Best Boa Snowboard Boots in 2020: With Pros & Cons

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Every snowboarder wishes to have a fun and adventurous experience while snowboarding and it is possible only with a sturdy board and quality snowboard boots to match it. Therefore, selecting the right snowboard boots is very important, because better snowboard boots not only increase your board control, but also improves your safety.

There are plenty of snowboard boot brands in the market, but out of all those, BOA is one brand that never compromises on quality. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best BOA snowboard boots that interested snowboarders can buy in 2020.

Best BOA Snowboards in 2020

Given below are some of the best BOA snowboard boots.

ThirtyTwo STW BOA Men’s Snowboard Boots

BOA’s ThirtyTwo STW are one of the most competitive snowboard boots that offer comfort, warmth, durability, and performance at a very affordable price range. It has a great sole that gives a perfect hold on your feet, allowing maximum control on the board. It is also very comfortable on wearing which makes it possible to snowboard for a longer time.

One of the best features of these boots is their shock absorption. All the impact caused by harsh landings is greatly reduced making it easy to slide and try new moves. Another notable thing is that no matter how cold it is out there, the ThirtyTwo’s will keep your feet plenty warm. Also, they are pretty easy to put on and very easy to remove.

The ThirtyTwo STW boots are a bit on the stiff side, so you can expect average flex retention. However, many boarders prefer the stiff feeling as it gives them the confidence that their boots have fit properly. In any case, keep in mind that these boots come in medium to wide size, and might be more comfortable for the ones who have wide feet.

They feature a single lace design and is constructed with dual density intuition foam so that it provides moderate support and better flex. The boots are kept warm thanks to the micro fleece that provides superior warmth and comfort. These are also 100% heat mouldable and offer the best possible fit.

All the features of the ThirtyTwo STW BOA Men’s Snowboard Boots are given below.

  • Single Lace design, BOA Coiler lacing system
  • Constructed with dual density intuition foam
  • Lined with micro fleece
  • 100% heat mouldable
  • STI Evolution foam outsole
  • 3D Moulded tongue
  • Independent Eyestay
  • Internal Lacing
  • 1:1 Lasting true half sizes
  • Single BOA

DC Scout BOA Men’s Snowboard Boots

DC Scouts are a perfect pair of snowboard boots for beginner and intermediate snowboarders, who are still getting the hang of snowboarding and taking steep turns. It may lack the upper-lower adjustability option, but it does boast the BOA H3 coiler closure system that makes it fast and easy to dial in to custom comfort.

These boots are also paired with a soft and cushy Unilite Foundation Sole provides maximum comfort and an all season and all mountain performance. Also, even though the DC Scouts are stiff boots, they surprising rate a 6 on 10 on the flex chart. This stiff and flex combination provides just enough for the boarders to lean-in for a semi-hard turn.

Apart from all this, DC scouts are very comfortable on wearing and have good shock absorption capacity. Thanks to this, even the rough landings do not have impact on the boarders, giving them the confidence to push their limits. They are pretty easy to put on and very easy to take off as well, making them a great choice on all rounds.

Another thing is that just like the ThirtyTwos, even the DC Scouts come in wide sizes and are hence, best recommended for those who have wide feet. In any case, the coiler system is very helpful in getting the feet adjusted and in place, so you don’t really have to worry about anything.

All the features of DC Scout BOA Men’s Snowboard Boots are given below.

  • BOA H3 Coiler closure system
  • Unilite Foundation sole for maximum comfort and performance
  • Stiff boots with good flex
  • Single BOA Lacing
  • Good shock absorption capacity
  • Snow basic insole
  • Multi-layer construction with Eva memory foam
  • Thermal regulating fleece lining
  • Perfect for beginners, intermediates, and even experts

Burton Moto Snowboard Boots

Burton Moto boots are one of the most popular and bestselling boots out there. They are extremely lightweight, and considerably one of the warmest snowboard boots you can find. Plenty of features have been added to make these boots as comfortable as possible, while maintaining the maximum performance level.

Burton Moto boots feature a Total Comfort Construction that provides great comfort from the start, without needing any breaking in period. However, instead of the BOA, they come with a hassle free Speed Zone lacing system that allows you to be ready and comfortable in the shortest time possible.

Apart from all this, these snowboard boots also feature a durable polyurethane backstay and a 1:1 soft flex Power-up tongue that keeps your feet snug between the tongue and tongue, eliminating the need to adjust the boots while you are riding. There is also a snow-proof internal gusset included, which seals the lower boot, keeping your feet always dry.

Another notable thing about the Burton Moto snowboard boots is that the laces are created using American made fibres that are virtually indestructible, and does not kink. In any case, even if you wish to replace the laces, it is an easy process and can be done without any effort.

All the features of Burton Moto Snowboard Boots are mentioned below.

  • Features a Total Comfort Construction that eliminates the need to break in
  • Durable Polyurethane backstay
  • 1:1 soft flex Power-up tongue for a snug fit
  • Extremely lightweight and very warm
  • Highly comfortable snowboarding boots
  • Speed zone lacing system for hassle free adjustments
  • Laces are quite easy to replace and are made using American-made fibres
  • Snow proof internal gusset keeps your feet always dry and warm

Nidecker Ranger BOA Snowboard Boots

The Nidecker Ranger BOA boots are a highly durable pair that can withstand every mountain terrain while providing the boarders incredible feel, control, and warmth. These boots feature a 3D moulded liner that wraps your feet providing maximum comfort and response. These are easy to fit boots and are perfect for every snowboarder, beginner or experienced.

The heel is locked into place thanks to the integrated heel-locking J-bars, while the easy to use BOA closure system makes adjusting the boots very simple. Moreover, the BOA closure system is covered for the entire life of the product. So, you don’t really have to worry about getting your lace damaged again.

Nidecker Ranger boots are very fit, thanks to its innovative features. It comes with an asymmetrical collar and a reverse-cut top cuff that makes it easy to slide in and slide out. It also features an articulating flex zone that allows you to lean and turn comfortably while absorbing the landing impacts and providing a soft and comfortable feeling all the time.

The 3D moulded liner is also moisture wicking, so you can expect your feet to be warm and dry at all times, without worrying about infections or frostbites. Additional to all this, the Nidecker Ranger snowboard boots have a B.F.T Freetrack sole, which is an all rubber  outsole that is specifically designed to support your feet and give you a bareback feeling.

All the features of Nidecker Ranger BOA Snowboard Boots are given below.

  • BOA Closure lacing system
  • Moisture wicking 3D moulded liner
  • Integrated heel-locking J-Bars
  • Asymmetrical collar and reverse-cut top cuff
  • Articulating flex zone
  • All rubber B.F.T Freetrack outsole for bareback feel
  • 3D Moulded single density footbed
  • Good for every type of snowboarders, beginner to experienced
  • Good Traction ability
  • Attractive and pro design

K2 Raider Men’s Snowboard Boots

The K2 Raiders are a comfortable set of snowboard boots that are perfect for beginner and intermediate level snowboarders. They feature a single BOA lacing system that makes it very simple to adjust and allows you to have maximum control over the board. These boots are also very warm and provide a strong heel hold even during the difficult rides.

K2 Raiders may lack in upper and lower adjustments, but the single BOA design makes up for it. The BOA system also locks the heel well thanks to the J-Bars and increases the extent of control. Moreover, these BOA snowboard boots are also pretty easy to slide in and off, making it simple for enthusiastic snowboarders to get on the snow.

You can expect a good response and flex retention ability while riding and the shock absorption helps in easy and comfortable landings. The traction is pretty good too and thanks to that riding wide seems easy, building up the confidence for new boarders.

Apart from this, the K2 Raider boots also feature an upper flex zone that helps increase comfort and fit, and a footbed made of die cut Eva foam and a rubber light outsole. All in all, the K2 Raiders are pretty durable and an excellent choice for its price range.

All the features of K2 Raider Men’s Snowboard Boots are given below.

  • Single BOA H3 Coiler lacing system
  • Heel locking engagement
  • Heat mouldable comfort foam 3D liner
  • Fast-in liner lacing system
  • J-Bar heel locking system
  • Die cut Eva footbed
  • Rubber light outsole
  • Upper flex zone
  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate snowboarders

Why Should You Choose BOA Snowboard Boots?

As we all know, there are mainly three types of lacing system for snowboard boots, which are standard or traditional lacing, BOA lacing, and speed lacing system. Now, each lacing system has its own pros and cons, and may suit to different persons differently. Therefore, it is important for you to understand why you may prefer BOA snowboard boots.

For those who don’t know, there are two main types of BOA lacing, single BOA and double BOA. However, each manufacturer makes its own changes in the way they are placed within. In any case, most of the BOA lacing system consists of a inner tightening system, much like a standard or traditional lacing, but the outer boot is tightened using a knob.

Turning the knob in specified directions allow the users to tighten or loosen the boot through a system of wires that are connected internally. Single BOA systems have a single knob adjustment for the entire boot, while the double BOA systems have two knobs to adjust the upper and lower part of the boot individually.

The main advantage of having integrated BOA system boots is that it allows the users to adjust the tightening of the boot very easily, i.e. by just turning a knob. This eliminates the need to tightly grip the laces when tightening them like it is needed in traditional lacing, which is especially difficult in cold weather conditions and for people who have weak grips.

Another advantage is that BOA system allows the users to adjust the lacings even with the gloves on, and since tightening is easy and simple, it also greatly reduces the heel lift, keeping your feet in place at all times. However, keep in mind that if not used in the right way, BOA boots can leave your feet at more risk to pressure points.

Apart from all this, it is also very important to understand that if BOA lacing system breaks during your ride, you are done snowboarding for that day, and there is no way to fix it immediately. For this reason, most BOA snowboard boots come with a BOA cover up that usually lasts till the life of the product.

You should choose BOA snowboard boots for the following reasons.

  • If the traditional lacing system is really difficult for you to adjust
  • If you prefer to ride in really cold conditions, where tightening your boots is difficult
  • If tight-fitting is your preferred fit
  • If you are looking for easy in and out feature
  • If you are not very prone to pressure points
  • If you feel that BOA system can help you prevent your heel lift

Final Words

BOA snowboard boots are an excellent choice for those with weaker grips and ride in very cold conditions. These boots keep your heel at place while keeping them plenty warm and comfortable. Thanks to the easy adjustments BOA lacing offers, it is easy to get in and out of the boot as well.

All the BOA snowboard boots mentioned in this article are considered to be one of the best boots available in the year 2020. These boots are affordable and are best for boarders with all levels of snowboarding experience.

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