Best Snowboard Stomp Pads in 2021: Tried & Tested

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Are you afraid of being injured while snowboarding? You might have seen someone getting harmed while snowboarding, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying it out!

Having the right snowboarding accessories, and equipment will indeed keep you safe and secure throughout your leisure.

One of the snowboarding accessories you must-have are is stomp pads. This will keep you stock-still, perfect for beginners, and used by professionals as well.

Once you started using stomp pads while snowboarding, you’ll surely be addicted to it!

If you have no idea what stomp pads to get on your next trip, here are some recommended pads you should consider buying.

My Personal Recommendation

If you are looking for a good snowboard stomp pad, I highly recommend the Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad.

This stomp pad is designed for the most demanding snowboarders out there. When you have the Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad, the snow will always be your friend. Having three configurable pieces makes this stomp pad versatile and flexible in times of need.

The adhesive is easy to peel off but very sticky when it came contact to with the snowboard. The snow scraper bar also keeps your boots free from snow and other foreign objects.

This pad has everything you need to drive the snow away with ease. It is sticky, sturdy, and fitted with a snow scraper handle. So, make sure to check the customer reviews of the Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad to see what other snowboarders have to say.

Comparison of Snowboard Stomp Pads

 Dakine Modular Mat Stomp PadVeroman Snowboarding Stomp PadDakine Primo Stomp Pad
SizeOne sizeOne sizeOne size
Dimensions7 x 6 inches3.95 x 3.95 inches7 x 5.5 inches
Weight1.6 ounces2 ounces1.4 ounces
Color3 color choices3 color choices3 color choices
AdhesivePeel and stick adhesiveSticky adhesivePeel and stick adhesive
Perks3 configurable piecesAcrylic durable materialLight weight molded EVA surf traction
Our Score96/10093/10092/100
PriceSee Current PriceSee Current PriceSee Current Price

Best Snowboard Stomp Pads

ToeJamR Snowboard Stomp Pad

ToeJamR is one of the cool stomp pads for snowboards. This pad is super large and can give you much surface area to put or rest your foot on. This feature is essential for novices to get a feel for snowboarding.

It is made of long-lasting ultra-light EVA foam to increase durability. These also allow your feet to rest well as it has plenty of surface area, which is very necessary for the beginners to get a feel of snowboarding.

So when you want something awesome that is going to work, these cool stomp pads for snowboards will provide you with the professional appearance and functionality you’d get from other high quality, but more expensive pads.

These pads are undetectable, flexible but still can provide you with the extra grip that you need. A rougher surface of these pads offers more friction than those shiny look studs.

Dakine Spike Stomp Pad

As the name suggests, this snowboard footpad features a lot of plastic spikes that function as anchors to hold your winter boots in place. According to the experience, these pads hold us in place very well, even in the snowiest weather, in areas having a lot of ice and a little friction, or when we perform a few hard tricks.

This pad holds you in place, even in the snowiest conditions. It is suitable for beginners and is also a translucent molded spike for maximum traction. This stomp pad will make sure to fit well with your boots and is more suitable for beginners.

It can also ensure that there will be no grip issue, which is especially when you take tough snowboarding moves, the product delivers high-end non-slip traction. In contrast, for those who do not like the look of the stomp pads, this design is handy as this pad is almost invisible when you install it, and yes, it is the function that matters!

New Grayne Circle Snowboard Stomp Pad

This is made with the highest grade adhesives that are explicitly designed in order to function in snowboarding conditions. This stomp will firmly stay in place on the board that will keep you in control while getting off lifts or even when boosting huge one-footed breaths of air.

It also features a scraper in the center of the mat. This compact and lightweight studded stomp pad is sleek, small, and can fit snugly onto most snowboards with ease. It is transparent and won’t be perceptible most of the time you use it.

It works well and is easy to install, and this won’t leave you wanting more strength and rigidity. These stomp pads may not look more invisible, but they do have all the performance justifying taking them into the snowfields.

These trade form for function and that is a compromise you will readily make if you want the best in traction. If you are worried about losing contact at times whenever there is too much snow around, this gray stomp pad will hold you in place regardless of what the situation is.

Dakine 10001555 Pyramid Studs Snowboard Stomp Pad

For a more affordable and easy-to-use stomp pad, you should go with this one from Dakine. In just a couple of minutes, your footwear will be stock-still and protected from harsh weather conditions.

This stomp pad will keep you from slipping due to snow. Moreover, you can position this to your desired area without ruining or blocking your snowboard’s graphics. Yes, you can arrange them depending on your liking, resulting in a more appealing snowboard!

This could be the best stomp pad in the market due to its unique size. It may be smaller than the other stomp pad, but it is more convenient to use. Due to its size, you can change position without that many restraints. You can now do ski lifts without trouble and rolling down the snow.

Expect more comfortable, fun, and safe snowboarding with his Pyramid Studs from Dakine. 

BURTON Foam Stomp Pad

If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing yet durable stomp pad, then this one from Burton’s might be for you! 

Its appearance is far from the existing one in the market. Instead of having spikes or other pointed shapes, this one is designed in a mountain figure. Yes! So interesting, right?

Don’t worry, you’re not only being pleased by its unique shape but by its function as well! It will indeed stick well in your snowboard keeping you still while you’re on the moves. 

Moreover, the material used is foam, so expect that it’ll be comfortable when in use. Snowboarding will be easier with this foam stomp pad. With its sleek design, you won’t feel them at all! Plus, it won’t ruin your snowboard’s design, but beautify it even more. It is adhesive so you can install it as easily.

VEROMAN Snowboarding Stomp Pad

This stomp pad stands out due to its color—clearness making it looks unnoticeable at all! You heard me right! This will keep the design of your snowboard while lending you safe and comfortable snowboarding. Expect that there won’t be any blockage on your board’s design. It is because of the material used in this stomp pad which is acrylic.

These circled pads have three corners giving a great grip that’ll easily be affixed on your boots. Look forward to more stable snowboarding with the help of this pad.

If you’re in a hurry for your trip, don’t forget to put on your stomp pad. This can be placed not more than a couple of minutes and will stick with you throughout your whole trip—and even more! However, the longer you let the glue sit on your snowboard before using it, the longer it will be more durable.

This one from VEROMAN could be your best stomp pad! 

What are Stomp Pads?

snowboard traction pads

A stomp pad, which is also known as snowboard traction pad, deck grips, etc. is a specially designed pad or studs that are attached to the top sheet of the snowboard. We usually place this in-between between our bindings, which is closer to the back foot binding area.

A stomp pad help to increase traction on the board and also gives much more steering control to negotiate the human debris strewn across the exit ramp of the chair lifts. Snowboard grip pads come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and constructions, but there are four basic types.

Types of Snowboard Stomp Pads

types of snowboard stomp pad

Foam Stomp Pads

Foam pads are priced reasonably and offer a good grip when new, which makes them a perfect choice for a short snowboarding break. Foam stomp pads having a relief pattern offers greater traction between the board and boot.

These snowboarding grip pads come in a range of sizes, shapes and as such most riders will find a design that fits their respective footprints. This is becoming more popular as their design means that they can compress and squash into the tread on your snowboard boot to provide incredible grip. Foam pads are much lighter than traditional rubber pads.

Rubber Stomp Pads

The rubber mat style snowboard traction pads tend to have a large surface area that makes them one of the most popular types of snow pads. Their size ensures you get the best grip while the material means they bend and flex with your snowboard to ensure they stay stuck fast in all conditions.

Stomp Pad Studs

The stud-type stomp pads are the most customizable type available. These often come in packs of multiple small studs. This can be stuck down individually to create unique patterns and designs on your snowboard, especially while combining numerous packs.

They are also versatile with how and where you can put them on your board. This pad has the advantage of if one starts to peel off, you don’t lose all traction.


It is a combination of any of the above; the snowboard traction pads that are neither studs nor plain flat rubber or foam mats. These are a kind of combo that features some of the best design aspects of both styles. They include strange shapes and materials like cork pads and aluminum stomp pads.

How to Choose Snowboard Stomp Pads?

To select the high-quality and most suitable stomp pad for yourself, you need to know a few things.

snowboard stomp pad material


The most important feature of a snowboard footpad is how it can enhance your grip. If the stomp pad provides you incredible amounts of grip whenever you need or complete control over your board, then that product will be worth your investment. As long as your stomp pad enhances your control and grip over the board, it is an asset to you and worth having in place.


It is a known fact that you may not care much about the design of the product. However, you have to agree that it must look good rather than bad before it is installed.


Stomp pads fall off often from time to time. Hence, it is essential to have a stomp pad that can hold well so that it remains in place for a long time.


That wraps up our review about the best snowboard stomp pads available on the market today! We hope you now know what the most important things to look for in the stomp pads are. I hope you read this article and stay safe while you have fun in the snow. Enjoy the wonderful activity. Happy riding!

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