How Many Calories Does Snowmobiling Burn?

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Exercise routines during the winter season decrease as the temperature go down. In case you didn’t know, a fun winter sport like snowmobiling is actually considered a physical activity.

Snowmobiling is mostly done while sitting, which is infamous among physical fitness freaks.

However, truth be told, there are many reasons to believe why snowmobiling is a good exercise because it is proven to burn calories.

To learn about this sport at large, continue reading.

Is Snowmobiling a Good Exercise?

Snowmobiling is indeed a good exercise. As you let the tension of your body loose, it is easier to let your body go with the flow of the snowmobile’s movement.

Calories burned by snowmobiling

It is a task that takes a lot of energy for you to control the snowmobile, especially around bends in a trail. It is just like yoga, or dancing, it requires total control of your body. Therefore, it has of late managed to get itself included in the category of exercise.

Snowmobiling is a good exercise for burning calories. The key is to learn how to use the weight distribution of your body to help you guide your turns on the trail.

Snowmobiling being a motorized sport challenges the muscles of your entire body; it further increases muscular strength and meets all the metabolic requirements like in any aerobic exercise.

Does Snowmobiling Burn Calories?

Just like any other workout regime, snowmobiling too can burn calories. This is even better because while you burn calories in snowmobiling, the efforts do not seem too jading as you are on the move and moving through snow-covered terrains amidst nature and with many other fellow riders.

Snowmobiling can burn 234 calories per hour on the run. Therefore, there is no reason to fret over if you belong to a cold region where it is mostly covered by snow as the harsh winter snow cannot stop you from working out while also having the fun that you deserve. 

However, there is no fixed count on how many calories one could burn while riding that machine. It depends on various factors and varies from person to person with different body weight, age, gender, and body type.

Factors that Affect How Much Calories You Burn

Staying active during the winters when all you feel like is be under the comforters or near the fireplace seems just so difficult.

Nevertheless, snowmobiling is an activity we all love to get indulged in during the snow season because it not only helps us to stay active by burning calories but also is super fun.

There are several factors that are responsible for burning a different amount of calories in different people. I will discuss them at large below.

Rough Terrain

burn calories by riding snowmobile

Riding on rougher terrain is more physically strenuous. Thus, it would require more energy exertion when one rides on more uneven terrain. This results in the burning of more calories than riding on plain natural terrain.

Rough terrains would mean the rider would occasionally require to free the machine from being stuck in deep snow or lift a sled to loosen the ice or even to move obstacles from the way. All these actions take serious effort, thus making it a calorie-burning process.


Another important factor is the position in which one rides.

You can burn more calories while riding standing than just sitting and riding. It burns four times the calorie if the rider keeps changing positions as it requires more energy.

Shifting one’s weight forward while going up a hill, shifting weight in turn, or kneeling makes one exert more energy. Therefore, this is why mountain riding is seen to have aided in burning more calories than groomed on-trail rides.

Time Allotment

With different time allotment to the sport, there is a difference in the result of calorie burning. A 1-hour long snowmobile ride on hilly terrain (ungroomed) with vigorous-intensity may help burn up to 600 calories. In contrast, a day-long trip of snowmobiling will definitely burn more calories even with a moderate intensity of physical exertion. If you plan for a long ride with friends, make sure you bring a snowmobile GPS and a communicator with you.

How Many Calories Does Snowmobiling Burn?

Snowmobiling does burn a significant amount of calories. A ride of 1 minute can burn roughly up to 3 calories, which is equivalent to 10 gms of cooked mushrooms. A ride of 1 hour can burn up to 170 calories that are approximately equivalent to 3 oz of cooked beef. An eight-hour-long ride can burn up to more than 1200 calories that sum up to half a kg of cooked chicken.

Also, a 132 pounds heavy, 25-year-old woman who is 5’4’’ in height burns up to 150 calories whereas a 132 pound heavy, 25-year-old man who is 6’ in height can burn up to 171 calories per hour.

Final words

Snowmobiling indeed is different from traditional forms of physical activity.

Nevertheless, it has similar beneficial effects on our body and mind as any other physical activity.

Snowmobiling has significantly helped people fight SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder), a kind of depression. There are many health benefits of snowmobiling besides being a fun sport.

With the right gear and careful measures, it can be a safe form of unconventional physical activity.

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