Best Ski Carry Straps in 2021: Easily Carry Your Skies

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Winter season comes with a promise of various activities to do with your friends and family. Snowboarding, skiing, and even making a snowman! Among all the other activities, this article focuses on skiing and the essentials that one may require for the same.

Skiing is a stimulating and exhilarating activity. Skis are rather on the heavier side; therefore, they need to be transported carefully and safely. To make this happen, people often make the use of ski carrying straps. These are made of sturdy fabrics to ensure safety. Therefore, in this winter of 2021, strap yourself up!

My Personal Recommendation

If I have to pick the best ski carry straps, I’d definitely go for Sklon Ski Strap and Pole Carrier.

It is ergonomically designed to eliminate awkward carrying of your heavy skis and provide relief and comfort while lugging your equipment.

The newly designed cushioned shoulder pad makes carrying more convenient and comfortable. The strap is also adjustable to accommodate big and small skis. 

It also has two loops on both ends to hold your ski poles. This means you can carry both of your skis and poles on one shoulder without using your hands leaving it free for other tasks.

 The Sklon Ski Strap and Pole Carrier is very compact, lightweight, and easy to set up guarantee to be your go-to ski carry straps.

Best Ski Carrier Straps in 2021

These are a few suggestions for a ski strap that might be suitable for you. They are readily available and will surely keep your skis safe & in the best condition.

Volk Ski Strap and Pole Carrier

Volk translates literally to “wolf.” The company believes that all the qualities wolves tend to have, like loyalty and guardianship, shape them. These are the values they hope that the customers feel while using their products.

The Volk Ski Strap makes the carrying of your skies easier. This system enables you to avoid the struggle of carrying the skis and poles for long distances or long periods. When folded compactly, this gear fits into your jacket pocket! The best part about this is that it can be used on all types of skis, be it alpine, extreme, or even Nordic!

Moreover, the ability of it to adjust the length is remarkable; it works for all people of different heights and even children. This setup also ensures that your hands stay free during the ride or travel.

YYST Ski Shoulder Carrier Straps

This strap comes with a modern design, which is a lengthy shoulder band and a Velcro strap. The straps are easily adjustable and fit with extreme smoothness on the boards and poles. The Velcro strap holds the poles and skis. Moreover, your shoulder strap hooks into your boots instead of your skis as the shoulder strap connects the Velcro. Further, you can clip and unclip them on your boots.

These straps, however, do not keep the skis apart; therefore, you need to strap them tightly to prevent the risk of them grinding against each other and causing scratches. There is a “thick EVA” that protects your board from getting any scratches as well.

They are very adjustable, exceptionally comfortable to carry, and also easy to get off when you are around the slopes. YYST Ski Shoulder Carrier Straps are also pocket-friendly. The shoulder straps are robust and thick as well. These straps are comfortable and also ensure that your hands are free during the journey. This is one of the finest ski backpack carry straps that also are super affordable and pocket-friendly.

Sukoa Ski and Pole Carrier Straps

These adjustable and durable ski straps come with a soft neoprene padding, which helps them have a secure grip and protect your skis from scratching and external damage. Moreover, these straps include a Velcro ski pole carrier as well in a one-side shoulder sling.

The adjustable straps alleviate back, and shoulder pain in an instant, and the ergonomic shoulder pad further gives out extra comfort. The straps are made of tough quality nylon fabric and are stitched firmly as well. The design is made to be universal and accommodated to fit all sizes. It is supremely easy to carry as it folds and can fit into your bag and even some pockets!

The Sukoa Ski and Pole Carrier Straps are also equipped with durable plastic bindings and hooks. These are known to withstand severely cold temperatures making the straps easily manageable. They free up your hands as they are strapped to your shoulders and back. This helps your arms from tiring out, keeping them ready for the ski!

Why You Need a Ski Carrier Strap?

A ski strap is a band like fabric that has a hook and loops to keep your skis together. They might not sound essential, but they are incredibly crucial to make your skis last long.

A ski strap is essential to strap your skis together. A ski strap is a long and reliable fabric that has Velcro attachments. This is used to keep your skis together, which further helps in convenient transport. They also help in maintaining your skis by making them scratch-free!

Moreover, they also protect your skis from getting damaged and help in convenient and practical storage. The ski straps are used as a buffer between the two skis. This protective piece of the sturdy fabric prevents the two skis from grinding against each other during turbulent rides.

These straps are also easily adjustable to the size and width of the ski, making the pair of skis more manageable than when they are kept loose.

How to Choose a Ski Carrier Strap?

The sub-points listed below are some checkpoints that you should keep in mind while buying yourself a ski carrier strap. To choose the one most suitable for you, ensure the following!


When you are looking to purchase ski straps, make sure that it is the size that fits you, or it is a size that is adjustable. Some straps have a fixed size, while others can adjust with a mere buckle and can fit children as well as adults. Therefore, choose an adjustable one or a size that fits you perfectly.


The ski straps are made of various materials from nylon to other such fabrics. During your purchase, ensure that the fabric is sturdy and durable. It should be able to hold your skis with ease and without any damage caused to them.

Quality / Brand

You must ensure that the brand you buy your ski straps from, serve quality materials only. As this is a long term investment, make sure that you do not compromise on the quality to save some money.


The straps will be placed on your back, leaving your hands free. Therefore, when you pick them, clearly pick the ones that are most comfortable and that you see yourself using frequently. Make sure the material is to your taste and that it does not bother or hurt you.

Value for Money

Even though “do not compromise quality for the price,” as mentioned above stands true, it does not mean that you go ahead and buy the most expensive one. You must search and look for one that you think will provide the best value for money to you personally. There should be a hypothetical balance between quality and price.

Easy vs. Hard

While choosing a strap, you must see to it that the process of wearing and removing the strap is quite easy. The straps should not get tangled continuously. Moreover, they should be easy to store and carry around as well. You should ensure that the whole process is manageable, as opposed to it being difficult and causing you trouble.

Overall Satisfaction

If you are looking for straps online, you may not need to look beyond this, however if possible, make sure that the ski straps you are ordering are returnable so that if you are not happy with the purchase, you can subsequently look for another one.

Moreover, if you are purchasing these straps from a store, ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Final Words

To conclude, ski straps are essential for the proper maintenance and safety of your skis. They are necessary to keep your skis in good condition and prevent them from having scratches.

We hope the suggestions above were helpful and that now, with this information, you can choose the best ski carry strap for yourself. Moreover, we hope the questions and the tips assist you further to make your choice.

Apart from the straps, it would help if you had proper gear, outfits, and cold protection from head to toe. We hope that this winter, you and your skis are extremely strapped and safe!

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