Envy Ski Boot Frame Review: Pros & Cons in 2021

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Are you struggling in finding the right ski boots for you?

For generations, enthusiastic skiers have endured the pain and discomfort of walking in their tight ski boots. Yes, thinking of the discomfort it brings gives me chills.

Good thing, Envy Snow Sports came into action! They designed a ski boot frame that allows skiers to comfortably walk and ski anywhere in whichever snowboarding boots they prefer.

What a very convenient way to start skiing in with more comfortable boots! In this article, you will find a detailed review of Envy Ski Boot Frame and what it has to offer.

 Envy Ski Boot Frame
DesignBOA style snowboard boots
Medium Boot SizeMen = 5-8.5; Women = 6-9.5
Large Boot SizeMen = 9-13; Women = 10-12
Snowboard CompatibilityYes
Color5 color choices
Weight8.55 pounds
Dimensions19.2 x 13.5 x 7.5 inches
PerksSpeed lace system
PriceSee Current Price

Envy Ski Boot Frame Review

It all starts with skiers not having as comfortable shoes as snowboarders. Although both the sports deal with moving on the snow, they are a little different in their ways. Skiing involves moving one leg at a time, while snowboarders move on a single board. In any case, snowboarders have more comfortable shoes than skiers, who have hard shell ski boots.

Walking with these, even from the parking lot to the lift is an adventure on its own, and no one wants to go through it to enjoy just a single day of skiing. The Envy Ski Boot Frame is something that can change all of this, and allow skiers to have a typical skiing day in whatever snowboarding shoes they have.


The Envy ski boot frame will leave a lasting first impression on you. It has a dynamic style and comes with unique color combinations and patterns. It is specially designed for skiers so that they walk comfortably and effortlessly wherever they want.

It comes with four straps that secure the boot and allows incredible adjustability and ski control. The toe and heel are integrated into the aircraft-grade aluminum base, which gives the highest level of comfort and performance.

This ski frame is mountain-tested, and the straps are made from the highest quality material, including buckles that can withstand the harshest of the trails. The frame fits into any ski board and snowboarding boots and is currently available in large and medium sizes.

Best Envy Ski Boot Frame Review

How it Works?

The Envy Ski boot frame is designed to bring complete comfort to the skiers. The structure provides optimal support while skiing thanks to its lightweight and rigid nature. The frame itself is designed to fit in combination with any snowboard boots, allowing the skiers to go with any choice they have.

The best part is that the frame functions just like a regular ski boot, which is by clipping into a standard alpine binding. However, it comes with an advantage to walk comfortably from the parking lot to the trail until you are entirely willing to ski. When ready, just place the snowboard boot inside the ski frame and secure it with the straps provided.

The Envy ski boot frame comes with 4 straps that help secure the boot firmly to the frame. These straps allow the skiers to have incredible adjustability and total ski control. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and molded plastic, which provides a perfect combination of stiffness and rigidity, which is much needed for safe skiing.

Size Adjustments

This ski boot frame is specifically designed to fit any snowboarding boot out there, which means that the structure can provide a wide variety of shoe sizes. The frame features 2 sizes and 3 length adjustments that allow you to select your perfect skiing adjustment. The better the shoe is adjusted, the better control you have over skiing.

The frame size adjustments can be easily compared with any standard size measurement system. For instance, given below is the list of different sizes and adjustments of this frame that match the US size standards.

Medium Ski Frame –

  • Adjustment 1: Women’s Size 6 – 7.5
  • Adjustment 2: Women’s Size 8 – 9
  • Adjustment 3: Women’s Size 9 – 10, and Men’s Size 8 – 9

Large Ski Frame –

  • Adjustment 1: Men’s Size 9 – 10.5
  • Adjustment 2: Men’s Size 11 – 12
  • Adjustment 3: Men’s Size 12 – 13

You can use these adjustments to match the sizes with other country’s size measurement systems as well.


The Envy Ski Boot Frame is very uniquely designed when compared to most of the other hardshell ski boots out there. However, one thing that is very common and shared with every ski boots is that it works with any alpine skiboard binding.

This is because the frame is designed with the same ISO 5355 specifications. Therefore, the ski frame not only works perfectly well with any snowboarding boots but also with any alpine ski board available. It also has the same binding release system as any other ski boot and will work with ski shop testing as well.

skier with envi ski boot frame

What Users Say About It?

These frames have received a lot of appreciation since their initial marketing. Many skiers have actually admitted that they hated the ski cold, hard, and painful ski boots, and now with the frames, they can never go back to ski boots again.

The frames have become a perfect rescue for beginner and moderate skiers who want to have a good day skiing, without actually having to deal with a hard floor, difficult steps, and cold feet. Moreover, these have also been a great relief to those who have large and broad feet, for whom fitting into hard and tight ski boots is almost like a nightmare.

Thanks to these ski frames, even snowboarders have been showing interest in skiing and are widely participating in the sport. The Envy ski frames have made skiing a fun and recreational sport that now everyone can enjoy effortlessly.

Final Words

Envy Snow Sports have truly revolutionized the way people think about skiing. The Envy Ski Frames are not only a relief to newcomers who want to learn skiing, but also to those who have a hard time dealing with those problematic ski boots.

With these frames, one can instantly get ready for skiing with any snowboarding boot they have. The standard alpine bindings fit with every skiboard out there, making it much easy for people to get involved in the sport comfortably. They are sturdy, durable, and perfect for skiing.

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