Do You Need to Wax a New Snowboard?

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I heard you just bought your new snowboard!

You feel excited to use it, don’t you?

But you are hesitating whether to wax your new snowboard or not!

Well, don’t worry, because we got your back!

Getting a snowboard is one of the gladdest days a person can have, especially that you can ride on it during the wintertime!

Nothing can make one feel more excited than getting a new snowboard to become his new snow buddy, and waxing snowboard can become a big issue for new snowboard owners because you just want to take care of it!

And so, we have to relieve your concern and talk about it right ahead!

Do You Need to Wax a New Snowboard?

When you just bought a new snowboard, you may or may not wax it the first time you got it on hand.

It depends on your personal preference. Suppose you want to feel more secured and assured with your newly purchased snowboard. In that case, you can wax it so long as you know how, but make sure that your wax sticks and attaches to your favorite snowboard to maintain its material. 

However, suppose you trust the material of your newly bought skateboard. In that case, you need not wax it because the snowboard is already coated with protection from any risks!

Your snowboard needs waxing every ten days of snowboarding as much as possible, but you can also wax your board with the number of days less than that. 

Lesser number of snowboarding days before waxing your snowboard is a lot better than waiting for 10 days before doing so!

If you are about to be on a snowboarding trip, it would be best to get your new snowboard hot waxed to provide more protection on your board.

How Much Does It Cost to Wax a Snowboard?

If you get your snowboard waxed, the price range is a bit high for every session, primarily because it can utilize the protection it can receive. 

Snowboard waxing usually costs 10 to 20 dollars per session, depending on where the waxing station is set, how you want the wax to be done, and the professional who performs the snowboard waxing.

But if you do a DIY for waxing your snowboard, your money will last you long for repeated snowboard waxing!

However, you should be certain that you are knowledgeable about waxing your snowboard. Otherwise, you can only do the worse instead of something better.

How to Wax a New Snowboard

Applying wax is easy! You only need a snowboarding iron, a wax, a scraper, and a buffing brush.

Place your snowboard on a surface where the base is facing you, and clean the base to remove any dust!

Heat your iron, and once heated, place the wax on the iron while gently spreading the wax drops on the base. Remember to be generous with the amount of wax you apply until you even out all the wax drops in the area. More is better!

Smear the wax with the waxing iron to evenly spread on the board with smooth motions, including the tip to tail to fill the whole structure.

Let your wax sit for an hour or until dry, then scrape off the wax until all wax residues are removed!

Buff your snowboard to even out the wax.

Now you’re ready to go!

Do Snowboards Come Pre-Waxed?

do i need to wax snowboard

Yes, once your purchase a snowboard, it already comes pre-waxed with the factory wax applied around the board. 

Sometimes the pre-wax is enough, but sometimes, it just does not hit the standard we ought to want.

However, despite differences in snowboard waxes, the factory wax helps promote board health to maintain the material’s longevity. It is the first wax coating your snowboard can get, which means your board still needs more waxing when the time comes.

How Long Does Factory Wax Last on a New Snowboard?

If you did not apply wax on your snowboard right after you bought it, regardless of which type of wax the manufacturer has applied on the board, a factory wax would last around a week or less when used on the snow. 

The longevity of factory wax will depend on how it was applied on the snowboard – may it be a rub-on wax or a hot wax. 

The snow conditions will also be a concern for the wax’s life span, and it also depends on how you perform in the snow. When you do extreme tricks and are really a snow slayer, the factory wax will most likely last about a day to three on your snowboard.

Final Words

Once you love snowboarding, having a snowboard is not just a display after use. You have to take care of it before and after using it because the material can deteriorate, too!

Waxing is an essential part of snowboarding, and you should never neglect the fact that having a snowboard also comes with a responsibility. Factory waxes will only last you a few days, then they will come off. Nothing goes better than you wax your snowboard every time to keep your board neat and protected! If you need the best snowboard waxing kit, just ask yourself, what are your needs, and how often you want to wax your board.

Snowboard waxing will help you become a better snowboarder, so don’t be a lazy snowboard owner and take care of it, starting today!

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