Best Ski Pant Suspenders in 2021: With Pros & Cons

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Suspenders are extremely stylish and cool accessories for a well-dressed man. They have a lot of practical applications as well except enhancing the personality of a gentleman. The suspenders have lost their charm in the modern fashion world but still, they are a necessity for snowboarders, skiers, and laborers to keep their pants on while working hard on their form.

In this article, we have ensemble the best suspenders for ski pants in the market of 2021 with their product features and both their positive and negative feedback.

My Personal Recommendation

If you are struggling with choosing the best ski pant suspenders, I can recommend you the American Made Holdup Suspenders.

These durable USA-made Ski-Up X-back suspenders from HoldUp Suspender Company are specifically designed for snow skiers to give you the best performance while skiing. The flat finish cotton poly-blend elastic straps are constructed using materials made in the USA which is very durable and great for skiing. Having the patented black composite plastic gripper clasps assures that it won’t fray on any type of ski pants because it holds tighter the more it is pulled but rest assured that it won’t damage your precious snow pant.

Its long 48-inches design with X-styled back real leather crosspatch is made even for demanding skiers out there to enjoy skiing at its full potential. Its durable design pulls double duty as an everyday good looking for your skiing fashion for men and women. These will give you years of wear in the harshest winter environment because of its unique and one of a kind built.

Given these, you do not have much to worry about. The suspenders will surely protect you in the cold and breeze. So, make sure to check the customer reviews of the American Made Holdup Suspenders to guide you.

Best Ski Pants Suspenders in 2021

American made Hold-Up Black Ski-Ups X-back Suspenders

Hold Up is the premier company in the world producing the finest quality suspenders for a long time. The company is established in the USA and all the products manufactured are labeled made in the USA. These Black ski-ups X-back suspenders are mainly designed for snow skiers and outdoor sportsmen but can also be worn for casual getaways.

The black straps are 1 ½” wide and are made up of cotton poly-blend materials that are extremely robust and washable.  The straps feature gripper clasps made up of slip-resistant patented composite plastic material to firmly grip on to the waistbands. The harder you pull these gripper clasps the tighter they hold onto the waistband.

The patented clasps hold on to the waistbands even in extreme situations without ripping out of your expensive ski wear or outerwear. These clamps when paired with the ski pants made up of waterproof Gore-tex works impressively well. It won’t damage even the favorite pair of jeans as it is extremely durable and reliable.

The straps are adjustable and fit perfectly even on a six feet long man. The plastic gripper clasp has an evenly mounted locking clam that prevents the slipping, sliding, or ripping off of the suspenders off your ski pants or jeans. These suspenders form an X on the back with a cross patch made up of brown leather marked with Hold-Up brand logo.

These suspenders also feature a length adjuster made of silver metal to tighten or loosen the grip according to your convenience. The HoldUp co. suspenders help to keep your pants up and tight while skiing, hiking, biking, or partying.

Carhartt Men’s Utility Suspender

The Carhartt suspenders are designed to hold your pants and prevent the tool belt weight from weighing you down. These X back suspenders are great to enhance your comfort and prevent imbalance by distributing an equal amount of pressure. The medium to heavy-duty clamps featured in the straps holds your pants firmly and securely even for long day work.

The straps are elastic that is highly durable and offers freedom of motion. The suspenders are constructed to work with the rugged flex stretch technology conveniently.  The elastic straps feature metal adjusters to tighten or loosen according to your convenience. These metal adjusters allow a man of any build to use them.

The Carhartt logo is imprinted on the X back cross patch made up of top grain leather. The metal clamps dig into your pants and keep them secure without fraying your new expensive ski wear or dungarees.

 Now you can easily pour down your pockets with heavy loads without weighing yourself down due to the weight as these suspenders will help you to stand straight without any additional pressure on your shoulders.

USA made HoldUp Brand Ski-Ups series Red X-back suspenders

The Hold Up suspenders brought the new line of series into the market called the Ski-Ups series that uses the patented practical designs for the manufacture of the suspenders for snow pants of this series. The straps of the suspender are designed using the red poly-blend elastic materials to offer freedom of movement for the snowboarders and skiers.

These snow pant suspenders are 1 ½” wide and extremely durable as they won’t fray even after years of use in harsh climatic conditions. The gripper clasp is the USA patented design that comes with a flush-mounted locking cam operated clasp that holds the ski pants or any other pant tightly, firmly, and securely.

The clasps prevent the snapping of the suspenders from the pants and eventually prevent damage to the cloth material. It can be a bit of hard work to put on these clasps but once they are locked they will never let go. The 4 composite gripper clasps can even hold the smooth Gore-Tex pants with ease without tearing them off.

The poly-bend elastic used in the manufacturing of straps is water-resistant and comes in bright red color that can be easily hand-washed. The straps feature length adjusters to fit into a man of any build smoothly and perfectly. The gripper clasps hold on to your pants tightly and prevent the entry of snow or cool breeze inside your body through your pants.

The gripper clips used have a unique cam angled lever design that checks the automatic flip open of the clips while bending over or running too fast. The X back suspenders have the Hold-up logo embossed on the crosspatch made up of brown leather to prove the authenticity of the product. These Hold Up Co. suspenders for skiing allows you to concentrate on your adventure or work rather than your pants.

Oakley Men’s Factory ’18 Suspenders

The Oakley’s Factory suspenders help you to keep your ski pants or snow pants up where they belong to be. The suspenders are made up of a rugged combination of nylon, latex, and polyester offering the customers a comfortable and smooth suspender. The suspenders are exceptionally light-weight and strong with a perfect fit.

The PVC components featured in these suspenders increases the durability and reliability of the product. The gripping fasteners provided in these suspenders unclips quite easily but fails to keep the clips hooked while bending over or working too strong. The suspenders do not feel bulky thus you won’t even feel their presence on your body.

The look and designing of the product exceptionally unique but the functionality of the product are quite disappointing thus you may have to think twice before buying this product. They may not be the best but surely aren’t the worst. You can still use them to wear for casual parties or small hikes. The length adjusters offered are impressive and can fit snuggly on to a person of any build.

The Oakley’s factory ski pants suspenders are easy to use with a long strap length to an exceptional quality of the length adjuster but with only one drawback of the plastic clips that unclips easily if worked hard on it.

Shadow Black Heavy Duty Holdup Work Suspender

The Shadow Black series from the Hold Up Suspenders are designed for the outdoor man. The suspenders are made in the USA using the unique patented design increasing the dependability of the product in the market. The straps of the suspenders are made up of cotton poly-blend 2-inch heavy-duty manufactured especially for outdoor use in harsh environments.

These straps are extremely comfortable, exceptionally durable, and have impressible elastic nature allowing it to be worn by a man of any build smoothly. The straps have a length adjuster to fit from a child to a man perfectly and snugly.  The straps are 2” wide and can be hand-washed.

The non-slip Jumbo patented Hold-Up clips features needle sharp center pin that holds on the pants firmly and securely without fraying the fabric of the pant. The clips won’t unclip even after continuous bending over or rigorous movements. The Hold-Up Suspenders Co. offers a guarantee of slip and slide resistance on its patented self-design clips.

Things to Consider Before Buying Snow Pant Suspenders

Snow Pant suspenders are not quite common or popular anymore as people believe them to be outdated and of no beneficial use therefore it is extremely difficult to find a decent and right fit suspender in the market. The suspenders in the market come in different varieties with slight variations in the feature and quality of the products.

The suspenders differ in the shape of the straps and there basically two different shapes of suspenders. The Y-back suspenders come with a single strap in the back to attach to the back of your pants. The X back features two straps in the back to be attached to the back of your pants. The X-back suspenders provide you with more support than the Y-back suspenders.

The X-back suspenders are more popular among the people that are more prone to heavy manual work and are outdoorsy.

The suspenders have three different types of clips used for the locking system and they are needle pin clips or alligator clips, buttons, and belt clips. The alligator clips are less durable than the other two kinds as they easily unclip on heavy pressure. The button suspenders are the best fit for heavy build person and people into heavy manual work.

The loop belt suspenders are the best among the three types of suspenders as you do not have to permanently fix them on to your pants and they are extremely comfortable, supportive with a secure fit.

These are a few of the things you might need to consider before buying your suspenders to have a general idea of the different varieties of suspenders available in the market to help you purchase without confusion.

Final Words

Suspenders are quite helpful and comforting as you start wearing them you would never want to get rid of them. You just need to keep learning about them and try different varieties of them to find your perfect fit for suspenders. We hope that this article helps you in your search for the best suspenders.

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