Giro Axis Goggles Review: Pros & Cons in 2021

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We are finally down to 2021’s second half, winter is finally here and that means it is finally time to go ski your way down through the rest of the year.

Want to do another winter activity besides skiing? Some snowboarding perhaps? Either way, you still have to get your winter gear ready.

The winter season indeed is frigid; the extreme weather even accumulates tiny elements that could be very harmful to our eyes when skiing/snowboarding, and what better way to avoid them by covering up? But wait, sunglasses are not enough to protect you in these conditions.

The best way to protect yourself from getting tiny particles inside your eyes while skiing/snowboarding is snow goggles. You don’t even have to struggle to pick one out because we have the best snow goggles for skiing and snowboarding; we highly recommend the Giro Axis Goggles, and this review is here to tell you why you should consider getting it.

 Giro Axis Goggles
OpticsZEISS® optics
Eyewear CompatibilityOTG friendly
DesignFrameless modern design
VentEVAK vent technology
ComfortabilityTriple-layer face foam and microfleece facing
Color10 color choices
Dimensions7 x 4 x 4 inches
Weight12 ounces
PerksFour self-locating magnets for lightning-fast lens replacement
Buy FromPrice
AmazonCurrent Price
Skis.comCurrent Price
MoosejawCurrent Price

Review of Giro Axis Goggles

Features of Giro Axis Goggles

The Giro Axis Snow Goggles is a must-have for your 2021 ski trip. These goggles will not only protect your eyes but will surely make you comfortable and stylish. Other than that, the Giro Axis Goggles have a lot more to offer, to find out more read the review below.


The Giro Axis Goggles are snow goggles that flow over the bridge of your nose with such ease, you will not experience any pinching or rubbing because of its triple-layer face foam with microfleece facing. The triple face foam gives you a plush contact layer, a soft middle layer for maximum contour, and a stable back layer that is connected to the goggle’s frame.


The Giro Axis Goggles has an EVAK Vent Technology that lessens the experience of fogging, it releases moisture while also blocking any tiny particles from entering. This is because the goggles’ foam is made from ultra-durable and non-absorbent materials.


Even after multiple uses, you will not be able to notice any durability issues with the Giro Axis Goggles, unlike most ski and snowboarding goggles, these do not leave scratches quickly and their strap will still be in good condition even if the person wearing them were to be extremely clumsy.


The Giro Axis Goggles lets you experience an Expansion View (EXV) FrameProvide. The shaved down frame rim also sparks a crystal clear peripheral vision and style points, its frameless design gives you an elegant and bold look.


The Giro Axis Goggles has multiple Lens features which include: Injection Molded Cylindrical Lens, VIVID Lens, Quick Change Magnetic-Assisted Lens System, and an Anti-Fog Coating.

Starting with the Injection Molded Cylindrical Lens helps clarify the optics and decreases distortion that can happen to goggles with built-in formed cylindrical lenses. Giro offers lenses and mirror coatings to boost vision and avoid getting scratches easily.

Giro developed the VIVID Lens from their partnership with Zeiss. This feature improves your visual experience on snow by enhancing contrast and definition. The VIVID Lens also reduces eye strain, boosts your reaction time, and delivers accurate vision without color oversaturation.

It also effectively manipulates the light by letting in contrast as it enhances blue light while blocking your eyes from harmful UV light. VIVID Lens helps filter out the haze and frees your eyes to spot your path and lets you focus on enjoying your skiing/snowboarding experience.

One of the Axis’ best features may be its quick-change magnetic-assisted lens system, for your ultimate convenience, this lens system allows you to replace your lens at lightning speed with its self-locating magnets. There are also four snap pins to keep your lens secure and locked in place.

To keep your vision and skiing/snowboarding experience on track the Giro Axis Goggles features an Anti-Fog Coating.


The Giro Axis Goggles are stylish on their own, but if you perhaps have your preference, we have good news for you. The Giro Axis Goggles come in multiple colors which include: Black Mono/Vivid Ember + Vivid Infrared; Black Mono/Vivid Onyx + Vivid Infrared; Black Woodmark/Vivid Ember + Vivid Infrared; Black Woodmark​/Vivid Emerald​ + Vivid Infrared; Blue Neon Lights​/Vivid Emerald​ + Vivid Infrared; Midnight Loop​/Vivid Ember​+Vivid Infrared; Pow​/Vivid Royal ​+ Vivid Infrared; Red Blue Podium​/Vivid Ember ​+ Vivid Infrared; Well Green Alps​/Vivid Onyx ​+ Vivid Infrared; Whiteout​/Vivid Onyx​ + Vivid Infrared. These colors also vary in conditions and lens tech, giving you options such as One sun/all-conditions lens and one low light lens.

Other Features

The Giro Axis Goggles along with their other goggles like Giro Article, Giro Lusi, etc. are also compatible with every Giro helmet, this ensures a seamless interface between the ski helmet and the goggles and gives you a surprising fit making it dependable for protecting your eyes while performing extreme winter activities.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • Tough
  • Great fit
  • Keeps face warm
  • Locks with helmet
  • Very comfortable
  • Flimsy
  • Lacks long term fog prevention
  • Causes warping in the lens panels
  • Erosion of etching in the lense’s interior

Final Words

Giro Axis Goggles review

The Giro Axis Goggles are the best snow goggles for whiteout conditions and surely serve their purpose of protecting your eyes during extreme winter activities by giving you enough ventilation while blocking every tiny particle that may come your way. It certainly is a combination of comfort, convenience, and style.

The snow goggles’ Zeiss lenses also do a great job amplifying details in the snowmaking it super convenient while going down stuffy paths. There is barely a bad point made about the Giro Axis Goggles and this gives you more reasons to get your pair now.

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