Best Snowmobile Lifts in 2023: Jack & Lever Lift Stands

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Are you looking for the best snowmobile lifts? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Snowmobiling is a great way to explore the outdoors and have fun, but it can be hard work if you don’t have a good lift. A good snowmobile lift will make maintenance easier and help keep your sled running smoothly.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the top-rated snowmobile lifts on the market today. We’ll discuss their features, pros, and cons so that you can find the one that’s right for your needs.

So let’s get started!

best overall

Extreme Max 5800.1045 Lift

best premium

Extreme Max 5800.1184 Lift

Best value for money

Black Ice Snowmobile Jack Lift

personal favorite

Black Ice jack Lift with pully

best lever lift

Extreme Max Lever Lift

best premium lever lift

Black Ice Track Stand/Lift

Best Snowmobile Lifts in 2023

Therefore, to help you narrow down your time-consuming research, we have compiled a list of the best snowmobile lift stands, one of which can be your ideal lift option.

Extreme Max 5001.5013 Snowmobile Lift Stand

Extreme Max is the snowmobile lift if you need a stable base to stud, repair, clutch, maintain, and clean your track.

The lever lift stand keeps the weight off the rear suspension reduces track freeze, and maintains it safe from environmental and chemical risks.

Some of the best features are numerous height adjustments, stability, and steel frame strength.

The robust “I” foundation gives maximum sturdiness when undertaking repairs and maintenance.

It also has ‘cushioned handles,’ which provide a secure grip and are comfortable to hold. The handles prevent you from slipping your hand and injuring yourself.

Moreover, the model’s powder-coated steel frame and zinc-coated components will ensure that it can withstand severe use without showing signs of wear.

Black Ice Snowmobile Jack Body Lift

The Black Ice Snowmobile has a clever design that includes four dolly wheels, making it much easier to position the lift and move it about as needed.

A hand-crank winch is another feature that comes with it for easy sled lifting. There’s no need to employ a lot of physical strength because the winch doesn’t require much.

Built of black-painted heavy-duty steel, this sophisticated design ensures the equipment’s sturdiness and stability. The sled lift structure has a height of 28.25 inches, which is suitable for routine maintenance. 

The snowmobiles are protected from bumps and scratches while being lifted, thanks to the rubber-padded contact joints.

The pulley system may be challenging to put together. Regardless, the result seems to be well worth the effort.

Extreme Max 5001.5037 Pro-Series

This high-end product has a forward-angled design that fits many different sled models. Because of the powder-coated steel frame and zinc-coated hardware, it can survive harsh weather conditions. It can be raised to 30 inches, making maintenance, cleaning, and repair much more easier.

Furthermore, it allows for a wide range of height modifications while keeping the snowmobile in place. It has an “I”-shaped base to add stability and prevent mishaps.

The padded handles have a grip-enhancing vinyl-dipped bumper cradle.

It’s relatively simple to assemble, saving you a lot of time.

KASTFORCE KF2014 Snowmobile Dolly 

The Kastforce KF2014 comes with three dollies that hold a total of 1500 lb, allowing it to carry the weight of various snowmobiles.

It has two high-quality 2 ½ PVC swivel casters that allow for simple 360-degree rotation and smooth maneuvering.

Kastforce has strong and easily adjustable nylon straps that keep the snowmobile firmly in place and allow easy mobility. 

There’s no need to worry about the set breaking because it’s made of powder-coated heavy-duty steel that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

It also includes thick rubber layers to keep the skis from sliding off when being handled. Moreover, the dolly’s diameter is 7 x 7 inches, ensuring the machine is well-supported.

Extreme Max 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System

If you’re looking for a low-cost alternative with all the same features as other options, 5800.2000 is the way to go.

Its parts are well-made and move readily on both flat and smooth surfaces. Its strong casters hold the 2.5-inch wheels, allowing easy swiveling and maneuvering. 

The wheels feature a ploy covering on the outside for better control and are both sturdy and practical. They’re also supported by a sintered steel center, which is exceptionally durable even when loaded.

It features a bright red color that is simple to identify and durable rubber padding to keep your sled from slipping off. For increased support, Velcro straps are included.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Snowmobile Lift

Buying just any snowmobile lift stand will not do the job. You must consider plenty of things before coming to a final conclusion.

Below is everything you need to consider when deciding on the best snowmobile stand.

Quality of Construction

The quality of the construction of the lift is the most important thing to consider. The lift should be made from a strong material capable of withstanding a snowmobile’s heavy weight.

If it breaks, there can be severe damage to the snowmobile and any person working on it.

The most common material from which snowmobile lifts are made is steel. However, more rigid materials are also used depending on the type of usage you are looking for in your snowmobile lift.

A simple steel lift can store your vehicle if you are a light user. But if you work on your snowmobile frequently, a more helpful lift with extra accessories and features may be suitable.

You can also check on heavy-duty lifts, which are generally used regularly and can also be used for a wide range of snowmobiles.


No matter how solid, a lift of any brand is a massive waste if it can’t provide the proper stability.

For the best safety of your snowmobile and yourself, you must find a snowmobile lift that is absolutely stable and doesn’t wobble even a bit.

A solid yet wobbly stand can lead to plenty of unwanted damage. The lift itself could be strong, but if it falls, the damage to the snowmobile can be costly.


The mobility of the lift is also a factor you need to consider. If you happen to move a lot, you might need a snowmobile lift that is probably compact and can fit comfortably.

Light-weighted aluminum frames offer easy portable options while being excellently efficient and durable.

However, if you work around your snowmobile most of the time, you may need a heavy-duty lift designed to be used every day.

These are extremely heavy and durable and can easily manage a wide variety of snowmobiles. However, since it is very heavy, easy mobility is not an option.

In any case, buying a lift stand with a dolly system will provide maximum mobility. A dolly system lift can help you effortlessly transport your snowmobile from one location to another, even in heavy snow conditions.

However, make sure your dolly has four wheels; anything less than that can cause you more difficulties.

Moreover, if you have a snowmobile ramp, then the usage of a lift is more justifiable for loading, unloading, and ultimately storing your sled.


Apart from mobility, the versatility of the lift is also an essential factor. Your lift stand should be able to assist you in several tasks like loading your snowmobile into a truck etc.

For instance, adjusting the height of the snowmobile, comfortably moving the lift around, hooks and extensions to attach accessories, etc., should be included in an ideal snowmobile lift.

The versatility of the lift also comes into the picture when you wish to use a variety of snowmobile models, which are of different sizes, shapes, and weights.

Understanding what you actually need the lift for and what you can do can help determine what kind of snowmobile lift is suitable for you.

how to use a snowmobile lift

Brand Matters

If you get confused between two lifts offering the same features in the final decision, then always go for the one with a quality brand.

A good quality brand with a little higher price is always better than buying a cheap one and later fixing the damages for life.

Make sure to read and compare the brand and product reviews before finally making your decision. A quality product made by a trusted manufacturer is always likely to be stable and last longer.

How to Use Snowmobile Lift Stands?

Using the snowmobile lift stand entirely depends on the model you own. Basically, there are three main types of operations that you can do with your lift, which are manual, air, and hydraulic.

Out of these, the air and hydraulic lifts are effortless to use and may require little to no effort. All you have to do is place your lift under the snowmobile and let the system do all the weightlifting work.

However, the manual system can be challenging to operate, mainly relying on hooks and a handle.

In this case, you will have to attach grab hooks at the back of your snowmobile and then lift the handle till it is safely secured in its place.

After the hooks are stuck, you can quickly work on your snowmobile maintenance or safely store it away.

When to Use your Snowmobile Lift Stand?

Snowmobile lifts are mainly used in cases of maintenance and repair or for storage. However, there can be several instances where you might have to use your snowmobile lift.

For starters, it is impossible to lift, much less move a heavyweight snowmobile with your bare hands, unless and until you have a snowmobile lift.

With the help of a comfortable lift stand, you can easily lift your snow motor to your desired height and work on it.

Storing away your snowmobile during summer can also be very efficient if you have a snowmobile storage lift.

Keeping your vehicle on the lift removes the weight from the track lugs and keeps your rear suspension safe during prolonged storage.

Moreover, if your snowmobile won’t start and requires repair, it is straightforward to use snowmobile lifts with a dolly system.

This will help you easily transport your snowmobile from one place to another, even in heavy snow conditions.


No matter what lift you buy for what use, make sure it is strong, durable, and stable.

If even one of these three points is ignored, you may have to end up paying more than you bargained for.

A snowmobile lift stand should be firm and strong enough to be able to lift the vehicle.

It should also be durable enough to at least store the vehicle for a long time without breaking.

Finally, it needs to be stable; without stability, a snowmobile lift is of no good.

All of the snowmobile lifts mentioned above are excellent in their way and have something to offer.

So pick the one that is more suitable for you and stay safe while you handle your sled.

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