Best Skiing Neck Warmers & Gaiters for 2020-21

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Winter is the coldest season of the year. Snow calls for sporting activities like snowboarding, skiing, ice-skating, and more!

As our body is made to handle only a certain temperature of heat, we need additional garments to protect us from the harsh cold weather. Sweaters, scarves, and jackets help in keeping our body temperatures warm. Moreover, add-ons like neck warmers for skiing and snowboarding are a must-have.

Hence, here is a well-curated list of the most preferred and popular neck warmers that 2021 offers!

My Personal Recommendation

Whether you plan on downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, or somewhere in between, the Turtle’s Neck Heavyweight Neck Warmer by the Turtle Fur won’t let you down.

It is a must-have winter accessory if you plan on skiing in extremely cold weather and mountain high terrains.

This protects your skin from snow and rain and wicks away any sweat and moisture from the skin. It also limits your skin exposure to the harsh environment to prevent frostbites and to protect against UV rays.

This heavyweight neck warmer has a double-layer decadent fleece that traps the heat inside giving you the warmest and softest feel.

Aside from functionality, The Turtle’s Neck Heavyweight Neck Warmer also offers various colors and styles to match your gear.

Look through the customer reviews on the Turtle’s Neck Heavyweight Neck Warmer to see why people love it so much.

Best Neck Warmers for Skiing in 2021

EXIO Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter

This is one of the best gaiters for skiing. It is sort of a scarf made out of nylon, polyester, and spandex which is perfect for use in the winter season. It is free size with an excellent stretch, due to the spandex, therefore, one size for all!

Moreover, the material does not irritate and is a high-performance fabric that has a quick and dry transport system. This warmer also comes in various attractive colors and also protects the skin from freezing temperatures. The fact that it is perfect for all activities and even workspace is what makes it the best neck warmer for skiing out there. 

Finally, this gaiter helps in wicking sweat away from the body and keeps you warm. It also comes in with a special “air hole” feature which makes you breathe easier, regardless if you are wearing glasses and it does not take in moisture.

Your Choice Neck Warmer Gaiter

This multipurpose neck gaiter is the best neck gaiter for snowboarding or skiing. It is a one-fit size that is suitable for both men and women. Moreover, it can be worn as a half-face mask, a neck gaiter, and a scarf. Made out of 100% polyester, it is soft and breathable while also keeping your face warm.

It is perfect for winter activities as it keeps your ears, neck, face, and nose warm and comfortable, while also being windproof. It can be used for skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, cycling, running, biking, ice-fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, ice-skating, and many other outdoor cold climate activities.

T4 Pieces Fleece Neck Warmer

Tatuo brands’ 4-piece pack of neck warmers is an extremely economical and popular buy! These skiing neck warmers are extremely durable and can be phenomenal gifts to friends and family.

As it is made out of fleece, it is extremely soft and warm. Being stretchable and comfortable, it also has a multi-function effect. It can be used as a scarf, mask, or even as a windproof hat. It can also easily be worn at any part of the body to keep it warm.

The fleece material also maintains breathability and comfort, while additionally making it ideal protection for your face. It can be washed easily without any rips or wear and tear. Overall, these are some of the best sets of warmers that you will find in the market, at an extremely economical and affordable price.

LONGLONG Neck Warmer Gaiter

This is considered one of the best skiing neck warmers as it is made out of a cationic fabric that provides high performance and durability. Furthermore, it is excellent for breathability, providing warmth, and being strong and durable.

When you put this warmer, the cold outside cannot sleep in. It is also versatile long and thick which can be worn as a beanie, face mask, and neck warmer while you are outdoors in the cold.

It helps in keeping your face, mouth, nose, and neck clean by protecting them from the harsh winds. This is also a warmer which fits all and is also designed to have a 4-way stretch design that makes it adjustable and flexible for all sizes. Available in various colors and made out of a non-irritating material, this neck gaiter protects you from all cold, wind, and harmful ultraviolet rays.

Ignitex Winter Face Mask & Neck Gaiter

Ignitex’s cold weather, half balaclava style is a seamless neck gaiter designed for men and women equal. It is windproof and works as a face warmer in cold temperatures. Helping with keeping out the cold, it also works best to protect your nose, mouth, face, ears, and neck.

It can be worn as a headband, neck warmer, and face mask. This gaiter is designed with a mesh vent that allows extremely easy breathability and helps in keeping ski goggles and glasses fogless.

It is thin and it allows you to keep head-wears like hats, caps, and ski helmets over it, helping you stay protected and safe. Lastly, it is made out of acrylic knit, making it extremely stretchy and flexible without causing constriction on your face. For added protection, the gaiter is long enough to tuck under the shirt, providing your neck with maximum safety.

All in all, this gaiter is durable, flexible, stretchable, soft, multi-purpose, and mainly equipped with a mesh vent that helps in breathability and overall comfort, keeping the cold out.

How to Choose a Neck Warmer for Skiing?

best neck warmers for skiing

Neck warmers are an extremely important article of clothing when you are heading out in colder or snowy areas. Therefore, buying a well-suited and fitted neck warmer would be the best investment, in the long run, to protect you from the harsh winter.

Here is a list of the things that you must look for while buying a neck warmer for skiing:


You must ensure that while you are purchasing a neck warmer, it should be of a good quality material that prevents the cold air from seeping in. The material should do a good job of keeping you warm and at the same time, keep out the cold.

Flexible & Adjustable 

Usually, neck warmers are very versatile and can be worn in various ways- around the neck, over your head, etc. Ensure that the one you purchase is quite flexible and versatile so it will serve you with various purposes and be used often. 

Impermeability – outside wetness, sweat, moisture management 

One other thing you must check for is moisture management. Your neck warmers must keep you free from outside wetness, sweat, and any sort of moisture. Hence, impermeability is a must-have.

Prevent Sun Exposure 

There are a few times that even though there’s snow outside, there is a bright and sunny day. For such sunny days and the exposure it causes, your neck warmer should come in handy to prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from getting through. Therefore, providing overall protection.


Next, the neck warmer you purchase should be breathable. You must not feel suffocated or uneasy while wearing it. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have this feature. 

Perfect Fit 

Neck warmers do not usually have a particular size, so try finding one that fits you most accurately and be comfortable for long-lasting use. 

Comfort & Durability

Finally, the neck warmers should be comfortable and durable. The purchase should make you feel excited and happy, thinking about the new ski adventures you will experience!

Final Words

To conclude, neck warmers are extremely essential for winters and frigid weather. They help in keeping your face warmer and aid in protection. They also mitigate the wetness caused due to sweat and moisture outside.

Neck warmers provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun as well. This helps you in getting a more fruitful memory of your experience!

All in all, we hope this article helped you gain better information on neck warmers, the need for neck warmers, the best neck warmers in 2021, and what to look for when you plan to invest in one!

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