Eskimo Outbreak 450i Review: Ice Fishing Shelter

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There are a few essential elements to look for when you are choosing a dependable ice-fishing shelter. In 2020, there have been significant changes worldwide, so staying safe and being prepared is of utmost priority. To help with this, we need a shelter to withstand almost any climate going outside the tent. 

These shelters are essential and helpful for anglers, so thorough research and reviews need to be gone through while buying them. Making your work a little easier is a review of Eskimo Outbreak 450i Shelter, one of the best, available in 2020. 

My Personal Opinion

If you ask me, the best ice fishing shelter out there is the Eskimo Outbreak 450i.

It is perfect if you’re ice fishing in a group with its oversized design that can accommodate four to five anglers. The flared, wide-bottom design also gives you significantly more fishing area. The trip-proof door is also a nice touch for easy entry and exit while keeping the snow out.

It utilizes its IQ Insulated Fabric to provide warmth when ice fishing for long hours.

The 600 Denier IllumiDark Gray Interior is an excellent detail of the shelter as it brightens the interior making it easier to see and fish but also has light blocking PU backing to completely darken the shelter if you want to.

Although this pop-up shelter is incredibly roomy, it is also portable enough to fit everything into an oversized cinch duffle bag for convenience and easy transport.

The Eskimo Outbreak 450i definitely stands out among the many ice fishing shelters available in the market because of its superiority in quality and details.

Eskimo Outbreak 450i
MaterialWaterproof nylon/polyester
Insulation600 Denier fully-insulated fabric
DesignWide-bottom design
DoorTrip-proof full panel door with durable YKK® zippers
Color1 color choice
Dimensions139" x 138"
Collapsed Dimensions70" x 11.5" x 11.5"
Capacity4-5 people
PerksSelf-tapping ice anchors that don’t bend under pressure
PriceSee Current Price

Eskimo Outbreak 450i Review

Features of Eskimo Outbreak 450i Shelter 

The Eskimo Outbreak 450i ice fishing shelter, an innovative pop-up shelter built from the successful Eskimo Flatfish platform. The unique feature that this ice fishing shanty has is that its oversized, Trip-Proof door that provides anglers easier entry and exit. The opening of this trip proof door is entirely down to the ice, without a single obstacle to worry about. 

Designed with a flared and wide-bottom structure, this ice fishing shelter provides you with a more fishable area than its close competitors. Additionally, it incorporates all usual features needed to satisfy a customer’s requirements, like more robust hubs and poles, YKK zippers, etc. 

There is a layer of insulation of IQ insulated fabric, which is 35% warmer than a non-insulated shelter. One of the other best features of this is that it is incredibly portable. All of this can be folded into an oversized cinch duffle bag, and you can carry it along anywhere you want. It is also designed to have a stronger hub foundation with an all-metal ball-and-socket design and larger fiberglass poles present in this ice fishing shelter. 

The 600 Denier IllumiDark Gray Interior of the Eskimo Outbreak 450i ice fishing shelter is so helpful while ice fishing as it helps in brightening the interior, making it supremely easy to see the fish. Simultaneously, it has light-blocking PU backing that still gives the angler the ability to close the windows. It truly is one of the unique ice fishing shelters in the market. The window panels are removable so you can adjust them according to your needs for ventilation. Furthermore, this shelter is designed with ice anchor grommets that are now conveniently built directly into the skirt. Initially, they were on a separate tab, so you need to try to hold the skirt out of the way when anchoring down the shelter. This modified change will help in your work being more manageable. 

Lastly, the YKK zippers are industry-preferred zippers made out of high-quality durable material, which is a standard measure on all Eskimo ice fishing shelters. For storage, there are large-sized mesh pockets available to keep all your essential fishing gear and even compact ice-fishing tackle boxes in them. The deluxe tie-down kit also helps in strap tying carabiner attachments. For this ice fishing shelter, Eskimo has looked out for almost all possible necessities and provided the best quality. In case you are looking for protection to help you while ice fishing, we highly recommend you go for this one!

Final Words 

Ice fishing shelters make your life incredibly easy when you are on the ice. The Eskimo Outbreak 450i ice fishing shelter is one of the very best, versatile, and extremely helpful shelters present in the market. Overall, the added features and benefits outweigh the cons of this product, making it a popular one in stores. 

To ensure a safe experience, you must look out for hand ropes that are durable and long enough and specific areas where you can set your gear down, so you do not have to make constant and frequent trips back and forth. 

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