Envy Ski Boot Frame Review: Is It Better Than Apex?

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Engaging frequently in snowboarding and skiing, I know how many problems can be stirred up with the incorrect or improper type of shoes. But that isn’t the end of it. Sometimes even the right boots if worn for longer periods may hurt you.

For instance, ski boots that are quite stiff I cannot keep them on my feet for long. I switch it as soon as I’m done skiing. Snowboard boots on the other hand are less stiff and they can indeed be worn for a relatively long period without hurting you.

So, the solution is Envy Ski Boot Frame. In this review, I’ll share my own experience with this boot frame, and will compare it with the Apex Ski Boot.


Use your snowboard boots for skiing

Gives comfort & performance

Compatible with all styles of snowboard boots

Double BOA snowboard boots are NOT compatible

Adjustable length to fit different sizes


Envy Ski Boot Frame is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable solution for skiing comfortably. With this, you can use your snowboard boots for skiing, and you’ll be amazed at the comfort and performance. It is adjustable to fit all boot sizes and works with different lacing systems. It has an optimal forward flex rating that allows for natural movements of the feet while supporting the ankle and calf.

Why Do We Need Envy Ski Boot Frame?

While seldom skiing people may rent ski boots, we regulars cannot afford them, so we may use snowboard boots. Again the problem is snowboard boots are not good enough for snowy outdoorsy activities. So to make them tough enough ski boot frames may be used.

Albeit they are quite expensive, you cannot ignore the comfort and consequence it provides.

My Experience with Envy Ski Boot Frame 

Envy Ski Boot Frame Review

I learned this trick last year when out skiing in Montana at a resort. This one afternoon I came back and I could barely move my right foot. I was wearing some rented ski boots and yes, you guessed right I had one big, ugly blister forming at the side of my leg!

Later I realized this happens because I kept the ski boot on for almost the entire day since I started out. I shouldn’t have done that. Ever. It was my neighbor in the next room who took pity on me and introduced me to this new truck called the boot frames. And one of her personal favorites is the Envy Ski Boot Frame.

Support And Adjustability

So how does this boot framework? It’s pretty simple. You just get your shoes inside the frame and lock it up pretty well. It has 4 straps for maximum support and adequate adjustability. After that shake and move your leg as much as you can to check if it is tight enough.

After you are confident they won’t slip off you may climb on your standard Skiboards. In most cases, it fits perfectly because it is designed that way. And once you wear it you will also feel an additional level of warmth and comfort when you start venturing into the snow.

The support is not only limited to the ankle and feet, the frames also provide a level of reinforced calf support that reduces chances of dis-balancing and going off the slopes. You can also adjust the frame to suit your own boot sizes. This came in quite handy to me because I have relatively small feet.

I also have many of my friends going ga-ga over how the envy ski boot frame is going all out in the department of Warm because wearing it they didn’t feel even a pinch of that biting cold usually common in all snow sports. Also, the material used for construction is not a joke. It uses aluminum which is usually used in aircraft!


So you realize how hardy and durable it can be and you don’t have to worry much about the force you apply, it all should be fine. This is also added to the optimal forward flex rating. And this basically allows your feet natural movements as opposed to the expected stiffness.

It is also useful for allowing tip control and gives the frame ultimate control over the performance or skiing, just like you want to. Just like it is adjustable with all boots sizes it is also compatible with boots of different top brands and with different lacing systems like the traditional ones, speed lacing, and even BOA lacing. But it is not compatible with double BOA laced boots.

Envy Ski Boot Frame Vs Apex

Since we already know a few things about Envy Ski Boots let’s look at Apex. So the biggest difference between these two is that while Envy provides you with just the ski boot frame, Apex sells the ski boot as well as the ski boot frame. And these ski boots fit like shoes instead of conventional stiff ski boots.

Compared to Envy ski boots, some Apex might be a bit stiffer. But even in that case, this stiffness translates into extraordinary performance and edgy responsiveness. If you want to read more about Apex, then, you can read this in-depth review of Apex Ski Boots on our website.

Who Should Buy Envy Ski Boot Frame?

You should buy Envy Ski Boot Frame if you already have good snowboard boots, and you’re quite comfortable with them. In that case, you can just buy the Envy Ski Boot Frame, and use your snowboard boots as your ski boots.

This way, you’ll be much more comfortable in your skiing adventure. So, if you’re a beginner, Envy Ski Boot Frame is better for you.

Who Should Buy Apex Ski Boot?

You should buy Apex Ski Boots instead of Envy Ski Boot Frame if you want high performance. The Apex Ski Boots are better than Envy in every way, but they’re also much more expensive than the Envy.

If you do a lot of skiing and snowboarding, then Apex Ski Boot can be a good option for you because you can also use the walkable boot of Apex for snowboarding.

So, as mentioned above, if you’re a beginner or intermediate skier/snowboarder who wants to stay on a budget, then go with Envy Ski Boot Frame.

If you want performance, then you need to buy Apex Ski Boot.


To sum up, Envy Ski Boot Frame is a great option for beginners and intermediate skiers/snowboarders on a budget. It offers an optimal forward flex rating that allows natural movements of the feet while providing ankle and calf support.

Furthermore, it can be adjusted to fit all boot sizes and works with traditional lacing systems as well as speed lacing or BOA lacing (but not double-BOA laced boots).

Apex Ski Boots are more expensive but offer better performance than Envy; they also have walkable boots which makes them suitable for snowboarding too.

Ultimately, the decision between these two should depend on your level of expertise in skiing or snowboarding, how much you’re willing to spend, and what kind of features matter most to you.

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