, Castle X, FXR, Fly Racing etc. But, 509 is the leader when it comes to snowmobile goggles.

If you’re thinking about buying snowmobile goggles that doesn’t cost much, then I’ll recommend 509 Sinister X6 Goggle. However, if you can raise your budget, then instead of Sinister X6, you should try 509 Avaitor 2.0 Goggle.

If you wear a 509 helmet like 509 Altitude Helmet , then you’ll be amazed to see how perfectly these goggles will fit into your helmet, and gives you a great field of vision.

You can also try FXR Maverick Goggle, and KLIM Viper Pro Snow Goggle. They both cost less than $100), but they’re not even close to my favorite Sinister X6.

As an alternative to 509 Avaitor 2.0, you can try KLIM Oculus Goggle.

Heated Goggle

If you want heated snowmobile goggles, then the best options are 509 Sinister X6 Ignite, and 509 Aviator 2.0 Ignite.

These goggle will keep your vision clear all day long, whatever is the weather, you won’t face any problem.

So, which one should you buy?

If you have budget, then you should definitely go with 509 Aviator 2.0 Ignite. They will be last goggle you’ll ever buy. They’re very easy to use, and they’re the only 509 goggle that comes with the magnet system for easy lens swapping.

I bet that, if you use them once, you’ll never use any other goggle.

However, if you have budget problems, then thing is different. Then, you should go with 509 Sinister X6 Ignite. These are not bad, they’re really very good as compared to heated goggle from other brands, but they can’t compete with Aviator 2.0 Ignite.

But, remember, Sinister X6 Ignite doesn’t come with magnetic lens swapping feature. But, overall, they’re very good, that’s why I’m recommending them. If you buy them, you won’t face any issues.

Best Snowmobile Goggles for 2022

509 Aviator 2.0 Ignite Goggle

If you’re an ardent rider, you should have these heated snowmobile goggles; the newest 590 Aviator 2.0 Ignite Goggle.

The features of this 509 Aviator are improved for better performance. It significantly increases battery storage without lending additional weight to the rider.

However, if you’re still hesitant about the weight it may give, this renowned goggle has added an extension cord for the ignite.

What’s good about it? You don’t have to carry the battery pack on the side of your goggles. Instead, you can place it inside your pocket with the help of this extension cord. 

This goggle is Bluetooth-friendly, too. You can easily maneuver these goggles with their brand-new app even if you’re not techy.

With a click, you can change the settings—fan and heat. You can see more information about this app on their website.

This 509 Aviator 2.0 offers the widest lens you can find in the market. Yes, it comes with a fan and holes to keep you cool during the ride with no possible clouding. It is also replaceable, and there is a wide color variation available.

509 Sinister X6 Goggle

509 promises to deliver you the best 509 goggles with the Sinister X6. It is a two-part dual compound frame with a solid fit and a sturdy lens seal featuring its innovative front-loading lens system.

The FLLS technology allows you to change lenses while on the trail with convenience in seconds. 509 also highlights their industry-first rotational locking outrigger, which ensures your lens stays firmly pressed against your face while snowmobiling preventing snow, dust, and debris from entering the goggle. 

The Sinister X6 also features a premium dual-pane Italian-sourced lens with industry-best Super Anti-Fog technology for a fog-free snowmobiling experience.

In addition to the anti-fog technology is the carefully crafted Phantom frame technology and oversized premium lens to deliver the best vision while on the snow.

It also has an increased lens-to-frame ratio to provide less distortion and to reduce glare and fogging, giving you the ultimate field of view.

Other features include a soft frame for optimal face fit and OTG compatibility, a PC outer lens with Anti-scratch coating, contoured removable nose mask. 

These goggles for snowmobile helmet has forced outriggers to fit on a wide range of helmets. Pair it with your helmet or the 509 helmets for a perfect fit system.

However, a few wished the Sinister X6 had more ventilation and management systems for comfort.

KLIM Oculus Goggle

Designed to solve main snowmobiling problems such as changing light conditions, fogging, and field of vision, the KLIM Oculus is on top of the chain as one of the best snowmobile goggles this 2022.

To address the first main problem, KLIM has installed its Slide-Lock technology for a quick lens replacement on the road to adjust to the changing light conditions while snowmobiling.

It comes with three lens options; two are inclusive, while the other is the polychromatic lens option sold separately.

Another concern is the fogging issues while snowmobiling. The combination of the Oculus’ latest anti-fogging technologies, such as unparalleled air circulation and the KLIM CLEAR anti-fog technology, guarantees a fog-free snowmobile ride even in icy weather conditions. 

The Oculus is designed with a spherical, optically correct lens for an optimum field of vision.

This design offers maximum vision and visibility with reduced distortion while snowmobiling. The two inclusive lenses give you options for more daytime use or lower light use.

However, some noted that the Oculus fogs up more quickly when riding at a slower speed, so it might not be suitable for more technical rides.

509 Kingpin Goggle

Striving to provide premium and affordable snowmobiling goggles in the market this 2022, 509 introduces the Kingpin goggle, highlighting their quick-change lens system and high-end anti-fog and anti-scratch dual-pane lens technology. 

The Kingpin is designed with an integrated clip-locking system that allows you to change the lens in under a minute, depending on your lighting conditions.

509 offers 20 different lens options available separately with a wide variety of colors and tints for your lighting needs.

The panoramic cylindrical dual-pane lens design with premium triple-treated Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch coating gives you the best vision without distortion while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

This imported Italian lens technology saves you from substandard lenses.

The goggle frame is made with Thermoplastic Urethane Polymer material with a premium soft-touch anti-slip coating.

It also features contoured triple-layer foam for maximum comfort, durability, and security.

However, others noted that the Kingpin could fog up easily on colder and longer snowmobile rides.

FXR Maverick Goggle

Take your snowmobiling experience a step further with FXR’s Maverick best goggles for snowmobiling, featuring their all-new colorways to cater to all your lighting needs and conditions.

The Maverick features a dual-pane, pre-curved polycarbonate snow lens to provide maximum durability with impact resistance.

It also has premium anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV lens coatings for a clear view while snowmobiling.

The goggle has moisture-wicking face fabric to wick away any sweat or moisture on the face for all the active snowmobile riders or on those warmer snowmobiling days.

It also features triple density, moisture-wicking, and contoured face foam for added comfort.

FXR also added a ventilation system on the top and bottom of the Maverick to help with fogging issues, especially on more aggressive rides.

The goggle has a premium strap with triple silicone grips, which seals the goggle in place and prevents snow and wind from entering the goggle.

However, some wish the goggle comes with outriggers for extra security and seal.

KLIM Viper Snow Goggle

One of the best snowmobile goggles for extreme weather riding is the Viper by KLIM. This snowmobiling goggle gives you the best optical clarity, vision, field of view, and fit experience. 

The Viper highlights the Gemin Eye anti-fog technology on the entire inner lens of the goggle to provide protection against fog for a longer time.

The combined technologies of PolyCarb Premium dual-pane lens with the advanced Polycarbonate (PC) outer lens deliver the maximum durability and scratch-resistant experience.

Its FOV + Frame geometry design gives a maximum field of view on all types of terrains.

The Air force induction feature of the goggle ensures high airflow and is meant to perform in extreme conditions by combatting fogging while providing ventilation and a moisture management system.

The Viper has a super-thin frame design compatible with a wide range of open-face helmets. Its snowmobile-spec oversized face foam provides maximum comfort. 

However, some noted that the old-style lens replacement process could be tricky and take a little time.

Castle Stage OTG Blackout Snow Goggles

Castle designed the Stage OTG Blackout goggles with the glass wearers in mind. Pair it even with an open-face helmet while wearing your glasses and still have excellent visibility, comfort, and fog-free snowmobile rides.

The design and cut of the goggles are meticulously made to accommodate most glass frames, and the deeper cut provides more comfort.

The goggles feature triple-stage foam, giving a tight helmet seal to eliminate any fogging issues. It also has ultra-wick quick-dry fleece to deflect any moisture on the face. 

The custom oversized foam is designed to cover any exposed skin around the goggles for a more comfortable snowmobile ride.

The UV 380 dual pane mirrored anti-fog/anti-scratch coated replaceable lens provides durability. The optional color lens is also sold separately.

The goggle has a silicone beaded strap to keep it securely in place and a removable nose guard to protect you from snow and debris while snowmobiling.

However, a few noted that the lens replacement process is not as convenient and quick.

Things To Consider Before Buying Snowmobile Goggles

snowmobile goggles that fit with helmet

There are various things to consider before buying the perfect snowmobile goggles for yourself or your loved ones. The most important aspects are listed below.


It is essential to buy the correct size of snowmobile goggles as they need to fit comfortably on the face of the rider.

The goggles’ function is to protect the eyes from varying light conditions and the face from harsh weather conditions like snow, winds, etc.

Thus, getting the correct frame size with the perfect fit based on the size of the head will ensure better protection. Women and children have specifically tailored smaller fits to provide the best protection.

Fit with Helmet

The other important thing to consider while getting the right size of goggles is to check whether the frame is compatible with the helmet worn by the rider.

If you want to go skiing using your ski helmets, check if it’s compatible, or you can always opt for ski goggles.

If the helmet leaves openings when wearing the goggles, it can lead to a freezing or sunburnt forehead. It is not so fashionable to wear incompatible helmets and goggles.

So, choose the goggles from the same helmet manufacturer you use for better compatibility.

Selecting the same manufacturer also aids in better ventilation, as the goggles and helmet are designed to act as a single unit while riding.


The material used for making the goggles, especially the straps, must be highly durable to ensure a good life for the goggles.

The industry standard defines wide straps with silicone bands for proper grip on the helmet. The foam used for the frame must also be soft and comfortable to wear.

Multi-density foam is standard as it provides better comfort than single-density foam. Some people require custom-made goggle frames made with hypoallergenic foams.


Preventing the goggles from getting fogged is very important. When the outside temperature drops, the air inside the goggles is at a higher temperature and starts to condense, causing impaired vision during riding.

There are many types of anti-fogging techniques used by manufacturers. Some include coating the lens with anti-fog solutions and using double lenses with vacuum conditions between them.

The use of small battery-operated fans inside the goggles frame to increase air circulation is another method under research for better anti-fogging tech.

If you want to know more about anti-fog goggles, check out this article which covers the best anti-fog ski goggles for 2022!

anti fog goggles for snowmobiling

Heated Lens

Heated lenses are the latest invention in snowmobile goggles. The design uses a thin heating element built into the goggles’ frame.

The heating element heats the air column between the lenses to keep it warmer than the dew point. This ensures the prevention of fog on the goggles, even during long rides.

When using it for long trips in the backcountry, the goggles can still be used by utilizing the burst mode, which heats the lens quickly to prevent fog only when required.

UV Protection and Polarization

The use of a tinted lens is the best way to protect against UV rays during snowmobiling. This is due to the reflection of the light by snow patches that can cause glare during riding and can cause snow blindness.

Almost all modern lenses offer 100% UV protection, but it is advised to use different lenses for different conditions.

Using polarized lenses can greatly reduce the glare and the rider’s eye fatigue. But polarization can affect the rider’s ability to differentiate between ice and soft snow.

Lighting and Weather

It is best to use a light tinted or clear lens for night riding and during stormy weather to get the best visual conditions. We made a list of the best night goggles for skiing and snowboarding.

For bright days with too much reflection from snow, it is better to use dark-tinted lenses as they provide the best contrast and depth perception.

In flat light conditions, it is good to use light-colored tints backed with darker tints, and they can also be used for a wide range of conditions.

Making use of photochromatic lenses instead of buying interchangeable lenses with various tints for use is better.

Photochromatic lenses adjust the density of the tint based on the lighting conditions present outside and thus can be used anytime.

This can aid in providing better comfort to the rider as weather conditions and lighting are not predictable and can change anytime.

Goggles over Glasses

For people with vision problems and the need to wear spectacles, there is a range of over-the-glasses frames for snowmobile goggles that can be used.

These frames have larger-sized lenses that allow the user to wear glasses inside and make use of spherical lenses to reduce distortion due to the interference of goggles’ and spectacles’ lenses.


A variety of factors decide the price of the goggles. The features the goggles provide are the major factor that determines the price.

For buying goggles that use the latest technology to prevent fogging, the cost will be high; on the other hand, choosing a simple goggle with an anti-fog coating is cheaper.

The cost of the goggle also depends on the manufacturer.

Buying goggles with interchangeable lenses is cheaper when compared to buying one fitted with a photochromatic lens.

Buying ones with custom-made goggle frames with better foams can also cost more than usual. So, decide on the features you require in the goggles to get a better estimate of the price range.

Final Words

Buying the right goggles for snowmobiling is very important. Getting the perfect fit is too, but goggles nowadays come in various sizes and colors that fit almost everyone.

Buy a goggle that fits perfectly, looks stylish, and is compatible with the helmet.

Getting a goggle with proper anti-fog and photochromatic lens can help save a lot of money in the long run and is an excellent investment for an avid snowmobile rider. Buy one with a nose guard for better protection.

In the end, choose one that is best looking and consider all the factors mentioned before buying to get the best deals.

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