Giro Article Goggles Review for 2023: Why I Moved Away?

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Giro Article Goggles are used by many skiers and snowboarders. Even, I have also used them in the past. But, not anymore.

Today, I’ll review Giro Article Goggles, and will talk about whether buying them is worth it or not.

Plus, I’ll also talk about some great alternatives that are similar in price range, but better than Giro in terms of quality.

My Experience with Giro Article Goggles

I used my Giro Article Goggles while skiing at Vail Ski Resort, Colorado. They were stylish and comfortable, and the lenses were clear. The quality was good, but there is scope for improvement. I used them for about 2 months, then the strap broke, and made my article goggles pretty useless.

What can I do with goggles with a broken strap?

I never contacted Giro customer support, because I was quite busy at that time, and honestly, I was just procrastinating.

Then in November 2022 (Black Friday Sale), I purchased Smith Skyline Goggle from the Official Website of Smith Optics. When you compare the price, the Giro Article Goggle is $10 cheaper than the Smith Skyline. But, when you can compare the quality, anyone would happily pay the extra $10. My new Smith Skyline is way better than my previous Giro Article Goggle.

However, Giro Article Goggles are not bad, you can buy them if you want. But, by spending just a few extra dollars, if you can get a goggle that is way better than Giro Article, then why not. The shipping is free, and if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return them.

Giro Article Goggles Review 

Before beginning my review of the Giro Article Goggles, I would like to let you know that, I used these goggles for about 2 months, and yes, they are quite decent for skiing and snowboarding. So, let’s talk about their features and overall quality.

Lens Interchangeability

Let’s talk about how easy it is to change the lenses of these goggles. They have a Slash Seal Lens Interchangeability System. It is a relatively easy process by which you can change your lens on the go. All you need to do is hold the lens carrier, the new lens, in alignment and press the lens and frame together along the perimeter seam. As you do that you’ll realize the lens would be clicking in place with click sounds.

For me, changing the lenses of these goggles was quite easy. But, many people complain that the changing lenses of Giro Article Goggle is not beginner-friendly. I remember, when I first purchased Article Goggle, my wife took 15 minutes to change the lenses. You don’t want that if you are skiing out there.

However, with Smith Skyline Goggles, changing lenses is quite easy.

Vivid Lens Technology

Simply put, the vivid lens technology is nothing but a sort of machination that allows you to see the snow-covered world more vividly, in the dark, lazy light, and haze. While traveling down slopes of snowy mountains white light allows us to see. But without ample sunlight and haze, we may often miss out on bumps on the path.

The vivid lens allows us to enhance these color contrasts so we may see the shadowed areas as well. This helps us avoid the objects that may have led to toppling down and ending up on our backs. The vivid lens tech essentially manipulates the blue light to show us the contrasts.

EVAK Vent Technology

The Giro Article Goggles have an anti-fogging coating but it also has a mechanism called the EVAK vent technology that releases the moisture accumulated behind your goggles and on the lens panes. In addition to this, there is also a barrier that protects your eyes from the harmful effects of elements during your snow rides.


The VLT or visible light transmission of Article Goggle is 19% in the case of the vivid royal lens (full sun) and 50% in the vivid infrared lens (during a storm or less sun). So if you are confused with the VLT settings remember that lighter tints of the lens have high VLT so that more light passes through them. Whereas darker shades have less VLT to permit less light.

So basically if you are planning to go out in cloudy weather opt for lighter shades so that the contrast can be offered as much as possible making it safer and easier to slide or ride.

Do I Recommend Giro Article Goggles?

Yes, I recommend Giro Article Goggles. My experience with them was both good and bad. But, overall, Giro is a good brand, and you can trust its goggles.

However, as I recently purchased Smith Skyline Goggle, I noticed the difference in quality. If you are someone who can spend $150+ on snow goggles, then I’ll suggest you should go with Smith instead of Giro.

The Smith Skyline Goggle costs a few extra dollars than Giro Article. But, the extra dollars are worth it. You can also try Smith I/O Goggle. This is also one of the best goggle in this price range.

You can also try Smith Proxy Goggle, they’re cheaper than Giro Article, but, I’m impressed with the quality of Smith Proxy.

What About Bonus Lens for Low-Light Conditions?

With Smith Goggles, you do not get a bonus lens for low-light conditions. You have to buy them separately.

If you need a bonus lens for low light conditions, you can try Blenders Eyewear. It’s a fairly new company from San Diego that started in 2012, now, it’s one of America’s fastest-growing brands in the Sunglasses and Goggles industry.

They are known for making affordable snow goggles with premium features like magnetic swap lenses, so you can change lenses in seconds, not even minutes. They’re anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and provide 100% UV protection.

With their every snow goggle, you also get a bonus lens designed for low-light conditions. I mean, not with every goggle, you won’t get a bonus lens with entry-level goggles, but with Aura & Nebula series, you’ll get a bonus lens.

On the Black Friday Sale, my brother ordered Blenders Gemini II Snow Goggles, and they’re really cool. A lot cheaper than Giro Article, but a lot faster than Giro Article, when it comes to changing lenses.

With the price of Giro Article Goggle, you can purchase Powder Pack from Blender Eyewear. Their powder pack contains snow goggles, a beanie, and sunglasses.

If you want to know more about them, you can read the review of Blenders Snow Goggles.


I can’t say, Giro Article Goggles are bad, they’re really good. If you like them, and want to buy, go ahead, your decision is not wrong.

But, in my opinion, if you’re thinking about spending around $150 to $200, then Smith Skyline is the better choice.

However, you can also go with snow goggles by Blenders Eyewear. They’re making a lot of noise, and they’re worth a shot. A lot cheaper than Giro Article, but comes with amazing quality and features.

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