Best Women’s Snowboard Boots in 2020: Tried & Tested

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Isn’t it exciting to buy a brand new pair of snowboard boots girls? It can be quite strainful to find the perfect pair of snowboard boots that fit precisely on your feet. Even if you have the most incredible and innovative snowboard boot but the wrong fit will let you feel as if your feet have been put through a mangle whole day.

To help you solve your confusion, we have enlisted a few of the best women’s snowboard boots in the market of 2020 along with all their features.

Best Women’s Snowboard Boots in 2020

Burton Limelight BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots

The Limelight Boa Snowboard Boots are a medium flex boot and are designed for each type of player from a beginner to an experienced player. The BOA system introduced by Burton features three integrated lacing system that increases the area of heel hole exponentially in a couple of areas.

This increment of the heel hole area is beneficial for the small ankle players that offer them extra space for their foot to breathe. The designing and construction of these snowboard boots feature all innovative and modern technology for the advantage of the customer.

The burton also provides the customer with a lifelong warranty on the BOA system featured in these snowboard boots. The liners of these snowboard boots are heat-moldable and feature 3M Thinsulate insulation, an imprint 2 liner, and Velcro closure.

It also features a lock-up cuff that offers the customer with cuff laces on the inner side of the boot for forefoot and ankle of a super low profile range for the effortless entry and exit of the foot in the boot. This system also helps to hold the heel firmly and optimally in the snowboard boot while snowboarding.

The plush cuff 1.0 with the integration of neoprene stretches in the medial and lateral zones ensures the secure fit of the boots on the calf area. The snowboard boots also include fur lining that is extremely soft and comfortable offering immense warmth to the feet. The overall designing of the boots make them ready just out of the box without the need for additional break-in.

The Snowboard boots for women also feature snow-proof internal gusset that prevents the water from seepage through the boots into the lower zones of the boot. This ensures the warmth and dryness of the snowboard boots. The polyurethane backstay is extremely durable and the 1:1 medium flex power up tongue guarantees a comfortable fit between the boot and the tongue.

 These female Snowboard boots are extremely comfortable, warm, and offer an effortless lacing system without the need for re-adjusting while you snowboarding. The American fibers used by the New England Ropes are imperishable and effortless to re-lace.

Salomon Ivy BOA SJ Women’s Snowboard Boots

The Salomon Ivy Women’s Snowboard boots offer the customer with definitive comfort and impressive heel hold. The boots feature an internal heel harness that prevents the lifting of heels offering the snowboarders with enhanced confidence in the snow. These Snowboard boots are specially designed for women’s anatomical features.

They specifically use the upper and liner designs created for the manufacture of Snowboard boots for females. The custom-fit diamond liner used in these snowboard boots are exclusive for women boots and are completely heat moldable. The female-specific STR8JKT allows the customer to use an internal heel harness to exclude heel lift.

The heat-moldable liner with a lenient medium flex ensures the riders with additional soft and appetizing comfort, warmth, and style in all weather conditions. The Ivy BOA system offers an effortless and swift lacing system to boost the confidence of the snowboarders while riding in the snow.

The high-density flat and full-length memory foam in the Snowboard boots are attached in the vulnerable and delicate areas of the foot to lift the comfort level of the customer. The BOA lace is the strongest and the closure system provides comfort with smooth and no pressure points.

The lacing system used by the Salomon Ivy is Single BOA coiler and Str8jkt BOA H3 coiler for effortless entry and exit of feet into the boots. The Salomon Ivy BOA SJ Women’s Snowboard boots offer a year warranty against manufacture defects. These snowboard boots are best suitable for both beginners and intermediate girls.

Vans Women’s Encore OG Snowboard Boots

The Vans Encore OG snowboard boots are exclusively designed for ladies featuring medium to soft flex and it is a great option for every level rider. The single dial BOA system featured in the boots makes it effortless to hop in the boots by a single crank of the dial down. The single BOA dialer controls the boot cables from the top of the foot up to the ankles for an ultimate quick customized fit. 

The bottom of these snowboard boots features Vans’ V1 UltraCush footbed with a firm grip and impressive tread pattern that prevents the rider from slipping off the ground. The V1 Waffle Lug outsole of the boots is made up of a distinct rubber composite to improve control and grip on different terrains.

The Vans Encore OG offers a unique and classic style to the boots with an extruded outsole resembling an old-school band look. The V1 UltraCush liner in the insides of the boot is removable and offers heat-moldable features for a customized snug fit. These snowboard boots also come with a footbed itself with a minimum heel lift.

The shell of the boots features V1 standard lace harness cable to get the liner planted back into the heel of the boot. The Vans Encore OG snowboard boots for females is an all-terrain boot and is suitable to hit both the parks and the snowy trails. The fit of the boots allows the rider to excel in all types of terrains even the sloppiest mountains and is specially designed for freestyle riders.

K2 Contour BOA Coiler Women’s Snowboard Boots

The K2 contour Snowboard boots for women are effortless pair for all levels of players from beginners, intermediate to the advanced level snowboarders.  The comfort and smooth fit boost the confidence of the snowboarder in the trails. The advanced and innovative technologies featured in these boots make this product stand out in the crowd.

The BOA coiler featured in the snowboard boots allows to swiftly and smoothly withdraw the lace slack for a neat and clean boot. The boots are designed using high and medium density intuition foam for ultimate comfort, warmth, and smoothness with internal and external J-Bars.

The BOA CONDA system featured in the boots offers superior ankle support and heel retention with self-adjustable form-fitting. The VIBRAM Pro Light Outsole used in these snowboard boots is extremely light-weight, durable, grippy, and can stand up to any weather conditions. The 3D Dual Density Footbed adds an extra layer of high-density EVA to support the heel cup and arch.

The 3D molded EVA insole and the Control foam 3D liner featured in the boot offers ultimate comfort and support. The Endo TM 2.0 construction of the boots offers the customers with a durable and reliable true flex for boot models of every size. This construction of the boots prevents the distortion of the shell while holding sustenance and steadiness of these snowboard boots.

Burton Mint Boa Women’s Snowboard Boots

Burton Mint BOA Snowboard Boot has a women’s specific true fit design ideal for beginners or experienced riders. It is lightweight, soft and flexible.

It is equipped with a quick and easy Boa closure system featuring coiler technology that automatically recoils the lace back into the inner spool allowing for better lace management.

The pulling of the lever out, the front loosens up and by twisting the knob, it tightens the boot giving it the perfect customized fit. The snowboard boots for women is powered by Burton’s exclusive New England ropes with the front tongue known as the soft flex tongue.

It has got a snow-proof internal gusset with an imprint 1+ liner that has got an internal lacing on the inside to seal the boot and keep your feet warm. It has got the sleeping bag reflective foil to retain the heat and keep your feet nice and warm.

It has got a level one EVA footbed which is heat moldable and DynoLite outsole that is made up of superior cushioning compound to withstand repeated impacts and freezing temperatures for shock absorption with improved feel.

How to Choose Women’s Snowboard Boots

There are three major aspects to consider before buying yourself the right pair of snowboard boots so that you are not miserable in the mountains.


The freestyle riders or advanced riders often prefer stiffer boots due to the extra support and responsiveness of these boots. The softer boots are suitable for beginners as they have a slightly more lenient feel for an effortless turn in and are easier to wear. The jibbers also prefer softer boots due to the effortless flex that prevents imprecise landing.

The softer boots also allow you to perform presses and tweak out your grabs. The choice of flex completely depends on your preference and requirement. Therefore, you can try different flex to figure out the perfect flex for you.


While considering buying the snowboard boots for females, it is important to know about the different features offered by the pair.

Lacing System

The most important feature to look for while purchasing snowboard boots is the lacing system. There are a variety of different lacing systems in the market. The conventional laces are the laces used in any ordinary shoe you wear. In some snowboard boots, there is a combination of conventional lacing on the front with the Boa wheel on the side.

The Boa wheel is a wheel with a coil wrapped around it commonly called a coiler that tightens the boot laces swiftly and easily as you move the dial. The Boa mounted on the side amounts the pressure on the sides and puts the heel back into the boot. In some boots, the Boa coiler is mounted in the front and is used singularly for the lacing purpose.

The third kind of lacing system is the Fastrack lacing system that has two drawstrings responsible for the tightening of the laces around the arch and the ankles of the boot.

The liner and the soles are also two important features to look into while buying snowboard boots.


The importance of the flex and features is highly insignificant compared to the importance of the fit of the snowboard boots. The perfect fit snowboard boot is the most important aspect one should consider while buying them. To find the fit of your snowboard boot completely precise, you will just have to follow the five-stage process.

This is the same kind of process, a seller would ask you to follow through while buying the boots in the store. However, it is always better to know the exact size of your feet beforehand.

The first step in the process is the insole test that involves taking out of the insole out of the boot and placing your foot on it. Then take a look at your toes as they shouldn’t overhang too far nor be quite back from the front end of the insole.

The second step involves inputting the boots on and then lace both internal as well as external harness tightly along with all the power strap and additional fastenings. Now the third step is to stand up straight wearing the boots and ensure that you could feel your big toe brushing insides of the liner.

The fourth step is the heel test that involves rocking backward and forward on your heels and ensure the heel doesn’t lift. However, if it does move a centimeter up then you should probably look for a size smaller. If all the four steps determine the fit is perfect for you to go for the last and final step.

Take the boots out and get them to heat molded and then try them.

Final Words

If you are someone, who is probably going to be snowboarding in the boots for more than 100 days in winter, it is advised to always do down half a size as the heat-moldable liners pack down a lot over the due course of time and you are probably going to end up with few extra spaces.

We hope this article helps you to find a snowboard boot that fits you perfectly with the right flex and features.

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