Giro Article Goggles Review: Pros & Cons in 2021

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With snow coming in during this winter, it is now the perfect time for skiing and snowboarding. Aside from jackets and ski boots, you need to have another protective gear if you want to be able to enjoy these winter activities.

We have the perfect ski and snowboarding goggles to help protect your eyes from harmful particles that might hit you while skiing/snowboarding.

The Giro Article Goggles would help you get through terrains during extreme weather. These ski goggles will help you block tiny elements from getting in your eyes but they also make you see your path clearer.

Not convinced? Read this review about the Giro Article Goggles to gain more knowledge about your purchase this 2021.

My Personal Opinion

In my opinion, the Giro Article Snow Goggles is one of the best skiing and snowboarding goggles out there in the market.

This goggle is made up of a toric vivid lens that provides you with a wide field of view. It is available in two different types of vivid lenses, the first one is the Vivid Ember Lens that has a VLT of 35%, and the Vivid Infrared Lens that has a VLT of 58%.

Either of these lenses is good depending on your personal needs. A higher VLT provides a brighter image because it allows more visible light to pass through it, on the other hand, a lower VLT gives you a sharp contrast image.

The triple-layer face foam and microfleece facing give you comfortability when you are wearing them. This goggle uses EVAK venting technology that minimizes fogging by releasing moisture while simultaneously generating a barrier from the elements so, it is assured that it will never block your vision when skiing and snowboarding.

Take a peek at the customer reviews of the Giro Article Snow Goggles to see what they say about this great gear that will perfectly fit your needs.

 Giro Article Goggles
OpticsToric VIVID® lenses
Eyewear CompatibilityOTG friendly
DesignSemi-frameless design
VentEVAK vent technology
ComfortabilityTriple-layer face foam and microfleece facing
Color9 color choices
Dimensions7 x 4 x 4 inches
Weight12 ounces
PerksSlash Seal Lens Interchange System
PriceSee Current Price

Review of Giro Article Goggles

Features of Giro Article Goggles

If you ever need new gear for your specs, the Giro Article Goggles are filled with perks that would offer you a lot more than you can imagine. These snow goggles have a semi-frameless EXV base with triple-layer face foam. They are compatible with a variety of ski helmets.

It has a set of toric and spherical Zeiss lenses to cover the bases for clarity in various light conditions. These goggles might just be one of the best snow goggles you could purchase this 2021. You can find out more about the Giro Article Goggles’ features down below.


The Giro Article Goggles provides an Expansion View (EXV) Frame, which serves an unparalleled peripheral vision for ultimate convenience during your ski trips. Its frame is also a Super Fit OTG Medium. It is designed with anatomic measurements and rider input to fit and perform on the highest level. It has a pretty good medium to large fit for an extensive range of faces.


The Giro Article Goggles has multiple lens features, these include Toric Spherical Injection-Molded Lens, VIVID Lenses, and Anti-Fog Coating.

The Toric Spherical Injection-Molded Lens is spherical, this injection-molded lens adapts to the form of the human eye to give superior vision while building up air volume inside the goggles to prevent fogging. They can be a fantastic alternative as anti-fogging goggles for skiing & other winter activities.

Giro developed the VIVID Lens from their partnership with Zeiss. This feature improves your visual experience on snow by enhancing contrast and definition. The VIVID Lens also reduces eye strain, boosts your reaction time, and delivers accurate vision without color oversaturation.

It also effectively manipulates the light by letting in contrast as it enhances blue light while blocking your eyes from harmful UV light. VIVID Lens helps filter out the haze and frees your eyes to spot your path. This lets you focus on enjoying your skiing/snowboarding experience, creating less distortion, and offering great peripheral vision.

Anti-Fog Coating is a staple in every Giro snow goggles (including Giro Axis, Giro Luis, etc.) to keep your vision and riding experience straight.


The Giro Article Goggles has an Adapt Strap which lets you customize your goggles to fit your style as you please.


Triple-Layer Face Foam with Microfleece Facing – Triple face foam is a three-part system that provides a plush contact layer against your face. It has a super soft middle layer that allows maximum contour and a durable back layer connected to the frame. This is also not bulky nor does it come off the face too much. It has an absolutely sleek design.


The Giro Article Goggles is equipped with EVAK Vent Technology; this uses a new foam made from an ultra-durable and non-absorbent material. These vents minimize the chance of fogging by releasing moisture from the goggles as it effectively creates a barrier from the tiny elements caused by the extreme weather. It truly helps you combat the fogging issues that many people experience upon the slopes. No one would want to keep taking off their goggles and wipe them off frequently while skiing.


You can get your pair of Giro Article Goggles in different colors too. The Giro Article Goggles comes in multiple colors such as Black Wordmark​/Vivid Ember ​+ Vivid Infrared; Grey Wordmark​/Vivid Onyx ​+ Vivid Infrared; Midnight Mono​/Vivid Royal​ + Vivid Infrared; Ox Red LoopVivid Onyx ​+ Vivid Infrared; Silicone Black​/Vivid Ember ​+ Vivid Infrared; White Wordmark​/Vivid Emerald ​+ Vivid Infrared. Adding up more options to the deal you signed up for.

Other Features

The Giro Article Goggles come with a venting microfiber bag, so your lenses do not get funky. You can keep them in the bag when you go up the next time; it keeps them nice and fresh for you.

The Giro Article Goggles, along with other snow goggles from Giro, are also compatible with all Giro helmets making them highly dependable for your next ski trip.

You can quickly swap between the two VIVID lenses by using the on-the-go Slash Seal lens interchange system to fully enjoy the EVAK vent technology that adds up to the goggle’s overall performance and durability. The Giro Article Goggles are ideal for long winter days.

  • Very comfortable
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Excellent visibility
  • Does not fog up much
  • The lens is difficult to replace

Final Words

With its lens features and its style alone, the Giro Article Goggles is a pretty sweet deal. It serves its purpose by protecting your eyes from harsh conditions while performing winter activities during extreme weather, and it even boosts your confidence with all its perks. What are you waiting for? Trust Giro and grab your pair of Giro Article Goggles now.

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