Giro Axis Goggles Review: Are They Worth It?

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Giro Axis Goggles are good. They’re stylish and offer great peripheral vision.

But, on New Year, when I purchased snow goggles for myself from 2 different brands, I came to the conclusion that these 2 brands offer more value for money as compared to Giro.

I Purchased 2 Snow Goggles for Myself

My friend Adam used Giro Article Goggles, but he wasn’t satisfied with the quality. So, he purchased Smith Skyline Goggle from the Official Smith Optics Website.

When I asked him about how Skyline is compared to Article? He said they’re way better than Giro Article.

For a better value for money, he suggested goggles from Smith and Blenders Eyewear. Feel free to read Adam’s review of Giro Article Goggles.

So, I purchased Smith I/O Goggle and Blenders Fitz II Goggle.

For Smith I/O Goggle, you have to pay $20 more as compared to Giro Axis. While Blenders Fitz II Goggle is $70 cheaper than Giro Axis.

But, when it comes to value for money, I’ll also recommend Smith and Blenders Eyewear instead of Giro.

Giro Axis Goggles Review

One thing that really attracts customers to this particular brand is its reputed history with helmet goggles. For years now Giro has been selling goggles that are insanely competent and convenient to be used as snow helmet goggles. One of the major reasons for this is its innovative use of the vivid lens system technology that brings forward a vision that is sun-glare protective and many other things!

Vivid Lens Technology

When you are riding up or down the snowy slopes and if you are in plain goggles you’d see nothing but white fields especially if the sun is down and if it is snowing. The reason being there is no way for you to see the contrasting hues.

The mornings bright and sunny are fine, but snowy days or rides after sunset on snowy fields get trickier and more perilous. Vivid along with Zeiss Optics ensures that the blue light is manipulated enough to show you the enhanced contrasting imagery. So if you are riding down a steep slope, those bumpy shadows you missed in plain goggles, wouldn’t happen with your Giro axis goggles on.

The vivid lens technology not only gives an easier and safer riding experience, but it also protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. It basically filters out the haze due to the snow and gives you vivid images all around. 

Apart from the vivid lens, this piece of beauty also has a quick lens replacement process. This is done by some self-locating magnets that speed up the interchangeability. And the lenses are kept in place by the four-pin straps.

EVAK Technology

So you can ride as rough as you want. The goggles are designed to take that kind of a jerk! Also to further protect your eyes from the elements and help you get rid of that unwanted fog inside the frame, it uses the EVAK vent technology. 

So the magic that this technology does is that it has a system that releases the fog created behind the frames. But at the same time, it also provides a barrier that protects your eyes from chilled winds and flying debris. It also uses a novel kind of foam material that is durable and non-absorbent material that keeps it water resistant!

Additional Features

It also has a frameless design making it look more stylish and also giving better peripheral vision. Additionally, it sports an anti-fogging coating that helps keep the ride enjoyable and comfortable. Also, it is OTG-friendly with its cylindrical lenses, so even for people with glasses don’t worry, you’ll do just great!

Are Giro Axis Goggles Good for Skiing & Snowboarding?

Yes! Giro Axis goggles have all the features and technology that a good pair of ski or snowboard goggles should have. The Vivid lens technology, EVAK vent technology, and frameless design make it good for skiing and snowboarding. Plus, they fit comfortably over your helmets too.

So if you are looking to buy snow goggles then Giro Axis Goggles is a good option.

Are Giro Axis Goggles Worth The Price?

That’s a kind of tricky question. If you really like the design of these goggles and love the brand, then go ahead, Giro Axis Goggles are worth it for you.

But, if you’re like me, who is not emotionally attached to the brand, and just wants value for your money, then let me tell you, there are better brands out there.

As told earlier, on New Year, I purchased Smith I/O Goggle. They’re a little more expensive ($20) than Giro Axis, but, with those $20, I get a much better goggle. I was confused between Smith I/O and Smith Skyline, both of them are really good. But, in the end, I purchased I/O.

The second goggle I purchased from Blenders Eyewear. It’s Fitz II, a $120 goggle that has all the good features that a skier/snowboarder needs like magnetic swap lenses, a bonus lens for low-light conditions, anti-fog + anti-scratch, and very comfortable. I don’t think, you can find a goggle better than Blenders goggles at this price range.

Even, you can use the code PARTNER10 to get 10% OFF on your purchase from Blenders Eyewear. I also recommend you should read this review article of Blenders Eyewear Ski Goggles, so you’ll understand why Blenders Eyewear is growing so fast.

These two goggles offer more value for money as compared to Giro Axis Goggles. My friend Adam tested different goggles but from the same brand, and got to the same conclusion.

So, I can say, Blenders Eyewear and Smith Optics will give you better value for your money as compared to Giro.

However, the choice is yours. Giro is not a bad brand.


Overall, Giro Axis Goggles are a good choice for skiers & snowboarders if you are a fan of the brand, but there are better options available if you want more value for money.

I personally recommend Blenders Eyewear and Smith Optics. Also, you can use the code PARTNER10 to get 10% OFF your purchase from Blenders Eyewear.

So, whatever you choose, make sure it fits your style and budget perfectly.

Happy Skiing & Snowboarding!

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