What To Do If Your Snowmobile Gets Stuck in the Snow?

People love racing in their snowmobiles during the winter. With the right amount of snow, it is a very enjoyable and fun activity.

The people who use their snowmobile all the time will know the difficulties that are faced when the machine gets stuck in the snow.

Getting stuck in the snow is very common with snowmobiles and it can be caused due to a number of reasons. Some of them can be avoided easily.

With the right knowledge of how to prevent it and how to get unstuck from the snow, snowmobile riders can keep the activity entertaining and also adventurous.

How to unstuck your snowmobile?

The chances of getting your snowmobile stuck in the snow depends on the type of snow that you are riding.

How to unstuck your snowmobile

While deep snow can be a problem, it is advised to keep the momentum of the vehicle high to prevent getting stuck.

In case you’re stuck, the first step will be to acknowledge that it is stuck and stop throttling as it can get the vehicle even deeper into the snow. 

Few simple steps to follow to get your snowmobile unstuck are as follows.

1. Instead of trying to get the heavy snowmobile out on your own, try getting help from other riders. This is because trying to lift the heavyweight can sometimes cause heart attacks and also a little help can get your machine out faster.

2. If you’re on flat terrain getting the machine unstuck is easy. Take the help of other riders and tie the front with rope and try pulling the machine out of the deep snow. This is effective if the machine is not stuck too deep in the snow.

3. If facing uphill and on avalanche-prone terrain, it is advised to be careful while asking help from other riders. Access the safest way to turn the snowmobile around to face downhill. Use a shovel to remove the snow from the side which you want to turn the snowmobile. Digging out the ski loop from the snow will help. Exercise caution while turning the snowmobile as it can topple on you or even cause an avalanche.

4. After the snowmobile faces downhill, use the throttle slowly and with proper brake control to get the machine to the level ground or out of the deep snow.

5. If it is not possible to turn the machine around, try rocking the snowmobile to push the snow away from the machine. Tramp a proper path in front of the mobile to move the snowmobile forward. Try to remove the snow near the front suspensions and the skis. After removing the snow in front, try to slowly move the vehicle onto the compacted snow track that you tramped down in front.

Following these steps carefully can help to get your snowmobile unstuck from loose or deep snow.

What should you do if you are riding alone?

While getting help is not possible all the time, following few of the above-mentioned steps can help you unstuck your snowmobile. As some of them require help from other riders, it is better to follow these steps if you are stuck alone and cannot contact anyone for help.

1. Stand on the running boards and gently rock the machine from side to side to remove the excess snow stuck on the sides. Slowly raise the throttle, while doing so, to remove the machine if it is not stuck so badly.

2. If this does not work, shut off the engine to prevent the vehicle from getting stuck deeper into the snow. Clear the snow in front of the track and try to pack the snow in front of the skis to get a compacted path.

3. By trampling the snow in front of the track, get a smooth and drag the free path to get the snowmobile out.

4. Having a shovel to dig the snow out can be really useful. Use it to dig the snow out from under the machine and also from the sides. Make a clear path in front to move the snowmobile out.

5. If you have a rope, try pulling the vehicle out of the snow and place it on the track that you laid in front. In the absence of rope, try to gently use the throttle and move it front.

6. If it still doesn’t budge out of the snow, repeat the process until the snowmobile is unstuck.

How to be prepared for this situation?

While getting stuck in the snow is very common, it is essential to be prepared so getting the vehicle out can be easier.

Simple but very useful things like ropes and a shovel can help a lot in situations like this. They also help in getting the vehicle unstuck faster. While riding on level ground with many other riders, a rope and a shovel can get the job done in minutes.

When the rider is stuck alone in the wild with these things are indispensable. Having a Snowmobile GPS attached to the snowmobile can be helpful in case your snowmobile gets stuck and you require help getting it out of the trench.

With proper location data, help can arrive quickly to aid you. In case you decide to ride in an area without proper cell reception, having an SAT phone with you can be very helpful to call for help.

Final words

Riding a snowmobile in the snow is a very entertaining activity and there are a lot of people who enjoy it as a group.

So, for such avid riders, getting stuck in the snow is common. To get unstuck, following the simple steps that are mentioned above can help make the process a lot easier.

Also, ensure to carry tools that can help in case your snowmobile is stuck and ensure that the snowmobile you use has a GPS in it.

Measures like checking the condition of the snow before riding can be used to prevent the vehicle from getting stuck.

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