9 Best Snowboards for Buttering in 2023: For Men & Women

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Are you an experienced snowboarder looking to take your skills to the next level? If so, buttering is a great way to do just that.

Buttering requires a specific type of board with certain features and capabilities, so it’s important to choose the right one for your style.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best snowboards for buttering and what makes them stand out from the rest.

We’ll cover everything from flex patterns and camber profiles to widths and shapes – all designed to help you find the perfect board for buttery smooth moves on any terrain. So let’s get started!

best overall for men

CAPiTA Defenders of Awesome

best overall for women

CAPiTA Birds of A Feather

Best value for money – men’s

Rossignol Circuit

best value for money – women’s

Salomon Lotus

personal favorite – men’s

BURTON Good Company

personal favorite – women’s

BURTON Hideaway

Best Men’s Snowboards for Buttering Tricks

Capita Horrorscope Snowboard 

Capita Horrorscope is one of the smoothest and a must-have snowboards for men if you want to indulge in freestyle stunts like buttering.

This snowboard has a soft flex of 4/10, allowing you to easily ‘twist’ on the board and go off the rail side for good leverage whenever you spin out.

With the new ‘Superdrive EX’ sintered base and certified zero camber core, this board offers you ample stability with uniform flex.

This is possible due to the high-abrasion-resistant base material, which is exceptionally versatile and presents you with a super buttery glide making it perfect for tricks like spinning and buttering for both amateurs and pros.

It further includes a potent material blend of biaxial fiberglass and the full-performing plant-based ‘magic bean’ resin, which provides the snowboard with a good pop allowing you to cruise or spin butter without any difficulty.

This board features a dual reverse ‘Flat Kick’ freestyle shape, an ABS 1000 sidewall, and elevated contact points, which allow you to overcome any obstacles that come your way without hesitation.

The board has a blunt shape design with a reasonably shorter tail and tip, allowing you to average the swing weight without compromising your performance.

In a nutshell, everything this board offers- from its zero camber profile construction to its low flex sintered base and biaxial fiberglass blend makes it a fantastic choice for buttering. 

Arbor Westmark Rocker Snowboard

The next one on our list, Arbor’s Westmark Rocker snowboard, is great for men looking to ride freestyle on any ground, whether in a park or a mountain.

The Arbor’s Westmark comes with a versatile ‘Highland’ core, sintered base, and durable steel edges, making this board a perfect mixture of durability, speed, and quality, thus providing you with a solid base to butter smoothly without losing balance.

This is possible because of the super-lightweight and the ‘system rocker’ construction design towards the tail and tip, which gives you a highly dependable edge hold.

Furthermore, this board offers a medium flex rate of 5/10, meaning that it has adequate stability and softness to be a little playful for beginners while granting enough confidence to intermediate and pro-level riders to perform skilled tricks like buttering and spinning without any hesitation.

This snowboard also comes wrapped with an eco-top sheet made from castor bean oil, keeping it durable, dry and new-looking even after a long day in the snow.

Arbor also detunes the tail and tip contact points on all of their snowboards to ensure that their board is capable and high performing on any slope.

Also, it is incredibly comfortable and fits well for US snowboard boot sizes from 8 to 12.

To sum it up, this board by Arbor offers an above-average pop along with a natural float feel and adequate opportunities for freestyling and buttering, irrespective of the kind of rider you are.

Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard

One of the most playful snowboards for men looking to have fun while buttering Bataleon Fun.Kink justifies its name in all its form.

This snowboard is made with a twin triple base technology and an innovative sidekick, which is an excellent choice for both beginners and skilled riders. 

The board has a mellow concave camber profile on a 99% twin outline design coupled with a medium side uplift on the tail and the nose, making it easier to carry out stunts and initiate turns.

This combination of the twin 3BT and the twin outline profile also provides this snowboard with a sturdy, forgiving platform and provides adequate stability for you to cruise, butter, and hit the rales confidently.

This board exhibit’s strength makes it an excellent alternative for beginners looking to develop their skills and ace the buttering while allowing expert riders to charge at full speed and have plenty of fun simultaneously. 

With a flex rate of 4/10, this board is torsionally soft and comfortable to control, with more than average capability to press and butter and smooth spinning off the rails.

It also comes covered in a high-quality Biax lamination from head to tail for added durability and dependability.

Combine all these features with great versatility, adequate pop, and high performance, and you will get ‘Bataleon’s Fun.Kink’ -a snowboard for buttering that was made for carrying out smooth tricks.

K2 Broadcast Men’s Snowboard

I have been snowboarding for quite some time and was looking for a change.

I found this snowboard, which has helped me enhance my snowboarding as it has a BAP core consisting of bamboo aspen and paulownia sustainably harvested, providing me with a smooth feel and snappy flex. 

The flex of this snowboard has a rating of 7, which is the perfect flex for me as I had been looking for a snowboard with that flex for a long time.

It has a core with ICG 10 Biax Fiberglass with tip-to-tail carpenters for high-speed stability and edge hold through choppy terrain. 

This is a good snowboard for buttering if you are an intermediate to advanced snowboarder.

If you want a predictable feel in deep snow and smooth butters, then this snowboard comes with a combination chamber profile which adds a bit of rocker to the nose and tail.

It adds three millimeters of taper for a feel that gives me silky precision on the turns. It also comes with a three-year warranty. 

Salomon The Villain Mens Snowboard 155

I have been snowboarding for some time now, and my last snow World was not giving me support on the edges, and I kept falling.

But the Salomon snowboard is built to make every slash, and every side hit, and it has improved my no-boarding skills immensely. This no-board has a graphic look, making it looks super cool. 

This is my first time using Salomon products, and I can see that I will be buying their products in the future because they have come up with new technology and craftsmanship, which helps them improve their geat and enables us, the customer, to have the best products.

This snowboard is a good fit for you if you are looking for a snowboard that ways around 3 kilograms and is about 70 inches in length.

The best part about this no-board is that it has 13 inches of with, which makes it easier to keep my foot stable while snowboarding on the edges or cuts. This is a good snowboard if you are a beginner like me. If you don’t like this board, you can also try Chamonix Lognan Snowboard.

best snowboard for buttering

Best Women’s Snowboards for Buttering Tricks

Capita Space Metal Fantasy Women’s Snowboard

One of the best women’s snowboards for buttering, Capita’s Space Metal Fantasy is a five-time award winner of the Transworld Good Wood Award due to its high performance and durability.

With an FSC-certified poppy dual-core and sintered ‘Superdrive base,’ this board has no irregularities and offers uniform consistency and flex.

Furthermore, impregnated with a perfect blend of fiberglass magic bean resin and Biaxal top and bottom material.

This board allows you to turn faster while providing ample stability as you butter your way through it.

Other prominent features that make this board such a hit among women include the unique ABS1000 sidewalls and the 360-degree steel edges, allowing it to excel in all kinds of terrains without any difficulty.

The dual reverse camber profile with a zero camber section along the middle allows plenty of learning curve to the beginners, thus letting them have fun while supporting them to take their riding up a notch.

The very forgiving twin flex, along with elevated contact points, offers plenty of room to both intermediate and skilled riders looking for smooth gliding and buttering opportunities, whether in mountains or parks.

Upgrades every year, the ‘Space Metal Fantasy’ by Capita offers a more dynamic and playful experience compared to their earlier model, making it a fantastic option for women looking to ace their buttering and other freestyling tricks 2022.

Bataleon Womens FeelBetter

Moving on to the next Bataleon snowboard on our list, Bataleon’s FeelBetter snowboard for women offers excellent durability, power, response, and performance at a whole new level for riders looking to master their buttering in the snow.

Featuring their trademarked snowboard freeride triple base technology (3BT), this board is available in a directional twin design with a tail-to-tip mellow camber body and a 99% twin-shape construction.

This gives the board generous support beneath the contact points due to the elongated nose and a comparably shorter tail, allowing the riders to freestyle or even butter confidently.

Their upgraded ‘SideKick’ technology embedded in the board increases the side base uplift just outside the nose and tail’s widest points, thus making the turn initiation easy to control and manage.

Moving on to the core and the snowboard base, this model has an entire poplar hardwood core from tip to tail, strengthening the backbone and creating more pop.

Unlike the other ones, this snowboard has an extruded base with the highest level of molecular content, thus making it super slick and extremely easy to butter.

This board also comes covered with their high-quality ‘Biax’ lamination, which is robust and responsive, keeping the board stiff while protecting it from any damage.

All these attributes, coupled with a soft flex and adequate stability, make this board a superb choice for women wanting to ‘Feel Better’ and have memorable fun as they hit the snow with their pals.

women snowboard for buttering

Salomon Women’s Oh Yeah Snowboard

The ‘Salomon Women’s Oh Yeah’ Snowboard is a favorite of female riders due to its smooth agility and pop for freestyling and buttering tricks.

With a flex rate of 2 and a freestyle-specific twin shade, this snowboard has a symmetrical profile with mirror tail and tip lengths and a centered stance for binding.

In addition, this snowboard comes embedded with 2mm thick rubber pads into their quality ABS sidewalls, reducing vibrations within the board in all conditions, thus allowing the rider to maneuver the board even in tricky terrains easily.

With an extruded EG base and medium stone finish structure, this snowboard allows you to explore all types of freestyling, irrespective of whether you are a fresher or an intermediate rider.

Moving on to the rocker type, this one has a ‘Rock Out Camber’ profile, which is flat in the center with a rocker on the tail/tip and camber at the board’s feet.

This gives the board a proper combination of execution, flexibility, and response when you hit the powdered snow at any time of the day.

Other prominent features of this snowboard include a ‘Popster’ shaped core for improved resistance and high pop along with the medium density ‘Biaxal’ fiberglass lamination for the lightweight and durable board, which can survive even the most expert buttering and freestyling techniques with poise and ease.

In essence, this snowboard delivers a great blend of reliability and quality performance, especially for those female riders looking to practice and improve their skills.

Jones Snowboards Women’s Dream Catcher Snowboard

There are not many options when it comes to buying snowboards for women. It is tough for me to find a snowboard that meets my needs and looks great. This snowboard has done well for me to increase my snowboarding skills. This snowboard has a stylish design.

If you are also a beginner in snowboarding and want a snowboard that gives high performance, then this snowboard is for you.

It is perfect for everyday use as it charges in pow or on piste, yet soft enough to be playful in any terrain. It also gives me a friendly flex, which is helpful when going on the mountains’ curves.

This snowboard offers high performance without skipping on materials as it’s built with a super fast and durable Sintered 8000 base, an Eco-plastic top sheet, and a classic core that is profiled explicitly between the feet for added pop.

The shape, rocker profile, and the Traction tech 2.0 edges give me stability while riding through rough snow. The spoon knows, and tail edges of this snowboard reduce edge to catch and make it easy to turn it in tight terrain. 

How to Choose Snowboards for Buttering

Buttering on a snowboard can only be achieved if you have enough practice and, most notably, the right snowboard brand and type to support your freestyling tricks and techniques.

But how do you decide which one is the ‘right’ buttering snowboard? Keep reading, and you will find out…

These are some essential features you must consider while choosing an appropriate snowboard for buttering.


Also known as the board’s stiffness, flex determines how playful and stable your board is. Usually, boards have a flex rating from 1 to 10, where one is the softest and 10 is the stiffest.

In the case of buttering, it is always suggestible to go for a softer flex snowboard. This is because a snowboard with lower flex is more forgiving and allows you to have fun and stay in the air a little longer while you spin, thus assisting you in buttering easily.

It usually is advised to go for a snowboard with a soft-to-medium flex in the center and a more formidable nose and tail for better freestyling executions.

how to choose snowboard for buttering


This is no secret that longer boards are difficult to maneuver compared to shorter snowboards.

A longer board usually weighs more and needs extra force, especially when you indulge in freestyling tricks like spinning, jibbing, and buttering.

Therefore a slightly shorter snowboard (2-4cm less than the standard snowboard length) is a much better option for smooth buttering since it offers easy steering allowing you to spin and do other tricks smoothly.

A shorter length is also light in weight, allowing you to jump higher and finish your tricks with finesse.


Moving on to the board’s width, choosing a snowboard that offers only enough room for you to stand easily and comfortably with adequate stability is crucial.

If the board is too broad, it will be shaky and uncomfortable for you to get a good grip, and if the board is too narrow, you won’t be able to balance yourself properly due to a lack of enough space.

Ensure that your board offers the right amount of surface area, especially for buttering and other tricks.

This becomes even more important because you need a surface that allows you to respond quickly to the snow since you will choose a shorter snowboard for better buttering.


Most snowboards usually feature either of two bases: Sintered or Extruded. While a sintered base holds the snowboard wax better, an extruded base is easier and quicker to repair and costs much less than a sintered.

Most freestyle boards used for spinning and buttering feature a high-molecular extruded base because they are durable, easy to maneuver, and low maintenance.

Profile & Shape

Regarding the snowboard profile, a rocker or a hybrid camber profile is primarily preferred for buttering and other freestyling tricks.

Usually, a snowboard with a camber in the center and a rocker at the tail and tip of the snowboard allows you to spin quickly with an edge-to-edge swift transfer without difficulty.

Speaking about the ideal shape for a snowboard, a directional shape is the most preferred one.

As mentioned above, buttering involves a lot of spinning, and a directional shape offers a much narrower center base with an uplifted side base.

This particular design and a genuine twin construction allow your snowboard to deliver a strong execution with a fantastic performance in the snow.

profile & shape for buttering snowboards

Stance & Binding Settings

In the case of buttering, you don’t have to follow the rules for snowboard binding and stance. It is more of a personal choice, which entirely depends on your comfort level and how balanced you feel with your angle and position on the snowboard.

That being said, it is usually preferred to have a more centered binding position (+15/-15 setting) for buttering snowboards; this helps you to easily switch and perform the tricks with the right balance and certainty.

Correct stance on the snowboard allows you to perform the same tricks with more than one setting per your comfort and choice.

Final Words

To sum it up, selecting a snowboard ultimately depends on the kind of rider you are and the freestyling tricks you want to undertake.

While there are numerous options available in the market, we have mentioned only the best for you, hoping this article helps you to find the best buttering snowboard which meets all your freestyling needs and requirements.

And once you have chosen the most appropriate one for yourself, make sure to put in a lot of practice and master the basics so that when you finally hit the ice, you can butter with confidence and charisma!

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