Chamonix Snowboard Review: Personal Analysis (2022)

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I and my wife are using Chamonix snowboards for the last few months.

If you’re considering them, don’t hesitate to try this new brand. They’re worth every penny.

Once you use Chamonix snowboard, I can guarantee that, you’ll recommend Chamonix to your friends also.

Based on my research, let’s take a look at some great snowboards from Chamonix.

Best overall

CHAMONIX mt Whitney snowboard

Best entry level

CHAMONIX Lognan snowboard

Best for performance

CHAMONIX spirit elk snowboard

best for freestyle

CHAMONIX Cornu wide snowboard

best for Intermediate

CHAMONIX gold gator snowboard

best for powder

CHAMONIX Beartooth Snowboard

About the Brand ‘Chamonix’

Compared to the dynastic advancements of brands selling outdoor gear, our Chamonix is practically a baby.

Launched relatively recently in the year 2017, today it is one of the most sold brands bringing outdoor gear.

Within these few years, Chamonix has taken leaps and almost galloped in its usage of advanced technologies to deliver products that are top-notch in effectiveness, unmatched in durability, extremely cautious about safety, and convenient and comfortable to use.

This brand manufactures fantastic products such as bike wear, outdoor wear, travel wear, and, most importantly, snowboarding gear. They are pretty affordable.

A good thing about them is that they aim to provide customers with clothes and accessories that are efficient and sufficient without stretching their budgets.

In the upcoming years, Chamonix is pursuing more advanced products that ensure its customers a comfortable and leisurely lifestyle!

Chamonix Snowboards: Why Should You Buy Them?

About Chamonix Snowboard

Affordable Price

Okay, as I said before, Chamonix aims to provide the best in exchange for the least. That means their products are usually priced less when compared to others.

This affordability is one of the charms that make Chamonix your best bet at getting a good deal.

While many of us love the sound of snowboarding, some miss out on this fun just because winter gears like snowboards tend to be pricey.

The Chamonix Snowboard is your dream snowboard with all its quality without the sky High price! Well, people, your wait is over. Just take a look at the prices of Chamonix Snowboards, and you’ll understand what I mean.

Check Prices of Chamonix Snowboards on,


Okay, so what I love about this brand is its ability to provide good quality products at reasonable prices.

If you are paying for something, you will deliver the good stuff. With Chamonix, you can be ensured that they are not charging you just like that.

You see, most of the snowboards by Chamonix use genuine camber profiles. Additionally, some of them offer reply laminates. And it also provides an easy ruse with a response core. 

Some Chamonix snowboards are made hard enough to withstand all kinds of terrains. But some are meant for less harsh grounds. So while buying, you need to be careful!

design of snowboard


This is one of the essential qualities. Personally, whenever I have to go out to buy snowboards or any winter gear, I try to figure out the best durable ones.

See, a simple fact: if you plan to go snowboarding every winter season and are a frequent snowboarder (say you are a trainer or a guide), then you definitely need durable snowboards. 

I mean, you cannot be expected to change snowboards every year. That’s not practical. Chamonix snowboards are durable and solve this pesky little issue.

Especially the base of the snowboards, be they sintered or extruded, they are one of the most durable ones.


Now, I personally believe that no one can beat Chamonix snowboard design even if they try to. Why? Because firstly, unlike many other snowboards, it is designed with an almost universal user interface.

For instance, some snowboards from Chamonix have snap safeties for your feet that prevent accidental slip-offs and falls.

Some Chamonix Snowboards have awesome edge-to-edge that allow you stable and smooth glides, and some are designed in a way that holds variable sizes.

Most Chamonix Snowboards have high-class stringers that make your glides easy and smooth!

What else, these eccentric snowboard designs go well with your chosen funky snowboard pants or warm balaclavas, or even your snug boots.

Don’t believe me? Try them out yourself!

Age & Gender

Well, ideally, snowboards are made separately for people of different ages. It is also made differently for men and women.

The reason for this is simply snowboarding as an activity highly depends on body weight and structure.

One needs to be able to exercise control over how one moves their body. This ensures that your balance and stability are maintained. For this, Chamonix provides all kinds of snowboards for all ages.

While some snowboards are used by only one section of people, some can be used by men and women and young and adults alike. While many brands of snowboards do offer this, our Chamonix does.

Who Should Buy Them?

People Who Like to Have Fun

Well, snowboarding is a fun activity that should be (if possible and affordable) done by at least some of us. If you own a great snowboard, your snowboarding will be as fun and joyful as you wish.

People Who Want to Indulge in Recreational Activities

This is one of the significant parts of recreational activity during winter. People looking for ample recreation can opt for snowboards!

snowboarding for fitness

People Who are Fitness Enthusiasts

As snowboarding requires balanced body movements that need a strong core, snowboarding could be an option if you are looking for a fun fitness regime.

So people who are looking for good winter entertainment could definitely buy snowboards and start with it already.

Best Chamonix Snowboards for 2022

Chamonix Lognan Snowboard 

While snowboarding on the slopes of the white mountains is one of the best experiences, it becomes complicated and not so fun if you don’t have the proper snowboard.

It is only last winter I remember being out snowboarding on my old snowboard. During it, I lost my footing on the board near a particular slope and landed face down in the chilled snow.

Although a one-time event, it made me extra cautious, and I started looking for snowboards with tighter and more durable footholds. The Chamok Lognan is one of those.

It provides a tremendous responsive snap underfoot that holds your feet even under harsh turns.

The board is constructed using a genuine camber profile to navigate turns better. The base is designed in a way that provides consistency and durability.

That means you can keep using this board as long and as much as you want with proper care and management!

Chamonix Lognan Snowboard

It is board feel six and is usually best used in resort terrains instead of on rugged natural grounds. It has a directional twin shape and uses an FSC core for better performance. 

Chamonix Savoy Jr. Snowboard 

Have you wondered how nice it would be if you could get the same type of snowboard as your son or vice versa?

While snowboards from different brands come in different sizes in most cases, the likes of Chamonix provide you with snowboards meant for both adults and the young.

They come in Variable sizes and are designed to hold small and large feet alike.

Be it the beginners or the veterans, this particular piece of beauty will serve you equally well.

It is modeled to provide the safety and protection required by beginners, and it is also made to provide the ease with which an experienced snowboarder is supposed to use it.

Apart from being an excellent option for all ages, it is a friend to snowboarders of all calibers too.

It features Easy rise camber with a response core. It also sports the much-revered Reply laminate. Both of these together provide stability and durability required to travel on those snowy slopes. 

The extruded base is not only stable, but it provides the consistency required to tackle snow daily.

With Its excellent design and features, it is one of the few snowboards out there known to tolerate almost all kinds of terrains!

Chamonix Savoy Snowboard 

Okay, so this is one of my favorite Snowboards. It is designed in a way that ensures that snowboards on snow adhere to all the techniques available for efficient and safe rides.

With this, Chamonix has caught the science behind gliding snowboards and used it for its snowboards. 

What is unique about this board is its edge-contact riding. Its edge contact riding remains consistent, providing stable snowboarding as well! It doesn’t matter if you ride regularly or switch.

It also wouldn’t make much difference if you are cabbing a booter or landing fakie. All of this is permitted, and your snowboarding adventures become smarter.

Like other Chamonix brands, this, too, uses Response core and reply laminate. These are there to enhance the versatility and durability of the snowboard!

The genuine camber and extruded base provide the required snap and consistency.

I absolutely love the support and stability offered by this snowboard, making it more fun, safe, and accessible. The glass reply has a UV coat that adds to the board’s durability.

Chamonix Chemin Snowboard 

Most snowboards glide all right on surface snow, but they become resistant in deep snow. But with Chamonix Chemin, you don’t have this issue.

Be it shallow or deep snow, they glide beautifully up and down the slopes just as you want them to.

These beauties don’t differentiate between powder snow and slippery snow. You can be assured of their effectiveness for any snow and ice under all conditions.

This has been made possible with the directional shape, set-back stance, and stiff hardwood stringers.

This pretty snowboard is responsive, and the usage of camber gives it an efficient finish. It also has a sintered base that makes it more stable and balanced than many others.

With this, you can easily climb onto these and ride joyfully down the slopes without worrying about sinking or getting stuck in the snow.

Its swallow-tailed appearance and 8/10 flex make it one of the most useful snowboards.

Chamonix Chemin Snowboard

Chamonix Beartooth Snowboard 

This is one of the newest launches by Chamonix. Known for its sturdy camber twin board, it is designed to give you the smoothest and easiest glides. It is unique for its quick edge-to-edge.

This gives you one of the most stable rides. It is powered by the Response plus wood core, making it the appropriate winter gear you could take to your snowboarding expeditions.

Another thing I really like about it is its usage Retri plus, which uses triaxial glass with carbon stringers. 

The frame of the snowboard is a modern one that allows easy turning, chowing, and plowing. The frame of the snowboard is a modern one that allows easy turning, chowing, and plowing.

This strengthens the tip and tail of the snowboard, giving you a safe and protected ride. The sintered base makes it the perfect choice for less than many people who go out snowboarding.

For snowboarders who have been in action for years, people, this is the board you were looking for for that almost perfect ride!

Final Words

The snowboard market is indeed replete with many branded snowboards.

Amidst them, Chamonix might sound meager little with its essential features.

But the fact remains that it is one of the cheapest and gets the job done. And also it is not without its tricks!

That said, I hope this article was informative enough to give you an idea about Chamonix Snowboards and their specialty!

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