Best Snowboard Boots in 2022: For Men & Women

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If you already have the outstanding snowboard and gears, then it’s time for you to find the best snowboard boots in 2022! 

Ladies and gentlemen, you should take all the time you had in selecting the all-mountain snowboard boots! It may not be easy as it seems, for you had to get it right. Don’t worry, this will indeed lend us a more spontaneous and memorable winter park trip!

If you want to find out more about the best snowboard boots for women and men this 2022, then buckle up, and let’s go on with this life-saving list.

top mens snowboard boots 2021

Burton Step On Photon

The Step On snowboarding boots by Burton are a pair of well broken-in shoes. A strapless boot-to-binding connection gives unparalleled convenience and performance. It has two unique lace paths and an adjustable dial for a snug fit.

It features a hook and loop closure with lightweight power panels for an added response. It also paves the way for a great deal of flexibility, as the Snugger strap allows the rider to adjust heel hold and onward flex stiffness. 

Photon comes with an internal snow-proof gusset to keep your feet warm and dry while riding in the snow. It also has a reflective foil embedded in the underfoot that reflects heat. The best bit is that it’s compatible with almost all mounting systems.

ThirtyTwo TM-Two Stevens

The Stevens by ThirtyTwo is your standard pair of boots- durable and sturdy in rough conditions. It comes with a dual-density intuition foam for maximum support and comfort, and the overlays are well crafted, providing additional forefoot support. 

The shoes feature a traditional lacing system. It comes in handy as they are easily replaceable if they break in an off-beat place, unlike the BOA system used in boots these days. These laces also affect the overall boot flex.

Stevens comes with a medium-range flex for a balanced feel and heat-moldable liners. The product is available in black and navy in a variety of sizes.

Salomon Launch SJ

These snowboarding boots by Salomon furnish top-notch comfort and out-of-the-box fit. Installed with dual-density lightweight C2 insoles and a fully heat-moldable liner, the shoes provide an ultimate level of ease. Thus, making them perfect for long days on hills and harsh landings.

The Launch SJ is built for park and pipe riders, using lightweight construction. Featuring the BOA lacing system, the boots also come with an activated STR8JKT harness for deluxe heel hold.

The lightweight construction and compact footprint give it a decent weight to performance ratio. The Salomon Launch provides optimal support paired with comfort and comes in minimalist stylings.

 ThirtyTwo Shifty BOA

The Shifty snowboarding boots designed by ThirtyTwo are one of the finest in-store. These come laced up with BOA Fit System, giving the riders an unmatched comfort and fit. It features internal lacing, which provides a superior heel hold.

The STI evolution foam delivers lightweight cushioning and comes with a molded footbed for that extra level of comfort. The dual-density intuition foam is used for the construction, resulting in a soft flex. It also contains an inner lining padded with micro Fleece for warmth.

The soft flex of the Shifty delivers a smooth and forgiving ride, and the lightweight foam outsole makes it comfortable to wear. The overall appearance is classy, and the product comes in two sizes. 

Burton Mint BOA

The Burton Mint is synonymous with simplicity and softness. The ultra-comfortable boots come with the advanced BOA Fit lacing system. These boots are designed specifically for women, providing a snug fit, lower volume, and better overall control. 

Hosting a durable polyurethane backstay, these boots have a soft flexing tongue to give a proper fit, eliminating the need to readjust while you ride. It implements the Coiler Technology, which delivers a faster lace-up process with the simple twist of a dial.

The lower zone remains completely out-of-bound for snow, and the sleeping bag reflective foil underfoot reflects heat to the foot. The Mint is available in 4 color combinations in a variety of sizes. 

Head Coral BOA

The Coral by Head is the perfect pair of snowboarding boots for beginners. Designed with high-quality and durable materials, it delivers optimum performance in every regard. The soft flex gives a forgiving and smooth ride.

It’s built with the BOA lacing system, which is easy to adjust and gives a snug fit. Fitted with Coiler technology, it hosts a spring-loaded lace that coils automatically. Thus, the lace-up process is pretty much hassle-free.

A loop of fabric is provided at the top of the tongue, which lets you slide your feet right in with much ease. It also comes with a removable liner and comfort cuffs for added comfort. 

How to Choose Snowboard Boots

Everyone has distinct feet sizes. Still, you shouldn’t settle for the available snowboard boots—mainly if they don’t fit you well! Selecting the right snowboard boots is as essential as getting your snowboard.

To help you find the finest and most comfortable snowboard boots, here are the factors you should consider.

leading freestyle snowboard boots 2021

Check the bending ability of the boots

In terms of flex in snowboarding boots, it varies depending on your snowboarding level. A pro-outdoorsman prefers firm footwear for an unending excessive movement. For example, if they’ll want to go fast in their hiking, these firm boots will give extra reinforcement and stability. 

For beginners, they are in favor of snowboard boots that are comfortable to wear. These boots also have a winning rating when it comes to flexibility. There are zero to minimal restrictions in the user’s movement and almost an absence of discomfort.

Look for the attributes

There are thousands of snowboard boots in the market. However, they all vary in their features. 

The majority of the well-known brands produce updated snowboard boots that are more convenient, durable, and easy to use. Aside from the mentioned attributes, you should pay more attention to their renowned and improved features. 

Snowboard boots are supposed to be tight-fitting to the user. That’s why checking the lacing system of snowboard boots is crucial. Look for a convenient lacing system, where with a single turn, the laces tighten. However, there are brands that stick to the standard lacing system which isn’t bad at all. They tend to surround the laces with metal harnesses to keep them immobile upon movement. 

Settle for tight-fitting boots

Lastly, after inspecting their flexibility and attributes, the last thing you do is to settle for tight-fitting boots. It is advisable to get them in-store to ensure that your bringing home the right one. However, it is still reliable to get them online!

To know if you’re chosen snowboard boots are the right fit for you, you may follow these steps.

  1. Remove the inner sole of the boots. Place it on the floor and measure your foot by placing it in the inner sole. There should be perfect—with no allowances.
  2. Next, wear the boots properly. The laces should be properly made up for both the inner and outer parts if there are any. The same goes for other features that require to be fastened.
  3. After wearing the boots, stand upright and feel the boots on your feet. You should be able to feel your hallux touching the inside lines of the footwear. Try leaning as if you’re shifting in your snowboard. You must feel the insides come off too little.
  4. If everything is going well, bring yourself forward and backward like what you do when turning a snowboard from the rim. Once you feel your feet raise from the base of the boots, then you should consider sizing down.
  5. Lastly, you may now take the boots and do heat mold properly.

Final Thoughts

You will never go wrong in investing in snow boots. It will give a more spontaneous trip and a memorable winter season! I hope you’re able to find the best snowmobile boots from our lists. After all, it’s you who will decide what’s the finest of them all. However, ensure that you follow our steps when choosing snowboard boots.  
Cheers for the upcoming winter season and be excited until you’re in the snowmobiling sites! 

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