Best Helly Hansen Ski Jackets in 2021

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Cold breeze. Snow. Winter.

A good time to take a cup of coffee!

However, winter is also skiing season, and you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the snow as much as you want!

Skiing might be at the top of your list but remember you need to have protective clothing.

Well, we’ve got them for you!

One of the most popular brands for ski clothing is the Helly Hansen, and we will be talking about it today!

Whether you are a man or a woman, Helly Hansen got the best skiing jackets you can find.

Don’t believe it? Let’s find out more about it!

Best Helly Hansen Ski Jackets for Men

Alpha 3.0 Jacket

If you want a versatile, all-around jacket to add to your wardrobe, you should consider adding the Alpha 3.0 Jacket at the top of your list.

This is the best-selling jacket in the Helly Hansen jacket line, and it even got better with the innovative Life Pocket they added to the design!

It has a new masculine sign-off that incorporates neat design lines with cutting-edge technologies. The Life Pocket is integrated into the chest pocket to help preserve your phone’s battery life span in a cold environment.

This ski jacket for men has a 2-layer fabric construction with a 4-way stretch fabric, and this feature allows users to maneuver and move around during the cold weather without being restricted due to the clothing. Its comfortability makes one feel comfortable and protected during the wintertime, and you cannot just deny the quality of this product!

Men won’t fall short with this jacket because it is waterproof, windproof, and is built with professional fabric. It also uses the PrimaLoft Insulation with a body mapping philosophy keeping you warm and cozy in the right areas of your body.

This jacket still has many features to discover once you got this on your hand, making you feel like an Alpha during ski games!

  • Premium insulation quality
  • Helly Tech professional fabric
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Innovative Life Pocket
  • Lightweight
  • Detachable hood
  • Body-mapped fit for warmth in right areas
  • Costly jacket

Sogn Shell 2.0 Jacket

Feel free to dig deep with this Sogn Shell 2.0 Jacket and become the best winter adventurer in town!

This jacket gives a relaxed fit that makes you feel like you are wearing nothing during cold days. It has a 3-ply fabric construction that can help keep you warm, and this Helly Tech Professional membrane will be your best buddy to make you feel cozy during your winter escapade.

It has a Durable Water Repellency treatment technology that will keep water away from penetrating through your clothing and will let you enjoy skiing without being worried about the water that sticks on this jacket!

This men’s ski jacket also has a detachable powder skirt, whether you want to remove it off the hem or not. The sturdy cuff system with lycra wrist gaiters makes this jacket durable and trustworthy during ski sessions because it protects your wrist with enough material construction. 

Even when this jacket provides a relaxed feeling for users, it is rated 5/6 lightweight, which can be a pro for some, but a con for others. It also has low insulation, which can compromise your body’s heating and cooling conditions.

  • Lightweight
  • Water and windproof
  • Helly Tech professional fabric
  • 3-ply fabric construction
  • Detachable powder skirt
  • Very low insulation

Steilhang Jacket

The Steilhang Jacket is featured as the lab-proven H2Flow Air Force Vent System that contributes big for optimal temperature control, keeping you sheltered and protected from extreme weather conditions!

This jacket for men is designed with intelligent features that increase its performance to give comfort for users. It is highly waterproof, breathable, and keeps you dry in different conditions.

It is a 2-layer constructed jacket with a 4-way stretch fabric, making you move freely without any restrictions. This feature offers optimal mobility, and the hood has an integrated zipper, allowing you to extend it while wearing a helmet and hide or minimize drag when you don’t necessarily need it.

It comes with the Life Pocket with Aerogel insulation and the PrimaLoft Black Eco insulation to keep your body warm and delicate while skiing on the coldest winter day.

It also comes with the Durable Water Repellency treatment that keeps water away from penetrating your clothes and helps you focus more on skiing without any worries coming to your thoughts.

This men’s jacket is rated 4/6 about being lightweight and 5/6 with insulation. You can use this jacket for skiing, freeride, and off-piste.

  • Adjustable hood
  • Optimal temperature control
  • Water and windproof
  • Helly Tech professional fabric
  • Fully insulated
  • Very costly jacket rate

Best Helly Hansen Ski Jackets for Women

W Alphelia Lifaloft Jacket

The Alphelia Lifaloft Jacket for women features the lightweight warmth of Lifaloft insulation, making it even warmer and more comfortable once worn!

Even the look of this jacket makes women look cool and powerful during the winter season. It is super lightweight with excellent ventilation, and it does not make you feel uncomfortable once worn – you can even think you are not wearing a jacket to cover you up!

This jacket is super warm yet provides excellent breathability for users. No matter when you go alpine racing, off-piste, or resort skiing, you won’t worry about your body’s temperature that might distract you throughout your winter games concourses.

It is made with a 2-layer fabric construction and has a 4-way stretch fabric, and this women’s jacket has a detachable hood to allow girls feel more comfortable in conditions they want to wear this jacket. 

It also has the Durable Water Repellency treatment to make one enjoy skiing without agonizing about the cold.

It is exceptionally windproof and waterproof and is highly durable for different uses. It is also rated 5/6 for being lightweight, making it breathable for women to use.

This jacket comes in white color.

  • Detachable hood
  • Detachable powder skirt
  • Fully insulated
  • Water and windproof
  • Helly Tech professional fabric
  • Heavy-duty
  • White jacket color may be stained easily

W Motionista Lifaloft Jacket

The Motionista Lifaloft Jacket is equipped with high-technology features that make the ski jacket effective during winter days and provides a flattering design for women.

This jacket is meant for high altitude and pure high-speed performance during winter, and skiing will be a lot of fun if you have a high-performing ski jacket with you. Not only will you be mobile on the slope with this wind and waterproof jacket, but you will be able to obtain your body’s heat because of its excellent insulation that keeps one warm and cozy.

It has a 2-layer fabric construction with a 4-way stretch fabric, and it also comes with the Life Pocket Lifaloft insulation. This jacket will maintain the correct temperature inside, and everything you need for a day charging down the mountain will be at your most convenient access!

The soft stretch lining makes the jacket more comfortable during skiing, and you can also wear this during off-piste.

It comes with a detachable powder skirt and hood and dual hand warming pockets and inside the chest pocket.

This ski jacket has a lot to offer for women. We cannot identify all its features individually because of how outstanding the construction is, so you better consider this jacket for your ski sessions.

  • Detachable hood
  • Detachable powder skirt
  • Soft stretch lining
  • Comfortable for women
  • Heavy-duty
  • Lightweight
  • Helly Tech professional fabric
  • Arm length a bit long for other’s arms

W Imperial Puffy Jacket

If you want a ski jacket that you can wear for city strolling, the Imperial Puffy Jacket can be for you.

You can wear this jacket during resort skiing or off-piste, but you can also use it around the town because of its sleek and city-style design!

It is very comfortable and super warm, plus it is constructed with a waterproof, structured fabric that ensures your whole torso can be covered and kept away from the coldness of winter.

This jacket has synthetic down insulation, and it is fully insulated to ensure your body’s heat won’t fail you while skiing to keep you warm and protected. It is made with 2-layer fabric construction, and it has a lot of necessary pockets around the jacket that you can use to keep your things safe while riding!

It has a detachable power skirt and hood, and the hood can be detached whenever you want. 

It comes in two different colors, allowing you to choose from the fun color choices with their cool color-blocked design. 

This jacket might be the simplest of all our reviewed jackets, but it can let you feel warm on the mountain while looking fashionable during winter ski.

  • Efficient structure
  • Water and windproof
  • Breathable material construction
  • City-friendly design
  • Fully insulated
  • Detachable powder skirt
  • Detachable hood
  • White color can be tainted quickly

How to Choose a Ski Jacket

Watch Out for the Insulation!

Since you must play skiing during winter, you cannot go outside your home without putting a jacket around your body.

Insulation is essential to keep you warm, and you should never underestimate it, especially when selecting a jacket. It is the amount of body heat stored and recovered to maintain your body temperature, so the best jacket must be one that can provide full insulation to ensure you will be warm throughout the duration.

Helly Hansen jackets are usually thick enough to make you feel warm, but keep in mind the insulation properties they provide.

Its About Breathability!

No matter how thick the fabric might be with the jacket you chose, ventilation or breathability must still be felt by users. It helps to get rid of unnecessary heat from your body to keep you fresh the whole time, so you should not let breathability pass from what you need to get in a ski jacket.

Helly Hansen jackets are well-ventilated, and it is already an excellent factor for users to use their ski jackets without worrying about trapped heat that cannot be released.

Whether you sweat while skiing or not, good ventilation or jacket breathability is important to prepare you for different winter conditions.

Construction Quality Is Also A Priority!

From the material to the design, a ski jacket must have an exceptional construction quality that caters to the warmth it provides and your preference about how it should look on you. Ski jackets with inferior material quality will compromise the warmth and protection you deserve to attain during wintertime, so choose one that has superior materials built, even with the most substantial stitches it possesses.

All our reviewed jackets of Helly Hansen have excellent construction quality, but you still have to consider this factor in every jacket you buy, whether it is for skiing or not.

The jacket’s design must also be of your type so that you will feel terrific and exhilarated during your ski day!

Final Words

Ladies and gentlemen, the Helly Hansen Ski Jackets!

Almost all Helly Hansen Ski Jackets are made durable, effective, and worthy for men and women to wear during the winter season. In fact, all of the jackets mentioned are the best ones we can find from their brand, so you might as well take your time choosing which one you should add to your wardrobe!

Always consider the factors that will affect your chance to purchase a ski jacket. Some might be expensive, while some are manageable to buy and own. Hence, consider the tips on which jacket to buy and your preference so you won’t regret your selection.

Have you found your best choice?

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