Rossignol Gala Bindings Review: Pros & Cons in 2020

Ladies, 2020 is almost coming to an end and winter is finally here! The perfect season to go snowboarding, right? Do you have your snowboards ready? You do? Well, is everything set?

If you feel like you are set, you might want to double-check your gear to see if you are ready to go. Now, do you know exactly what snowboarding gear you are missing? If you are reading this review, then it seems like you need some snowboard bindings. Never heard of them before? Well, snowboard bindings are what keeps your feet attached to your snowboard.

Snowboard bindings are essential when snowboarding, and you better start investing in good ones if you still want to keep your bones in place. Do not know which snowboard bindings you should get?

Girls, there is no need to panic because we have the best recommendation, you should get the Rossignol Gala Bindings made especially for women. Save up on these best snowboard bindings to prove yourself that this will be the most satisfying purchase you will make this 2020.

Review of Rossignol Gala Bindings

Features of Rossignol Gala Bindings

As mentioned before, snowboard bindings are indeed essential to snowboarding, and if you want to save your skin, you might as well go for the best ones out there. We can guarantee you that the Rossignol Gala Bindings for Women is the way to go. You can read about the Rossignol Gala Bindings’ features down below if you want to know more.

Heelside Power

This part of the binding is what loops around the back of your snowboarding boot. The Rossignol Gala Bindings’ MainFrame highbacks feature a rigid center frame that will give you massive heelside power with engineered flex zones for you to experience incredible side-to-side mobility.

Security and Low-Vibration Comfort

The Rossignol Gala Bindings features two zones of compression and thermoformed EVA and Puffy Pad footbeds, which will increase your comfort and vibration absorption


The Rossignol Gala Bindings’ baseplate is of nylon and glass, while fiber is also reinforced onto it.


If you are not familiar with a high back, it is a vertical plate that rises from the back of the snowboard bindings up to your lower calf. This is what gives you control and power when riding with your heel edge. Highbacks can be made out of different materials, including plastic and carbon fiber.

These materials will affect the weight and response of the snowboard bindings, with carbon fiber bindings giving out the least weight and most stiffness but the Rossignol Gala Bindings’ has a soft flex rating.

These bindings are of Mainframe Highbacks, a rigid center frame that will give you massive heel side power and is specifically engineered for flex zones and incredible side-to-side mobility.

Straps and Buckles

What other purpose do snowboard bindings have other than to keep you strapped in? These may not seem like a big deal, but faulty straps and buckles can make a whole snowboarding day a very frustrating day, especially when you are up on the mountain.

The straps are the key to your comfort, and this response to your snowboard bindings while the buckles need to work well even when going through the harshest conditions that head your way. Here are some strap and buckle features that you will find on your Rossignol Gala Bindings.

These snowboard bindings have One-Shot 3D Molded Straps, and Rossignol’s 3D molded TPU straps will wrap around your boot. This will give you a precise boot to binding contact for ultimate power transmission and stability. Rossignol has even added a single injected strap on the heel strap, making it an extremely comfortable ride.

With zero pressure points, easy straps with a smooth tulus adjustment on the side, that conforms to your boot extremely well, is what makes Rossignol Gala Binding a must for snowboarders all around.

Now, for the base light buckles, these are made out of Diecast aluminum. The base light buckles offer durability with a patent-pending fit-in system, and freewheel ratchets for quick, easy entry-and-exit.

Other Features

The Rossignol Gala Bindings has a medium flex binding for a beginner to the intermediate level rider, which makes it of good use to just about anyone who plans on purchasing it.

These snowboard bindings also have a classic toe strap giving you familiar vibes from your old bindings. Your usual snowboard bindings may be complicated to put on and take off. Still, the Rossignol Gala Bindings give you the exact opposite and will have you slipping in and out whenever you please, while still keeping you safely secure upon locking them onto your feet.

  • Quick and Easy Entry
  • Heelside Power
  • Secure
  • Low-Vibration Comfort
  • Vibration Absorption
  • Limited sizes for women
  • Difficult to adjust

Final Words

You may not have heard much about snowboard bindings, but trust us, spending your last dime on the Rossignol Gala Bindings will be a purchase that you will not regret. Athletes can use these, but they would also go great for girls who are new to snowboarding, get the chance to master snowboarding with the Rossignol Gala Bindings.

Although not much has been said about these snowboard bindings, that is only because people are still missing out on its groundbreaking performance.

To set yourself apart from those who do not dare risk getting these comfortable, easy to use, and secure Rossignol Gala Bindings now, it is not too late to get your very own pair before you head out to wherever the snow takes you this winter season.

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