What Should You Wear Under Your Snowmobile Helmet

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A good snowmobile helmet is a must for a safe ride, but it can sometimes be irritating to wear your helmet right on your head.

However, it’s essential to wear your helmet while snowmobiling to keep you protected in case you crash down accidentally. 

But what can you wear under a snowmobile helmet? Find out here

Why Do You Need to Wear Something Under Your Helmet?

Wearing a snowmobile helmet protects your head, but wearing something under your helmet can also give you that protection with comfort. 

The helmet worn directly on your head can be disturbing, and you may feel some discomfort. That’s why you should wear something under the helmet. 

Also, the gears you wear under your helmets, like communicator and intercom systems, can provide extra warmth and insulation. This helps you feel cozy and safe.

So you must consider wearing something under your snowmobile helmet to keep your head warm, safe and comfortable.

Here are some accessories that you can wear under your snowmobile helmet. 

what to wear under a snowmobile helmet

What To Wear Under Snowmobile Helmet?

Eye Protection

Harsh cold winds can make your eyes dry and watery. This can affect your ride. So it’s better to go for eye protection.

You can wear snowmobile goggles, sunglasses, or visors to keep your eyes safe from ice, snow, or flying debris from trees. 

Face Masks

Face masks can protect you from frost bites, especially on cold frosty days of riding. If your helmet is not full-faced, wearing face masks is indispensable. 

Balaclava face masks made of silk and thin polyester is much more suitable than other fabrics because they are more comfortable and lightweight. So go for such soft and lightweight masks. 

wear a good balaclava under snowmobile helmet

Snowmobile Helmet Liner

Apart from Balaclava helmet masks, liners also come in the form of beanies to cover your head in case your helmet is already fully faced.

The liner adds extra warmth and protection while snowmobiling. 

Final Words

So it’s a must you wear some gears under your snowmobile helmet. Get your masks, liner, and goggles for excellent protection and comfort.

Have safe snowmobiling! 

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