Chamonix Snowboards Review

Chamonix is a brand that manufactures snowboards and makes them available at a decent price and pretty unique designs. 

Chamonix has various models that help you ride with style and grace. It has sintered based snowboards available and also extruded ones too with different flex ratings and other important features.

This article will help you with a detailed review of the same.

Chamonix Snowboards Review

Chamonix Snowboard Review


Chamonix is a new brand that believes in providing quality at a reasonable price. Unlike most other snowboard brands, the brand Chamonix is affordable to the popular crowd enthusiastic of snowboarding.

While most well-known snowboard brands offer good snowboards in not less than under $ 400, Chamonix, on the other hand, offers the topmost models under $300. Now, this is one brand you need to add to your quiver without burning a hole in your pocket.


Chamonix snowboards are made to be available for both men and women. There are several m0dels which one can choose from both men and women’s categories. Men can choose from  7 different models that come in a variety of hues and all are priced under $350 while women can choose from 4 different models with patterns that have a feminine touch to them. 

The models for men are :


‘Chemin’ in French is ‘path’ and how well suited a name given to a model that carves a path for every rider. This is a board that is meant to be ridden in really deep snow.

It is a directionally shaped board with a camber profile which is a slightly convex or arched shape on a horizontal board that pushes the nose above the snow. While riding the tail of the snowboard sinks in the snow while the nose stays afloat.

It does not push the snow, it only floats above the deep snow. It performs well on groomed snow as well as helping the rider slide over it with great ease.

It is stiffer than the average board and the flex rating is somewhere around 8/9 out of 10. The core profiling makes it stiff which is the consistent style thickness throughout the board. It has a sintered base. This board rides stiff straight and because of its stiff appeal, it can get a little tricky to get on edge.

But if you are straight-lining down the hill, riding super fast especially those deep powder snow spots, this can be an absolute haul.


Make the most out of the all-mountain performance with this model of Chamonix. Be it edging on turns, ducking fences or spraying skiers, you can do it all with this model. This twin shape, the directional board can make your snowboarding experience a worthy one with easier rides through deep snow zones. This model can be also ridden on groomed snow and hardpack snow.

It exhibits a camber profile that supplies great power, unmatched energy, and edge hold. The Flex rating is a solid stiff 8 out of 10. 

JV squad

If you are looking for turning obstacles into opportunities, JV squad is the snowboard you will reckon. Designed to master all freestyle challenges this Chamonix snowboard can lay all jumps and transitions.

It performs great in the pipe. There can be seen a reverse camber profile that allows for a playful ride that can be navigated in either direction. It has a sintered base along with a rocker profile. This twin shaped snowboard has a flex rating of 3 out of 10.


Where men corduroy roads, the rider of this snowboard can slide through them with ease or be it deep powder snow or dense tree lines, the Chamonix Motivon is the way to go about it. It provides a deck that can transition and navigate through all kinds of conditions in a butter-smooth way.

This is directional in shape and has a slight taper in the tail that sinks in the deep snow to give the rider a surfing kind of feel. If you are considering acceleration in your rides, the Motivon is the answer. The edge hold is strong and the flex rating is a stiff 8.


This is the most versatile deck that one can add to their collection. Cornu is THE snowboard for that squat of snowboarders who like to not stay confined to one style of riding.

The riders who fear no conditions presented before them, swift in its way. The Gullwing camber profile not only creates a reverse camber between the rider’s feet but also adds regular camber zones underfoot. It provides for a strong edge hold with a flex rating of 5 out of 10.

It comes in five different sizes and it can accommodate those with a larger footprint too as this snowboard is available in wide sizes as well.


Chamonix S.O.B is a snowboard built for beginners to intermediate level riders. It is a directional style board. It has a soft style appeal and the flex rating is 4. The nose is a centimeter longer than most other average boards.

When arriving on turns it is not overly aggressive and remains stable even at high speeds. It is low maintenance and lasts you perfect all season.

Finish Line

This is the most elegant and fine snowboard of the entire collection. It surely will turn heads as you slide down that terrain. The showstopper is the Finish Line from Chamonix. This too like the Cornu comes with a Gullwing camber profile that adds a reverse camber zone between the rider’s feet and also adds a regular camber zone under the feet of the rider.

The classic shape teamed with state of the art design wins all hearts when you hit the snow on it. This comes in 8 different sizes with wide sizes available to accommodate snowboarders with a larger footprint. It is sintered base and has a flex rating of 6 making it a pretty stiff board.

The models for women are:


For an optimum good time, Miage is the pick for the women with great taste. It has a zero camber profile that allows the deck to be frisky and sail through the obstacles. It has got a stable baseline too and a sintered base. The board is built directional in shape. The flex rating is a soft 4 out of 10.


The Chavenne from the Chamonix collection is a minimalistically designed snowboard for women. It is directional in shape and has a zero camber profile just like the Miage model.

The Chavenne is a very versatile snowboard that helps you to ascend your position at the snow park with style. It has an extruded base and the flex rating is 5 out of 10 which also makes it soft.


Chamonix Voza comes in four different sizes with unique patterns. The board gives a steady underfoot to the rider that makes it comfortable for the rider to slay the sail on snow.

The board has a reverse camber that makes it turn friendly on edge. Now with the Chamonix Voza, it becomes a child’s play to ascend to higher grounds and then slide back right to the bottom of the hill butter smooth.


Morzay too comes in four different sizes. The Morzay from Chamonix comes in twin shapes and a reverse camber profile. It gives the rider a ride full of life, especially on the groomed trails. It has a sintered base and has carbon stringers too. The flex rate is a stiff 6 out of 10. 


Why should grown-ups have all the fun! Kids have a special collection of options to choose from. Specially made for those park rippers who have an abundance of exuberance in them and simply won’t quit shredding. There are three available models for kids that are brought to you by Chamonix, these are :


Crozat is also known as the park destroyer among the little snowboarders. Its twin design makes for optimum performance when on the terrain. The reverse camber profile allows the little rider to experience a catch-free feel on rails and landings.

This model comes in two different sizes of which one is to accommodate riders with a larger footprint. It has a flex rating of 4 out of 10.


This model comes in four different sizes with no wide size. It comes with a  directional twin shape. It is an easy-riding board for those who are beginners.

It has a consistent flex and the flex rating is a 2 out of 10. The reverse camber profile makes this board easy to learn on. The Bechat from Chamonix is the first snowboard your little one would remember till they get their last one.

Lognan Jr

The Lognan Jr comes in three different sizes. This is for both the neophytes and the skilled ones. It gives the rider a catch-free edge, an opportunity to learn and grow and get acquainted for better with their new hobby.

The rider experiences hardly any ‘squirrellyness’ on this board. It has a rocker profile and an extruded base and the flex rating is a soft 4 out of 10.

Why Should You Buy Chamonix Snowboards?


There are a lot many reasons for one to consider buying Chamonix Snowboards. One being the affordability. The reasonable pricing of the snowboards is one big reason for shredders to love Chamonix. Compared to an exorbitantly priced over hyped snowboard, the Chamonix snowboards offer equal or even more features at such low prices that even people with a shoe-string budget can afford one.


There are a variety of options available to choose from. There are seven models available for men while four for women and three for kids. There are different sizes too, sizes to accommodate riders with larger footprints. Every model has a wide range of sizes available with some even comprising of wide sizes for larger feet.

State-of-the-art designs

The state of the available art designs is another reason for a rider to reckon Chamonix. With forward-thinking designs, the Chamonix snowboards leave everyone rooting for them. The designs are gender-specific too and have separate and unique ones available for kids too.

For varied needs and preferences, the Chamonix has a wide range of snowboards built for specific requirements. For newbies to skilled shredders who simply won’t quit charging, Chamonix does not fail to deliver what is expected from any good snowboard manufacturing brand. 

Why Should You Avoid Chamonix Snowboards?

The very obvious reason to avoid Chamonix is that very little is known about the brand and as it is a new brand it is quite not popular enough to have enough reviews which can make it a little iffy for the shredders to rely on the brand blindly. 

Final Words

Now that you have a fair idea about Chamonix snowboards, you are ready to stomp in that freestyle maneuver and with ‘steez’, once you have mastered and flexed with your newly bought Chamonix snowboard. Now all that is left to do is to choose a mountain, the rest is done for you.

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