Best Snowboard Balaclava and Facemasks in 2019: With Reviews

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Staying warm while snowmobiling is the most essential part of the experience. As the freezing cold weather can ruin your whole adventure if your face remains unprotected. Hence, the snowboard balaclava or facemask comes to your rescue for the same.

If you are in search of the best snowboard balaclava or facemask and don’t have an idea about it then this article would be a great help to you.

As you go further through the article then you will get an idea about the things to consider before buying a snowboard balaclava or facemask or ski mask and the best available snowboard balaclava or facemask of 2019.

Things to consider before buying a snowboard balaclava

Before buying your snowboard balaclava or ski mask, it is important to understand all the different aspects and uses of the product as this would help you to comprehend your needs and necessities. Here are some of the points that you should consider before buying a snowboarding mask.

How to Choose snowboard balaclava


The face mask for snowboarding or balaclava is used by the snowmobile riders for protecting their face from the freezing cold temperature and maintains warmth. The ski mask for snowboarding should have a high quality thermo-conductive inner coating that helps to absorb and retain your body heat.  Thus, they are also known as face warmers.

The fit of the balaclava should be close so as to prevent you from drafts. Thus, protecting your whole face from freezing and giving you an ever-lasting memory of your experience.

UPF Protection

As the balaclava is being used by riders and they tend to ride during snow as well as under glaring sun, the UPF protection is highly in need. The scorching sun in winters can cause tanning or skin burns as they ride all day long. It is important for the balaclava to have UPF protection for the comfort and ease of the rider.

The UPF protected fabrics have moisture-wicking and anti-microbial characteristics. This helps the riders to ride the snowmobile in the sunny weather without the discomfort of the high temperatures and skin burns.

The anti-microbial property of the fabric helps the rider to prevent any skin related diseases like rashes etc. due to sweating consistently while riding a snowmobile.

The UPF protected fabrics are specially designed for winter sports or warmer climates.


A well-protected face while snowmobiling is as essential as a highly efficient gear or engine in a snowmobile. If your face remains unprotected, then it is definite that you will fall sick and your whole experience will be ruined.

There are many different ways to wear a balaclava depending upon your need and style. Some people roll it down to their neck as a scarf using it as a neck gaiter or roll it up to their crown as a monkey cap.

The balaclava is mainly of two types; either they can be used as half-face snowboarding facemask or a full face snowboarding facemask.

The balaclava comes with a hole around your nostrils to help you to breathe easily through them. These types of balaclava are preferred by men than women.

 Nowadays, the balaclava comes with perforated “mesh-vent” that helps you to breathe easily while your whole face is covered.

The perforated mesh-net not only enhances the property of breathability but also gives a nice, cool look. It helps you to breathe through the face mask for snowboarding with ease without giving you an unruly look. These types of balaclava are highly preferred by females than males.


The use of balaclava is not only an essential part of snowmobiling but also it has become a trend among youngsters. The snowboarding facemask has become a fashion symbol among youngsters. They are coming out with different designs, textures, and materials for the manufacturing of the balaclava or ski mask.

The balaclava now needs to be versatile to fulfill the needs of the young generation. They should not only protect them from the freezing cold weather but also give them a distinguished look to show off.

The snowboarding facemask is designed to look like a regular hoodie with a number of different ways in which can be worn and styled. It has an “indigenous” design which helps it to be worn as a hat, snood, neck gaiter or scarf.


As the use of balaclava is the necessity as well as has become a fashion symbol so there is a lot of ski-mask available in market of variety of materials, textures, and designs with a different price range.

You can buy your own snowboarding facemask depending upon your budget and style.

All the snowboarding facemasks available in the market have a genuine price range according to the material used and the design weaved.

These are some of the points you need to look over before buying a snowboarding facemask or ski-mask or balaclava which will help you to choose the best available in the market with all the features.

Best Snowboard Balaclava

Top rated snowboard facemask in 2019

Self Pro Balaclava UV protection- Windproof Ski Mask Cold Weather Face mask Thermal Hood

The Self-pro balaclava is designed by using CoolMax Premium High-Tech Polyester Fibres to produce high-quality Balaclavas that reach new standards. It has the property of absorbency, wicking, durability, abrasion resistance and wind protection.

It is highly flexible in nature due to the use of premium quality polyester fabrics. It gives a superior level of performance as it is made up of polar fleece fabric giving it an ultimate thermoregulation property.

It gives ultimate protection from cold, dust and harmful UV rays of the sun due to its UPF protection quality fabric. It is a versatile unisex balaclava that perfectly fits for men, women, and children of all age groups.

It can be worn in five different ways; as a half-face balaclava; a full face balaclava; rolled up to the crown as a hat; rolled down as a neck warmer or neck gaiter; also can be worn as a monkey cap or as a Saharan style. The Soft Pro balaclava has very soft fabric and is extremely light-weight. It is wrinkle-free and stays warm and dry.

The Self-Pro balaclava has a long neck which is extra-long in front for better cold and wind protection. It is designed using different sewing angles for a better fit and has an upgraded cut. Each and every detail is kept in mind while designing the Self-Pro Balaclava for your comfort and ease.

The fabric used to make the Self-Pro Balaclava has anti-microbial properties which are hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. It has a four-way stretch quality and is super comfortable to wear while skiing or snowmobile riding. It also has flatlock seams.

The Self-Pro Balaclava can be washed in machines and is very quick to dry.

Tough Headwear Balaclava

The tough headwear balaclava is specially designed for adventure-lovers giving you the ultimate protection against cold, wind, dust and harmful UV rays of the sun.

It is created by outdoor-adventurers from California who have tested the gear in each and every possible condition to provide you the best quality Balaclava with high-quality performance.

It gives you the ultimate comfort as the fabric used is highly-stretchable and has breathable mesh panels. These panels prevent fogging of goggles as they increase the airflow while reducing the condensation on the goggles.

The fabric protects your face while wicking away moisture and also in the retention of heat. It is highly versatile in nature as can be worn on your own or under a helmet. It can be worn in many different ways as a full face mask, half ski-mask, and open balaclava or neck gaiter.

It also helps you to stay protected at night while you enjoy your snowmobile riding as it small reflective logos designed on the front, side and back. The tough headwear balaclava also provides full-time warranty on their products.

Indie Ridge Skull Motorcycle Facemask

The Indie Ridge Skull Outdoor Face Mask is the perfect balaclava to protect your face while riding a snowmobile, motorcycle, skiing, snowboarding or biking. It is highly lightweight to help you breathe through it easily. It is designed using thick fabric to maintain the warmth and provide you comfort. It is made from durable polyester and also has a UPF protection against harmful UV rays of the sun.

The Indie Ridge Skull Facemask has a seamless/ tagless fit for the ultimate comfort. It is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities such as snowmobile riding, skiing, hiking, etc. It has anti-microbial properties and prevents hypo-allergies due to sweating. It is unisex in nature and can be used by men, women, and children of all age groups.

American Flag Outdoor Facemask by Indie Ridge

The American Flag Outdoor Facemask is designed by the Indie ridge which is created by microfiber polyester providing you with high-end performance with superior quality. It has multi-functional seamless headwear for motorcycle hiking, cycling, and ski snowboard.

It is extremely light-weight and helps you breathe through them with ease as it is made up of microfiber fabric. It has a seamless/tagless fit to give you optimal comfort. The edges are perfectly hemmed to prevent unraveling.

It provides you with protection against the freezing cold weather, dust, and wind. It also has a full-spectrum UV protection mask and helps in retaining warmth. It is great for outdoor activities.

Exio Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter/ Balaclava

The Exio Neck Warmer gaiter is used during winter for protection against the freezing cold temperature and is made up of 53% Nylon, 39% Polyester, and 8% spandex. It has air hole in them for proper airflow through the fabric which helps you to breathe easily. This also in preventing fogging of the goggles you wear while riding a snowmobile or for any kind of outdoor activities.

It has a seamless design to give you comfort and ease while you are riding your snowmobile or motorcycle. It is perfect for winter recreational activities and also protects your skin from the freezing temperature.

It has a “high-performance fabric” which can dry easily.  It helps to wick away sweat and absorb the moisture thus keeping you warm. It is extremely elastic in nature and has high-stretchable quality.

Final words

Now you have an elementary idea about the ski mask or balaclava after going through this article. We hope that this article would surely help you to pick your best balaclava and give you an ever-lasting and thrilling experience.

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